Thursday, November 12, 2009

AZ - Malicious prosecution (The Joel Barr Story)

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Joel Barr was set up and convicted for crimes never committed. He has been in AZ state prison for over 7 years.

The "child abuse expert" who interviewed Joel's accuser is the same person who interviewed the 8 year old boy for double homicide and was criticized for violating the civil rights of the boy.

Go to and read "The Saga of Joel Barr" and there are photos of the "Players" and many legal documents that the "law enforcement" personell used to put Joel in prison. These sheeple ignore the law because they operate under the good ol' boys rules. They are ruthless in their desire to earn feathers in their caps to get promotions and better payiing jobs. For instance; former asst. county atty., Bradley Carlyon who prosecuted Joel is now the Navajo County Atty.

If you can shine any light on this ongoing case, please do so.

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