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OR - Onassis half-brother facing child porn probe

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By William McCall

PORTLAND - Police in Oregon say they've found graphic child pornography at the home of the half-brother to the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

The search at the Ashland home of 62-year-old James Auchincloss occurred in October, according to the Ashland Daily Tidings, which first reported the story. No charges have been filed.
- Of course not!

Calls by The Associated Press to Auchincloss were not returned.

The newspaper said Auchincloss, who has lived in Ashland since 1995 and serves on the board of Oregon Stage Works, declined to comment on what police found at his home, saying that it was "a matter for the courts."

In an affidavit for a search warrant dated Oct. 17, 2008, Ashland police Detective Arthur LeCours said he found photographs in booklets and on carousel slides of naked 7- to 16-year-old boys in sexual poses at Auchincloss' home.

The affidavit, shared by the Ashland Daily Tidings with the AP, also said police had probable cause to believe that Auchincloss was encouraging child sexual abuse.

Police told the newspaper the case has not been given a high priority because they believe there is no immediate threat.
- Of course not!

Contacted by the AP, a police spokeswoman declined to provide any details but confirmed an investigation was "in progress."

TX - Convicted Federal Judge Submits Resignation Letter

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So, this is a sex crime, but I see no mention here of him being on the sex offender registry once he gets out of prison.  As if I expected such?


HOUSTON (AP) -- A convicted federal judge told the president Tuesday he would resign from the bench in June 2010, nearly a year after he enters prison for lying about sexually abusing two assistants.

U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent would draw a full salary of $174,000 a year and benefits until the resignation takes effect, said his lawyer, Dick DeGuerin. Kent decided on the delay so his wife, who has a brain tumor and other serious medical problems, could retain health benefits, DeGuerin said.

The resignation was submitted a week after denial of Kent's request to retire on disability due to depression -- which would have allowed him to continue receiving his full salary for the rest of his life. By resigning, he gets nothing after next year.

Kent, 59, is resigning to try and avoid the ''spectacle'' of an impeachment process by Congress, DeGuerin said. The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing for Wednesday, and both women he victimized are scheduled to speak.

''Judge Kent's own actions continue to prove that he is unworthy of public service,'' said U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-San Antonio, the ranking Republican on the committee. ''This is an outrageous abuse of authority and defies the very principles of justice Judge Kent swore to uphold.''

According to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, there is no procedure to reject a federal judge's resignation notice. The only way a federal judge can be removed is through impeachment.

Kent was invited to speak at the hearing as well, but will not attend. DeGuerin said there is no reason to continue with the impeachment. ''He's been completely defeated,'' DeGuerin said.

Last month, Kent was sentenced to 33 months in prison, fined $1,000 and ordered to pay $6,550 in restitution to his former secretary and his case manager, whose complaints resulted in the first sex abuse case against a sitting federal judge. As part of a plea deal, Kent admitted he tried to force the case manager into unwanted sex acts in August 2003 and March 2007, and did the same with his secretary from 2004 through at least 2005.

Kent is set to report to prison June 15.

MI - Probation for Michigan official in sidewalk sex

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NOVI (AP) - A married Oakland County official who police say was caught having sex with another woman on a sidewalk in the Detroit suburb of Novi (NOH'-veye) has been sentenced to two years' probation.

District Judge Dennis Powers on Wednesday also ordered 56-year-old Kim Capello to perform 50 hours of community service and undergo intensive outpatient substance-abuse counseling.

Capello pleaded guilty to indecent exposure. The misdemeanor charge may be dismissed if he successfully completes his sentence.
- Once again, the average citizen would be in jail or prison and labeled a sex offender for life, but because he's a county official, that won't happen!

Police say officers on April 18 found an unclothed man and woman apparently having sex against a wall. The couple said they'd been drinking.

The Republican county commissioner said Wednesday in court he was urinating and not having sex.
- Well, urinating in public is a registerable sex offense as well.

FL - Busting sex offenders' camp is not the answer

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Picnic Island #4 is about as much a park as Marc Sarnoff is a statesman.

Picnic #4 rises out of Biscayne Bay as an obscure clump of a spoil island, accessible only by boat. (Or perhaps by amphibious sex offenders willing to swim 1,200 feet across open water from the Julie Tuttle Causeway.)

But the city of Miami, in a June 1 letter to Gov. Charlie Crist (Email), cited the proximity of Picnic #4 as reason enough to roust the colony of sex offenders consigned to the causeway by the Florida Department of Corrections.

The letter, signed by the city manager but largely dictated by City Commissioner Sarnoff, claimed the 70 or so sex offenders living in the bowels of the causeway were ''subject to arrest'' for violating the city residency restrictions keeping them 2,500 feet from parks, schools and other places were children congregate. As if kiddies were congregating on Picnic #4.


Sarnoff and City Manager Pete Hernandez rightly described the makeshift encampment as an unsanitary, festering mess. Except Sarnoff seems to think the solution is to make a disgraceful situation even worse.

To give him credit, however, he has managed an extraordinary feat, creating unlikely allies out of the ACLU and the Florida Department of Corrections.

Sarnoff's flawed reasoning began when he addressed the letter to a governor who would sooner give up his private plane than take on a politically risky problem like homeless sex offenders. For months now, Crist has been ignoring pleas from South Florida politicians to find a statewide alternative to these crazy local laws.

And Sarnoff and Hernandez surely know that Miami, of all places, can't go around busting homeless folk. The city was thoroughly whacked in U.S. District Court 13 years ago for regularly rounding up street people like dog catchers going after strays.
- Oh, but they are. This article, from January of 2007, shows they are still cutting up homeless people's tent.

To resolve the embarrassing lawsuit, the city signed a consent decree pledging that Miami policemen would refrain from chasing homeless squatters off public property unless they were relocated to a proper shelter.
- Which they apparently are not doing, see the video above!

But Miami's homeless shelters -- and essentially all of South Florida's affordable housing -- fall within forbidden zones. Homeless shelters can't take in the Tuttle Causeway castaways.

Valerie Jonas, who worked on the original homeless lawsuit, made it clear Wednesday that the ACLU would charge back into federal court if the city cops violate the 1996 decree out on the Tuttle.

Besides, sex offenders stuck under the causeway aren't there by chance. DOC parole officers, unable to find suitable housing, told them that the middle of Biscayne Bay would be their only legal address in Miami-Dade County. They're loitering on state property because the state put them there. Which would make the city's next venture in federal court even more tenuous.


A homeless camp in the middle of the bay, of course, is a mad, awful predicament. But the solution is to enact saner laws, replacing the over-reaching, insane hodgepodge of city and county residency restrictions that leave sex offenders with no place to live.

But rather than reform the residency ordinances that made them homeless, Sarnoff wants sex offenders busted for being homeless. It's no more a solution than Picnic #4 is a park.

Vigilante Cults - Claim to be "for the children"


Wow, it seems we have a huge cult out there, who pretend to be "for the children" who troll illegal web sites, find and view child porn, and they are associated with Absolute Zero United, Red-Alerts, and others.

How is this not illegal? They admit in their forums, to seeing child porn (see link below).  How is it not illegal for a self proclaimed "for the children" cult, who troll illegal web sites, not illegal?

NOTE: All links are viewed through the Anonymouse proxy!

Sounds like the FBI needs to check them out!!

What do others think?  You be the judge!

This is just a few of the many. I have also noticed this page on the net, which has TONS more, below, entitled "Vigilante Cabal":

And here is Rob Taylor's latest rant about what was said above. Man, he sure can distort what has been said.

  1. He claims ZMan is an alcoholic.  Well, sorry Rob, that is a lie.  He has personal friends and family who can vouch for that.  DUI covers more than alcohol.
  2. He claims that ZMan is also in a pedophile community, which is another lie.  ZMan frequents SOSEN  which is a forum for ex-sex offenders trying to get laws changed.  There is a big difference.  Using your mentality, you could say the same about these groups, who frequent REAL pedophile forums.
  3. He also claims ZMan tried to get someone to sue him for libel.  No, he did not.  ZMan just pointed out to this person what you and others have said, and left it up to them to decide what to do with that info.
  4. And yes, your statement "Truth, you see, is an absolute defense to libel charges," is very true, and by you distorting what was said, and saying stuff that is untrue, yep, that is libel.
  5. ZMan also never said there was forums on your Red-Alerts blog, did he?  Show me your "proof!"  It's not above.
  6. You said "PACA has forums but none say anything about trolling illegal sites!"  I think people can check out the first link and decide for themselves.  That is why it was said "What do others think?"
  7. And ZMan never said PACA, nor you, were "trading in child porn!"  Again, you distort what was said, like so many of you do, it's all above what was said.
  8. And you also say "Perverted-Justice and maybe some AZ members do monitor pro-pedophile discussion forums, but they do not trade in child porn!"  Wow, even you know what they do, which backs up what was said.  Yes, they "monitor" pedophile sites, and they are not the law, so that is illegal, IMO.  And again, ZMan did not say ANYBODY is trading in child porn, no where was that said.  So therefore your statement "This is lie, and one that maliciously is being told to harm the reputation of a person of group." is totally false.
  9. You also said "but claiming I am engaged in illegal activities I'm clearly not is libel" is also your distorting what was said, ZMan never said that.  Look above at what was said again.
  10. Also, all the other stuff you posted about ZMan, is clearly done to harm his reputation, that is obvious!
  11. You also said "need to create a fantasy world where people opposed to child exploitation are the real villians and a man who is a known child molester is the good guy" is more distorted thinking.  That was never said, or insinuated.  Child exploitation is wrong in any way, shape or form.  But, you distorting what has been said, is again, libel and you trying to harm someone's reputation.
  12. And you also mention "this new salvo aimed at PACA because no doubt either he or one of his friends is afraid of getting caught up in the coming dragnet" is more BS!  But, you can continue to believe whatever you like.  I'm not afraid of you or anybody.  I am not doing anything wrong.  If you think I am, then sue me or contact the police.
  13. Also, why are you on the "SMART GIRLS POLITICS" web site?

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Hello, I'm Your Boogeyman

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By Pitts, Leonard

I am your scapegoat. I am your boogeyman. Brown-skinned, kinky-haired, black man, me.

So I was not surprised (it was just another day at the office) last week when a white woman from suburban Philadelphia called police from her cell phone, claiming she had been locked in the trunk of a Cadillac by two black men. Nor was I shocked (it was just another day in the life) when police said Bonnie Sweeten was actually holed up in a luxury hotel at Walt Disney World and there never was a kidnapping, much less by two black men.

I'm your scapegoat. I'm your boogeyman. So I'm used to these things.

In fact, they happen often. Happened just a few months ago when that John McCain campaign worker said she was robbed by a burly black man who carved a "B" into her face ... as in Barack, get it? Turned out she carved the letter herself and then blamed a black man. Just as Charles Stuart did when he killed his wife in 1989. Just as Tanya Dacri did when she dismembered her 7-week-old son that same year. Just as Susan Smith did when she rolled her car, her two boys inside, into a lake in 1994.

University of Florida law professor Katheryn Russell-Brown, author of "The Color of Crime," has documented 92 such incidents between 1987 and 2006. And she cautions that white men are sometimes victims of racial hoaxes, too: witness the cases of Tawana Brawley and the Duke lacrosse team.

But she says the overwhelming majority of the time -- 67 percent, to be exact -- it is the other way around: white liars blaming black men for things that did not happen. Russell-Brown is particularly intrigued that Sweeten identified her supposed kidnappers as driving a Cadillac. That fits a pattern, she says. "When it's someone white alleging they've been harmed by someone African-American, there are these fantastic racially-laden stereotypes that are used. Whether it's dreadlocks, or smell, or big and burly. This fits right in, the Cadillac."

Naturally. Because I'm your scapegoat, your boogeyman. Cadillac drivin', pimp-walkin', white woman-lustin', me.

I am the shape and size and sound of your fears. You know me on sight, know me before you know my name, know me before I even stick out my hand and say hi. You know I have no feelings beyond your perception of me, no thought beyond what you impute to me, no purpose beyond your fear of me. I live in the shadow of your consciousness, do not exist outside of you.

But can you imagine if I did? Boy, can you imagine the ache and anger if I did?

It's a good thing I don't, a good thing I am only what I am: scapegoat boogeyman, the car window you roll up, the door you lock, the ATM you avoid, the crime statistics you glance right by because they try to tell you I'm not what you think I am, didn't do what you thought I did.

Hell, you don't need some researcher's "statistics" to know about me. We've known each other for years. Dozens of years, hundreds of years. Remember when you denied me a job, then called me a thief? Remember when you blew up my school then called me ignorant? Remember when you killed my father, then complained I was filled with rage?

No, you're right. There's no point in remembering that. Why should you remember a past that makes you uncomfortable? Why do I even "need" a past, existing as I do only within the confines of your awareness? All we have -- or "need" -- is the now. And in the now, Bonnie Sweeten has been exposed and she'll face the law and that's all we can really ask, isn't it? There's no point in digging deeper, no purpose served in wondering why, when she wanted to put a face to a crime, she chose mine.

We already know. I'm your scapegoat; I'm your boogeyman. And I have no feelings beyond those you give me.

But can you imagine if I did?

UK - Volunteering with sex offenders

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By Preeti Jha

Once a week Paula Hardiman meets three others in the pub for a meal, sometimes they go for a walk in the countryside. They might talk about their day, their concerns or future plans.

It's not an unusual gathering but for one member of the group who is a convicted sex offender.

Ms Hardiman is part of a team of 35 volunteers in north Wales that helps to rehabilitate sex offenders by forming "circles", or groups, and offering support to reduce the risk of future abuse.

On Thursday the team will join 15 other winners at a presentation of the annual volunteering awards, run by the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA).

"I recognise that working with sex offenders is not everyone's cup of tea, but someone has to deal with it."

Circles of Support and Accountability (Cosa), first developed by a Mennonite Church in Ontario, Canada, in 1994, emerged as a concept in the UK nine years ago.

The organisation trains volunteers to monitor and support sex offenders who have demonstrated a commitment to stop offending.

Community project

"These are risky individuals. It's much safer if the community knows where they are and what they're doing than if they go underground," said Juliet Ennis, project development manager for Cosa in north Wales, one of seven projects in the UK.

Ms Hardiman, 36, who joined Cosa in October 2008, like other volunteers, wanted "to make a difference".

"As a mother of three I think I'm contributing not only to the safety of my children but also of others in the community."

Up to three volunteers are attached to an offender, known as a "core member", with meetings usually held once a week, for three hours.

Time and place are flexible, said Billy (surname withheld), who joined Cosa when it was first set-up in Wales in 2007.

At present he is part of two circles, alternating between a four-member group and one-on-one mentoring sessions, which can involve anything from a trip to the theatre or cinema to a chat in the pub.

"My wife doesn't want to get involved because she's frightened she might like the person," said Billy.

"You've got to accept, though," he said, "that some of these offenders are likeable, they're also clever and manipulative."

"I get on with the ones I'm working with. But I don't trust them."

Volunteers are trained to help offenders build a new life - from offering advice on practical matters like finding a job or housing to exploring more emotional problems. If they suspect something is wrong they have been told to report it to the probation officers.

Talking about the offence itself can be a particularly challenging aspect of the role.

Ms Hardiman said: "Knowing what to say is difficult, we're not there to sympathise, the aim is to stop them reoffending."

'Despised groups'

Chris Higgins, of north Wales probation area, who nominated Cosa for the award, said: "They deserve special recognition because they are willing to work with one of the most socially excluded and despised groups of offenders."

"The volunteers demonstrate humanity, long-term commitment and an ability to balance the needs of offenders and the wider community."

But some people have been hostile about the nature of the volunteer work, said Billy, 54.

"Wouldn't it be better if they were all locked up, what are you doing with those perverts, they've said. But I've seen how these offences can damage lives."

"It has a huge impact not only on the child or victim but also their family, and, the often-forgotten family of the offender. We're working so that families and communities aren't ripped apart."

Cosa in north Wales has worked with 20 offenders since its inception, none have reoffended, said Ms Ennis.

First piloted in Wrexham, the project has spread to Flintshire, Colwyn Bay and Bangor as it has recruited more volunteers - a further 20 are waiting to be trained.


Ms Hardiman, who is studying for a degree in public and social policy, hopes to one day work in the probation sector. "The award," she said, "will bring recognition to a subject a lot of people don't want to approach."

WCVA received over 210 nominations from across Wales for its annual awards this year. Chief executive Graham Benfield said: "They are an inspiration - the number of people nominated every year shows us just how strong the volunteering ethos is in Wales."

The 16 winners will receive their awards as part of Volunteers Week 2009 at a presentation ceremony in Cardiff Castle on Thursday 4 June.

DE - Del. lawmakers propose public adult abuse registry

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Sweet, I am all for it.  The more registries we have, the better.  Like I've said many times, why not just have one registry with all criminals on it?  I have sent them an email, with my support, and asked about one criminal registry for everyone! And I recommend everyone else do the same.


DOVER (AP) Two Delaware lawmakers have proposed making the state's adult abuse registry public so citizens can be aware of people who abused, neglected or exploited seniors or adults with disabilities.

Sen. Patricia Blevins (Email) and House Majority Whip Valerie Longhurst (Email) say residents can't currently access the registry without waiting weeks for a signed affidavit to be approved.

Their bill would allow citizens to view the registry, which is structured like a sex offender registry, when trying to hire someone to care for a relative. The registry lists caregivers associated with substantiated cases of abuse, neglect or exploitation of an adult.

Longhurst says that under the bill the registry would be posted on the Internet.

NY - Justice for an autistic teenager?

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By Jeannette Hutchison

ANGELICA - Currently most of the cases that go through criminal court in this country are pled out rather than going to trial. Most of us have gone to court for a traffic ticket and had an automatic option presented to plead to a lesser charge. Until today, I had never really thought about what it would mean to someone who is innocent of the charges, but in some way compromised by the court. But today I saw our system for the cynical and hypocritical tool that it is.

Where to begin? Let me just say that my son, an autistic and mentally challenged teenager, was charged with a very serious crime that he did not commit. He was taken from a respite house by the police, denied access to a lawyer, and deliberately separated from the counsel of his parents. After my son was taken into custody, a police officer, a man he knew from school, whose office was right next to his special ed class, "the man with the gun," told him that if he did not agree to the charges and sign off on them, he would never be let out of jail, and if he agreed to doing these things he could go home. He then handed him over to an interrogator with a pre-written list of culpable actions. Before the day was out, my son had signed off on all charges.

Hopefully, he will recover from his terrible sense of betrayal when the school policeman, who he thought of as his protector, became his primary accuser, tricking him and lying to him. He is afraid to trust anyone now.

At his arraignment later that afternoon, the judge asked him if he needed a lawyer, and he said that, no, he did not need a lawyer because he was going home. If the accused person of a serious crime tells a judge he doesn't need a lawyer because he is going home, is it not a fair assumption that:

  1. He does not understand how serious the charges are.
  2. He is confused and under the false impression that he will be free to go home after the arraignment?
  3. The judge should challenge the accused, because he obviously doesn't understand?

At the Huntley Hearing called to challenge the veracity of the confession, the interrogator and the State Trooper who arrested my son said that they didn’t notice anything unusual about him, a physically immature, autistic teenager with the mental development of a much younger child, and a markedly odd social presentation. They said that he was cheerful and direct (my son, like most autistic people, rarely meets your eyes when he talks to you), and discussed the bizarre charges like a 'normal' 17 year old. They also said that they were certain he understood the charges because he was reading them off the computer screen. Despite being presented with school records, which clearly show that my son reads and comprehends what he reads at approximately third grade level, and therefore could not possibly have read the confession and understood what he read off a computer screen, the interrogator and the state trooper were unshakable in their assertion.

The judge ruled that he would not challenge the integrity of the police. We have a tape of the arresting officer questioning my son during a preliminary investigation where he repeatedly states that he didn't do anything. They also have a tape of a three hour session, the third such session, with the five year old plaintiff, a social worker and the arresting officer, in which, after two and a half hours of coaxing and prompting, the alleged victim finally states that the accused has done something related to, but much less than, the contents of the confession. He then refuses to talk any more. Before the end of the session, he asks when he can see my son again. According to a doctor, there is no physical evidence that anything whatsoever has occurred. However, we are looking at a trial in a small town court where the judge has made it clear that he stands behind the police who, we can see, are not stating the facts as they occurred, but have rather fabricated a story to make their beliefs about the case clear to the rest of us. We can’t put the defendant on the stand to refute their claims because he is autistic and mentally challenged, the proceedings have confused him, and if the prosecutor starts to badger him, it is unclear how he will respond, this could further damage his mental health But, in any case, he doesn’t act ‘normal’. He has been in the county jail since July of 2008, mostly in solitary. Up to now, there has been no consideration of his disability in the court proceedings, but in the jail, they have had to make some adjustments for him. He is on 72mg of concerta, 5mg of ritalin, 5mg of abilify, 30mg of temazepam, 500mg of depakote 2 X a day 400 mg of seraquel 2 X a day, .05 mg of synthroid, and 0.15mg of clonidine 2 X a day, which they denied him the first 4 days he was in jail. He is naive and open, and easily confused by the attitudes of the other prisoners. So, he spends his time alone in a cell with a pile of coloring books with mazes and word search and card games.

The prosecutor has asserted the most severe charges and punishment possible. They are talking about 25 years in the state prison. This developmentally disabled, 110 lb, immature boy cannot survive 1 year in the state pen; worse yet, labeled as a pedophile. What can we do? Finally, the lawyers arrange for him to ‘plead’ to a lesser charge, and be placed in the care of the NYS Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. He probably should be heading toward a residential program anyway. The downside is we have to ask him to lie by telling him to say he did things he did not do. And, even with the lesser charge, he will have to be registered as a "sex offender". This is tough to swallow because he did not do anything, and it is clear, even to my son, that he should not have believed the State Police that told him he could go home if he signed the paper saying he did something that he didn't do. . Given the weakness of the evidence, it isn’t clear that anything happened at all. But it’s a big risk to go before a jury, up against a crying mother, lying police and a confession that states the most horrible crimes.

The lawyer says it is best to plead. My son will, hopefully, end up in a safe place where they have resources to make his life pretty good. So, here we are in court to go through the formalities of the plea. He sits at the defense table, a slight youth in an orange suit, his hands shackled to his feet, surrounded by grown ups. From the standpoint of the court, he is a normal grownup too, but it is difficult to justify when you see him sitting there, confused and uncomfortable. The judge first asks the lawyers, the prosecutor and the defense lawyer, to explain their understanding of the deal so as to be sure everyone is on the same page. It appears they are ready to proceed. The judge then asks my son if he understands what he needs to be doing. When he doesn’t respond, the judge suggests he talk with his lawyer and get clarification. The lawyer talks to him in a low voice for several minutes. He is basically giving him the script and reassuring him that it will be alright.

Finally, they look up and the lawyer indicates to the judge that they are ready to proceed. So, the judge tells my son he doesn’t have to come to the witness box, that he will swear him in right where he sits. He then proceeds to state in a loud and dramatic voice "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and . . . Do you understand the charge . . .?" Do you understand that by pleading to this charge you are giving up your right to a Jury trial and all future rights to deny the charge . . .?" So the defense lawyer reads out an action, the minimum action necessary to validate the charge to which they are here to plead. Did you do this. . ." My son doesn’t reply. There is an eerie silence. He is deadlocked, frozen in the headlights. Truth on the right, necessity on the left. He just swore to tell the the truth, the whole truth etc. Everyone is waiting for him to tell a lie.

So the judge says, "I thought you understood what you need to do here. Would you like to talk to your lawyer again?" A slight nod. So now the lawyer is once again whispering away in his ear. And finally, they indicate that they are ready. The lawyer, again, states that minimal action necessary to substantiate the plea. After a tense pause, he responds with a hesitant "yes". The prosecutor stands up and stalks across the room and indignantly cries "That isn’t what we agreed. I need him to say more!" The defense lawyer asserts that the statement does substantiate the charge as he rises from his seat and follows her to the bench. There is more busy whispering. Later we will hear that the judge sided with the prosecutor. He said that if my son didn’t plead to a more serious version of the offense, then he would substitute the original confession (to far more serious crimes) for whatever my son says. Finally, they return to their places. The defense lawyer is again whispering to him , After a time he stops and asks, "Ok. Are you ready?" There is no response, so he returns to his whispered explanations and instructions. Finally, they look up. He reads again from his paper. This time the action he states is a little more ugly and personal. He asks my son if this is what happened. Again, there is a breathless silence followed by a faint "yes". Further, he asks if it happened twice. Another low, almost inaudible, "yes". The judge then asks my son to repeat what the lawyer has just said. He doesn’t respond. The judge asks again, and the lawyer whispers encouragement. Finally, he haltingly repeats the statement of guilt. "Where did these events occur?" asks the judge. A long silence. "Where did you do this?" Another pause, then "In the house?" It’s a question. "In what house?" The judge isn’t satisfied. Another pause. Finally, "His and mine? Is that ok?" It’s still a question. Is this what you want to hear. But mercifully, the judge and prosecutor are satisfied.

This is a mockery of justice. If he is lucky, this innocent victim of a witch hunt will find himself in another institution where they at least are competent to deal with his disability, but with a very dark cloud of suspicion hanging over his head. He will need time to recover from the trauma of having to recite self-incriminating lies to save his life. He twitches and his hands tremble when he raises them to gesture. He will need time to recover from a year of mostly solitary confinement. He has lost 30lbs., he has trouble sleeping, and tends to fall into a paranoid mindset regarding the people around him. He occasionally wonders how he can hide when he ‘gets out’ so that the school cop, his primary accuser, won’t find him and kill him. It is going to take time, but hopefully, he will be able to move into a residential program, perhaps somewhere in the country where it won’t be an issue that he is registered as a sexual predator. And hopefully, he won’t lose the residential program that buys his freedom to cost cutting measures or some such, and find himself back in the courtroom under mortal threat. If he isn't lucky, well . . . he won't survive. Where is the justice here? I thought this was the United States of America, where you are innocent until proven guilty. Aren't we all guaranteed certain constitutional rights, like a fair and speedy trial? How is it that the very people who are supposed to protect you lie and threaten to cause you harm. I think there should be laws to protect the disabled so there can be no more injustices to autistic and mentally challenged persons.

FL - 4 teens charged as adults in locker room sexual assault case

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You see, kids are not consider adults until 18, and cannot consent to sex, but here, they are all of a sudden considered adults because it's a sex crime. Either they are adults, or they are not.


By John Couwels

(CNN) - Four teenage boys in Tampa, Florida, were charged as adults Wednesday on allegations of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy.

Charged with four counts each of sexual battery were _____, 14; _____, 14; _____, 14; and _____, 15. CNN is naming the defendants because they were charged as adults.

Hillsborough County prosecutors allege the four boys raped the 13-year-old victim multiple times over two months with a broomstick and hockey stick.

At a bond and arraignment hearing, the defendants appeared before Hillsborough County Judge Wayne Timmerman to hear the counts against them read in court.

Prosecutor Kimberly Hindman described to the court how two defendants held down the victim while the other two defendants violently sodomized him with the sticks. "The victim screamed and cried, telling them to stop," Hindman said.

The prosecutor said the victim's screams could be heard outside the boys' locker room at Walker Middle School, in southern Tampa, where the allegedly assaults took place.

Multiple people witnessed the attacks, but no one reported the incidents, including the victim, Hindman said.

The school began an investigation after a fight that began on the football field and continued until a coach broke it up in the locker room, said the prosecutor. During the fight, the victim said, "I'm tired of them getting on me," Hindman said.

When school officials questioned the defendants, all four admitted in a written statement sexually assaulting the victim.
- So, you questioned them without a lawyer or their parents present?

The defendants "all implicated themselves in a sexual-battery incident," Hindman said.

The victim did not acknowledge the attacks until questioned. School officials contacted authorities, who initially charged the four as minors with sexual assault and false imprisonment.

Several students witnessed the incidents over the two months, said the prosecutor, who added that she could not understand why no one reported the attacks.

The victim made a statement in court, telling the judge how his father was angry and his mother couldn't stop crying when they heard about the attacks.

Defense attorneys told the judge their clients were good students and had never been in trouble before. Attorney Tim Taylor, representing _____, said his client's family is among the finest in the community.

Taylor presented six character witnesses, including his client's mother, _____, who said her son wants to attend college. The prosecutor asked her about her son's written statement about the attacks. _____ said her son described clowning around in the locker room with a hockey stick. She added that he told her about holding down the victim for a few seconds.

The victim finished the academic year at home instead of returning to school, authorities said.

The judge set bond for each defendant at $15,000, with ankle monitors for all but one, who has left the area. The four boys were taken into custody in court and booked into the adult jail. The judge warned the four to have no contact with one another, the victim or any witnesses in the case.
- I am willing to bet, these four kids, they will be placed into the area with sex offenders, and I would not be surprised if they are raped by other adults.  This is just absurd!!!

The defendants could spend up to 120 years in prison if convicted on all four counts.

PA - ACLU to Sunbury: Change sex offender ordinance or face suit

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By Marcia Moore

SUNBURY — The city will be named in a federal lawsuit next week if it doesn’t move to eliminate a 2006 ordinance prohibiting registered sex offenders from loitering within 1,000 feet of schools, day cares, playgrounds or any public place children congregate.

The city’s sex offender loitering ordinance is being challenged as unconstitutional by the American Civil Liberties Union (Contact).

Valerie Burch, of the ACLU of Pennsylvania, contacted city solicitor Michael Apfelbaum on Tuesday and notified him that a lawsuit will be filed next week if the municipality doesn’t act.

We’re giving the city the opportunity to make it right without going to federal court,” Burch said .

The primary issue with the Sunbury ordinance is its vagueness, she said.

It’s unconstitutional when a law is not clear,” Burch said. “Loitering is not defined. A bug on the street could cause kids to gather.”

Apfelbaum agreed the language in the ordinance was too broad and said he’ll meet next week with the city council to discuss how to tighten up the language to provide more specificity on public areas restricted to sex offenders.

We’ve even asked the ACLU for suggestions,” he said.

If the city fails to demonstrate its willingness to address the issue by Monday, Burch said, a lawsuit will be filed in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania on behalf of “Jane Doe.”

Jane Doe” is _____, a 39-year-old Sunbury mother of four and registered sex offender, who was cited for violating the ordinance last summer.
- What the hell is this?  A newspaper naming someone who did not want to be named.  Now that is vigilantism media style!

The ACLU was alerted to the local law by news reports about _____, who was cited after she went to a city park with her young son.

_____, who was convicted of a felony offense in 2002 for taking a photo of a young girl’s breasts, said she was adhering to state Megan’s Law requirements of registering annually with the state police but had no idea there was a city law prohibiting her from taking her children to events and places where other minors gathered.
- It's the police's responsibility to alert those who the law affects.  How is someone off probation/parole to keep up with all the ever changing laws?  They should've just dropped the charges, since the state did not let her know of any new punishment she would be facing!

Many municipalities across Pennsylvania have passed ordinances restricting sexual offenders, Burch said, but few include the loitering element.

Unlike the city ordinance, the state law doesn’t limit offenders’ housing options or movements.

Although _____ was cited and could have faced a 60-day jail sentence or $500 fine, the ordinance was never enforced.

Last fall, city Police Chief Steve Mazzeo said he was advised by Northumberland District Attorney Anthony Rosini to follow state law rather than try to enforce the local ordinance.

We need this ordinance repealed,” said Burch, who is working with Philadelphia attorneys Elizabeth Balakhani and Fred Magaziner.

PA - ACLU defends girl's lewd MySpace principal parody

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A federal appeals court must decide whether a Pennsylvania middle school can suspend a student who, at home on her own time, created a lewd MySpace page aimed at her principal.

The Web page, which used a fake name but an actual photo of the principal, was purported to have been posted by a 40-year-old Alabama school principal who described himself, through a string of sexual vulgarities, as a pedophile and sex addict. The Internet address included the phrase "kids rock my bed."

The case, argued in the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday, raises broad issues about the limits of school discipline for off-campus behavior that affects the atmosphere at school. A rash of similar cases have surfaced across the country, with mixed rulings, but none has reached the U.S. Supreme Court.

The American Civil Liberties Union (Contact) argues that students enjoy free-speech rights off-campus that protect such parodies, however vulgar.
- It's called defamation, slander/libel, and by portraying the principal as a pedophile, could've ruined him and his career, as well as his family.  I think the school and police should stay out of this, it's between the girl, her family and the principal.  The mother should punish the child, demand an apology from the girl to the principal, and if the principal doesn't agree with the punishment, then take it to court and file a defamation and possibly other charges.

"Parents give up some control at the schoolhouse gate," Mary Catherine Roper, an ACLU lawyer in Pennsylvania, told the appeals court judges. "When the students walk back out, they again are under control of their parents."

However, a lawyer for the Blue Mountain School District in Schuylkill County said the eighth grader's actions in March 2007 caused a disturbance that reverberated inside school and harmed the principal. Students were buzzing about the site for several days, and school administrators quickly became aware of it.

"Quite frankly, this could have affected his career," school board lawyer Jon Riba argued. "At the very least, it creates an impression that this man is unstable."

Roper called the site clearly satiric and juvenile.
- Satire can go overboard! Just like free speech.

But Judge D. Michael Fisher was not so sure, noting the number of sexual deviants who apparently seek out liked-minded people online.

He nonetheless cautioned Blue Mountain about the price it might pay for winning the case.

"Do we want our school districts to become Internet police?" Fisher asked.

The Supreme Court has said that students enjoy some free-speech rights, such as the right to wear black armbands to protest the Vietnam War, while rejecting the right to lace a school speech with sexual innuendo.

In 2007, the high court upheld sanctions against a student from Alaska who carried a "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" sign at an off-campus school outing, reasoning that the student was promoting illegal drugs.

In a case nearly identical to the Blue Mountain case, a different 3rd Circuit panel is weighing a MySpace parody of a western Pennsylvania school principal that was argued in December. And in New York, the 2nd Circuit has upheld school discipline in two off-campus Internet speech cases after finding the disruption at the schools was "foreseeable."

Terry Snyder, the 53-year-old mother of the Blue Mountain student, said she fought the case because she did not want her daughter to miss 10 days of school. But she also believes the discipline should have been hers to dole out.
- I agree, and if the principal is harmed or doesn't think you did enough to stop it, then he could file a defamation law suit and sue.

"I believe it's up to me to discipline her for her actions, her untoward actions, at home," Snyder, of Orwigsburg, said Tuesday. "What she did was definitely wrong. Fortunately, she is a good kid most of the time."

The three judges did not indicate when they would rule.

MD - Joppa Woman Charged With Sexual Child Abuse

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By Kelly McPherson

JOPPA (WJZ) - A Maryland mother is behind bars and facing dozens of charges, including child sex abuse. The alleged abuse happened at the woman's home in Joppa. Kelly McPherson spoke with prosecutors about the investigation.

A 40-year-old mother of a young girl has been indicted for sexually abusing and assaulting two girls, ages five and six. One victim is a relative.

The state's attorney says this is an unusual case, since the defendant, _____, and the two victims are all females.

"I'm so angry. This is disgusting. This is disgusting that this woman can do that to two children," said Barbara McNamara.
- My lord, why don't you let her go to court and be proved guilty before you "assume" she is guilty.  She could be innocent.  This is the problem with society, the media has helped to this as well.  We all assume they are guilty without any evidence, just hearsay.  Wait until she has had her day in court, before you JUMP THE GUN!!

"It was a shock, because it's somebody's mom, more than anything else. 'Cause normally it's a dad thing," said Carla Slunt.
- You see, men are all evil, and woman can do no harm!

Slunt and other neighbors knew about the allegations from other parents. Her daughter was not allowed to go near _____ or her house. The investigation has been going on for at least six months.

Investigators believe all of the abuse happened in _____'s home. The reason this investigation was launched is a neighbor called the child advocacy hotline with a complaint and a school official noticed that one of the young girls behaved strangely in the classroom.
- Alledged abuse!  Remember, she has not been found guilty of anything yet!

"It's difficult to say with a child, how much they remember, how much they associate but we are aware that at least one of the victims was having issues with respect to dealing with this," said Harford County State's Attorney Joe Cecilly.

Prosecutors believe there could be other victims.

"My children are older, grown. But there's a new generation of children coming up and a lot of families that have moved in recently have toddlers," McNamara said.

Neighbors say _____ lives with her mom. _____ is being detained.

"Another child molester off the street, that's a good thing," Slunt said.
- Wow, the shear ignorance of the law.  She is innocent until proven guilty, but you have already convicted her!

One of the charges is for child abduction. That is related to _____'s own daughter, who she took out of state. County officials had to go after her and bring them back. Now the little girl is with her father.
- So tell me again how taking your own child out of state, if they are in your custody, is abduction?

_____ remains in jail and is due back in court later this month.

PA - Person of Interest in Rape of Girl, 11, Badly Beaten by Furious Neighbors (More Vigilantism in Action!!)

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Are we sure we still live in America? Or some third world country? Keep it up folks, you will help get the sex offender laws repealed. This man has not even been to court yet, yet everyone automatically assumes he is guilty. He may be, but he deserves his day in court! Heroes my a__, they are vigilantes who should be arrested.


A person of interest in the horrifying rape of an 11-year-old girl on her way to school in Philadelphia was severely beaten by angry neighbors — and the attack was caught on camera.

_____, 26, is currently in stable condition after the videotaped beating by about a dozen West Kensington residents, according to police.
- And since it's on video, all those involved should be arrested and prosecuted!

The mob pummeled _____ for several minutes with wooden sticks, their fists and their feet, authorities said.

He suffered head injuries and was taken to Temple University Hospital. Police said Wednesday that he has been upgraded from critical to stable condition.

_____ hasn't been charged in the rape, which happened as the girl walked to school Monday, but he has been arrested on an unrelated warrant, according to investigators.

Police described _____ as a "person of interest" in the case and asked the public for help in finding him.
- Finding him, not beating the crap out of him.  Again, this proves the public cannot handle the information they receive, and the police need to stop releasing this information, and just do their jobs!!!

The assault happened Tuesday after neighbors recognized _____ from a photo distributed by police.

Surveillance video shows a man being chased by at least three people, one of whom hits him several times with what appears to be a bat or large stick. As they chase the man, a crowd gathers. A police officer arrives, and the video cuts off.

Investigators have said they would look at whether to file charges against any of the neighbors. None had been filed as of Wednesday afternoon, said Philadelphia Police Lt. Frank Vanore.
- WHAT???  THIS IS ASSAULT AND ATTEMPTED MURDER, THEY SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED!!!  If this were not a "person of interest," but just some average citizen being beaten, the police would not hesitate to prosecute these people!  WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE ARE YOU SENDING?  Do we want to just delete all laws, and let everyone fend for themselves?  Hell, why not?

The girl had just dropped off a sibling at day care and was walking to school Monday when a man approached her, investigators said. He started to walk with her, threatened her and said he had a gun. He took her to a nearby backyard and raped her repeatedly, authorities said.

Vanore said police did the right thing in publicizing their desire to talk to _____. He noted he was wanted on a bench warrant and had 17 prior arrests.

"We've got an 11-year-old viciously raped," Vanore said. "We factored in a lot of things and the biggest thing was to get this individual off the street."
- And now you have someone who was almost killed, who is only a SUSPECT, not proven guilty yet!  You sent the wrong message, apparently, and now he has paid for it, almost with his life.  And you are just going to sit there an let these people walk free?  HEIL HITLER!!!!!

University of Pennsylvania criminologist Lawrence Sherman said police did nothing wrong by releasing a detailed description and photo of a man who was not a suspect, saying, "I don't know that they had much option to get a hold of him in any other way."
- I disagree!

But Sherman, director of Penn's Jerry Lee Center for Criminology, faulted citizens for taking the law into their own hands.

"We have a big enough problem of witness intimidation, let alone considering the risk we pose to persons of interest," he said.