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TX - Unevacuated Galveston Prisoners Bring to Mind One of Katrina’s Worst Horrors

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As Hurricane Ike moved toward Galveston, authorities went to great lengths to evacuate the city’s 57,000 residents, reiterating National Weather Service warnings that to stay in the face of a 20-25 foot storm surge expected to sweep over the island would be to court “certain death”. On Friday, stragglers were rescued by everything from helicopter to dump truck to fire truck to surfboard.

However, this concern for human life may not extend to one group of people who can’t leave the low-lying barrier island if they want—the 1,000 inmates at the Galveston County Jail. As of 10 a.m. Friday, the prisoners still had not been evacuated to the mainland. Sheriff’s department spokesman Ray Tuttoilmondo told the Houston Chronicle that “the prisoners and their safety and well-being are paramount and it will be handled” and any decision to move the prisoners would be kept secret for security reasons.

This may be. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that one of the many horrors of Hurricane Katrina was the abandonment of the prisoners at Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) who were locked in and left to their fate when floodwaters rose and their guards fled for high ground. Many inmates survived (just barely) standing in chest deep water for a day-and-a-half with no food or water before they were hauled away in some cases to maximum security state prisons. It is believed that some of the inmates at OPP drowned in their cells.
- This has human rights and civil rights violations written all over it. Who can help themselves when they are trapped in a cage with water rising? You sick bastards!!!!

Keep in mind that those held in local jails are often petty criminals at worst, people tagged for public drunkenness, bounced checks, unpaid traffic tickets or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s likely that a substantial number of the inmates at the Galveston County Jail have been convicted of nothing at all and languish in jail because they cannot make bail and be released in advance of their trial date. And most of these people have families who are likely freaking out about what’s going to become of them. So hopefully the sheriff’s department was just being coy about its plans and has done the right thing in regards to the prisoners. If so, at least one needless tragedy will be avoided in what is likely to be an enormous catastrophe.

GPS Tracking

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WA - Sex Offender Cuts Off Tracking Device and Disappears

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IN - Wabash man pleads guilty to harassment

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You will notice the text highlighted in yellow below.  Isn't that exactly what Perverted-Justice and AZU do?  I think so, so why are they not labeled sex offenders? See the video at the end of this item!


Ryan Brown, 23, Wabash, faces a maximum jail time of 180 days in jail plus fine at sentencing in Wabash Superior Court on Sept. 17.

At that prospect, Cindy Flanagan spoke for herself and daughters Haley Flanagan and Emily Jones: "We just want to throw up." They were speaking to this reporter, just outside the Judicial Center.

In Superior Court on Wednesday afternoon Brown pleaded guilty to two counts of harassment, one for each of the sisters. In pleading guilty he admitted surreptitiously stealing pictures and personal information and placing it on the Internet. Pretending to be them, he made up wild and false sexually explicit stories about them and sent them to Internet correspondents.

Wabash police investigated the offenses and, finding no Internet laws applicable, charged him with stalking and harassment.
- So we need to start passing laws about cyberharassment, cyberstalking, defamation, slander/libel, etc, now don't we?  Harassment runs rampant with PJ/AZU and many others, see here for a few of the many.

When Brown pleaded guilty to harassment in return for getting stalking dropped, he gained a great deal: Stalking is a Class D Felony, for which he could be sentenced to as much as three years; harassment is a Class B misdemeanor, for which he could draw up to 180 days. As the charge bargain stipulated that the two harassment sentences be served at the same time, Brown can serve no more than 180 days and escaped a felony conviction.

The Flanagans have been making the rounds to school boards and the city council seeking support for stronger, specifically Internet laws for the future.
- Good, it's about time we all started taking Internet harassment and stalking seriously!  Then all the PJ/AZU freaks can be sent off to jail or prison where they belong!

In court Wednesday, when it became clear that the charge bargain entailed no more than 180 days, Cindy Flanagan, spoke up, " With all due respect, your honor. We beg you not to accept this plea bargain. The prosecutor (deputy prosecutor Kristina Lynn) has never spoken to us." Later, outside court Flanagan amplified on that: Lynn had never returned her calls.

Recognizing the strong sentiment underlying the case and numerous Flanagan supporters present, Judge Chris Goff only mildly admonished her for the interruption. But he did contend that the agreement was so structured that he did not have the power either to reject it or hold it in abeyance.

In accepting the plea and finding Brown guilty, he did, however, postpone sentencing and ordered the probation department to work up a presentencing investigation. A PSI looks at the defendant's life from every aspect - education, attitude, prior offenses, danger to the community, if any. It will also incorporate attitudes of the victims, and the victims will presumably also be able to address the court before sentencing.

Under slightly altered circumstances, Goff could have held the finding of guilty in abeyance until after he had read the presentencing investigation. Under that circumstance, the judge could, if he felt the bargain unjust, have rejected it and allow the case to be reset for trial. There is, however, no power in a judge to force a prosecutor to prosecute beyond what he or she thinks can be proved and is just.

Scott Long, the Wabash police detective who investigated the case, talked to the Plain Dealer about how the facts of this case kind of fell between the cracks of applicable law. "Stalking" and "harassment" were the closest they could come, he said.

The federal government has some laws that might fit, but they get involved chiefly if there's an interstate aspect, Long said.

The wildly explicit false sex stories were bad enough, Long said, but even worse was the danger the Flanagan daughters were in - are perhaps still in. For in pretending to be the girls and posting on the Internet, Brown was also providing accurate personal information - information that might lead a predator right to them. As the family did not discover the Internet connection until this March, they went two years without knowing they were in danger, Long said.

"He (Brown) probably needs to register as a sex offender, but there's apparently nothing on the books to require that," said Long.

CT - Officials back off of arrest of sex offender

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Proof GPS does not work like everyone thinks and says, and is a waste of money.  If this man wanted to reoffend, he could do so with or without GPS monitoring him, he'd just cut it off and vanish.


SOUTHBURY -- Court officials withdrew the arrest warrant Friday that charged convicted rapist David Pollitt with violating the conditions of his probation.

John Kaloidis, Pollitt's lawyer, said a prosecutor in New London Superior Court withdrew the warrant after receiving letters from Pro-Tech Monitoring, which operates Pollitt's GPS tracking system.
- And this company, is "suppose" to be the LEADER in GPS technology! Well, if they are, what does that tell you about all other GPS companies? They are flawed, and even GPS on cars says not to rely 100% on them, because they are not 100% accurate!

Pollitt, who was released from prison last fall after serving 25 years for multiple sexual assault convictions, was charged with a probation violation Wednesday for allegedly leaving his sister's residence on Fox Run Drive for about 15 minutes.

Pollitt and his attorney claimed he was in the backyard the entire time of the alleged violation and that the tracking system malfunctioned.

The letter from Pro-Tech said after reviewing the case they found the readings "are not accurate" and they cannot say "that he left the area."
Kaloidis blamed political pressure for the rush to make an arrest. Gov. M. Jodi Rell (Email) called for Pollitt to be returned to prison Wednesday on the alleged probation violation. Kaloidis accused Rell of leading the "lynch mob" against his client.

"The governor jumped and convicted this man without knowing any of the facts or doing an investigation," Kaloidis said. "She was playing politics."

Janice Rosengren, Pollitt's sister, said she was relieved by the court's decision.

"David said he was in the back yard and he was telling the truth," she said. "I'm very frustrated right now."

She added that her brother's tracking device has had more than 45 faulty readings since his release from prison last October.

"It will go off in the middle of the night, when he's in bed," she said, adding that officials call soon after the device goes off to check on his whereabouts.

"It's gotten so bad we put the phone next to him at night, so it doesn't wake the rest of the family up," Rosengren said.

The incident sparked an outcry from officials across the state, who are calling for an investigation into the monitoring technology and its effectiveness.
- Good, maybe they will see now, that it's a waste of tax payer dollars and does NOTHING to protect anybody!
"The problem is we rely on this technology to keep track of these guys, and apparently it's not working," said state Rep. Michael Lawlor (Email), D-East Haven, who serves as chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Rell and state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (Email) also called for an investigation into the technology.

"There is simply no excuse for this malfunction -- or any failure in so critical a service," Blumenthal said in a statement released Friday. "This company owes the state a full explanation, and we will demand it immediately as a contractual right and ethical imperative."
- Well, when you do not listen to the experts, and react in the typical knee-jerk reaction without investigating everything ahead of time, this is the kind of issues which make you all look like idiots!  You have wasted millions of tax payer dollars on technology which doesn't work.  You can go into any building or near a mountain or trees and the thing causes false alarms, any GPS does that.  Now you are just playing "cover your a$$!"

William Carbone, executive director of Court Support Services for the state's Judicial Branch, which oversees the probation department, said the GPS systems are not perfect but are a useful tool. He added that the tracking device relies on cellular towers.
- And we all know, from experience, how many times we lose a call due to a dropped signal, don't we?

"There are times during monitoring when a signal strength is low or lost," he said. "In this case our officers followed the proper protocol."
- What, by arresting him for nothing?

He said the probation officers in the case received both verbal and written confirmation from Pro-Tech that Pollitt was in an area that violated his probation.
- Yep, and this company, who is now saying they cannot verify this, apparently lied about his whereabouts!

"It was on that basis they went forward with the warrant," Carbone said.

He added, however, that on further examination, company officials found the readings were not accurate.
- So why did they not wait for PROOF before arresting him and throwing him in jail?  They did all this, based on FALSE information!

"The company definitely made a mistake," Carbone said. "In this instance they did not ensure that this matter was being reviewed by people whose opinion they could stand behind, and they have an obligation to do that."
- Well, when you hire some third party to monitor offenders, when you should be doing it, what do you expect?

He said an internal group has been put together to more closely examine the situation and decide on the department's future use of the company.

Kaloidis said he will review whether Pollitt and his family can file a lawsuit against state officials.

Officials with Pro-Tech could not be reached for comment, nor could the prosecutor in the case, State's Attorney Michael Regan.

Contact Dirk Perrefort at or at (203) 731-3358.

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Stalking: Online Cyberstalking

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Wow, the list below, describes PJ/AZU perfectly, doesn't it?


Online cyberstalking is on the increase. Education is the best defense against these cowards who hide in the shadows.

Being a victim of crime is never easy. If you haven't tried it, don't. It changes you forever. It impacts the way you look at the world, and react to it. And cybercrime-particularly cyberstalking, is perhaps the worst of all. Because you can't see or confront your tormentor, it creates a sense of deep unease, and often outright terror.

But what kind of creature is a cyberstalker? What makes them tick? First and foremost they are bullies. Inadequate sexually and socially, they migrate towards the 'net, where they can enact their deepest fantasies of power and control.

They range from the usual Wannabees to the sociopath-the most dangerous of all.

Which apparently is what I'm dealing with. What is the primary motive for this type of stalker? According to BullyingOnline "Jealousy and envy motivate the bully to identify a competent and popular individual who is then controlled and subjugated through projection of the bully's own inadequacy and incompetence. When the target asserts their right not to be bullied, a paranoid fear of exposure compels the bully to perceive that person as a threat and hence neutralize and dispose of them as quickly as possible. Once a person has been eliminated there's an interval of between 2 days and 2 weeks before the bully chooses another target and the cycle starts again".

Totally lacking empathy or the ability to socialize within normal parameters, these individuals seek out people who appear to threaten their place in the order of things. Competent, capable people, people who refuse to be controlled or to compromise their integrity or system of ethics, become the subject of attack, until safely disposed of.

The serial stalker will often cover up or defend pedophilia, and may in fact be an active participant in such activities. They often have a back up string of carefully groomed females, who are so enamored of them, they would do anything to keep this controlling monsters approval. What is truly sad about this, is the offender doesn't even see these females as human. They are simply tools to carry out his infantile fantasies, and to act out revenge for imagined slights, on his behalf.

These things are important because online cyberstalking and bullying is increasing, and further, is grossly underreported. If you have concerns that you might be the victim of this type of crime, here are signs of trouble:

  • expects you to spend all of your time with him/her or inform him/her of your whereabouts
  • refuses to accept "no" for an answer
  • isolates you from your friends and/or family
  • puts you down in front of your family or friends
  • sends frequent unsolicited or unwelcome gifts
  • makes offers of unsolicited help
  • excessive niceness in the early stages
  • use of guilt to manipulate your feelings or to force you into courses of action you feel unhappy with
  • extreme jealousy
  • frequent loss of temper
  • abuse of alcohol and/or drugs
  • following you wherever you go
  • threats
  • physical or verbal abuse
  • damage or destruction to your property
  • talks about violence or is fascinated with themes of violence
  • makes your family or friends feel scared or uneasy

And if you want an idea of what your stalker is, and how he lives:

If you've been wooed by a cyberstalker, this profile will bring you back to reality:

  • lives in a 1-room apartment which hasn't been cleaned for months - if ever
  • has stacks of pornographic magazines in his bedroom area
  • has poor personal hygiene
  • has poor table manners
  • has poor social etiquette
  • hasn't changed the sheets on his bed for months, which are now best described as crusty
  • has a bathroom, the state of which doesn't bear thinking about
  • lives on pizza and beer/coke, the remnants of which litter his apartment
  • may have an unusual pet (e.g. ferret) which has free run of the apartment
  • is either significantly over- or under-weight
  • has a small moustache or other facial hair
  • has not held down any job for more than a couple of years, probably less
  • has no friends
  • has no life outside the Internet

Once you've established you've picked up a cyber stalker, contact your local police department, contact the FBI at, and seek support from organizations like WHOA and AWARE. Document any and everything you can that reflects the crime being committed, including chat rooms transcripts, e-mails, logs of phone calls, and any unsolicited gifts. You have to advocate for yourself. The police or federal government can't possibly do it all for you. Be aware, be safe, and if you are a victim, disengage immediately from the individual. Have ZERO contact. Do not react, simply document.

One in 12 women are impacted by stalking in the US, though I suspect this figure is much higher, and very underreported. Don't let shame stop you. Chances are, there is little you could have done to avoid someone so intent on having his way. Mine continues to harass and try and damage my work and reputation. No matter how many websites he tears apart, no matter how many times he crashes my machine, or spreads lies about me, I refuse to let him destroy the essential freedom lover in me. He cannot get to where I live, deep inside myself, unless I allow it. I won't, neither should you.

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FL - Officials: Dad finds naked boy in daughter's room, hits him with pipe

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Another example of teenagers, being teenages, and a father going ape s--t on the child, whom he could have killed. And, the comments on this article are insane, they are saying this 15 year old boy, should have got worse. What the hell is this world coming to? This is normal childhood sexual experimentation. I say we make the laws go back 100 years, review marriage certificates, then label everyone a sex offender for life for getting their wife pregnant or marrying at an early age, then see how they like it.


A Deltona father ended up in jail Thursday after finding his daughter's teenage boyfriend naked in the girl's bedroom and hitting him with a pipe, sheriff's officials said.

Raul Colon, 45, didn't even know his daughter had a boyfriend -- or that the youngster had been sneaking into the home for more than a year. So when he heard noises coming from his daughter's room early Thursday and saw a naked stranger standing on the girl's bed, he swung a metal pipe he had taken from the garage, hitting the 15-year-old, according to a Volusia County sheriff's report.

Colon was charged with aggravated battery on a child but was released from jail later Thursday on $10,000 bail, a booking officer said. No one answered the phone at Colon's residence Thursday for comment.

According to the report, Colon heard the noise in his daughter's room when he got up at 4 a.m. to let his dog out, as he does every morning.

Colon told deputies he chased Lucas Contreres through the kitchen, living room and through the front door and out into the street and called 9-1-1.

Colon's daughter later told deputies she had been seeing Contreres for 18 months but did not tell her father about the relationship. Contreres had sneaked in through a bedroom window at 3 a.m. Thursday to have sex with her, the 15-year-old girl told deputies.

Contreres was found at Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City where he received staples to close cuts on his head. His injuries were not life-threatening, deputies said.

Contreres told deputies a similar account to Colon's. He said Colon came into the room and started swinging at him with the metal pipe. He jumped out of the bed and began running through the home to get away from Colon. Once outside, he jumped on his bike and went home. His sister later took him to the hospital, deputies said.

Although Contreres' father said he wasn't sure whether he wanted to press charges, deputies took Colon to jail anyway.