Friday, August 15, 2008

IL - New Sex Offender Restrictions

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Election judges have yet to be chosen to run Rockford's 180 or so polling stations. And one thing Rockford's Board of Election Commissioners Executive Director Nancy Strain ensures, none of them will be convicted sex offenders.

"Especially since we still are in two schools and we need to make sure there's no problems there," she says.

Governor Rod Blagojevich just signed a law making it illegal for sex offenders to work as election judges. It takes effect January first. But Winnebago County and Rockford already do this. They started cross referencing the sex offender registry in April 2007, when a 23 News investigation revealed sex offenders were working at local polling places.

"It actually did. We hadn't really thought of doing that and that's when we started changing our procedures," Strain says.

Three sex offenders were found working as Rockford election judges at the time. Since then, Strain says there hasn't been a problem and hopes this new procedure will prevent even more children from coming in contact with pedophiles.
- Not all sex offenders are pedophiles you idiot!

Also taking effect January first, sex offenders are banned from operating, working or volunteering at home day-care businesses, and renting or leasing the property they currently live in to a family with children. Illinois State Police will also create a new missing sex offender database. Currently, Four Winnebago County sex offenders have fallen off the radar.

NY - Murder Arrest In Gloversville

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MA - Police: Arsonist targeted family

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This is what I have said on several occassions.  When someone has nothing to lose, this is what will possibly occur.  It was only a matter of time.


New Bedford man faces six counts of attempted murder

NEW BEDFORD — A man faced with eviction set fire to his South End tenement Thursday afternoon in a failed attempt to burn down the home with his family inside, police said.

Mario Tome, 58, started the fire in his third-floor apartment at 16 Warren St. around 3:30 p.m., fled the building and placed himself in the back seat of an empty police cruiser parked near the home, police said. A police officer was inside the house at the time speaking with Mr. Tome's sister and brother-in-law, who have a restraining order against Mr. Tome, New Bedford police spokesman Lt. Jeffrey P. Silva said.

Mr. Tome was charged with six counts of attempted murder, assault and battery on a household member, assault and battery on a person over 60, violation of a restraining order, arson, three counts of arson resulting in personal injury and cruelty to animals.

He was being held without bail Thursday night at Ash Street Jail and was to face arraignment today at New Bedford District Court.

Three firefighters were injured in the blaze, District Chief Paul Coderre said. Two were taken to St. Luke's Hospital, one with second-degree burns on his arms and the other with a knee injury. Another firefighter who suffered a slight burn on his neck refused medical attention. The New Bedford Fire Department declined to release the firefighters' names Thursday night.

None of the residents were injured in the fire, but Mr. Tome's cat, which was trapped on the third floor, likely died, District Chief Coderre said.

"The fire call came in at 3:30 and we had the fire out in 19 minutes," he said. "It wasn't too hard to put out."

Traces of accelerants were found inside the home, but the fire's origin remains under investigation, District Chief Coderre said.

According to Maria Bolwell, Mr. Tome's sister, Mr. Tome had appeared in court earlier Thursday to answer charges that he pulled a knife on her husband, Robert Bolwell. The couple lives on the first floor of the tenement. The judge ordered Mr. Tome to move out by Sept. 1, Mrs. Bolwell said.

Mr. and Mrs. Bolwell have had a restraining order against Mr. Tome since Aug. 1, according to Lt. Silva.

Mr. Tome walked into the New Bedford Police Station on Cove Street after his court appearance and asked for an officer to accompany him to his apartment where he wanted to move his cat downstairs to stay with his sister and brother-in-law, Lt. Silva said.

"He explained to the police that he had a restraining order placed against him, that he was moving and that his new place wouldn't take animals," Lt. Silva said.

Police Officer Patrick Reedy drove Mr. Tome to the home. The officer spoke with Mr. and Mrs. Bolwell, who agreed to take in Mr. Tome's cat, while Mr. Tome went to his apartment.

"The officer went upstairs to let him know, but the door was locked on the third floor and he smelled smoke. The officer kicks in the door, sees cardboard boxes lit up on the middle of the dining room floor and the apartment was almost fully engulfed," Lt. Silva said.

Mr. Tome escaped the burning building and pushed and argued with his sister on the way out, Lt. Silva said.

Mr. Tome is an unregistered Level 2 sex offender, according to Lt. Silva. He also has an extensive history of domestic violence and mental illness, said his niece Kalinka Pina, who lives on the second floor of the tenement with her 12-year-old daughter.

"He always said, 'When I leave here, I'm gonna do something to you guys to hurt you,'" Ms. Pina said.

Despite the constant threats, Mr. and Mrs. Bolwell allowed Mr. Tome to remain in his apartment, a messy, cluttered space that resembled a "junkyard," Ms. Pina said.

Ms. Pina said she never thought her uncle would set fire to her home, but was not surprised to see him sitting in a police cruiser of his own free will.

"He knew he was going to jail," she said. "He didn't care. At least once a week, he had a fight with my mother and said he was going to kill her. He always said he had nothing to lose."

NE - MySpace Kicks 146 Nebraska Sex Offenders Off Website

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Unless I am missing something, I do not see a single law at the Nebraska Legislature web site about sex offenders not being allowed on social networking sites.  So, they are kicking people off, simply for having a label, and without any proof they are doing anything illegal.


Lincoln - Social networking site MySpace deleted 146 profiles belonging to about 112 registered sex offenders in Nebraska.

That from Attorney General Jon Bruning (Contact), who's introducing a bill next year making it illegal for registered sex offenders to use sites like MySpace.

In 2007 MySpace removed 247 sex offender profiles after a group of attorneys general from 52 states and territories, including Nebraska, demanded MySpace turn over information about sex offenders. The group said children needed to be protected from online sexual predators and inappropriate content.

Reported by Kathy Sarantos Niver,

CO - Libel convict’s sentence stands

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Sounds like Perverted-Justice and AbsoluteZeroUnited and all their "volunteer" vigilante terrorists!


Stephenson wanted violations overturned

DENVER - A Durango man serving prison time for computer harassment failed Thursday to convince the state's second-highest court to overturn his conviction on a related bail violation.

Davis Temple Stephenson, 41, was convicted in 2006 of 26 felonies, including criminal libel, criminal impersonation, stalking and forgery, and sentenced to 23 years in prison. Before that conviction, however, he was found guilty of seven bail violations for using a computer to create a résumé, answer e-mail, write a letter to the editor and get legal information.

Stephenson appealed his conviction on seven counts of violating his bond, claiming that the police investigation was biased and that the judge's order that he stay away from computers was too broad.

But the Colorado Court of Appeals disagreed Thursday and upheld his conviction.

The more serious charges - which were not part of Thursday's decision - involve what prosecutors called a computer-based campaign of revenge that Stephenson waged against people he thought had wronged him. The three-judge appeals court panel said Thursday it wasn't unreasonable to require Stephenson to stay away from computers because most of his crimes involved a computer.

His crimes included sending a fake obituary to an Alaska newspaper that said a prison guard died of AIDS, making a poster that falsely identified his landlord as a sex offender and creating a Web site to falsely identify a jail deputy as a member of the North American Man/Boy Love Association.

Stephenson apologized at his sentencing hearing and said at the time, he considered his behavior to be "pranks and tasteless humor."

"I'm very sorry if I hurt anyone emotionally or otherwise," he said at the hearing.

Stephenson's attorney, Carolyn A. Blanchard of Crested Butte, did not return a call Thursday afternoon.

Stephenson was sentenced in April 2006 in District Court in Durango. He committed the felonies from late 1999 to 2003 while a student at Fort Lewis College. According to prosecutors, Stephenson usually targeted people in a position of authority: jail guards, a police officer, a landlord, a college newspaper editor and several Fort Lewis professors.

Stephenson will be eligible for parole in 2013, according to the state Department of Corrections. He is currently in Kit Carson Correctional Facility in Burlington.

GA - Clayton Cop Pleads in Obscenity Case

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(WSB Radio) -- A 29-year-old Clayton County police officer pled guilty to knowingly transferring obscene matter over the internet to a person under the age of 16.

Investigators say Casey Austin Carmichael used his department issued computer to send the material to a person who was actually an FBI agent working undercover with the Project Safe Childhood Task Force.

They say the incident occurred while Carmichael was on duty.

Carmichael has agreed to a binding plea in the case which sends him to federal prison for two years, nine months.

CT - Torrington sex offender gets community award

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TORRINGTON - The head of a Torrington group is defending a decision to present a lifetime achievement award to a convicted child sex offender.

R.J. Poniatoski, head of the Torrington Board of the Connecticut Baseball Umpire's Association, is defending the award given to 58-year-old Tom Barbero earlier this month.

Barbero umpired for the association at area baseball games from 1970 until 1998.

Barbero was accused of sexually assaulting three teenage boys in 1994 and 1995. Authorities said the boys were not involved with youth baseball teams.

Barbero pleaded no contest and was convicted in June 2000 on charges of second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor.

Court records show Barbero was sent to prison for four years and ordered to serve 35 years probation.