Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ME - Police: Sex Offender Living Near Portland High School

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VA - Registered Sex Offender Dead in Jail

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By Bob Barnard

FAIRFAX - A 44-year-old convicted sex offender is dead after police say he committed suicide in the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center.

_____ was caught at Fair Oaks Mall allegedly using a video camera stuffed inside a shopping bag to videotape a 20-year old-woman in a dressing room at Victoria's Secret last Friday night.

"She sees him," Fairfax county police officer Bud Walker tells Fox 5 News, "catches him doing this, and chases him out of the store and then calls police."

The man got away, but Officer Walker says _____ came back the very next day and with camera in bag went to the Express store right across from Victoria's Secret.

"At this point," Walker says, "folks who were involved in Friday night's incident alerted some of our plain-clothes officers who were located in the mall, and that's when they intercepted him as he attempted to leave the mall."

_____ was arrested and taken to the jail. Just after midnight Monday, police say _____ was found with a bed sheet wrapped around his neck and tied to the jail cell door. He died at a hospital 22 hours later.

_____ was arrested at Fair Oaks Mall 12 years to the day after being convicted of aggravated sexual battery, a crime his neighbors say involved a young girl.

_____ was a registered sex offender on probation and unemployed at the time of his death. He lived with his father in Arlington County. A neighbor says _____ got out of prison about a year ago.

"It's kind of a sad ending to this story," next door neighbor Chad Ciri told us. "Would have liked to have seen him be able to work his way out of such things but, such is life."

Police say they are certain _____'s death is a suicide.

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This is a problem, IMO, about the court system. When someone is in jail for something, they should not be in court on their first appearance in front of all other criminals. They is how rumors get started and people get killed. The second person, in for child porn, you can bet he will be a victim in jail, and why they should not be paraded in front of people like this, just watch the reactions from all other criminals. The lady representing him, even tells everyone where he lives. This man, is in a world of hurt now.