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MO - Accused Rapist Shot, Killed by Victim

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I don't blame her.  The idiot should not have been doing what he did!


CAPE GIRARDEAU - No charges will be filed against the Cape Girardeau woman who shot and killed a registered sex offender trying to break back into her home.

Ronnie Preyer, 47, of Jackson died seven hours after being shot in the chest.

Cape Girardeau County prosecuting attorney Morley Swingle tells Heartland News that Preyer is the same man who raped the 57-year-old woman just five nights ago.

Swingle says she shot Preyer as he broke through her basement door into her kitchen around 2:15 Halloween morning.

I asked Swingle about the woman's decision to take such drastic measures to protect herself.

Cape County Coroner John Clifton says he agrees with Mr. Swingle and plans to rule preyer's death a justifiable homicide.

TX - Teen sex offender speaks about Halloween

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By Ryan Wolf

Manuel Bazaldua is fresh out of a Cameron County jail.

He spent 18 months behind bars for aggravated sexual assault of a child.

"She turned 14, that's when I turned that time I'm already legal," he said.

Manuel told Action 4 News that he did his time but must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

He said his relationship with his girlfriend was completely consensual and even had the approval of her mother.

"The mom was alright with it... it was consensual," he said. "I had permission. She even gave me permission to move in the house. I would help pay the bills. She would lend me her car."

Manuel said everything was fine until she had an argument with the neighbor who called CPS.

He said CPS made his girlfriend's mother press charges against him.

Halloween used to be Manuel’s favorite holiday.

But that was before the State of Texas said he could no longer celebrate in the traditional way.

Under his probation guidelines, Manuel can't put decorations outside of his home.

He and every other sex offender in Cameron County must report to an undisclosed location every Halloween night.

It's a level of protection Mario Bustamante felt was too stiff for his cousin.

The two live together at a home in Harlingen.

“Come on... somebody that touched a kid that's eight years old...a guy touching a boy...that's severe...or touching a little girl that's 3 years old... that's severe.... but consensual dating...I don't think that's right," Bustamante said.

But because the State doesn't differentiate, sex offenders will all placed in the same boat this Halloween.

Manuel said he does plan to follow the law.

"I'm just going to mind my business... sit there and just wait for the time to pass," he said.

But he hopes in time the public will realize not all sex offenders are a permanent risk to society.

CO - Halloween: Hazards or hysteria?

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By BRIAN NEWSOME - The Gazette

Every Halloween, warnings fly about poisoned candy, tooth decay, abductors and the like. Real-life Halloween scares, after all, are good fodder for a mass media always hungry for holiday-themed news.

Putting the many safety tips into practice is not a bad idea, but here's a little context to determine whether these Halloween hazards are terrifying or trivial:

-Halloween candy could be poisoned or contain glass or razors. Perhaps the scariest of Halloween hazards is the thought of biting into a piece of candy laced with poison or full of glass. The urban legend has been around for decades, and parents are annually warned to inspect children's candy. But according to, a Web site devoted to confirming or disproving widely circulated tales, the random Halloween poisoning by a twisted homeowner is a myth.

There have been a few children killed on Halloween over the years, according to the Web site, but not by random acts. There have also been pranks, but no documented malicious attempts to use candy to kill or harm children that come knocking.

The most famous murder case, Snopes reports, was 8-year-old Timothy Mark O'Bryan, a Texas child poisoned by his father with cyanide-laced Pixie Stix on Halloween 1974. The father, who later died by lethal injection for the crime, attempted to use the urban legend to cover up his crime (he apparently had a large insurance policy on his son).

To learn more about the candy danger legend, go here.

-Halloween candy will rot your teeth. It could, but no more than candy eaten any other time of year. At least that's what dentist Dr. Mark Helpin, acting chairman of Temple University's Department of Pediatric Dentistry, told HealthDay News. "I don't think Halloween week is going to be the make-or-break factor in whether someone will get a number of new cavities," he told HealthDay, a health news syndicate. He said good brushing habits and eating candy right after a meal, rather than snacking on it frequently throughout the day, mean more in fighting cavities than how much candy you eat. Read the full article can be read here.

-Children lured into a sexual predator's lair. Across the country, law enforcement is cracking down on sex offenders on Halloween. Maryland, as reported in a Los Angeles Times story today, is requiring offenders to display signs that read "No candy at this residence." In California, officials will be checking to make sure offenders are home - with lights off, no candy and no costume. The LA Times reports that authorities in Texas will actually round up and detain offenders for the night. The logic, of course, is that children coming to a sex offender's door is like leaving a beer keg on the front porch of an alcoholic. But, according to a 2005 story in the New York Times, officials have said they are not responding to past attacks on Halloween. And the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says stranger danger is largely a myth, because in most cases, children are sexually abused or exploited by someone they know and trust. While sex offenders induce little sympathy, Halloween crackdowns on sex offenders have led to lawsuits.

Although many dangers are overblown, there is at least one significant, and proven risk on Halloween: cars. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children are four times as likely to die in pedestrian crashes on the night of Halloween than in the same time period any other day of the year. And this number is likely conservative, because it doesn't account for "off-road" crashes in driveways or parking lots. It also doesn't consider deaths that occur at Halloween activities on different nights, or incidents that might occur after 10 p.m.

For some sensible safety tips this Halloween, go here.

UK - Cleared rape accused denied claim

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A man who spent two years in jail before being cleared of rape has had his attempt to claim damages from his accuser denied at the High Court.

Anthony Hunt, 65, of Blandford St Mary, Dorset, was jailed for four years in 2003 but had his conviction quashed on appeal in 2005.

Mr Hunt, who maintains the sex was consensual, launched a civil claim against his accuser on Monday.

But on Thursday Mr Justice Blake ruled that the woman was not the prosecutor.

Mr Hunt's claim against his accuser was for malicious prosecution.

The woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was referred to in court as AB.

'Reluctance to report'

Mr Hunt, a former senior traffic warden, had his conviction for the alleged 1995 offence overturned at the Court of Appeal in December 2005, when judges heard evidence from two new witnesses.

The conviction was also quashed on the basis of inadequate direction to the jury.

Mr Hunt argued that the woman became the prosecutor by giving a witness statement to police in 2002 and by agreeing to give evidence against him - although the charge was brought by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

AB's counsel, Anthony Metzer, said there was a "wealth of evidence" showing her initial reluctance to report the incident, let alone prosecute Mr Hunt.

He said the case, which is believed to be the first bid to sue a complainant in such circumstances, had a huge significance to all those in AB's position.


The court heard the chain of events leading to the prosecution of Mr Hunt was started by a friend of AB, who she had spoken to in confidence.

Mr Metzer said that if Mr Hunt was right, and that AB could be considered the prosecutor, then the result - of being able to claim damages - was against the modern principle of, wherever possible, encouraging women to come forward to make allegations, if true.

Dismissing the claim, Mr Justice Blake said the charge against Mr Hunt had been brought as the result of a thorough investigation.

He concluded there was nothing to indicate in the law that AB should be regarded as the prosecutor.

He added he was conscious Mr Hunt would be aggrieved about what had happened and the lack of compensation.

Mr Hunt was refused permission to appeal against the decision.

CA - GPS Tracking of sex offenders

Why not put all criminals on GPS, and spend billions of dollars on something that won't prevent a crime? Also, remember the sexual harassment issues with Arnold Schwarzenegger? And him smoking the pot?

50 Cent - Candy Shop

WARNING: Explicit lyrics, viewer discretion advised! And this is the kind of stuff kids are listening to these days, so what kind of message do you think this sends kids? Halloween themed and talking about "candy!"

Rapper Akon In Controversial Dance With 14 Year Old (No nudity)

TN - Inspections for sex offender Halloween violations

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Ok, I had to post this one last Halloween insanity article.  Again, it's for those on probation or parole, not all sex offenders.


Reporter: Lauren Davis -

KNOXVILLE (WVLT) -- Thousands of East Tennessee children will be going from house to house on Friday dressed as everything from superheroes to the supernatural. To make sure they don't go to a sex offender's house, the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole went around the night before to make sure they don't put up Halloween decorations.

Probation and Parole Manager Dawn Hodge-Burian took a crew from Volunteer TV News with her when she conducted an inspection of state sex offenders’ homes. She quickly spotted a violation outside an offender’s home. He had some autumn leaves on his front porch, which along with orange flowers is prohibited.
- WTF?  Since when did they have to stop letting mother nature drop leaves on their front porch?  And what is the deal with the orange flowers?  Come on, this is BEYOND ABSURD!

"Everyone has the same rules and they have to play by the rules," said Hodge-Burian.

The violation wasn’t enough to issue a warrant, but since the orange color could be misconstrued as a Halloween decoration, he had to take them down.
- Hell, anything could be misconstrued as a Halloween decoration!  That is the problem with the laws, it is open to interpretation.

“I'm just going to go look around for a second," she said as she left the car to do a closer inspection.

On Halloween, sex offenders can not have up decorations. They must also keep their porch lights off and their blinds closed.

“I just have to make sure you don't have any decorations or anything," she said as she was invited inside one of the offender’s home.

The first four houses didn't have any decorations outside. She also looked inside to make sure there were no candy or Halloween items for kids. During the sweep, she also inspected the home for other potential violations of the offender's parole or probation.
- Look, the GESTAPO need to chill out.  If someone has CANDY in their home, so what?  Are they handing it out?  If not, then they are allowed to have candy.  Everyone likes candy, from time to time, so what the hell?  Does this include M&M's, Snickers candy bars, or anything?  Come on!

Sex offenders are required to read and sign a set of on October 1st and they must post them inside their door. Other than the warning about orange leaves and flowers, all the Hodge-Burian checked out on Thursday were in compliance.
- What?  Ok, post it on the inside of the door, inside your home, that shouldn't be a problem.  Surely the reporter is stupid for saying the above!

“I’ll probably see you again tomorrow evening,” she said to one of the offenders as she left his home. Hodge-Burian and her co-workers will complete another check on Halloween, just to make sure nothing has changed. Offenders are required to stay away from parties with children on Halloween, and are required to obey the 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM curfew.

Last year, none of the sex offenders in Knox County violated the Halloween rules. If you go trick-or-treating with your kids, remember not to knock on any door if the home’s lights are off.
- And I'm sure the year before, and the year before, as well.  Can you tell me, when was the last time a registered sexual offender has harmed a child on Halloween?  Also, it's Halloween, and many lights will be off.  Come on!

AR - Teenagers Sending Sex Via Text Message

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Another article in Michigan, here

And they are being labeled sex offenders for creating and distributing child porn. Video is available at the site above (small), or the larger video here.


Local Kids Use Cell Phones To Take, Send Naked Pictures

ROGERS -- Kids, with their cell phones, taking naked pictures of themselves and their friends, and forwarding them to everyone they know. It may sound far-fetched, but chances are, it's happening at a middle school near you.

The problem has been growing nationally, and 40/29 wanted to find out whether cell phones were being used to send and receive naked pictures of underage kids in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. The answer was a definitive yes.

Reporters found several eighth-graders in one local city who said they regularly send and receive nude pictures on their cell phones.
- And these horrible sex fiends are walking the streets still? (sarcasm mine)

"Some guys send pictures of their bottom parts to girls because girls don't think they have big enough stuff," said one of the eighth-grade girls.

Girls and boys alike said the trend of taking naked pictures on their cell phones and sending them to friends and classmates is well-known in the halls of middle and high schools.

"Say, 'Hey, you think I could have a picture of you? Like, of your boobs or something?' And then the girl texts him back, and it's a picture of it and then you just send it to your friends and say, 'Haha, look! I have a picture of this girl's boobs,'" said an eighth-grade boy.

"Last year, girls were sending pictures of their @#%* around," one of the girls said.

When asked whether they had ever taken naked pictures of themselves and sent them to their friends, one girl admitted she had.

"To my other friends, like, other boyfriends that I like or whatever and it's really fun," she said.

We asked the group if they thought they were a little young to be engaging in this kind of activity. They said they thought they were too young but added that the reason many kids send naked pictures is that the pictures are funny and that it was fun to send and receive those images.

"A lot of times this is viewed as a joke, but there are serious criminal consequences if you're sending out pictures of a sexual nature of a juvenile," said Cpl. Eddie Weimer, the school resource officer at Lingle Middle School in Rogers.

Weimer is immersed in the world of 13- and 14-year-olds. But even he said he's amazed that students in the seventh and eighth grades could be trading nude photos with each other using their cell phones.
- This is just another problem with parents not being parents.  They should give a child a cell phone, but without all the accessories.  If they don't like it, tough!

"At a middle school, I can't believe it's happening. I mean, I know it is. I'm sure it is. But it seems like it would be more of a high school problem," Weimer said.
- Which is it?  You can't believe it, but then you say you know it does.  Hmm, so why aren't you doing anything about it?

Weimer added that it's not only wrong, it's illegal.

"I was looking through the statute book yesterday and it doesn't differentiate whether a 15-year-old has pictures of a 15-year-old or an adult has pictures of a 15-year-old. It's still a crime," Weimer said.

"It's probably illegal. Yeah, I don't know," one of the eighth-grade girls said, when asked if she thought she was breaking the law.

"It's still illegal. It's still child pornography. It can still get in the hands of a pedophile," Weimer said.

Lingle Middle School maintains a strict cell phone policy. But Weimer's hands are tied in one respect: Police can't look through cell phones without a warrant. That leaves police looking elsewhere for a solution.

"I think the parents need to take responsibility. Look through their kids' cell phones. See what their kids are taking pictures of," Weimer said.
- Why not get them a basic phone, one without text messaging, camera, or internet?

"Just take the picture cameras away instantly. I wouldn't even let them have them to start with," said Michael Lewis, the father of two teenagers.

Michael has a 12-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter, both of whom have cell phones. But they don't have cameras, and he controls who is able to call them. Michael said all parents need to exercise that sort of supervision.
- Yep, another hypocrite.  Above he says he'd take them away, but his kids have cell phones.

"Controlling who they call, what kind of stuff they can send text-wise, would definitely help a lot," Lewis said.

Clearly, some parents aren't taking that advice. One of the eighth-grade boys said his parents aren't allowed to look at his cell phone. Others in the group agreed.
- And another parent, not being a parent!

"My mom doesn't read my texts because she knows it's not her privacy. It's mine. If she ever did, I would get mad at her and she'd say sorry," one of the girls said.
- You see, parents let kids walk all over them.  Most of this, is due to the insanity of many laws now a days.  You could be labeled a sex offender for even looking or touching a child.  So many are in fear of doing anything to a child.

And the eighth-graders said, try as some parents might, the sexual texting will continue.
- Well, not if they would take a way your phone, and get a basic phone, with nothing on it, except phone service.

"I don't think anybody can do something about it. They're still going to do it somehow. It's like drugs -- not allowed to do it, but people still do it," one of the boys said.
- Yes they can do something about it, the problem is, parents are not being responsible, smart parents, and kids are walking all over them.  This article is proof of that.

In the last few months, several criminal cases have emerged from this kind of activity elsewhere in the country.

A 15-year-old girl in Ohio is facing felony charges and may have to register as a sex offender after allegedly sending naked pictures of herself from her cell phone. The same goes for a 17-year-old boy in Wisconsin and a 16-year-old boy in Utah. One incident in Colorado even involved a 6-year-old. All of those cases are being handled in juvenile courts.

School officials said they plan to be more vigilant with students who bring cell phones to class. But they added their efforts are doomed to failure if parents don't become more proactive in checking exactly what their kids are doing with their cell phones.
- Look, how hard is it to just BAN phones from schools, period?

OH - Lake County jailer sentenced to 1 year for sex with inmates

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Posted by Stan Donaldson - Plain Dealer Reporter

A former Lake County corrections officer was sentenced Thursday to a year in prison for having sex with female inmates at the county jail.

Adam Cleis, 32, asked his family, former co-workers and the community to forgive him for his misdeeds during his sentencing in Lake County Common Pleas Court.

"It was never my intention to take advantage of my position as a corrections officer," Cleis said. "I make no excuses for my actions, but I would like to explain that I am a person learning to deal with sex addiction."
- A sex addiction, just like John Walsh, who admitted he had this problem.

Cleis in September pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual battery and one count of sexual imposition for crimes against four inmates. The incidents took place between 2006 and 2008. In addition to serving the prison time, Cleis will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

His attorney, Dominic Vitantonio, argued that Cleis had undergone treatment and was in a 12-step program to help him with sex addiction. He asked that Cleis be placed on probation.

He told Common Pleas Judge Eugene Lucci that Cleis had already lost his job and that his reputation as a sex offender would make it difficult for him to earn a job where he could sufficiently support his family.

Cleis sat at a table with his hands folded and relatives cried as Lucci read his sentence.

The victims told investigators that the sex with Cleis was consensual, Lucci said. But the women were under stress because they were incarcerated and the guard abused his power, Lucci said.

Cleis worked at the jail from 2005 until this year, when supervisors found out about his actions.

An investigation into Cleis' behavior started after an inmate complained that Cleis made a pass at her. Detectives eventually discovered Cleis had sexual contact with four women in a jail stairway not covered by cameras.

NV - Attorney general to appeal ruling on sex offender law

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Adding restrictions or punishment to someone, who has already served their time, is against the Constitution, ex post facto, due process of law, etc.  I feel, that this is a test bed to see what rights they can eradicate from people, then, you can bet, they will come for your rights next.



The Nevada attorney general's office (Contact) will appeal a federal judge's decision that bars the state from applying a new sex offender law retroactively.

The attorney general's office filed a notice of appeal this week with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals challenging Judge James Mahan's September decision.

Mahan ruled that a new sex offender law, Assembly Bill 579, was unconstitutional because it would re-punish convicted sex offenders who already paid their debt to society.

The law changes the way Nevada classifies sex offenders. Instead of categorizing them by risk to re-offend, the law categorizes sex offenders by the crime they were convicted of.

"Our mandate is to defend the laws of the state of Nevada. We will pursue that mandate," said Binu Palal, deputy attorney general.
- SO what about the "OATH OF OFFICE" you took, to also "UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION?"  If that was a lie, then what other lies are you telling us?

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada and attorney Robert Langford challenged the law on behalf of about a dozen sex offenders.

Maggie McLetchie, staff attorney with the ACLU of Nevada, said she was disappointed with the attorney general's decision to appeal Mahan's decision. She said an appeal will be costly for the state, which is already facing budget woes. She said the ACLU has already billed the state about $140,000 in legal fees for the sex offender case.

"Our hope was to sit down and work collaboratively with the attorney general's office and legislators on this issue," she said. "There are ways to work this out and further public safety goals."

ACLU Executive Director Gary Peck said the law the attorney general's office is supporting isn't enhancing public safety.

"It's (an appeal) a colossal waste of time, energy and money," he said.

Contact reporter David Kihara at or 702-380-1039.