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TX - Sex offender crack down

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AUSTIN (KXAN) - Austin police are cracking down on sex offenders who aren't following the law by registering with the state. The recent push to make sure sex offenders are complying with this law has been the result of a grant that gives APD more resources.

In recent months APD's violent crimes unit received a $297,000 grant. That money has allowed the Sex Offenders Apprehension and Registration unit to add two full-time officers. Those officers spend four days a week checking on hundreds of convicted sex offenders in the city of Austin.

"We have about 1, 409 registered sex offenders in Austin. About 409 of those are incarcerated, the rest are living in the community," said Commander Julie O'Brien, with the Austin Police Department's Violent Crimes Unit.
- So how many are actually incarcerated?  You can tell you simply pulled this number out of thin air.

For those living in the community, they are required by law to register as a sex offender with the police department. Those who don't are breaking the law and could be arrested. In the past, Austin police have had their hands full keeping track of those who should be on the list and living in a certain area.

"The goal is that every single one of the sex offenders will be checked on in their home once a quarter [and] to go in and check on them inside their residence and make sure they are where they are supposed to be," said Commander O'Brien.
- For those off paper, you need a search warrant to do this, or it's illegal!

With this new grant, the task is a bit easier. The federal grant helps police departments monitor, track and even apprehend offenders who fail to register. With the Adam Walsh Act going into effect next summer, the laws are going to change and this grant will help educate.

"For the registered sex offender, it changes the amount of time that they have to register or notify use when they change address if from seven days to three, " says Commnader O'Brien.

Since the grant was enacted, police say they have issued about a dozen arrest warrants for offenders who have not registered.

OK - Oklahoma Sheriff Faces 35 Felony Counts- 467 yrs in Prison

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Mike Burgess, the sheriff of Custer County, resigned from the position he held since 1994 after 35 felony counts were filed against him for allegedly running a sex slave operation at the jail he worked at. He will appear in court for 14 counts of second degree rape, seven counts of forcible oral sodomy and five counts of bribery by a public official.

The sheriff surrendered to Oklahoma St More..ate Bureau of Investigation against. He was released from custody after posting $50,000 bail.

Burgess is accused of demanding that a female drug court participant in custody have sex with him, or else he would send her to prison.

12 other former jail prisoners have also accused the sheriff’s employees had them participate in wet t-shirt contests and gave cigarettes to prisoners who flashed their breasts. One prisoner even claimed that she had received more freedom after agreeing to have sex with Burgess, but later lost her privileges after she refused.

Burgess also has two counts of sexual batter, rape by instrumentation and subornation of perjury, in addition to one count of engaging in a pattern of criminal offenses, indecent exposure and kidnapping.

If convicted on all 35 counts, Burgess could be sentenced 467 years in prison.

OH - Some sex offenders can live by schools

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2003 law doesn't apply if crimes were before then

The Franklin County sheriff's office has a list of 231 sex offenders who live within 1,000 feet of a school or a day-care center.

But most of them likely won't have to move because the Ohio Supreme Court determined in February that the 2003 law that bans them from living near schools doesn't apply if they committed their crime before the law took effect.

Prosecutors around the state are reassessing which offenders can be forced to move.

Since February, the Franklin County prosecutor's office has stopped sending letters telling offenders to move, said Sgt. Stacy Griffith, the deputy sheriff who oversees the county's sexual-offender registry.

Just 20 people on the sheriff's list could be evicted under the state law, Prosecutor Ron O'Brien said, because they committed their offenses after July 31, 2003, when the school buffer zone took effect. Eight of those have had eviction notices filed against them. His office is preparing action against the other 12.

Representatives from the sheriff's and prosecutor's offices are scheduled to meet this week to discuss how to handle sex offenders living near schools and daycares. A 2007 law bans sex offenders from living near day-care centers.

Nathan Andrew Riggens lives less than a block from the former Medary Elementary School in the University District. When he moved there in January, the school was closed. However, in June it reopened as Helping Hands Center, a school for children with developmental disabilities.

Riggens was convicted in Oregon of raping a 15-year-old girl who he said was his girlfriend. The sheriff's office says he committed the crime in 2005, after the school buffer law took effect.

O'Brien has not tried to evict him because when Riggens moved in, the school was closed.

Riggens said he's not a threat because the sex offender treatment he has gotten in the past four years keeps him from reoffending.

Still, Lynda Martiny, who works at Helping Hands Center, is apprehensive.

"We always worry about who's around in the neighborhood and keeping them (the children) safe," said Martiny, the center's maintenance manager.

Two state legislators plan to introduce bills that would ban sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school or day-care center no matter when they committed their offense. State Rep. Jimmy Stewart, a Republican from Albany, said he and State Sen. Tim Schaffer, a Republican from Lancaster, will introduce companion bills in the legislature.

"The offenders have no business being anywhere close to the kids," Stewart said.

But lawyers with the Ohio Justice & Policy Center, who have challenged the current residency requirements, say such a law would do more harm than good. Such laws don't stop offenders from going to schools, said Margie Slagle, staff attorney for the Cincinnati-based organization.

The restrictions make it tougher for sex offenders to find a place to live, destabilizing their lives, and increase the odds that they'll commit more crime, Slagle said.

"The law … does not protect our children," she said.

Franklin County residents can sign up to get an e-mail from the sheriff's office whenever a sex offender moves nearby. The sheriff's office is supposed to notify neighbors if someone who committed rape or another serious sexual offense moves in nearby.

Besides the state's restrictions on where sex offenders can live, several Franklin County suburbs have passed laws adding more restrictions.

Upper Arlington has the most restrictive laws on sex offenders in Franklin County. The city bars all sex offenders from either living or working within 1,000 feet of a school, park, pool, library or day-care center.

And now some Upper Arlington residents want a law that goes even further -- barring sex offenders from even hanging out within 1,000 feet of those places. The city's attorney now is looking into whether it's possible to pass such a law.

Last month, a resident recognized Robert Culbertson as a sex offender and called the police after seeing Culbertson walking in Northwest Park in Upper Arlington. He was convicted of raping a child in 1996.

Police had no grounds to make him leave.

"There was just overall concern," said Police Officer Heather Galli.

Dispatch researcher Shannon Hampp contributed to this story.

WA - Woman in seized child-porn video sues Tacoma for not destroying it

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Former Tacoma Police Department detective and convicted sex offender Lee Giles is facing a lawsuit from a woman accusing him of taking home child pornography seized as evidence. The lawsuit also blames his former employer – the department – for allowing him to do it.

Giles, 61, was sentenced to 19 years in prison earlier this year after pleading to child rape, child molestation and other sex crimes.

In a lawsuit filed earlier this month in King County Superior Court, attorneys representing the woman say officers were able to take child pornography out of evidence and home for their own enjoyment. The case in point – the sole instance offered by her attorneys – is that of Detective Giles.

In a 2006 search of Giles home, detectives found two pornographic videos taken of the woman, then a young girl, in the early 1990s. The man who took the videos was sentenced to prison following a sting operation.

A Pierce County Superior Court judge had ordered the videos destroyed 12 years before they were found at Giles' house. That decision carried "extreme importance" for the woman, who had believed the order was carried out.

Instead, her attorneys contend, Giles "fostered his fetish for victimizing children by viewing pornographic videotapes – including pornographic videotapes from the Pierce County evidence room."

The suit names Pierce County and the City of Tacoma as defendants, as well as Giles. A rebuttal has yet to be filed.

TX - Man police shot was depressed and disturbed

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Cops these days are wimps.  They cannot take down one man with a fork?  Come on!  I'm sure they knew he was a sex offender, and probably felt justified for doing what they did, but in my opinion, they killed this man on purpose.  A FORK?  They are probably a bunch of fat, overweight cops.  If this is the type of law enforcement we have, then we are never going to win the war on drugs, or terrorism.  They sound like a bunch of scared wimps to me.



BEAUMONT - A man gunned down by police here last week after threatening them with a barbecue fork was "depressed and disturbed," according to his mother.

"He's a sweet boy," Arleene Hough said of her son, Daniel Hough, 39, during an interview Monday.

But in the weeks before the shooting, he had been "listening to voices in his head," Hough added.

Daniel Hough, a convicted sex offender, died of a gunshot wound to the chest, according to a preliminary autopsy report. Toxicology tests were pending Monday.
- OK, this was a man who had a barbaque fork, so why did this reporter feel it was necessary to mention he is a sex offender?  To attempt to justify the MURDER?

Officers were dispatched Friday to the area of Calder Avenue and First Street, according to police reports. Officers initially tried to verbally calm Hough, whom witnesses had seen slashing at vehicles, according to a news release from Beaumont police officer and spokeswoman Crystal Holmes.

Sgt. Stephen Perricone, 49, an 11-year department veteran, attempted to subdue Hough with a Taser, police said. Officer Jared Smith, 30, who has been with the department since January 2007, was forced to shoot Hough when he lunged at them with the fork, officials said.

On Monday, both Perricone and Smith were on paid administrative leave, which is department procedure in any officer-involved shooting.

Hough was released from prison in October 2007 after serving 10 years for sexually assaulting a 34-year-old woman in Ellis County, according to information from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the state's sex offender registry.

Arleene Hough, 67, who is disabled, said her son came to Beaumont after his release and moved in at her one-bedroom unit in a Liberty Street triplex.

She said she hadn't had much contact with him since the early 1980s. Arleene Hough and her husband, Curtis, now deceased, were arrested and charged in October 1982 with sexual abuse of a child, according to a criminal background check by The Enterprise.

Arleene Hough said she ended up in Beaumont after a prison stint and was released to a halfway house in the area.

Daniel Hough, his older brother and a younger sister were taken by state officials, said Arleene Hough, adding that she was innocent of the abuse, and it was her husband who abused a relative.

The younger sister eventually was adopted, and the older brother died in 2001 in an automobile accident, she said.

In the month after his prison release, Daniel Hough took medicine for his mental illness, which his mother declined to specify. She did say he suffered head trauma at age 10 when his bicycle collided with a car.

"It was working out real well until he stopped taking his medication," she said of the months after her son was released from prison.

Neighbors said he sometimes ranted loudly, apparently to no one, and would sit outside drinking.

"He was very distraught," said Donald Dehetre, 50, of Beaumont, who moved in nearby about a week ago.

Arleene Hough said her son started drinking more, became depressed and was "listening to the voices in his head." He took medications prescribed for her for a mental illness and arthritis.

Arleene Hough wondered why police didn't try to incapacitate her son by shooting him in the leg instead of killing him.

"He was 39. He didn't date. He was single," she said. "That's a short life."

Now she wonders what type of funeral he'll have.

"He didn't have insurance," she said.

Librarian Terry Maillet-Jones contributed to this report.

What happened: Daniel Hough, 39, was shot by police last Friday after they were unable to subdue him when he was seen slashing at vehicles with a barbecue fork.

What's next: The two officers involved are on paid administrative leave, as per department policy. The case will go a grand jury in coming weeks. Final tests are pending for the final autopsy report.

WI - Sex offender ordinance moves forward

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By BRIAN PAYNTER / Staff Reporter

MAYVILLE — The common council on Monday introduced a sex offender residency restriction ordinance that it expects to vote on at the Sept. 8 meeting. A public hearing will precede the action.

The public safety committee had unanimously recommended forwarding the ordinance to the council on July 21 after the city attorney expressed confidence that it would stand up in court.

Police Chief Bill Linzenmeyer, who calls Mayville a rental haven for potential high risk sex offenders, encouraged the committee on June 16 to review the ordinance modeled after one adopted by Green Bay. He changed some of the language to fit the environment of Mayville.

"This is all about protecting the children in the community, and we're saying we have something to say about where you live," Linzenmeyer told the committee.

The ordinance prohibits any designated sex offender from establishing a permanent or temporary residence within 1,200 feet of any school, licensed day care center, park, trail, playground or place of worship or any other place designated by the city as a place where children are known to congregate.

The ordinance contains a provision for a sex offender residence board which would address any request from a community notification sex offender who wants to live within a restricted area.

"It's an element of fairness," Linzenmeyer said. "It gives the sex offender the opportunity to present their case."

CA - Rape trial begins for Blue Lake police chief

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EUREKA -- The trial has begun for the former Blue Lake police chief accused of raping his wife and possessing a weapons cache that included 27 submachine guns.

A Humboldt County Superior Court jury began hearing opening statements Monday in the case of David Gundersen, who faces two dozen counts of spousal rape and weapon charges. Gundersen also faces charges of raping his former girlfriend.

Gundersen's wife told investigators before his arrest that he repeatedly had sex with her over a two-year period while she was under the influence of sleeping pills. At first she said she considered it rape, but later told the Eureka Times-Standard that her statements were sarcastic.

Gundersen has pleaded not guilty.

Lawyers say the trial is expected to last eight to 10 weeks.

VT - Burlington Considers Sex Offender Ordinance

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Burlington is the latest Vermont city to look at the idea of limiting where sex offenders can live. Barre and Rutland have already passed resolutions banning convicted sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of schools and public parks.

So far no one in Burlington has proposed a specific idea like that, but the four councilors behind the ordinance say they want to get a conversation going.

"Initially I thought let's just mimic what Barre and Rutland are doing now," says councilor Paul Decelles, a Republican from Ward 7. "Then, having discussed it with some other folks we said, 'You know what, let's just start a dialogue here.'"

A proposal presented to the city council simply asks Burlington's Public Safety Committee to take a look at some type of residency restriction. There are currently about 400 such laws in 23 states, and the sponsors of the resolution say they might be able to pull ideas from those pre-existing ones.

"Some of the things in my opinion maybe aren't restrictive enough," says Decelles. "Others on the council, others in the community maybe say it's too restrictive."

Burlington Police Chief Mike Schirling says he is glad Burlington is looking at the idea but it's too early to know if it would be a right fit for the city.

"We're fortunate that we have one of the most advanced and longest standing special investigative units in the state of Vermont with CUSI right here in Burlington," says Schirling. "So the resources we bring to bear relative to education, prevention, investigation and monitoring sex offenders are pretty robust. But there's always room for improvement."

Schirling says Burlington does not have a high concentration of sex-offenders and he's not aware of any issues with people living close to schools. But the sponsors of the ordinance say this is the issue people are talking about and they want to act now before anything happens.

The ordinance asks for the Public Safety Committee to report back with ideas by mid-September.

Bianca Slota - WCAX News

Law & Order Criminal Intent - Neighborhood Watch

See the videos below!  It is shows like this, IMO, which fuels the fires and basically condones vigilantism, in a subliminal way.  I think it's pathetic. This sounds like it is based on this so called "thrill kill!"

The scene opens with a uniform cop placing flyers identifying a young guy as a sex offender. He waddles up the street and looks around as if he's looking for someone.

Then we get a montage of scenes of a woman opening the mail, with, you guessed it, the same flyer. She sits at her kitchen table as if numbed. then we see a guy, stapling the same flyer on telephone poles, young mothers passing the flyers around.

Shoot to the our 'sex offender', Kyle in the same kitchen, getting ready to pour himself some coffee. As he dumps the coffee grounds, he notices the flyer his mother (the woman from the kitchen) threw away. It's hard to tell if he's frustrated, upset or wondering how many others are out there. He glances out the window.

Next we see a young teen walking up the sidewalk where she's stopped by two guys, waving the flyer in her face, asking her if she's seen the flyer. She pushes it out of her face and they laugh as if they find her reaction funny. It looks as though our guy may be her boyfriend?

As Kyle gets ready to leave the house, there's an envelope with his name on it--written in a black marker it tells him to get the hell out of the neighborhood. He looks around to see who could have left it. We jump to a video store where those two guys that had been harassing the girl just look at Kyle, one licking a lollipop as if he's hitting on him. (EWW!). As they leave, Kyle looks over and sees another man staring at him. It's the same one who was stapling the flyers on the telephone poles. As Kyle closes the store for the night, he takes off what seems to be the umpteenth violation ticket. He tries to start his car, but the engine only sputters.

Next, we see a city worker cleaning up in the grass by the river, when she sees something in the river. Upon closer look, it's a body. The headless body of the very same Kyle.

Logan and Wheeler are looking over the body, and it's not a pretty sight. We see where the head was severed. Wheeler turns his hands over, where it looks like someone tried to burn his fingerprints. When Wheeler turns him over, there are a multitude of stabs along Kyle's back.

Logan comments that it looks like it was an amateur, but the CSU tech says it's obvious it was a mob hit. Wheeler thanks her for that bit of information. Logan adds that it's too messy to have been a professional hit. Wheeler asks if they should hand the case out of Major Case. Logan says no. Why? because his interest is piqued.

"That's my new word for the week," Logan quips to Wheeler. It made me smile. But his hair looks AWFUL. Looks like someone took a hacksaw to it or something.

Rodgers pretty much tells them that whoever killed him didn't have a clue as to what they were doing. I love this exchange:

Logan: (rolls his chair up close to Rodgers) "Hey Rodgers, can you do that thing where you pull off the skin and pull it over your own fingers?"

Rodgers: "I could do that."

Logan: "I always said that Rodgers was the best."

Rodgers: "Don't push it."

While discussing Kyle's rap sheet, it turns out he did seven years for statutory rape. When Logan and Wheeler ask his mother about how the neighborhood felt about him, Mom then tells them of the pattern of harrassment. They moved to leave the past behind. Turns out Kyle and the girl had been dating. The reason he pled guilty because the A.D.A. threatened to add a kidnapping charge if he didn't. She begs Logan and Wheeler to take Kyle's murder seriously. When Logan asks why wouldn't they, she says deep down the cops don't think Kyle mattered.

As the news of Kyle's murder appears on the news, we see a young blonde in a limo, pause from her texting as she listens to the report. We segue to a bar where those two guys who had been harrasing the girl in the opening scenes make fun of Kyle's death. There's a third kid with them who tries to get a pitcher of beer with a fake i.d. Problem is, the i.d. belongs to someone the bartender knows and kicks them out. Laughing at them is the same guy that had been stapling Kyle's picture on the telephone poles.

As Logan and Wheeler check out Kyle's car, they discover the ignition fuse had been pulled--which was why Kyle couldn't get his car to start. They discover all the tickets, for a host of ridiculous charges, AND it was just one cop, a Sergeant in particular, who had issued them. When they ask the owner of the video store what happened, he informs them that Kyle was his nephew. They get the few memberships of those that were customers so they can find out just who was harrassing Kyle.

After questioning all the people we saw in the opening scene, we find everyone hated Kyle and good riddance when they heard about his death. The Sergeant boasts that he yes, he did hand out those tickets, so what? He was a convicted rapist. When Logan snaps that it was statutory and that the sex was consensual, the Sergeant snaps back that's not what the judge thought. And he believed the judge. Besides, he heard that had Kyle not accepted the deal, the girl was going to testify in court that he'd raped her. All this according to the A.D.A. Logan and Wheeler look at each other as if saying "WTF"?

Then we see a pair of hands in latex gloves washing away a LOT of blood. The water is bubbling and red as they scrub and scrub.

Logan and Wheeler are frustrated because no one in the community had any sympathy for Kyle, convinced he was a sex offender and a danger to the community. When Ross asks Logan if doesn't believe that, Logan says he wants to talk to the girl, Nancy, to get her side. The father, it turns out, had opposed Kyle's parole for years. Ross says to talk to both her and her father at the same time, but separately so that they can't share stories to alibi themselves. Logan talks to the father, who says he was at his son't recital; Nancy was at her aunt's on the Jersey shore.

Nancy tells Wheeler that they snuck around. She the rich girl, he the boy from the wrong side. Her father called the police on him when her mom found out she asked for Birth Control. This information came from the doctor!!! Turns out Kyle was her first. She didn't love him, it hurt, and she wasn't feeling euphoric after it happened, so the A.D.A. told Nancy that she'd been raped. Nancy looks like it doesn't bother her in the least that she sent her boyfriend to prison.

When they return to the precint, Ross introduces them to Clete Dixon. Apparently he and Ross had both been up for the position in Major Squad. He believes Kyle's murder is connected to two similar killings he'd had before he retired. But Rodgers nixed this. One was an apparent suicide, the other very professional. Dixon is upset when they tell him they're not connected and there isn't any serial killer. He leaves disappointed. When Logan and Wheeler are called into Ross's office, they find out that Dixon is on that idiot Faith woman's show--you know, the one who is SO based on Nancy Grace--telling her that sources in Major Squad confirmed that there is indeed a serial killer. Turns out, according to Rodgers that there were two different killers. When Wheeler asks her if she's sure, Rodgers responds with, "It's the difference between a surgeon and a butcher."

The autopsy report reveals that there was marijuana and barbituates in Kyle's system.

Ross denies that there's any connection between the seven sex offenders. Dixon repeats on Faith Yancey's show that Major Squad is of course denying it because they don't want to look incompetent. Also joining him this time is A.D.A. Terry Driver, the one who "convinced" Nancy she'd been raped. She states that Kyle had been a violent sexual predator and that the community had every right to be afraid.

Logan and Wheeler go to Driver and tell her that there is NO serial killer. She says she's glad to know it. When they ask her to tone down her rhetoric, she refuses to "soft pedal" Kyle's crime, insists justice was served.

Logan loses it and tears into her, saying, Kyle was just a kid who messed around with the wrong girl and served five years for it. After serving his sentence, he gets harrassed, stabbed and decapitated. Driver says she's going to let what Logan says pass because she 'knows' he's frustrated because they haven't found Kyle's killer. Logan admits to Wheeler that Driver was right. So they go around the neighborhood to talk to all the "two-bit hoods" They discover the owner of the i.d. that a kid had used earlier to get beer. Turns out Jake Lalley is brother to the girl those two guys had been harassing early in the episode. He got the i.d. when they crashed a party at their house. The kid Jamie, tells Logan and Wheeler that Rickey and Lou, are the guys that harassed Amy and wanted Jamie to be a lookout while they killed Kyle. But Jamie didn't want to.

Ricky and Lou bragged about killing Kyle, that they would be considered heroes. That the reason they killed him was because Kyle was a sexual deviant. But Ricky's mother alibied him. Ricky just sat there, smirking. Logan pulls their rap sheets and discover that they both went to high school together, and dropped out at the same time.

Ross tells Logan and Wheeler to use their brains to figure out a way to search their van. They pull them over--ask for license and registration; their tages are expired; broken tail light; car insurance has expired, well over a year and a half ago. And Lou has an open beer bottle. While they search the van with luminol, they see blood and bleach. The bleach is still on their shoes. All the smugness leaves their faces as Logan hauls them to the precinct.

Logan, Wheeler and the CSU unit search Ricky's garage. Specifically, Logan asks to check under the drainpipe. There's a refrigerator with a lock. Logan tells Wheeler to open it--maybe they kept the head as a souvenier. But no. There's just pot roast. The next step is to the place where Ricky and Lou got the new carpet for the van. The guy tells them that they had asked them how to jam a seatbelt.

Logan and Wheeler start questioning the weak link--Lou. And tells him they found the blood. Turns out Ricky killed Kyle in order to impress Brenda, Jake's sister. It seems Ricky's had a crush on her since they were kids. But she didn't believe he did it. Ricky was all talk, that he'd talked about killing for years.

Wheeler takes her turn with Ricky. Ricky admits to giving Kyle a ride to his (Ricky's) house to smoke a joint and have a beer. But he denies messing with Kyle's car. Then Wheeler pulls out the trump--Ricky's computer just happened to have googled the same place where Kyle's body was found; Logan comes in and tells him Lou told them everything. Wheeler tells Ricky that they talked to Brenda. This gets Ricky's attention. He asks what did she say? That you're a loser and that she didn't believe that Ricky killed Kyle.

Then Logan bends close to Ricky's face and tells him that Brenda said Ricky doesn't have the balls to kill anyone. God I'm so going to miss Logan!

Then Ricky says that Kyle wasn't the first guy he killed. He tries to take credit for all the other sex offender killings. Logan sits down and asks as if he's interested and says that Ricky is a serial killer.

Ricky smirks and calls himself Hannibal Lector. Logan asks how he killed them. Ricky just repeated what was revealed in the paper. Logan asks for details--what did Ricky use? Ricky brags that he used a hacksaw. Wheeler then tells Ricky that according to the M.E., one committed suicide. You can see the arrogance just fade from his face. Wheeler tells Ricky that the second victim that was killed? The person who killed him had the "working knowlegde of anatomy."

Logan then taunts Ricky with: "And that wouldn't be you Ricky, because you's a high school dropout."

The only person Ricky killed was Kyle. Ricky then tried to say that it was self defense. Logan looks at Ricky as if to say 'you think I'm an idiot?' Logan reminds Ricky he stabbed Kyle-in the back--15 times. Ricky looks away and tries to laugh it off. Logan smirks, laughs and says "Yeaah." Who are you trying to kid? Logan asks him if he killed Kyle just for the rush? Ricky says yes; Logan asks him how it felt. Ricky said it wasn't as exciting or fun as he thought it would be. He goes into detail what he had to do. When Wheeler asks him if he'd do it again, Ricky says, probably not. As Logan opens the door to leave, Ricky whines "I'm not going to be famous?" Logan tells him no.

But there's one thing that still bothering Logan. Who messed with the ignition plug. Turns out that it was the sergeant who did it. But he says that he'd be willing to lie and say that he saw Ricky and Lou messing with the car. Logan tells him they aren't smart enough to do it. So the sergeant admits to doing it. Then Logan leaves.

Back at the precinct, Logan asks Wheeler if she wants to go out for a drink, but she nixes it. Logan even offers to buy, but she tells him she's got plans and finally introduces her fiance to Logan. Poor Logan...he looks so lost as Wheeler and her fiance leave. Logan and Ross are sharing a drink as they watch A.D.A. Driver take credit for catching Kyle's killer. Logan tells Ross about the first cases he caught and how the killer told Logan that it had been an accident, while standing with a bloody machete in his hand. Ross then says thier job is either tragic or stupid. Mostly stupid. Logan agrees, but adds that with most killers, there's always a reason. With Ricky? Ricky didn't even enjoy it.