Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WA - Police: Teen Sex Offender Raped Special Ed Student At School

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By Chris Halsne

SEATTLE -- A registered sex offender attending Roosevelt High School has been criminally charged again -- this time, with raping a special education student in an on-campus bathroom.

This occurred just two weeks after KIRO Team 7 Investigators first revealed the fact that the Seattle School District has been quietly mainstreaming juvenile sex offenders.

Our extensive research identified hundreds of students attending public schools in Washington who were previously convicted of rape, child molestation, and sexual assault. The Seattle district claimed it had nine offenders enrolled.

Now, Investigative Reporter Chris Halsne has new questions about the apparent failure of the Seattle Schools plan to keep all students safe.

This latest rape case is going to be a public relations nightmare for Seattle Schools, and a potential liability for taxpayers.

Court documents show an 18-year-old junior at Roosevelt High School groomed a 9th-grade girl with special needs into a "dating relationship," then used the privacy of the schools bathroom to sexually assault her.

Even though he was a level-two registered sex offender, the Seattle School district welcomed [name withheld] into its classrooms. They didn't tell other students -- or their parents -- about his past.

At 15-years-old, [name withheld] was convicted of indecent liberties with force. Previously sealed juvenile court records obtained by KIRO Team 7 Investigators show he used Pokémon-like trading cards to lure child victims.

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