Saturday, August 30, 2008

WA - No jail for ex-federal security guard in Spokane

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SPOKANE -- A former federal security guard in Spokane has been spared jail time after pleading guilty to using surveillance cameras to watch women undress.

Instead, Spokane County Superior Court Judge Maryann C. Moreno ordered three to four years of community supervision for 33-year-old Darin Earl Wanless. He also must register as a sex offender, undergo sexual deviancy counseling and provide a DNA sample.

Wanless pleaded guilty to using computer-linked security cameras in the U.S. Courthouse complex to watch women undress in a condominium and a hotel last year. Three other voyeurism counts were dismissed in a plea agreement.

Investigators wrote in court documents that Wanless made inappropriate use of the security cameras on at least 22 occasions

TN - Registry Of Meth Offenders Criticized

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Task Force Director Defends Position

KINGSPORT -- The director of Tennessee's methamphetamine task force disagrees with complaints that keeping an online registry of felony meth offenders is unfair punishment.
- Of course they do.  Now that the tests have been done using sex offenders, now they will pass more and more registries, for security, and "for the children!"  Having ANY registry online is unfair punishment, period!

Task force director Tommy Farmer said the addictive stimulant differs from other illegal drugs because making it endangers people other than the user, including children. Meth is made from heating chemicals that emit toxic vapors and sometimes explode.
- Yeah, bust out the "for the children" issue and anybody will believe it.  Yes Meth is very dangerous, but so is all the other drugs like crack, cocaine, LSD, etc, but why are those people not on registries?  Because the are hard core drug dealers, and they know there might be repercussions, maybe?  Do you think having a meth maker on the registry is going to prevent them from making meth?  There is too much money to be made and we know that money is the root of all evil, so they will just pack their bags, move somewhere else, and start anew!  We have many peope who have made bombs in this country, like the unibomber and others, so why are they not on a registry?  You are just picking on certain groups, which is discrimination.  And you know that if cocaine users and dealers were on a registry, then almost all the celebrity industry and politicians would be on the registry of shame as well, not isn't that right?

Farmer told the Kingsport Times-News that if you blow up your house, or dump toxic chemicals in a waterway "that is going to have an impact on the entire community."
- Man, if someone is dumping toxic waste into the water system, don't you think they should be tried and in prison for life?  This is like a terrorist putting anthrax or something into the water system.  It's called, the war on the weak, and you can tell, they single out certain groups of people.  Why not put ALL CRIMINALS on a registry so it is more fair?  Then many politicians and other high profile people would be on the shaming list, and they don't want that, that is obvious.

Monica Pratt-Raffanel, a spokeswoman for Families Against Mandatory Minimums that advocates "fair and proportionate" sentencing laws, said the meth registries in Tennessee and Kansas are unfair.
- So why isn't this lady saying the same thing about the draconian sex offender laws?  What is her hidden agenda?

Tennessee's meth registry that is part of a 2005 law displays the names of meth offenders for seven years. Kansas has since created an online database of meth offenders and also requires that they have "offender" stamped on their driver's licenses.
- Just offender?  Why not METH OFFENDER?  Because then maybe, someone could find their next place to find some meth, direct from the source?

At least three other states - Montana, Minnesota and Illinois - have adopted similar offender registries since 2005.

Tennessee's registry shows the name, offense, date of birth, date of conviction and county of conviction of the offender. Unlike the state's sex offender registry, Tennessee's meth registry does not include photographs. Also meth offenders do not register annually.
- Why does it not include photos?  Shouldn't that be the 1st thing they put up, so everyone can see and know who the dangerous meth cooker is?

Instead of building a unique database of meth-related offenses, Kansas added meth offenders - and almost all other drug offenders - to an existing registry of violent and sex offenders.

Pictures, current addresses and quarterly updates are required of all those in the Kansas database. First-time offenders remain on the registry for 10 years, not including time served in prison. Repeat offenders remain on the registry for life. The penalties for failing to keep up with the administrative tasks of the registry are the same for all offenders, regardless of the crime that landed them there.

"It's a person-level crime (a violent felony) not to register, or failing to follow one of the rules of the registry," said Jennifer Roth, the legislative chair of the Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. "It's the same for everyone, regardless of whether your underlying offense was a violent crime or not."

Roth said when someone is "looking at your driver's license, they don't know what kind of offender you are."
- And why not?  Sex offenders, in some states, have "SEX OFFENDER" in big bold red letters stamped on their licenses.  So why not "METH OFFENDER" on their license?

"Just the mere presence on the registry means that a lot of people won't give you the chance to explain yourself," she said.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said it has received numerous inquiries from other states interested in adopting a meth offender registry.
- So is everyone running this country completly stupid?  You have a sex offender registry, why not just make that a CRIMINAL registry and put ALL CRIMINALS on it, regardless of their crime?  Then we'd all be treated the same, like it should be.

State Sen. Randy McNally (Email), R-Oak Ridge, who co-sponsored the Meth-Free Tennessee Act with state Sen. Charlotte Burks (Email), D-Monterey, said registries are a positive way to protect Volunteer State communities.
- So who will the next scape goats be?

McNally said the "purpose of warning the public certainly outweighs the individual privacy concerns, or that type of thing."
- Same BS as spewed about the sex offender issues.  Watch, more people will be made into scape goats, and it may be you next.  I can see it now, meth cookers are the next scape goat to be used to get votes, watch and see, we will start seeing more and more of this, and the same BS as said about sex offenders.

He said, "If they didn't want to make the registry, they shouldn't have sold methamphetamine."

WA - The Problems, Misconceptions, and Issues Of Treating Younger Sex Offenders

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TRI-CITIES - The problem of juvenile sex offenders is seen throughout the entire country.

Both the Kennewick Police and Tri-Cities Sex Offender Counselor Michael Henry said they are not seeing an increase in juvenile sex offenders, but rather an increase in the severity of the offenses.

Experts said that many people have a preconceived notion of a sex offender. Many people think of an older man, maybe a stranger waiting ready to attack.

Henry said, "In general it's viewed as someone in the bushes an older guy who is grabbing kids off the street, trying to rape someone at random. I think that's the viewpoint of a sex abuser.

But Henry said that is wrong. He's been treating sex offenders in the Tri-Cities for years, both old and young. Henry said, "Juveniles and adults, it's too different ball games."

Confessed child rapist James Wamsley was sentenced to a minimum of 13-and-a-half years in prison last February. He could eventually spend the rest of his life behind bars.

When Wamsley was 17-years-old he sexually assaulted a 9-month old baby boy.

Henry said, "I believe this is an extreme act of violence. I think part of it was sexual. I think part of it was anger and aggression, mostly aggression. I think the plan was to hurt someone beyond a sexual gratification."

Henry said it is much harder to treat an offender who is a minor compared to and adult.

He said, "It's easy to tell an adult to stay away from the park or to stay away from the mall but for minors, we tell them to get on the bus, but to sit in the back ... treating juveniles is more difficult."
- Sit in the back of the bus?  Sounds like the same as when blacks were made to sit in the back of the bus!

Henry believes the crimes are getting more severe because kids are exposed to a lot more online and on television.

Experts also blame a lack of father figures in many homes and an increase in broken homes.

They encourage more parents to talk to their children about sexuality.

VT - Top cops confront sex crimes challenge

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More comments from ignorant people who think they are holier than thou and know everything, yet they never listen to the experts who have worked with sex offenders for years. Why is that? Because they have self serving agendas, period!


MONTPELIER — Law enforcement agencies across Vermont need to work together to prevent sex crimes and to track offenders outside prison, four top officials told a legislative panel on Friday.
- Hell, even tracking them with GPS 24/7 hasn't stopped other criminals intent on committing another crime from doing so, all you have to do is look for the news articles that prove this, and which prove that no matter how many rules you make, or even if you killed or locked all criminals up for life, more would always follow.  Those who do not learn from history, will always repeat it, and that is exactly what we are doing...  Why don't you take a gander over at 2 Timothy and read what God said, and see how true this is...

Detectives investigating sex crimes need special training and understanding of the different ways many sex offenders think, the participants said. The best way to keep them from re-offending is to monitor them closely, said Col. James Baker, the commander of the Vermont State Police.

Constant manipulation

"These folks are always, always, always manipulating (and) thinking about their next move and the only way you can keep them off guard is to supervise them to the point where they have to worry about the next time they're going to be checked," Baker said.
- Baker is a total idiot.  I guess you could say the same thing about yourself Mr. Baker.  Not all sex offenders are evil scheming people like you seem to believe.  Anyone who works with criminals for many years, will eventually think all of humanity is evil and sick, and I believe that is exactly what the above statements are coming from.

And a number of special law enforcement units being contemplated for the state to combat sex crimes should include probation and parole officers from the Department of Corrections, Baker said.

The officers testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is investigating how the state manages sex offenders.

The meetings were prompted by the disappearance and death 12-year-old Brooke Bennett of Braintree.

Brooke disappeared June 25 and was found dead a week later. Her uncle Michael Jacques, a 42-year-old convicted sex offender who had been released from prison before serving his minimum sentence, has been charged with her kidnapping.
- And her uncle was apparently deemed not a risk, and he was also a KNOWN sex offender who was ON THE REGISTRY, and the parents KNEW he was a sex offender.  So what does that tell you?

The panel is looking for the best way to update Vermont's laws governing sex offenders. The lawmakers are supposed to have their report completed by the middle of November.

The Friday afternoon session was billed as a "round-table" between the officers and the panel. Besides Baker, the participants from law enforcement were Burlington Police Chief Michael Schirling, Lamoille County Sheriff Roger Marcoux and Vermont State Police Detective Sgt. Ingrid Jonas, who specializes in sex crimes.
- A police detective who specialized in sex crimes?  What a joke!  What about all the experts therapists who are out there and do not have a biased opinion on people like this person appears to have.  Why don't you bust open Google and check for the many recidivism studies which prove all this is total BS!  I have many over on the Studies blog, if you care to know the facts.

Schirling, who spent five years with the Chittenden Unit For Special Investigations and has studied child sexual exploitation, said it can be impossible to determine if someone who commits a relatively minor sex crime will go on to commit more serious crimes.
- Schirling is a cop!  Why don't you get real experts who have 20 years under their belts who have worked with sex offenders a lot more than this "expert" has?  He is a cop, so his opinion is going to be biased, period!  When you add tons of stress on peoples lives, they will eventually break and re-offend.  Is that what you really want?  It appears to me that that is what you want, so the prison business and money can keep rolling in!

"Their thought process is different than the average person. They have a single minded nature about the way they think about things," Schirling said. "They have a need driven, underlying fantasy to offend in a sexual way... It's almost like an addiction."
- Total BS!  Some do, I'll admit that, but by making a blanket statement like this, and assuming all sex offenders are like this, just shows his ignorance.  He has 5 years, when the REAL experts have 20 or more years of experience, so why do they not ask these other REAL experts who have more experience?

Baker said an entirely different thought process was needed to deal with sex offenders.
- Well, I agree on this.  And you are not a part of that process, real experts are.

"You can't look at these people like you can save them. I can't be any blunter than that," Baker said. "It's not that they can't be controlled and it's not like they can't function in society, but that's going to have to be with a high level of supervision."
- Everyone is savable!  Total ignorance is spewing from this idiots mouth!

To minimize the risk posed by sex offenders law enforcement in Vermont is going to have to change the way it does business, the participants said.
- Business?  Yep, that is exactly what it is, a business.  Prison is a business, and you will do anything to keep the money flowing...

Baker said the state police was willing to lead, but it would have to be given the resources to focus on the highest profile crimes.

SC - Inmate Commits Suicide at Spartanburg County Jail

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A man at the Spartanburg County jail has committed suicide by hanging himself with a mattress cover.

SPARTANBURG (AP) -- A man at the Spartanburg County jail has committed suicide by hanging himself with a mattress cover.

Authorities say 31-year-old Gerald Keith Tessnear was found dead Saturday afternoon, a day after he was booked on a charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

Jail Director Larry Powers says Tessnear was being kept in a cell by himself and was found when guards did a head count.

Police say Tessnear was arrested after the father of a 13-year-old boy told investigators his son told him that Tessnear fondled him two years ago.

Powers says Tessnear is the second inmate to kill himself since the county's opened its current jail in 1994.