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WA - New law makes it easier to prosecute sex offenders

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SPOKANE -- A suspected child molester who tried to hide from the law in Costa Rica is back in Spokane and standing trial in Superior Court. A new law may help prosecutors secure a conviction against him.

_____ is a Level Two Sex Offender who's already been convicted of molesting one child and now standing trial for molesting another. In the most recent case _____ allegedly fondled the seven-year-old daughter of his female drug dealer in a Spokane parking lot.

_____' alleged victim is now 11 and will testify against him but the first person to the take stand on Monday was a college student. She was just seven-years-old when in 1996 _____ used a ladder to climb through her bedroom window.

"He proceeded to take off my boxer bottoms and lift up my top, I had a two piece on. He didn't take off my top of all the way he just lifted it over my chest and told me to be quiet," the woman said.

_____ was caught and convicted of sexually assaulting the now grown woman and sent to prison.

However _____ was released and allegedly claimed a new victim here in Spokane in 2004. To avoid arrest _____ fled to Costa Rica and it wasn't until Monday that he was brought to trial.

During the time he was a fugitive in Costa Rica the state legislature passed a new law that allows prosecutors to call previous sexual assault victims to the stand so now _____' jury knows he is a repeat sex offender, and his victim from more than a decade ago handed a significant setback to his defense on his new charges.

_____ denies ever touching his most recent accuser and he's hoping his jury will believe him. Part of the reason he's hoping the jury will believe his defense may have to do with another law passed since _____ went to prison for his first sex crime. That law gives convicted sex offenders just two strikes.

If _____ is convicted at the trial that got underway Monday, he will automatically face life in prison.

IL - Teens who `sext' racy photos charged with porn

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CHICAGO — Though youth is fleeting, images sent on a cell phone or posted online may not be, especially if they're naughty.

Teenagers' habit of distributing nude self-portraits electronically — often called "sexting" if it's done by cell phone — has parents and school administrators worried. Some prosecutors have begun charging teens who send and receive such images with child pornography and other serious felonies. But is that the best way to handle it?

"Hopefully we'll get the message out to these kids," says Michael McAlexander, a prosecutor in Allen County, Ind., which includes Fort Wayne. A teenage boy there is facing felony obscenity charges for allegedly sending a photo of his private parts to several female classmates. Another boy was recently charged with child pornography in a similar case.

In some cases, the photos are sent to harass other teens or to get attention. Other times, they're viewed as a high-tech way to flirt. Either way, law enforcement officials want it to stop, even if it means threatening to add "sex offender" to a juvenile's confidential record.

"We don't want to throw these kids in jail," McAlexander says. "But we want them to think."

This month in Greensburg, Pa., three high school girls who sent seminude photos and four male students who received them were all hit with child pornography charges. And in Newark, Ohio, a 15-year-old high school girl faced similar charges for sending her own racy cell phone photos to classmates. She eventually agreed to a curfew, no cell phone and no unsupervised Internet usage over the next few months. If she complies, the charges will be dropped.

In Pennsylvania, all but one of the students accepted a lesser misdemeanor charge, partly to avoid a trial and further embarrassment, a public defender in the case said. The mother of one boy is considering fighting all charges.

Whatever the outcome, the mere fact that child pornography charges were filed at all is stirring debate among students and adults.

At Greensburg-Salem High School in Pennsylvania, junior Jamie Bennish says she's not sure the boys in her school's case should've been charged.

"They did not necessarily choose to receive the pictures, although I find it questionable that they did not delete the photos from their cell phones after some period of time," she says. "As for the girls, there is no excuse for exposing yourself in that way, and any charges they receive they have brought upon themselves."

Dante Bertani, chief public defender in Westmoreland County, Pa., where the students went to court, called the felony charges "horrendous." He says such treatment should be reserved for sex offenders, not teenagers who might've used poor judgment, but meant nothing malicious.
- So tell me sir, what exactly is a sex offender?  These kids, are sex offenders, they committed a sex crime, that is what a sex offender is.  And yes, I agree, they should not be put on the registry, and their lives ruined forever.  Punish them, by a little stent in jail, or juvenile detention, but putting them on the registry is wrong, IMO.

"It should be an issue between the school, the parents and the kids — and primarily the parents and the kids," Bertani says. "It's not something that should be going through the criminal system."
- Well, when legislatures make and pass idiotic, wide sweeping laws, this is exactly what you get!

These cases do pose a dilemma, concedes Wes Weaver, the principal at Licking Valley High School, where the Ohio girl attends school.

He agrees that pornography charges or other felonies are not appropriate, noting that "the laws have not caught up to technology."

But he says there has to be some way to educate students and their parents about the harm these photos can do — and the fact that, once they're out there, they often get widely circulated. Days before his staff discovered the girl's nude photos, the county prosecutor had been at the school to warn students against sexting.
- Yeah, why don't you come up with a class, that is mandatory, that all students must attend, and have someone teach it, and the dangers of the Internet and sending/posting these pictures?  It's not that difficult.  So when are the schools going to start teaching this?

"I don't think we're anywhere near having a handle on this," Weaver says. "It's beyond our scope as a school."
- No it's not!  Set up a class, and start teaching it!

Parents are also often at a loss.

Some companies, such as WebSafety Inc., have developed software that parents can use to monitor certain activity on cell phones and computers. They can, for instance, block X-rated texting terms or be alerted when their child is using them, says Mike Adler, the company's CEO.

Photos are trickier, though, and often require a parent to manually check a child's phone.

And that's OK to do, says Dr. Terri Randall, an adolescent psychiatrist in Philadelphia.

"It could be part of the contract of having a cell phone, that you really don't get 100 percent privacy. It's just one more way of keeping track, like knowing what your kid is doing and where they are," says Randall, who's also an instructor at Jefferson Medical College.

Randall says she's seeing more issues related to sexting, especially as cell phones with cameras have become standard. One mother brought her daughter in to be psychologically evaluated after finding provocative cell phone photos of the girl.

Other patients tell Randall how sexting and texting explicit messages has caused relationship problems, especially after a breakup, when photos might be distributed out of spite, for instance.

So she reminds her young patients: "Even though it seems like fun and so exciting right now, that person may not always feel the same way about you. And you may not feel the same way about that person either."

But is it porn? That's questionable, she and others say.
- If it's a nude person, yes, it's porn!

Certainly, technology makes it easier to do and say things we might not do in person, says Amanda Lenhart, a senior researcher with the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

"But ultimately," she says, "I think this is merely another case of technology extending an activity or action that young people have engaged in for years, if not beyond that."

TX - AG’s office arrests local sex offender

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Show me any law, in the state of Texas, where someone cannot use MySpace if they are a sex offender? I looked, and cannot find one.


By Jessica Sanders - The Gazette-Enterprise

SEGUIN — Authorities say that accessing MySpace landed a local convicted sex offender back behind bars.

Seguin resident _____, 33, was arrested by the Texas Attorney General’s Fugitive Unit on Jan. 27 for allegedly accessing the Internet — a violation of the terms of his parole.
- Ok, if this is part of his probation, then yeah, this was justified, but I am willing to bet, many sex offenders who are not on probation or parole, are also being targeted as well.  That is my guess!

_____ was paroled in 2008 after serving five years in prison for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old Bexar County girl.

He is being held without bond at the Guadalupe County Jail.

“Last week’s arrest reflects the Fugitive Unit’s ongoing effort to crack down on convicted sex offenders who illegally access social networking sites,” Attorney General Greg Abbott (Contact) said in a press release. “Despite his release conditions, the subject in this case repeatedly used his personal computer and cellular telephone to access a profile.
- So if someone is not on parole or probation, is it ok for them to use the sites?  From the mass hysteria over MySpace, Facebook and sex offenders using the sites, it appears it's illegal for any sex offender to use the site.  Which is BS!  If they are not on parole or probation, and no law says they cannot use the site, then why are these sites kicking any and all sex offenders off the site?  Also, was this person told they could not use social networking sites?

“The case demonstrates that parents and law enforcement must work cooperatively to educate young users about the potentially dangerous individuals hiding behind a seemingly benign online profile.”

_____’s profile included his real age, name and photo.
- So apparently he was not trying to hide anything.

Jerry Strickland, a spokesman at the Attorney General’s Office, said the investigation is ongoing and he could not comment on whether _____ had used his MySpace profile as a way to target or locate minors, but said Internet use itself was a violation of _____’s probation.
- And I am willing to bet he was not using it to target children.  He was arrested simply because he is a sex offender on the site, period, IMO.

Strickland added that it is important for parents to follow some precautions to keep their children safe from convicted sex offenders and other dangerous people online.
- So like most other things, like smoking, drinking, driving, etc, why don't you set an age limit for these social networking sites?  Kids cannot be on the sites, until they are 18.  That would solve ALL the problems, maybe.  You'd still have kids lying about their age to get onto the site.  Why not create a social networking site, strickly for kids under 18?  Oh, it's better to go after large corporations, to look tough on crime, and blow everything out of proportion to get votes, I understand!

He suggested that parents communicate with their children about online activities to be aware of the kinds of sites and interactions a child may encounter.

“It’s important also to access and have passwords to MySpace and other sites your child uses, really as a way to keep track of children and their online activities,” he said. “This is something parents need to do because child predators really go to great lengths to target children online.”
- Why don't these sites setup something, that when a child posts any new picture, video, comment, etc, it would email that to some parents email? That way, the parent can be notified anytime a new item is posted to their pages.  Oh, but the suggestions I've made, are common sense, and we don't like common sense, do we?  And if "predators" are using the sites to target children, like you say, which I believe is total hype, then why not post the proof on the online registry, or some other site, to show those you "claim" are using the site to go after children, are actually doing what you say?  You expect us to believe anything you say without proof?  Sorry, not me!

He said another way for parents to monitor children’s online activities is to keep the computer in a public area of the house — a move that also encourages children to keep away from sites parents wouldn’t approve of.

“Parents have the opportunity to oversee what sites their children go to and what they are viewing,” he said.

Abbott said that the dangers of online use cannot be emphasized enough.

He said a recent report found that there are over 90,000 registered sex offenders on MySpace.
- Yeah, probably true, so what?  How many are going after children?  I'd like to see this info!  I am willing to bet, less than 2% are.  But, they like to let everyone assume all 90,000 are stalking children online, because fear is a great motivator, and fear gets people whipped into hysteria, so they can look tough on crime.  Why don't you show us the PROOF that 90,000 sex offenders are stalking children?  Huh?

Just because someone is a registered sex offender does not mean that it is illegal for them to use MySpace,” he explained during a Wednesday press conference. “It depends upon the terms of their parole.”
- Well, MySpace and other sites, are kicking off any and all offenders.  Guilt by association!

Abbott added that _____’s arrest came just weeks after a technology industry task force released a report that downplayed the dangers facing children online.
- They did not downplay it.  They investigated it, and reported the facts, yet even after this, people do not believe it, because "if you tell a lie loud enough and long enough, eventually it will become the truth!"  This investigation was carried out by MANY people.  Many AG's, and owners of many other organizations.  Read it and find out the facts for yourself!

The report and task force stem from a “Joint Statement on Key Principles of Social Networking” agreement that 49 state attorneys general negotiated with social networking giant

Citing inadequate safeguards for children and concerns that the agreement would give parents a false sense of security, Abbot declined to join the agreement.
- Since you are targeting these sites, for "inadequate safeguards," why are you not going after all sites on the Internet? This is just more crap, so the gestapo can police the Internet, IMO!

“Since our Cyber Crimes Unit first began its online predator crackdown, we have arrested more than 100 sexual predators for using the Internet to prey upon children,” Abbot said in a press release. “Although these arrests plainly illustrate the dangers that children face online, this report minimizes the dangers posed by online sexual predators. The report’s conclusions are not only erroneous, but worse, give a false sense of relief to parents who should be increasingly concerned about their children’s online activities.”
- Wow, only 100 so called predators?  But the hype you all have been spewing, where is all the hundred of thousands of predators you said were roaming the Internet looking for victims?  Or what that, like usual, more hype?  If the Internet was so dangerous, like you claim, there would be thousands or more victims, but there is not.  Why is that?

WI - Sex offenders will face residency rules

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So, they reject one law, but then with harassment from other members, they finally pass a law.  Sounds like extortion and intimidation to me.  They need to take this all the way up to the Supreme Court, so it gets knocked down for good!



Greenfield reverses earlier decision on restrictions

Just eight days after rejecting an identical proposal, the Greenfield Common Council has unanimously approved new restrictions about where sex offenders can live.

The new ordinance, which mirrors rules adopted in many neighboring communities, states that sex offenders cannot live within 1,000 feet of areas where children may be present, such as a school or park. Sex offenders currently living in the city can stay, but no more will be allowed to move into such areas.

Several factors were attributed to the council's Jan. 28 decision to reverse a Jan. 20 vote on that issue.
- Yeah, intimidation!  They need to look good to the sheeple, so they will harass and intimidate anyone and everyone to get the law passed, so they get brownie points and "look tough" on crime.

Vocal input given

Some aldermen previously voted against adopting residency restrictions because they said they had heard few complaints about sex offenders and questioned whether the ordinance would be effective.

Melissa Roberts, director of the sex offender program for the state Department of Corrections, and resident Bill Stevens told the council Jan. 20 the data does not prove that residency restriction ordinances are a deterrent.

But, after the Jan. 20 vote, many ordinance supporters had flooded city officials with calls and e-mails.

In rapidly and decisively reversing a 3-2 vote, aldermen last week pointed to the varying responses to that decision, among other factors.

It was aldermen Tom Pietrowski, Shirley Saryan and Donald Almquist who changed their previous positions, joining Linda Lubotsky and Karl Kastner in a 5-0 vote to support the measure Jan. 28.

Pietrowski, who had earlier voiced concerns about how such an ordinance would be enforced, said he changed his mind largely after hearing from the Police Department and city attorney on that issue.

Almquist had said he did not want to punish some offenders, such as an 18-year-old who had sex with a 17-year-old. But he discovered that in such a case, the 18-year-old would not enter the state's sex offender registry program and thus would not be affected by the ordinance.

Worst fears realized

Evidence that some registered sex offenders were now eyeing Greenfield as a place to live also prompted the city's decision to quickly reconsider the issue.

Mayor Michael Neitzke, who called the special meeting at the request of Almquist, said he did not want to put off a decision until the council's regular meeting Feb. 5 because of the issue's urgency.

Officials noted that two sex offenders had moved into Greenfield since the initial Jan. 20 decision. To supporters of the restrictions, this backed up the oft-stated argument that Greenfield would become a "dumping ground" for sex offenders.

"In the 10 years or so I've been around (as alderman and mayor), I've never had an issue that's energized the entire city like this has," said Neitzke, who supported the measure but did not have a vote. (The mayor votes only to break a tie in aldermanic votes.)

Ordinance supporters had originally planned a Jan. 29 gathering to protest the council's earlier decision, but instead focused on the concern about new sex offenders now living in the community, said Lubotsky, the sponsor of the ordinance.

Political element?

Another factor in the council's reversal could be tied to the upcoming election.
- Of course, this is why it's so "urgent!"  Got to get some brownie points before the election, so they can boast of their so-called "successes!"

The issue came to a vote a little more than two months before the April 7 general election and less than a month before the Feb. 17 mayoral primary. Saryan and Almquist are running for re-election and Pietrowski is running for mayor.
- So you see, sex offenders are their scapegoats, to get votes, and to look like they are actually doing something.  The Government is so corrupt, IMO!

Some of the political environment had become overheated.

Since casting his "no" vote Jan. 20, Pietrowski said he has received calls from people threatening to damage his property if he did not remove campaign signs.
- Intimidation!  This is a crime.  Why did he not go after those threatening him, and put them in jail and/or prison?  Instead, he bows to their threats and gives in.  This country is doomed!

"I find that atrocious when we as a city take that much venom and spew it in that fashion," he said.
- Well, you can think the media and corrupt politicians for this hysteria and moral panic!

Important date

Though it was approved Jan. 28, the ordinance goes into effect tomorrow, Feb. 6, the day after it is published in the Greenfield-West Allis NOW.

In addition to residency restrictions, the council has approved another similar ordinance that involves sex offenders. That measure, approved on a 5-0 vote Jan. 20 and in effect since Jan. 30, says sex offenders cannot "loiter" within 1,000 feet of common children's areas.

NY - Harassment of a homeless sex offender by the state of New York

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By Jessica DiNapoli

A convicted sex offender staying at the trailer located on the grounds of the Suffolk County Jail in Riverside was arrested by Southampton Town Police last week for failing to register his home address with authorities.
- So here we have a homeless sex offender, staying in a jail trailer, and he is arrested for not registering.  Why did the jail not register him when he was staying there?  This is just one of those situations, where they arrest and harass someone, simply for spite, IMO.  It seems to me, if the jail is running a trailer for homeless sex offenders, they would make sure all checking in, were properly registered.

_____, 47, of Riverhead was arrested by Town Police at 10:04 p.m. last Thursday, January 29, and charged with failure to register as a sex offender, a felony, according to police. Mr. _____, who is a level three sex offender, was arrested at the trailer, which serves as a temporary shelter for homeless sex offenders. The Riverside trailer is one of two such facilities operated by the Suffolk County Department of Social Services. The second is located in Westhampton.

Southampton Town Police officer Lois Smith, who monitors all registered sex offenders in the municipality, explained that Mr. _____’s registration had lapsed.

“We keep records, we review records, we’re familiar with what everyone is doing and when they’re doing it,” she said. “When someone doesn’t register, we know it.”
- So this man, was living at one of your trailers!  So why did you not get him to register?  I think you just wanted him in jail/prison.

Mr. _____ was arraigned Friday at Southampton Town Justice Court. His bail information was not immediately available.

The New York State Office of Sex Offender Management website notes that Mr. _____ was arrested on August 22, 2002, and charged with third-degree attempted sodomy, a misdemeanor. He was later sentenced to nine months in prison. The age and sex of Mr. _____’s victim were not listed on the website.

Mr. _____ was also arrested October 20 by Riverhead Town Police after he was observed urinating outside police headquarters on Howell Avenue, according to authorities.
- So if you do not provide a toilet for them to use, at the trailer, what do you expect?

OH - Kenneth Conway of Stow kills himself after two girls accuse him of sexual assault, police say

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By Michael Sangiacomo - Plain Dealer Reporter

STOW -- A 45-year-old man accused of molesting two girls and holding a knife to their throats killed himself today, police said.

Kenneth S. Conway of Cox Drive was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his home after a 90-minute stand-off with police and the SWAT unit, Lt. Rick Myers said

Myers said police were called about a man who was sitting in a chair holding a gun and possibly contemplating suicide. While police were on the way there, they learned that two sisters, ages 12 and 13, had told their mother that Conway had held a knife to their throats and sexually assaulted them.

The girls sustained minor injuries from the assaults. Stow paramedics treated the victims for the injuries and they were sent to Akron Children's Hospital for examination.
- Alleged assaults!  He did not go to court to prove his guilt, so this is an allegation only!  It could be true, but all people are innocent until proven guilty, or so they say!

When police arrived at Conway's house there was no response from inside. After 90 minutes of silence, SWAT officers entered the house. They found Conway sitting in a chair with a gunshot wound to the head and the firearm was laying on the floor nearby.

He was pronounced dead by Dr. Jo McMullen of Metro SWAT. The Summit County Medical Examiner's Office took the body.

Rusty Nelson

Related Article #1 | Related Article #2 | Conspiracy of Silence

Rusty Nelson, former Franklin photographer, tells horrific tales of life as a political prisoner, including false charges as a sex offender, forced injections, massive drugging, and sleep deprivation.

TN - Notification has harmful effects

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The same comments apply to adults, in many cases, IMO.


By Linda O'Neal

Public policy should be designed to maximize public safety, but juvenile sex offender registration will undermine, not increase public safety.

There is no evidence community notification reduces sex-offender recidivism or increases community safety. The most appropriate response to children adjudicated for sexual offenses is effective treatment.

Science tells us adolescent brains are not as developed as those of adults, and the part of the brain that deals with judgment and risk assessment is the last to mature. Most children who offend can be safely maintained in the community under supervision by probation officers and be successfully treated in outpatient treatment programs. The National Center on Sexual Behavior of Youth reports the sexual recidivism rate for juvenile sex offenders to be as low as 5 percent.

Incidents of inappropriate sexual behavior often occur within a family setting. Registration laws will almost certainly decrease parental willingness to report or seek help for children's sexual behavioral problems when they understand the result will be lifetime public registration. Therefore, children will be less likely to receive needed and effective treatment.

Registration requirements for children will disrupt families and communities because they don't just stigmatize the child; they stigmatize the entire family, including parents, siblings and extended family members. Typically, the address, telephone number and vehicle registration the child has to provide will be the family's, and required school information will be the same school currently or soon to be attended by a sibling. Publication of this information can make children and their families vulnerable to harassment, threats, assaults and predators.
Registration disrupts rehabilitation

Often, adolescent sex offenses involve inappropriate experimentation. One in three sexually abused children demonstrates a sexual behavior problem in response to his/her own abuse. Children whose conduct involves sexually inappropriate behavior do not pose the same threat to public safety as adults. More than nine in 10 times, the arrest of a child for a sex offense is a one-time event. They have fewer victims and, on average, engage in less serious and aggressive behaviors than adult offenders.

Public registration and community notification requirements complicate the rehabilitation and treatment of these youth. In other states, children required to register have been harassed at school, forcing them to drop out. The stigma that arises from community notification serves to exacerbate the poor social skills many of these children possess, destroying the social networks necessary for rehabilitation. Education itself is vital to reducing the risk of further criminal behavior.

Because residence restrictions are tied to registration status, there probably will be an emergent housing crisis for these youth when they turn 18 and are prevented from living with their families due to proximity to schools, parks and places where children congregate, forcing some to drop out of school at age 18 before graduation, increasing homelessness and isolation, and reducing opportunities for rehabilitation.

With treatment, children who have committed sexual offenses have the potential to become productive law-abiding citizens. Registration will stigmatize them for life and potentially sentence them to a life of crime.

Linda O'Neal is executive director of the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth.

Additional Stories and Opinions:

IL - Dist. 23 Teacher Facing Charges Found Dead

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By RICHARD MAYER Assistant Managing Editor (Journal Online)

A teacher from MacArthur Middle School in Prospect Heights, arrested and charged last Friday (Jan. 30) with allegedly sexually molesting a student, was found dead in his garage in Buffalo Grove early this morning (Monday), according to Buffalo Grove police.

According to police, _____, 53, of 502 Longwood Dr., died of an apparent suicide. Police found _____ at approximately 5:45 a.m.

Police said _____' wife called police after she initially discovered him. Authorities are unsure how long _____ was dead at the time of his finding, but said his wife reported last seeing him around 4 p.m. Sunday.

According to Prospect Heights Police Chief Bruce Morris, _____ was arrested last Friday at his home without incident.

In September 2008, the Prospect Heights Police Dept. was contacted by Dept. of Children and Family Services (DCFS) regarding an allegation of sexual abuse that occurred at MacArthur in September 2005.

Through the investigation that was conducted by Prospect Heights police, with help from the Sex Crimes Unit of the Cook County States Attorney's Office, police said a juvenile victim reported that on one occasion, _____ allegedly sexually assaulted the boy while at school and on three more occasions outside of school between September 2005 and February or March 2007. During that time, the boy was 13-15 years old.

Further investigation produced computer records indicating that _____ and the victim agreed to trade sex for beer and cigarettes, according to Prospect Heights police.

"The investigation began in September 2008 when it was brought to our attention by school staff and the DCFS," said Morris.

But why did it take five months from the initial complaint to the arrest of _____?

According to Morris, interviewing the child and processing the information takes a long time, because it also includes grand jury subpoenas and access to phones and computers.

Morris said detectives interviewed the child a couple times and _____ was also interviewed twice.

"We needed enough probable cause to make the arrest," said Morris. "We couldn't have made the arrest until we (police) and the State's Attorney were satisfied with all the gathered information."

On Jan. 31, _____ was taken to bond court where a $100,000 bond was set. His next hearing date was set for Feb. 27, at the Rolling Meadows courthouse.

In a Saturday, Jan. 31 letter written to parents, Prospect Heights School Dist. 23 Supt. Dr. Greg Guarrine states, "I regret to inform you that grave allegations have been made against a member of our staff, Mr. _____, Computer Education Teacher at MacArthur Middle School. On Sept. 4, 2008, the day misconduct allegations about Mr. _____ surfaced from the Illinois Dept. of Children and Family Services, the administration took immediate action to suspend him and prohibited him from being on the school campus while an investigation was conducted by DCFS and the Prospect Heights Police Dept. This weekend, after an extensive and thorough investigation, Mr. _____ was charged with criminal sexual assault on a former MacArthur student. The safety and welfare of our students is our primary concern. We encourage former and current students to come forward with information regarding allegations of misconduct involving Mr. _____."

Morris said as of right now there is only one victim police are aware of.

"We are not looking into if there were anymore victims, but if anyone wants to come forward, they can contact the school or the police department."

"DCFS is investigating allegations of abuse in this case based on a report we received Sept. 4, 2008," said Kendall Marlowe, DCFS spokesman. "The investigation is ongoing."

An attempt by the Journal to contact Guarrine and _____' family for comment was unsuccessful.

FL - ACLU Stands Up For Banished Sex Offenders

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Welcome to the real world, where the government, instead of solving crime, they help create it.  By making people live under bridges, forced into homelessness, poverty, hunger, death, eventually, those who are pushed to the fringes of society, they will eventually fight back, when nobody else out there, will help them.  At least there is some who still care about human dignity!


By Natalie O'Neill in News

After a conflict with Miami Police, the sex offenders who have been sent by the state to live under the Julia Tuttle Causeway are getting some help from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Yesterday the Florida branch of the ACLU delivered a letter to Miami Chief of Police John Timoney asking the department to stop threatening the men with arrests. The number of residents living in the tent city under the causeway doubled to 40 in the past two years, prompting the offenders to spread into the areas on the outskirts of the bridge. In response, city cops warned them this passed week that they would be arrested for trespassing.

But the ACLU says Miami's finest are forgetting something: You can't arrest a homeless individual for trespassing when the city isn't able to provide them housing. (See Pottenger vs. the city of Miami) Since homeless shelters both can't and won't take the men, the ACLU points out, they are covered under the law.

Says Carlene Sawyer, chair of the Miami ACLU:"Where will these people go if they get arrested? It's a terrible situation and this is cruel and unusual punishment."

Dr. Phil - Spreading more fear for ratings, and not showing both sides of the stories

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I See Dead People! (TruthSeeker Radio)

Hosted by: PolitisposurE | More Audio Here | Radio Shows

Title: I See Dead People!

Time: 01/26/2009 12:05 AM EST

Episode Notes: The sex offender Internet registry in Florida lists a non-violent offender who is DECEASED! How does this keep anyone safe? Public registries are indeed a joke.

90,000 Sex Offenders Booted from MySpace? Truth or Fiction?

Courtesy of Smashed Frog Blog


Oh, I'd say the AGs are getting a bit nervous since the release of the Berkman Center report, Enhancing Child Safety & Online Technologies.

As always, there's a bit more to the 90,000 sex offenders story than is being reported.

Via Computerworld:

Just two weeks after a task force whose formation was spearheaded by MySpace delivered (and sanctioned by 49 attorneys generals) a report saying that social networking sites were safer from sexual predators than many people had assumed, MySpace finds itself dealing with a new inquiry related to registered sex offenders by Connecticut's attorney general.

In addition, a private investigator doing work for a Hong Kong-based company involved in a legal dispute with MySpace is claiming that potentially thousands of pages on the social networking site were set up by sex offenders, based on a data-matching search he conducted. MySpace, which has yet to be given the purported findings, noted that the claims were made on behalf of a company it has sued, although the Hong Kong firm's lawyer insisted that he isn't trying to use the information as leverage in settlement talks with MySpace.

Blumenthal's subpoena coincides with the publicising of research done on the MySpace site by Steven Rambam, senior director of Pallorium. Rambam was hired to do investigative work for a company called Blue China Group that is being sued by MySpace for allegedly spamming and phishing the social networking site's users. Rambam said that while doing the work, he discovered numerous MySpace pages that were set up under the names of registered sex offenders.

(Aside. Spam is much too polite a word. Not only was Mr. Rambam was arrested by the feds a couple of years back (witness tampering, obstruction of justice), he also has a few impressive allegations made against him, i.e. allegedly uploading a sex offender photo and posting a profile through a bogus MySpace account. Now that's interesting. Read on).

Rambam showed Computerworld several examples of MySpace pages containing names and profile pictures that appeared to match those of registered sex offenders. Such pages could be set up as spoofs by other users who take the information from state registries, but Rambam and others said it isn't all that unusual for sex offenders to use their real names, addresses and photos on sites such as MySpace. They noted that offenders who fail to register under their real names on social networks often face mandatory prison terms if caught.

Spoofs? Hard to believe considering those crazy allegations made about Ranbom uploading sex offender photos to MySpace.

Nigam also pointed to the lawsuit that MySpace has filed against Blue China Group in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. The complaint alleges that Blue China Group "repeatedly phished and spammed millions of MySpace users," Nigam said. "Unfortunately, while that lawsuit continues, BCG has apparently decided to raise this unrelated issue without providing any data to support its assertions."

Kurtz, the lawyer who is representing Blue China Group, said yesterday that MySpace's attorneys have asked him to hand over Rambam's purported findings. He added that while he has no problem with doing so, he first wants to get some assurances from MySpace. "We're willing to give the information to them on certain terms and conditions," Kurtz said.

Blumenthal's subpoena and Rambam's claims follow the release earlier this month of a report by the Internet Safety Technical Task Force (Interesting timing) that painted a surprisingly benign picture of the online threats faced by children. The 279-page report , titled "Enhancing Child Safety and Online Technologies said the biggest dangers that teenagers and younger children face on the Internet are cyberbullying and online harassment by their peers, not advances by sexual predators."

This is getting good. REALLY GOOD.

Stay tuned.

FL - Reform School Abuse Exposed


A group of men who call themselves the "White House Boys" are bringing attention to inhumane abuse that went on while they were students at a Fla. reform school for boys.