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NM - Fight looms to keep out sex offender

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"The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly." - Abraham Lincoln

These laws will eventually be shot down in full, because of the punishment and strictness of the laws. The more you enforce it, eventually it will fall... Video is available at the site.


City of Albuquerque officials say they are ready to take their fight to the Supreme Court to keep a convicted sex offender out of town.

The so-called "Mora Groper," Clifford Gutierrez, recently agreed to a plea deal to move to Bernalillo County or Sandoval County as a condition of his release. A Mora County judge sentenced him to probation for groping women and for molesting a four-year-old boy.

The deal means Gutierrez has to register as a sex offender, and his probation could last up to 20 years.

Mayor Martin Chavez says the judge is just sending Mora County's problem to the Albuquerque area, thereby putting women and children in danger.

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg says there is a chance that the deal is legal, but enforcing it may be another issue.

"If it's legal, then I don't know that anyone has any say in it," Brandenburg said.

The city says it will do whatever it takes to get the plea agreement thrown out, even if it means taking the case to the state Supreme Court.

Assistant City Attorney Greg Wheeler said there would be uproar if Albuquerque sent its criminals to Mora County.

"I can assure you, if we did a similar thing here in Albuquerque, if we sent our 1,000 sex offenders to Mora County, not only would Mora County be upset, but the ACLU would be looking into it," he said.
- Everybody push their problem off to someone else, it's the American way!! And this article is about 1 man, not 1,000 like this person mentions to scare people!!

According to Gutierrez' attorney, his client was willing to leave Mora County to start a new life. If he moves back to Mora County, he could possibly be thrown into jail.

WA - How effective is GPS to track sex offenders?

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They are not effective. Criminals will be criminals, these, along with these laws, are for people who are law abiding citizens. Criminals will not obey any law regardless of what you do, and this is proof. The fat cats who have stock in the GPS market have everything to gain from people wanting GPS to be used, it makes them rich. Plus they are not accurate, studies will show you that. Go into a building or near some woods or a mountain, and the signal is lost. Video is available at the site.

You could chain someone to the bed in their own home, and I guarantee you, someone would get lose and commit another crime, or vanish. Nothing will prevent other crimes, that is common sense!!!


OLYMPIAThey're supposed to be a great tool to track dangerous sex offenders. But ever since a level three sex offender was able to ditch his Global Positioning Satellite ankle bracelet this week, questions are arising over how effective the devices are.

Convicted child rapist David Torrence just got out of prison Sunday and now is nowhere to be found.

In the wake of the brutal killing of 12-year-old Zina Linnick of Tacoma last July by another convicted sex offender, Gov. Chris Gregoire advocated spending millions of dollars to better track offenders on the loose. A big part of the program is tethering the most violent criminals with satellite tracking devices.

- It's because they are ignorant and probably have stock in the GPS market. They do not study how well things work before they pass laws to use something, they rely on someone selling them the product to tell them the truth, but money is the issue. A person intent on committing another crime, no law will prevent that, neither will GPS. The criminal injustice system is a business, and business is well... It makes people rich while destroys others lives.

"We must be tough but we must be smart to ensure this new tool actually works to keep our families safe," said Gregoire.

- Exactly what I've been saying for years now.. They have knee-jerk reactions to some horrendous crime, and after millions of dollars are wasted and peoples lives ruined, then they come back and try to fix things. Typical politics for you!!! And I find it odd, she is now coming out saying what she says in the video... After her credibility is brought into play, then she comes out with this.. You can see many of the articles on my blog about this "governors" laws and opinions, and she is a hypocrite!!!

It didn't take long for a Torrence to outsmart the system. He cut his GPS device and ditched it at a Lynnwood apartment complex.

The family of his rape victim tells KING 5 News they're outraged.

"Obviously, the ankle bracelet doesn't work," said the victim's husband.

Roxanne Lieb of the Washington state Institute of Public Policy says research is still unclear as to whether GPS devices are effective in preventing criminals from committing crime again.

"I think if people looked at GPS and says that solves all of our problems, I think yes, that's a false sense of security," said Lieb.

Anna Aylward of the Department of Corrections says the Torrence case shows the system works because officials were alerted hours after the GPS device had been tampered with. Without the system, it would have taken law enforcement more than a day to realize Torrence had gone missing.

"In this case, the system worked well. We were able to respond to and work with local and state officials very quickly without the GPS system," said Aylward.

- So has he been caught yet? No, so how did that prevent a crime? If one has been committed! The sheeple will believe anything, if it has enough sugar coating on it.

Torrence is now the subject of a nationwide fugitive alert. Anyone who knows of his whereabouts is asked to call 911.

- Well, the news article did not post a photo, so what is the point of the news article?

Level three sex offenders are considered especially dangerous because they are most likely to re-offend.

In the first three months of this year, the Department of Corrections released 34 level three sex offenders. Of those, 15 were listed as homeless..

MO - Woman Accused Of Raping 13-Year-Old Boy

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Family Friend: Teens Were Dating; Boy Lied About His Age

SHAWNEE -- Prosecutors charged an 18-year-old woman with rape of a child, but a family friend said the woman was lied to.

Prosecutors accused Jessica Nicole Lee, 18, of having sex with a 13-year-old schoolmate.

Kim Nickels, a family friend, says Lee was lied to.

"He said that he was 16, going to be 17 in January, and two months later, come to find out, his mother called Jessica's mother and told her that he was only 13 going to be 14," said Kim Nickels, the family friend.

Lee is dating Nickels' son and has been considered a member of the family, Nickels said.

The alleged rape happened before Lee and her son met, Nickels said.

"He took it and started bragging and it hit a school official," Nickels said.

The victim, who was said to be a sixth-grader, met Lee while they were attending Broadmoor Technical School in Overland Park, Kan., last year. The facility is a school for trades and an alternative school for elementary to high school students.

Lee made her first appearance before a Johnson County judge Friday afternoon. Her attorney said because of a new law passed last year -- Jessica's Law, derived from the murder and rape of Jessica Lunsford -- if convicted Lee faces 25 years to life in prison.

"It is extremely, extremely serious when an individual is charged with a crime that carries a mandatory life in prison sentence, and so we're going to do our due diligence and take it from there," said Scott Toth, Lee's defense attorney.

No members of Lee's family could be reached.

An official with the Shawnee Mission School District said they were checking into the matter.

GA - Child porn convictions in jeopardy?

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By Cindy Morley

Could more than 20 convictions for child pornography in Fayette County in jeopardy of being overturned?

Fayette Defense attorney Paul Liston thinks so.

And Monday, Liston filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus asking Fayette County Superior Court Judge Tommy Hankinson to reverse the April 2006 conviction of Brian Lee Carey.

Carey was arrested by Peachtree City Police in their fight against child predators and on April 11, 2006 pled guilty to computer pornography, Liston said.

He was sentenced by Hankinson to 10 years probation, with the requirement that he complete the Diversion Center Program and register as a sex offender.

Carey completed the Diversion Center, according to Liston, and is currently on probation.

According to Liston, Carey’s petition is based on two appellate court decisions -- the first is
Vines vs. State, decided in 1998 -- which says that child molestation as defined by the legislature, can’t take place over the telephone.

In essence, it says that it is necessary for the victim and accused to be in the presence of one another for the crime of child molestation to be committed,” said Liston.

The Vines case involved telephone communications, said Liston.

The second decision, Selfe vs State, was handed down by the Court of Appeals of Georgia.

Selfe, a Dallas, Ga. man was convicted of computer porn and child exploitation in a Fayette County courtroom in 2006.

However, in a Jan. 2008 ruling, the Court of Appeals said “there is no difference between telephone communications and computer communications, so a conviction for computer pornography based on the accused soliciting a child for child molestation purposes over the Internet cannot stand,” said Liston.

“In this case, the Court of Appeals held that the evidence was insufficient to support a conviction of computer pornography and child exploitation as charged in the Selfe indictment because the parties were not in the presence of each other,” Liston said.

Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard has petitioned the Supreme Court of Georgia to consider reversing this decision by the state Court of Appeals in the Selfe case.

“We are asking the Supreme Court to consider reversing that decision,” said Ballard after filing the petition.

“If they grant our request, the ruling by the Court of Appeals will then be appealed to the Supreme Court.”

“We feel confident in this case and the wording of the indictments,” said Ballard.

“We were following the statute.”

Selfe was found guilty by a Fayette County jury in November 2006 and sentenced to 10 years to serve on the computer porn charge and 10 years, consecutive, probation on a charge of obscene internet contact by Superior Court Judge Paschal English.

Liston alleges that Carey’s indictment charged him with Computer Pornography based on his soliciting sexual favors from someone he thought to be under 16,” said Liston.

“In this case, however, the underage victim was really a Peachtree City Police officer.

“Mr. Carey communicated with the officer over the Internet from his home in Forsyth County and his office in Gwinnett. The officer was in Peachtree City. He was never in the presence of the police officer when he communicated over the Internet with her.”

MA - Sex offender faces scrutiny after win

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UXBRIDGE - A Level 3 sex offender who recently won $10 million from the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission is now under scrutiny by the Conn. Sex Offender Registry Board, according to Connecticut State Police.

Uxbridge resident Daniel Snay's $10 million-winning scratch ticket made national headlines when his status as a sex offender became known.

Connecticut State Police said the registry board is investigating Snay's record which lists him as "not in compliance" for failing to confirm his address on the sex offender registry. He is required to register his address with both Massachusetts and Connecticut authorities.

Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance said the registry board is double checking whether Snay failed to verify his address or notify the registry of an address change.

If Snay is not in compliance, he could face felony charges in Conn.

"If he has broken the law, he will be culpable," Vance said yesterday. "It's being reviewed."

The 56-year-old has an extensive criminal background, tracing back to the 1970s and '80s when Snay was charged with two counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 years of age and four counts of indecent assault and battery on a person aged 14 years or older in Massachusetts.

According to the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board, he was convicted six times for the incidents which occurred between 1974 to 1987.

Level 3 offenders are considered the most dangerous and have a high risk to re-offend, according the registry Web site.

Snay last verified his Moosup, Conn., address to Conn. authorities in May 2004.

He was arrested in Uxbridge in April 2004 for failing to register as a sex offender.

According to Daily News archives, it wasn't the first time Snay was charged with failing to maintain his registration.

Uxbridge Police would not comment further on Snay's record.

Snay has worked at Certified Sales Inc., a yacht dealership in Mendon, for the last 40 years.

He said he planned to invest his winnings, which will be made in 20 annual $500,000 payments, for his retirement and the education of his five children.

He bought the winning ticket Jan. 16 at the Cumberland Farms convenience store at the corner of Rte. 16 and Hopedale Street in Hopedale.

The odds of winning the $10 million ticket, part of the Billion Dollar Blockbuster, are one in 6.5 million, said Lottery spokesman Dan Rosenfeld.

Snay collected his first $500,000 check at Lottery headquarters in Braintree last month.

Lottery officials said they had been unaware of Snay's record, but would not revoke his prize.

Michelle Laczkoski can be reached at or 508-634-7556.

Companies To Be Liable For Deals With Online Criminals

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So this is basically saying, IMO, if you are a criminal, you cannot have a job!


Dionysius, God of Wine and Leaf, sends us to DarkReading for a backgrounder on new rules from the FTC, taking effect in November, that will require any business that handles private consumer data to check its customers and suppliers against databases of known online criminals. Companies that fail to do so may be liable for large fines or jail time. In practice, most companies will contract with specialist services to perform these checks. Yet another list you don't want to get on.

"The [FTC's] Red Flag program... requires enterprises to check their customers and suppliers against databases of known online criminals — much like what OFAC [the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Asset Control] does with terrorists — and also carries potential fines and penalties for businesses that don't do their due diligence before making a major transaction."

CA - Keeping kids safe from predators focus of seminar

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A representative of Safely Ever After Inc. on Monday will offer a free presentation for parents about keeping their children safe from sexual predators.

Pattie Fitzgerald, a child predator safety educator, will conduct the 90-minute workshop called "An Ounce of Prevention" at Temple Adat Elohim, 2420 E. Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, at 9:15 a.m.

The presentation is a response to reports last month of a registered sex offender seen panhandling at a shopping center at Agoura Road and Village Glen in Thousand Oaks.

Fitzgerald will discuss how to talk to children about personal boundaries; strategies that help children identify and avoid "tricky" people and situations; how to recognize "red flags" and warning signs; and why "the stranger-danger" concept is not an effective way to protect children from predators.

Fitzgerald, a mother, began teaching predator awareness programs in 2001 after a registered sex offender was released in her community.

She advocates a positive, non-fearful approach to prevention education.

Reservations are required to attend the presentation. To make a reservation, call Batsheva Spector, early childhood development director, at Temple Adat Elohim, 497-6920.

CA - Thermal woman sentenced for selling candy to children in exchange for sexual favors

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You will notice, there is no picture of this lady. Why not? If this were a man you can bet their picture would be splashed all over the news article. Just pointing that out.


A 28-year-old Thermal woman was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison today for selling candy to young boys and girls in exchange for sexual favors and showing them pornography.

Erika Isabel Serrano was convicted in February of 18 counts of lewd acts on children.

She sat quietly today when Riverside County Superior Court Judge John J. Ryan imposed the sentence.

The judge said Serrano seemed to be in "complete denial" and showed no remorse.
- Most people are told by their lawyers to not show any emotions. That is probably why, and if she balled her eyes out and apologized, would that make a difference?

Prosecutors said Serrano, a resident of Oasis Gardens Mobile Home Park, sold candy to eight victims in February 2006 in exchange for sexual favors, and then showed them pornography once she lured them inside her trailer.

Her public defender, Joe Forth, argued that the children were out to get Serrano because they had refused to pay her for candy and she told their parents.

She also reported them to truant officers, he said.

Outside the courtroom, Deputy District Attorney Anne Marie Eland said she was pleased Serrano, whom she called a "sexual predator" who never discriminated between boys and girls, would be spending the majority of her life in prison.

"No child, boy or girl is safe, with her on the streets," the prosecutor said.

How entrapment works - From Smashed Frog

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When hiking along a Florida trail, never reach inside a palmetto bush.

Before the sound of the rattle registers danger in your brain, it's too late.

You've already been bit.

One rattlesnake of a legal surprise hides inside F.S. 800.04 -- Lewd or lascivious offenses upon or in the presence of a person under 16.

F.S. 800.04 - The bread-and-butter of the Florida Sex Offender Registry - Is the Law with Bite that most likely made your neighbor a sex offender.

To understand its sting, one must be introduced to the snake handlers.

During today's Brevard County Commission workshop discussion of the budget cut effects on anti-crime initiatives, Lt. Tod Goodyear described the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office’s monitoring of about 700 registered sexual offenders and predators in Brevard County, and efforts to catch new ones.

A prosecutor from the state Attorney General’s Office offered a presentation on the office’s expanded Cyber Crime Unit.

“There are so many (offenders) out there, it’s shooting fish in a barrel,” said Assistant Attorney General Catherine Marlowe.

Think about that statement.

CT - Sex Offender Sues Neighbors, Claims Harassment

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BOLTON — - Michael Grimaldi cannot escape his past, but he can get out of Bolton.

That's what his neighbors Lori and Thomas Paggioli have been working toward, Grimaldi claims in a federal suit he and his family filed this week. And the town of Bolton has played a role, too, the Grimaldis and their lawyer say.

Grimaldi, 49, is on the state's sex offender registry for a sexual encounter with a baby sitter in 1995, but he and his family put the matter behind them, moving to Bolton to build what they thought would be their final home and base for their flooring business.

But for the last four years, the suit claims, their neighbors — one of whom works in town hall — have waged a campaign of harassment, including, they say, cutting down their maple tree and dumping truckloads of chicken manure near their home, creating a black fly infestation last summer.

Lori Paggioli, 44, faces a breach of peace charge in Superior Court in Rockville for saying to Michael Grimaldi during a boundary dispute last March, "If you so much as look at my kids, I will kill you," witness affidavits say. The court has twice denied her bid for accelerated rehabilitation.
- This is a terroristic threat, and I hope she gets sent to jail or prison for this.

In the suit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in New Haven, the Grimaldis accuse the Paggiolis of "extreme and outrageous" conduct that has deprived them of protections under the Constitution and federal and state laws. The suit also names the town of Bolton for subjecting them to "a different standard of enforcement of municipal regulations than that imposed upon any other town residents."

Kathleen Nevins, the Paggiolis' lawyer, discounted the suit. "The complaint is rife with untruths and fabrications and is an obvious abuse of process by this family," she said Thursday.

But Grimaldi, who pleaded guilty to second-degree sexual assault and was sentenced to two years in prison, says their dreams have been dashed. "This house has been our whole heart and soul and we've been tortured for over four years," he says of the property purchased from relatives of the Paggiolis, a generations-old farming family in Bolton.

"We're basically going to escape the town and go forward," he says, but not before he, his wife, Christine, and his young adult children, Kristian and Elise, have their day in court.

The Paggiolis, who live a few houses down and across Birch Mountain Road, raise food crops and beef on a farm next to the Grimaldis' home. Much of the conflict involves a boundary and drainage dispute that has fed a 3-inch-thick file in civil court in Rockville.

Nevins says the dispute is clear-cut, with a survey supporting her clients' stand on where the line is. She says they absolutely are not trying to force the Grimaldis out of town, as claimed in the suit.

"The Paggiolis just want to get quiet title to their property. They just want to live peaceably and they're glad to have the Grimaldis live peaceably as well."

But the Grimaldis say it goes well beyond the property line dispute, claiming they have been subjected to repeated nuisances, such as noisy ATVs revving outside their windows at early hours, fouling the gas tank of their daughter's car and a fireworks bomb exploding on their front porch.

"I don't care what kind of spin these jerks want to put on it, the fact of the matter is that these neighbors of the Grimaldis are a menace and they're committing crimes and they're engaging in unconscionable behavior," says John R. Williams, the New Haven lawyer representing the Grimaldis.

He says the Grimaldis have been dealing with a "pattern of offenses" and cited the Superior Court judge's conclusion, in denying Lori Paggioli's appeal for accelerated rehabilitation, that she might offend again.

State police in Colchester, which covers Bolton, said they are aware of the situation between the neighbors, calling it a "Hatfield and McCoy-type dispute." But police have not been able to substantiate the rash of claims, except for the one against Lori Paggioli.

As for the piles of chicken manure dumped near the Grimaldis' property line, leading to their claims of a nightmarish plague of black flies, illness and uninhabitable conditions, Nevins notes that the field next door is the access to the back fields. "It's all part of being a working farm. That's what they do," she says.

Williams counters, "You don't pile it up on the property line and leave it there for 30 days."

The suit alleges that Lori Paggioli's ties to the selectmen's office, where she works as a part-time secretary, have aggravated the situation and led to economic loss and emotional distress among the Grimaldis. On the job in town hall, she frequently stated in public that the Grimaldis must be forced to move out of town, the suit charges.

"Mrs. Paggioli has been acting with the acquiescence, at least, if not the firm approval, of town officials in Bolton who have been giving aid and comfort to her," Williams says.

The Grimaldis contend the town has pressured them through zoning, wetlands and health codes, first requiring them to install a $25,000 drainage system to address a water runoff problem and recently ordering them to remove the system because of what is draining into a pond on the farm.

"That kind of jerking around doesn't happen to other people and we believe it's motivated by what the Paggiolis are doing," Williams says. "That's why it's in federal court."

The drainage conflict with the town has to do with water runoff not allowed by the permit, Bolton Town Attorney Richard Barger said Thursday. As for the charge against the town's enforcement methods, "That's going to be an interesting burden of proof, and I'll have to see the papers before I can comment on that intelligently."

Bolton town administrator Joyce Stille, who hired Paggioli and wrote a letter of support to Superior Court calling Paggioli "a true friend," said she could not comment on the case until she receives it. But she said the Grimaldis had not sought a meeting with town officials above the staff level.

The Grimaldis, struggling with the costs of legal fees and town-mandated repairs and the distraction of the protracted dispute, are in foreclosure on their house, Williams says. "The combination has been a one-two punch for this family. They'll be out by the fall."

Kristian, 22, whose apartment in the 4,800-square-foot house had a deck with a view, and Elise, 20, have already moved away, partly to escape a seemingly unending situation.

"It started as one thing and now it doesn't have an origin anymore," says Elise Grimaldi, who works in the family flooring firm. "It's about us being in this town — us being in their town."

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MD - District Heights Mayor Charged in Prostitution Sting

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They also post his biography here, to try to prove he is a good man. That doesn't matter in my opinion. He committed a crime, and with him being in office, he should get a stiffer sentence, but you know what, they usually get slapped on the wrist when they are rich or famous. So we will see..


DISTRICT HEIGHTS (AP) -- D.C. police say the mayor of District Heights has been charged with propositioning an undercover officer posing as a prostitute.

Police say 30-year-old James Walls Jr. was arrested around 12:30 a.m. Thursday at Sixth and F streets northwest and charged with solicitation for lewd and immoral purposes.

Walls was given a citation and a future court date. If convicted of the charge, Walls faces 6 months in jail and/or up to $1000 fine.

District Height's Web site says Walls, an ordained Baptist minister and Bowie State University graduate, was the youngest person to serve as mayor when he was elected in 2006. His term runs until 2010.

The site says Walls is the town administrator for the Town of Fairmount Heights and the associate pastor of Forestville New Redeemer Baptist Church.

If You Saw a Lost Child, What Would You Do?

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It is very sad that society has come down to this...


An ABC News Experiment Tests Unknowing Passersby With an Ethical Dilemma

Imagine you're on a busy sidewalk rushing to work, running an errand or simply out for a stroll, when suddenly you notice a little boy standing all alone. Is he really lost? Do you stop to find out?

To find out what people would do in this situation, ABC News hired four young actors, two boys and two girls, all 7 years old and dressed in everyday clothes. The children took turns standing on the corner of a well traveled street in a city near New York with various hidden cameras planted nearby.

Watch this story Friday on "20/20" at 10 p.m. ET and CLICK HERE for more ethical dilemmas.

'It's Just Not Acceptable'

Each child was equipped with a device in his or her ear so that ABC News producers could communicate with them from a surveillance van nearby. ABC News also hired two plainclothes policemen to keep close watch nearby and to ensure safety. The parents of the child actors also watched from a surveillance room at a nearby restaurant.

Initially, we asked the children to stand in one place and look scared and frightened. Halle, the first actor to participate, walked out to the street corner and acted like a lost child, looking around for help with no guardian in site. A woman stopped almost immediately because, she said, she sees this sort of thing all the time. But this woman turned out to be the exception. Most people walked right on by. In fact, during our two-day experiment, almost 2,000 people walked by and only 47 stopped to help the "lost children."

It's easy to assume that it only happens to other families or just in the movies: We think that losing a child, even if just for a moment, can't or won't happen to us.

But it does happen. Thousands of kids get lost every day, more than 90 percent of all families will experience it at least once, although the vast majority of lost children are recovered within minutes.

The experiment continued with actor Alexis, who stood on the street corner acting lost and frightened. Several minutes pass, and many adults walked by, but no one stopped to help or even ask if she was OK.

"It is just not acceptable to walk past a child like that and do nothing," said Ernie Allen, president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and one of the people who helped design this experiment. "A young child on the sidewalk of any American city by themselves is vulnerable, they are at risk."

In fact, if a parent or caregiver leaves a small child alone on the street it could be a crime. Even so, back on the sidewalk minutes ticked by, and one stranger after another walked by the "lost" child. "People are so preoccupied on their cell phones or paying attention to other things, or in a hurry to get somewhere else," Allen said. "Far too often we just don't look at what's going on around us."

'Someone Else Will Take Care of This'

Many people did look. But they told us that they saw no cause for concern. "She looked cold, she didn't look scared, so I kept walking," passerby Mariellen Zeleck said. "I didn't think she was lost. I thought she was waiting for somebody."

As the experiment continued, we realized that whether the actor was male or female, some people assume that a parent is nearby and that maybe the child is having a time out. "I was looking back and noticing that she was still by herself and wondering if a parent or caretaker was around her," pedestrian Alysan Whelan said.

The people who consistently passed by Alexis seemed to assume that nothing was wrong. But experts said a lost child often masks distress.

"Unfortunately, what tends to happen in the real world is exactly what your actors did in this scenario," child advocate Allen said. "Young children aren't going to ask for help. They just stand there, and that's why we as adults really need to pay attention."

As the experiment continued with Alexis, nearly 10 minutes passed and dozens of people walked by the young actor. She looked confused and sad, but it was not until she began to cry that someone finally stopped and took action.

"You lost your Mom? In the store? Ok, I'll help you. No problem," one woman said.

Allen said many adults possibly didn't want to get involved with the lost child because of the "diffusion of responsibility" rule, which says that someone else will take care of the problem. "I do think there are those who see kids in vulnerable situations like that and think, 'Oh, I don't want to get involved. Somebody else will take care of this,'" Allen said.

Passerby Andrew Lazaroff agreed, saying, "People just don't know what to do. So after a moment of contemplation, maybe, they're just, 'I got to get to work. Somebody else will deal with it,'" he said.

'Lost' Boys

But would gender make a difference in how people respond? Would more people stop if the "lost" kids were boys?

ABC News sent Robert out on the street to find out.

Once again, many people passed him. Some were reading books, and others just walked on by. We asked a few of these people why they didn't stop. "I figured since I was gonna walk back by again, if he was still by himself, I was gonna ask him if he was okay," Erin Kelly said.

Other people had different reasons for not stopping. "There were a lot of people around so I figured his mom was right there nearby," Angie Karpowicz said. "I actually thought he was throwing a fit or crying because of that."

The scenario played out again and again. In fact, it took more than 20 minutes before anyone noticed Robert was lost and came to his rescue: That's four times longer than it took for strangers to come to the aid of our girl actors.

The next actor, Eyalan, received a similar response. Again and again no one stopped. Many people looked, but then they kept right on walking.

After Annette Pasquale passed by Eyalan without coming to his aid she said, "I thought his parents may be in McDonald's. But I would have liked to have stopped, and I didn't."

In retrospect she agreed that she "absolutely" should have gotten involved.

Said Allen, the child advocate: "The reality is I think we as a culture, we as a society, view girls as more in need of our protection. We tend to think of boys as more rugged, more able to take care of themselves. But the reality is more boys are lost than girls; 55 percent are boys, 45 percent are girls."

We asked Allen what to do in the event that you actually do find a lost child. "The first challenge in a situation like this is to reassure the child that they're gonna be okay," he said.

Amazing Compassion

Of all the people who didn't stop, there were some exceptional people who did stop to help our lost kids, "I'm Christina. Listen, I just want you to know, you're doing the right thing. You're not supposed to talk to strangers. They told you that right? I am a stranger and I should call the police … because I don't want you to be scared," she said.

Christina comforted Alexis, and led her to a police officer nearby.

Many people who helped the actors moved them, either to walk to the police station, or to look for a parent in a nearby store. But, in general, experts say it's better to leave the child where he or she is, and call the authorities or 911. "Don't take the child somewhere else," Allen said. "Keep the child in the immediate area. Clearly, if there are those who are searching for her, they're going to return to where she was."

During the course of the two-day experiment, most of the strangers who stopped for the kids were women. "I think men are more likely to be less than willing to get involved, put themselves on the line," Allen said. "I think there is an element of fear: 'If I get involved in this, am I going to be accused of something.'"

But still, some men did intervene, such as David Paris, who maintained his distance from the child actor and called 911 to alert authorities.

Allen suggested talking to your our kids about talking to strangers, explaining that it's a good thing to ask strangers for help sometimes, especially if the child is lost.

Some people showed amazing compassion. One man, Gino Jimenez, was emotionally involved from the moment he spotted Alexis.

"You alright sweetie … what's a matter?" Jimenez asked.

"I just lost my mom," Alexis said. "Then I wasn't paying attention and then she walked away."

"Oh, my God," he said, visibly distraught over little Alexis.

"You're a beautiful little girl, God bless you," he said.

Jimenez enlisted the help of another woman passing by, and told her about the situation. Clearly, Jimenez wasn't going anywhere. Finally, ABC News asked Alexis' mother to come out from the nearby restaurant where she had been watching the scene unfold on a surveillance camera.

Alexis' mother walked over and hugged her daughter.

Jimenez was furious, asking her where she had been.

"I had to go to the bathroom," Alexis' mother responded.

"And you left her unattended?" he said. "You've been gone for a while."

At that moment, ABC News correspondent John Quinones came over and told Jimenez that he had been part of an ethical dilemma experiment about lost children. Jimenez was relieved to hear that the child wasn't really lost.

"Well, it affects me because I have kids," Jimenez said. "And I read about all the things that are happening to kids today. When I see a little girl like that it just breaks my heart; it just tears me up."

More than good Samaritans, some people are true guardian angels, acting as if the lost child was their very own.

Take grandmother Thea Pallermo, who helped Robert. "I'm not a hero," she said. "I'm just a mother who wants to make sure that the kids are safe. That's all."

CA - Bill aims to curb living together of sex offenders

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SAN BERNARDINO - Two state lawmakers announced legislation in a news conference here intended to prevent multiple sex offenders from living together.

The proposed bill, A.B. 2593, is authored by Assembly members Anthony Adams, R-Claremont and Fiona Ma, D-San Francisco. The legislation would allow local governments to pass laws that would prevent more than one sex offender from living in the same group home.

Existing law prevents municipalities from governing group homes that serve six or less people.

Following the news conference, Adams said the bill could affect about 200 registered sex offenders if it becomes law.

San Bernardino City Attorney James F. Penman, a proponent for local control over group homes, said he welcomed the proposal.

"We would certainly like to ban homes for the registered offenders in the city of San Bernardino," he said. "Having two or more in the same house is unacceptable."

First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt and Linda Haugan, assistant county administrator for human services, also appeared at the news conference.

Mitzelfelt and Haugan said the county law enforcement and departments in charge of children's and senior services were following the state audit by checking to see if any registered sex offenders had addresses matching those facilities.

A check of 500-plus county-licensed foster-care homes turned up one case in which a sex offender's address matched a house where a license was pending.

"There were no hits where children were in the home," Haugan said after the conference.

The news conference followed recently released state audit that found 49 California sex offenders had registered addresses that matched child-care facilities.

"Neither of us knew the gravity of the problem," Adams said, referring to himself and Ma.

MA - Sex offender restrictions await AG approval

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SOUTHBOROUGH — New sex offender restrictions passed at Town Meeting last week now await the green light from the Attorney General's office.

That office will have 90 days from receipt to review the information, said Harry Pierre, spokesman for Attorney General Martha Coakley (Contact).

"It should be approved," said Southborough Police Chief Bill Webber. "We wait for them to approve it, and then it becomes a part of the bylaw."

Under the restrictions, Level 2 and 3 sex offenders will be prohibited from living or loitering within 1,000 feet of schools, day care centers, bus stops, parks, recreational facilities, and other areas frequented by children, the elderly and the mentally retarded.

The state Sex Offender Registry Board determined that for Level 3 sex offenders, the risk of re-offending is high. For Level 2 sex offenders, that risk is moderate, and it is low for Level 1 offenders.

Southborough is not the only town to consider sex offender restrictions in recent months. West Boylston and Dedham received the go-ahead on similar sex offender restrictions, as did the city of Marlborough last summer.

A map provided by Webber shows areas where sex offenders will not be allowed to live. With approximately 25 percent of the town being water, 10 percent remains where sex offenders could live, said Webber. Most of those areas include residential streets with single-family homes, he said.

Currently there are three registered sex offenders living in Southborough, two classified as Level 2 and one as Level 3, said Webber. The new restrictions would not affect sex offenders already living within 1,000 feet of the banned areas before the Attorney General's approval.

Enforcement of the sex offender restrictions will be the responsibility of police, said Webber. "A sex offender has to come here to register," he said. "At that time they will be given a copy of the bylaw."

"If one moves here without our knowing because they don't register, that's an arrestable offense," he continued.

The warrant article, presented by Webber at Town Meeting last Thursday, needed a two-thirds vote to pass. Sixty-eight percent supported the restrictions, with a counted vote of 47 to 32.

"I'm relieved it passed," said Webber. "But I thought more would have been in favor."

(Abby Jordan can be reached at 508-490-7461 or

Who Cares About Your DNA?

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Yep, just what I have been saying for awhile now. Big Brother is getting bigger and bolder and will stop at nothing to make us all slaves... Watch and see folks! People will accuse me of being a "conspiracy nut" or who knows what else, but just remember this when they come for you! Anything in a child's name or for the children will pass, and something that affects you will be next! They will be coming for your DNA next!


Tricia Shore

When the elite want something, they are not above cheating their way to it. We see this example easily with mainstream media’s blackout of Ron Paul and Mike Gravel as presidential candidates, despite the candidates’ novel ideas. Candidates not elite-anointed are dismissed as crackpots and ignored by the Los Angeles Times and other mainstream propaganda outlets because they do not further the elite’s plans, which include tracking and surveillance that closely emulate plans laid out by Aldous Huxley and George Orwell.

One sneaky way that the elite obtain their goals is to use a voice vote, which is what recently happened with H.R. 3825, a giant step toward the Brave New World that Huxley described. H.R. 3825 and S. 1858, soon to be rubber-stamped by King Jorge unless there is a massive protest along with a miracle, gives the federal government authority over every newborn’s DNA, without parental consent. Not only the average Oprah and Dr. Phil watcher, but many alert citizens are also unaware of this horrid legislation, which will make any newborn’s DNA government property. This massive intrusion into privacy and family will be funded by yet another massive federally-funded program, paid for by the money that the government forces from you.

I find it especially interesting, when considered along with this recent Orwellianly-named "Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act" that in the government’s latest attempt to separate families en masse, government social wreckers are forcing over 400 children to have their DNA tested:

More than 400 children taken from a polygamous sect's ranch will undergo DNA testing this week, an attempt to determine who their parents are and if any sexual abuse took place.

Officials plan to begin taking DNA samples Monday at the coliseum in San Angelo where the children are being housed, but may need three or four days to complete the job.

The fact that this horrid invasion of privacy is being done, even to children who are still breastfeeding, without parental consent and without an established accuser or proof of any abuse, tells me that there are far too many people hooked on mainstream media. Otherwise, there would be blood in the Texas streets. Just 100 years ago, an alert citizenry would have protested the taking of these children and their DNA by showing some social wreckers what the end of a gun barrel looks like.

In post-Constitutional America, however, where habeas corpus, that long-standing idea that we’ve had around for a few centuries, has gone the way of the dinosaur, people are okay with taking children from mothers and forcing these children, many of whom are not even old enough to say no, to give the government their DNA.

"A Critical Analysis of the Implications for Genetic Privacy and Consent Rights in Congress’ Proposed ‘Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007’" states how the government plans to treat the DNA of every newborn, even those whose parents are completely aligned with the mainstream:

  • Establish a national list of genetic conditions for which newborns and children are to be tested.
  • Establish protocols for the linking and sharing of genetic test results nationwide.
  • Build surveillance systems for tracking the health status and health outcomes of individuals diagnosed at birth with a genetic defect or trait.
  • Use the newborn screening program as an opportunity for government agencies to identify, list, and study "secondary conditions" of individuals and their families.
  • Subject citizens to genetic research without their knowledge or consent.
- Next they will be getting more into Eugenics to control who lives and who dies, or who "may" be a criminal in the future!

Since my firstborn’s birth over seven years ago, I have read a lot about our government’s roots of freedom and a truly free market and I have acquired great disdain for our current government and mainstream media; I wish that were not the case. However, a country focused on the false choices of Hillary, Obama, and John, as if there’s a dash of difference among the three, does not protest a bill that claims to save lives of newborns. Nor do these people care much about taking DNA from innocent children who’ve been separated from their parents, with no accuser identified and no solid evidence of abuse. I realize that I’ve mentioned the last part of that sentence previously, but it’s important enough to state twice: The Constitution states that we have the right to face our accuser, an impossible thing to do when there is not one.

That’s the way that things work, however, in post-Constitutional America, where a King that seems to be elected by the people rules through Executive Orders and the elite have their way, whether rushing legislation through, as with the Patriot Act, or taking an underhanded voice vote, in which legislators are not forced to take responsibility for their vote.

Unfortunately, most people are too concerned with the junk food that mainstream media are feeding us to worry much about the database that the government is building, using their descendants’ blood. The United States’ forefathers expected us to be an intelligent, literate folk. But the literacy rate was much higher two hundred years ago than it is now, proving what a wonderful job that the government schools have done. People don’t much read anymore and they certainly don’t care. In the near future, the elite will pass legislation that requires microchipping of every newborn and Oprah will say how wonderful it is and there will be some kind of "saving lives" rhetoric added to the bill and people will think that microchipping is fabulous.

Despite the massive power that the elite pretend to have, in reality, we have only ourselves to blame.