Friday, March 5, 2010

Instead of many registries, why not one registry for all sinners?

People in congress, to look "tough on crime," to you the sheeple, continue to propose more and more registries. Each registry costs millions of dollars. So, a million here, a million there, which you are paying for. Why do they not just save all that money, and create ONE registry with ALL criminals on it? That would only cost a million or so, and not millions for each draconian registry they decide to create.

If an online hit-list is okay for one group of people (sex offenders), then, since we are all suppose to be created and treated equally, why not one registry for all sinners? Fair is fair, right?

Think about it! Are they trying to bankrupt the country? Sure seems like it to me!

Maybe they want to pick and chose, so they can put you on a registry, but not them, like the corrupt politicians, police and all other government workers who usually get excellent plea deals!

I'm sure if they all had their way, we will eventually all be on a registry of some kind, but hell, I'm all for it, the more the better! Then we'll have some major law suits further bankrupting this country!

Again, think about it! What registry will you be on, in the near future? Pretty soon, we'll all be on one, and will not be able to buy, sell or trade without it!

All other registries which have been proposed: (See here)
  1. Animal Abuse Registry ($1 million or more)
  2. Arson Registry ($1 million or more)
  3. Child Abuse Registry ($1 million or more)
  4. Dangerous Dogs Registry ($1 million or more)
  5. Domestic Violence Registry ($1 million or more)
  6. Drug Dealer / Abuser Registry ($1 million or more)
  7. DUI Registry ($1 million or more)
  8. Fraud Registry ($1 million or more)
  9. Gun Offender Registry ($1 million or more)
  10. Mental Health ($1 million or more)
  11. Murder Registry ($1 million or more)
  12. National Driver Register ($1 million or more)
  13. Prostitution / John Registry ($1 million or more)
  14. Sex Offender Registry ($1 million or more)
  15. Sex Harassment Registry ($1 million or more)
  16. STD Registry ($1 million or more)
  17. ....more to come, in the near future....

Think I am kidding? All the above, with links, have been proposed already!!!

So just from above, that is $16 million (or more) for the creation of those alone, when they could save $15 million (give or take) and spend only $1 million for ONE REGISTRY for ALL CRIMINALS. And you could call it the SINNERS REGISTRY!

Keep in mind, this is only to START the registry, not the insane fees to hire people to monitor all the criminals, police, probation/parole officers, and those who monitor any who may be on GPS, which also doesn't prevent any crime, but does cost a ton of money!

But, politicians cannot think beyond the moment, so they'll continue to waste OUR money on draconian registries that won't prevent any crime, nor protect anybody, but it will MARK you and RUIN your life, just so they can "look tough" on crime, just like the American sheeple wanted!

Careful what you ask for, or you may be on a registry in your near future....


Jim said...

How about a "Politicians Who have Lied Registry" I am only joking but the way things are going it could happen

Extremely Disgruntled said...

See how many "anti-DUI registry" sites pop up online when that one comes to pass..

TCLNick203 said...

Here's a thought:  why not register everyone from birth and if meet the criteria of a well-rounded and productive citizen by the age of 18, then they can be taken off the registry...
Of course, since the determining factors would be judged and dictated by propaganda instead of reality, this would likely never happen...
The end result would be that everyone would be on the registry and no new registries would be needed since everyone is already registered...
Alternatively, being on the registry could be seen as a badge of honor or morality and, if you break the law, you are taken off the registry...  Hmmm...  I guess that would be pretty much the same thing as being on one...
Bummer that...

Shana Rowan said...

Love it. Too bad there are a lot of people who probably think all of those registries are a good thing!

Jill Smith said...

Funny I came across this article. I was thinking about this very thing today. Anyone who has ever been arrested for anything will be on the registry. Children will have chips placed in them when they are born. It will be activated in the event of an arrest.

Karen Bennett said...

The push for all these sex offender laws is a test to see how easily they can disenfranchise a group and how far they can go with it. So they start with a group they feel no one will care about. As you can see by the list of proposed registries it is succeeding. I am thinking that the current push to have SO's and their families evicted from public housing it will create a huge increase in homelessness and they will then make homelessness a crime and lock everyone up in their "secret" compounds. Sheeples beware you are next.

Kbrower123 said...

A registry for everyone will never fly because people don't care. Sex offenders are the CockRoaches of society that's why were informed when one of these Parasites moves into our community. there the lowest form of life even in Prison amongst the worst criminals what does that tell you. A registry for everyone what a JOKE.