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CA - Robbery suspect (David Griffin) admits to assaulting sex offenders in Grover Beach

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Just another reason the registry needs to be taken offline and used by police only. The public cannot handle the information in an adult manner without resulting to vigilantism!


A man shot and wounded by a Grover Beach police officer last Friday morning may have been involved in a self-styled vigilante spree, targeting convicted sex offenders posted on the Megan’s Law website.

Police believe David Jordan Griffin, 24, who was arrested for allegedly robbing the Kautz Chevron station on Grand Avenue on Friday with a machete, may be linked to other crimes earlier in the week.

On Thursday, April 22, two separate incidents occurred within a half hour of each other in Grover Beach.

A young man, matching Griffin’s description, first attempted to confront the occupant of a residence on Longbranch Ave. He knocked on a door and asked for a man by name.

The occupant of the home, a registered sex offender, explained that the man he was asking for did not live at the residence. Griffin began to walk away while allegedly reading a printed list from the Megan’s Law website.

He quickly came back and began kicking the door, calling the victim explicit swear words and a sex offender.

While the door was damaged, the victim was not injured.

A half hour later, a second victim walked into a burglary in progress on N. 16th Street. Griffin hit the victim, who was using his right arm to block the blow, in the forearm with a hammer and also kicked and punched him.

Both victims in the case positively identified Griffin.

Grover Beach Police believe Griffin was selecting his victims by going down the list of sex offenders posted on the California Megan’s Law website.

We don’t have a complete motive as to why, except for the obvious financial gain,” said Grover Beach Chief of Police Jim Copsey. “We are just happy he is in custody.”

Griffin was shot Friday morning by Grover Beach Police Lt. John Peters, a 15-year police veteran. Five shots were fired; one hit Griffin in the leg.

Following his arrest, Griffin allegedly made numerous statements that he hated sex offenders and admitted he had attempted to burglarized the two homes and had beat up the victim. Detectives later found stolen property in Griffin’s house.

Additional charges will be filed against Griffin including assault, trespassing, vandalism, burglary, and assault with a deadly weapon.

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"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

CA - Sex offenders agree to leave Anaheim home

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ANAHEIM – Five sex offenders who stirred up a storm of protest when they moved into a house in a family-friendly Anaheim neighborhood have now agreed to leave by the end of the month.

A Buena Park church had rented the house on Meadowlark Lane to use as a group home for the men, all of whom have been convicted of sex crimes against children or teenagers. Church official Betsy Mata said they were moving out – possibly as early as Wednesday – "just to be courteous" to the owners of the house.

But Maribel Chavez said her family, which owns the house, asked the church to leave "the minute we found out they were sex offenders." She said the church had listed the five men on the lease, but did not disclose that they were registered sex offenders.

The church – Holy Ground Christian Fellowship of Buena Park – moved the five men into the house in the 1700 block of North Meadowlark Lane in mid-March. It runs a second sex-offender group home a few blocks away, in the 1700 block of North Rutherford.

Mata, the director of the church program, said she has leased another home where the five men from Meadowlark will live, but she declined to say where it is. She said she has no plans to move the six registered offenders who are living in the Rutherford home.

The Meadowlark house has a "For Sale" sign posted in the front yard. Mata said the church agreed to move the five men out to make it easier for the owners to sell it.

California's online "Megan's Law" registry of sex offenders showed four of the men still living at the Meadowlark house on Tuesday. It listed a fifth, Alvin Luna, as a transient.

Church officials have described their ministry as a calling, a second chance for people they describe as modern-day lepers. They said they carefully screened the men living in the two group homes and could check on them at any hour.

"We have a good program, and our program works," Mata said. "Trust me. We're 100 percent successful because we have no repeaters."

Neighbors, nevertheless, said their arrival had brought extra police patrols to their quiet streets and had chased inside the children who used to play outdoors until nightfall. They mobilized to oppose the group homes. At one meeting with police and parole officers, a woman shouted from the crowd, "Would you put five bank robbers next to a bank?"
- Isn't police patrols a good thing?

By law, registered sex offenders cannot live near schools, parks or places where children regularly gather. In some places – especially cities – that can mean that all but a small percentage of homes are off-limits to them, experts say.

Ed Liptrap, who lives behind the house on Meadowlark, said residents plan to continue pushing state and local lawmakers to adopt improved guidelines for sex-offender group homes. He said they want better regulations about who qualifies to live in such neighborhood group homes, and how those homes are run.

"From the beginning, this wasn't just a 'Why-is-this-happening-to-me' thing," he said. "This is a problem that shouldn't just be pawned off on another neighborhood because we were willing to stand up and say something."
- Well, they have to live somewhere, and the mob mentality needs to stop.  Like the church said, everyone deserves a second change.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

FL - Broward bans sex offenders from parks, school grounds

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By Scott Wyman

Parks, schools, school bus stops and daycare centers are now all off limits to convicted sexual offenders in Broward County.

County commissioners unanimously approved a new law Tuesday that creates 300-foot child safety zones around those locations. Sex offenders caught loitering there could face up to 60 days in jail or a $500 fine.

The move comes on the heels of outrage earlier this year over news that a confessed child killer was spending his days hanging out in Stranahan Park next to the main library in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Gary Kerpan, who served 15 years for the abduction, rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl in Illinois, was eventually picked up by Fort Lauderdale police and place in a court-ordered treatment program.
- He was hanging out in a park because he was homeless.  Did he commit another crime?  Nope!  It was only after media vigilantism did the story become news, see here.

It’s another tool in our arsenal to protect our children from these offenders,” Mayor Ken Keechl (Email) said.

The state Legislature is considering a similar law, but county officials said they wanted to ensure something is on the books in case lawmakers fail to act before their annual session ends. The statewide proposal has passed the House and is now awaiting Senate approval.

The Broward ordinance would apply countywide although cities could opt out. Some city leaders in Broward have complained that the county was overstepping its authority with the law, but it has the support of Sheriff Al Lamberti as well as advocates for victims of sexual assault.

Cities have long set restrictions on where sex offenders may live, but county officials argue those rules don't go far enough to prevent crime because they do not address where a sex offender could find new victims.
- If a person wanted to really find a "victim," they could go almost anywhere.  So are you going to ban them from everywhere?

The county began exploring what to do after residents of Broadview Park, an unincorporated area of central Broward, complained large numbers of sex offenders were moving to their neighborhood because of the residency restrictions in surrounding cities. The county imposed 2,500-foot restrictions in September, but a task force also suggested the idea of child-safety zones.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

KS - Family: Stephanie Schmidt (Civil Commitment) Law At Risk

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"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

NV - Man classified Tier 3 says he is not a threat

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I wonder, do those on the registry get to see the review as to why they may be deemed a Tier 3, or any Tier? I thought by law you are allowed to see all evidence against you? Damned if you do, damned if you don't! I think they are just taking the easy way out and labeling most Tier 3 without a thorough review. Who is doing the reviews? What are their qualifications?


By F.T. Norton

A Carson City man said he was stunned Friday to read a newspaper article stating he was recently designated as a Tier 3 sex offender — deemed by the state as the most likely to reoffend.

You figure after 26 years, (the tier level) would go down, not up,” said _____, 46. “I never stepped out of bounds or anything. I don't know why they raised me up to a Tier 3.”

In 1984 as a teen, _____ was convicted of battery with intent to commit sexual assault. _____ denies the incident was sexual in nature. He said he was at a high school party when he was 17 and stumbled into the wrong apartment where he “backhanded a woman and fought with her husband.”

He said he awoke the next morning in the drunk tank and asked deputies what happened.

After sitting in jail for “eight months and 25 days,” _____ said he pleaded to a reduced charge and the judge sentenced him to probation. For the past two decades he's lived in Carson City, he said, never again accused of a sex-related offense.

But after the Nevada Legislature passed new laws concerning sex offenders in 2007, each offender's case is reviewed yearly.
- By whom?

During a review of _____' case this year, officials found he had a conviction in 1995 of brandishing a weapon and a domestic battery conviction in 2001, said Carson City Sheriff's Detective Bob Motamenpour.

The two additional offenses changed _____' classification, he said.

In early March _____ received a letter that told him he had been reclassified as a Tier 3. The letter informed him he had until March 22 to file an appeal, but he missed the deadline, said Motamenpour.

_____ said he didn't know what the letter said because he's blind in one eye and had difficulty reading.

I thought it said they were reducing my tier level,” said _____, a father of six.

His sister Aileen Aiello was angry over the change in his status.

How is he a high-risk sex offender when there was no sex involved?” she asked. “It's making like he's a God-awful person and he's not."

I want the public to know he's not out here doing all this.”

Aiello said _____ was so ashamed by the article, prompted by Motamenpour's duty to notify the public if a Tier 3 offender lives in the community, he missed a doctor's appointment on Friday where he could have received help with his vision.

He didn't want to leave the house,” she said.

Motamenpour said this wasn't the first time _____ failed to meet a deadline set by the state.

After the change of the law the state re-evaluates these folks. It's all up to the state and they decided he needs to be in a different tier,” said Motamenpour.

Currently, _____ is the only person in the city with a Tier 3 designation.

I expect we'll have some more as the reclassifications continue,” said Motamenp-our.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

WA - Sex Offender Island (Is this the new concentration camp?)

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"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

NY - Batavia cannot enact sex offender law

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By Eli George

BATAVIA - A residency crackdown on convicted sex offenders has hit a dead end in Batavia.

The City Council was looking into enacting its own, strict residency rule barring sex offenders from living near schools, day care centers and churches. But the City Attorney says state residency restrictions already exist and local governments can't supersede them.

Batavia Council President Marianne Clattenburg said, "All these things have been proposed and not acted on, really has left municipalities such as ours with our hands tied. We pass a law that our Attorney says we can't enforce. We're going to expend how many resources with Attorney fees and we all know we all have a problem with how high our costs are now."

The Council plans to write a letter to Governor Paterson urging him to push for stricter regulations for convicted sex offenders.

NV - T.F. woman sentenced to life for "forcing a child to touch her breasts!" (REPOST)

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Another Opinion From Lenore Skenazy of "Free Range Kids!"

Talk about a punishment that doesn't fit the crime, well this is a perfect example! This is just insane! Like her lawyer said, who was brought to tears, she could have killed a child and got a lesser sentence!


By Ali Helgoth

ELKO - A Twin Falls woman convicted of forcing a 13-year-old boy to touch her breasts was sentenced Monday to life in prison.

_____, 34, was convicted of lewdness with a minor under 14 in November after a week-long trial in Elko County, Nev., District Judge Mike Memeo’s courtroom.

With the conviction, _____ faced a mandatory life sentence, and Memeo set parole eligibility after 10 years, the minimum sentence. If released on parole she must register as a sex offender and will be under lifetime supervision.

The district attorney’s office did not offer a plea agreement in the case, said public defender Alina Kilpatrick, who argued the sentence is unconstitutional and doesn’t fit the crime.

The jury was not allowed to know the potential sentence in this case and the Legislature doesn’t know the facts,” she said, alluding to the minimum sentence set by the Legislature in Nevada Revised Statute.

Kilpatrick said despite the parole eligibility after 10 years, there should be no mistake that it’s a life sentence for _____.

She is getting a greater penalty for having a boy touch her breast than if she killed him,” she said.

After he sentenced her, Memeo said he was bound by state statute to impose the life sentence, but said he isn’t sure why the prosecution chose to charge her under that statute.

District Attorney Gary Woodbury could not be reached for comment.

_____, who lived in Jackpot, Nev., at the time of the crime, kissed a friend’s child, forced him to touch her breast and asked him to have sex with her in February 2008.

_____ claimed she was intoxicated and doesn’t remember what happened that night. She told jurors she roughhoused with the boy, but didn’t force him to touch her inappropriately.

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"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

UT - Roy Utah towns charge extra fee (Extortion) to sex offenders

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This is nothing but pure extortion.


By Sheryl Worsley

ROY -- Some Utah towns are starting to charge sex offenders an extra fee just for being sex offenders.

That means sex offenders will fork over $25 a year to make sure their cars and homes are listed on the sex offender registry. It comes in addition to state fees.

Roy Police Chief Greg Winham says his staff needs to recover some costs "for the processing and to capture some of the time involved."

Riverdale and South Ogden have also started charging. Winham says keeping things up to date is vital.

"[It's] extremely important. I think every citizen in every community should know kinds of issues are in their neighborhood so that they can better educate their families," Winham says.
- So how does extorting money from sex offenders accomplish this?

The police chief says it's OK with him to put that on the sex offender's dime.