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In Memory of All the Dead Fathers

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What would drive a sane, loving father to take his own life?

by Jake Morphonios (Conservative Libertarian)

I want for you to use your imagination for a few minutes. Pretend you are an average guy, say 30 years old, married with two children under 9 years old. You've been with the same woman for around 10 years. You've had your ups and downs, just like any other married couple, but things seem to be relatively okay.

One day your wife says she's leaving you. She is taking the kids and wants a divorce. You are shocked; you didn't see this coming. In time you accept the inevitability of the divorce, given the current no-fault divorce system that grants anyone a divorce for any reason. You know that you won't be with your wife anymore, but at the very least you are going to continue to be as active in your children's lives as you've always been.

Then she gets a lawyer and sues for sole custody of the children. You respond by retaining your own attorney and the legal battle begins. The entire process of divorce wears on you emotionally. You have lost the security of your family unit, your finances are suffering and you are sure to lose considerably more, your social circle shuns you out of a desire to stay out of the divorce matter and your ability to concentrate at work declines. This is the hardest thing you've ever been through.

In the midst of this acrimony, without warning you receive the most unbelievable news of your life.

You wife has accused you of sexually molesting your 4 year old daughter.

She has obtained an emergency ex-parte order prohibiting you from having any contact with your children while you are investigated for child sex abuse. What??? How did this happen? How could this happen? This isn't some stranger making a bogus charge - this is your wife! She knows you better than anyone on earth. She knows damn well that you would never hurt your own child - or any other child for that matter!

At first you feel angry. "Nobody is going to believe this crap", you tell yourself. You've gone online and read government statistics that state that nearly 77% of all child sex abuse allegations made by a divorcing wife against her husband during a custody dispute are false. Surely everyone will see her evil accusation for what it is - a legal stratagem to win full custody of the kids. But this case isn't as open and shut as you first thought. You soon realize that you are in real trouble.

Immediately you find that the very accusation of child sex abuse carries such power that you are instantly put on the defensive. You started out by seeking the support of family and friends, but now even some of them seem to be treating you differently. You become obsessed with trying to prove your innocence, but quickly learn the futility of trying to prove a negative. Ask an innocent politician in public whether or not he still beats his wife. No matter how he responds, the seed of doubt has been sewn in the public's mind.

In the meantime you learn through your attorney that your little girl has been subjected to invasive physical examinations by a doctor using a rape kit. Her vagina has been examined and she has been subjected to tests for STDs that you might have given her. You can only imagine how frightened she must have been as a stranger in a white jacket inserted things inside of her. The tests come back negative. There is no evidence of any physical abuse. But rather than confirm that your daughter was not molested, the doctor issues a written evaluation stating that while there is no evidence, abuse cannot be ruled out.

Your daughter is then subjected to a series of interrogations by a social worker or other investigator whose job it is to find out what you did to her. You are presumed to be guilty. Your daughter was given anatomically correct dolls and told that they represent her and daddy. The investigator then watched how she played with the dolls to decide if her play time can be used to substantiate the claim of abuse against you. You pray that your daughter doesn't exhibit any interest in the strange body parts on the dolls - because any subtle or innocent behavior during play time might be enough to condemn you. They aren't investigating whether you are innocent or not. They are looking for something to use against you.

You feel anger and hate toward your wife for doing this to your daughter. Why doesn't anyone see that what she is doing to your little girl is the real child abuse? Your older child has also been paid a few visits from investigators. "Has daddy ever touched your penis?" God only knows what else they have put into your child's mind. Even if you do get to see your children again, they will probably never think of you the same again.

Today your boss called you into his office to ask you why your work is suffering. You don't dare tell him, but it's too late. Word has already spread throughout the office. Your boss tells you that you are out of sick time (which you had secretly been using to cover for your court visits) and places you on a disciplinary action plan. Everyone at the office looks at you differently. Those fleeting glances cause you such pain. You thought they knew you better than this, but you accept that some of them have come to believe that you are a child molester. So much for your future at this company.

Your attorney paints a grim picture. Jail sentencing for child molesters can be longer than it is for murderers (and you know what they do to convicted child molesters in prison). It looks like you are going to have to mortgage your home to pay for this protracted legal fight. You also face the prospect of a felony sex offender charge and lifetime membership on the federal sex offender registry when you get out of prison. Any hope of a productive career in a respectable profession may be over.

You have lost your wife and children. Her parents hate you for a crime you didn't commit. You have no support network left, but people are coming out of the woodwork to slather your wife with words of comfort and sympathy - and she is gloating. You haven't had a full night of sleep in months because of frequent night terrors. You are full of anxiety and depression. Your tried drinking, but it didn't help. Prayer might have helped, but you feel bitterness toward God for letting such a travesty of justice take place. You are totally alone.

The dark thoughts won't go away. Someone invisible keeps whispering them in your ear: Nobody likes you or believes you. You are going to prison for a long time and will probably be sexually abused by violent criminals. Your children think you are a sexual deviant and never want to see you again.

You think of the children you will never see again. You are dead to them. You pick up the gun and pull the trigger.

All because a vindictive wife chose to use the most devilish of legal tactics to beat you in a custody battle....

Dear reader, this account really happened. It was not a piece of fiction. Men's lives are being destroyed by the divorce industry. Nothing hurts a man more than having his children torn from his life when he has done nothing wrong. The use of the false abuse allegation is the most sinister legal tactic used today.

The story above is, sadly, not unique. Men throughout America are committing suicide, unable to bear the humiliation, shame and loss of companionship of their children that results from false child abuse allegations.

This week such a man was buried in Missouri. His name was Shawn W. O' Banion and his story is similar to those of other men that have been victimized by the family court system. His marriage to his former wife, Angela C. Meyer, ended in divorce. To win sole custody of the children, Angela filed multiple false abuse allegations against Shawn. Even though the abuse charges were not substantiated, they were enough for Judge Kathryn Elizabeth Davis to prohibit Shawn from seeing his children. Judges are elected officials and crave reelection. Many judges take a "better safe than sorry" attitude toward abuse allegation cases to ensure that mistakes don't come back to haunt them politically. Davis, apparently, cared more for her career than for Shawn or his children.

I never spoke with Shawn personally, but I recall reading about his situation in a father's rights discussion group that we both participated in. Caring men tried to help Shawn with his case, but the dismay and depression were too great for him to deal with. He took his life a week ago. His second wife will never see Shawn again and his unborn child will never know what a good father he was. This should never have happened.

If you care about this issue - if you or someone you know has been victimized by false abuse allegations - if you need support - there is help available. You don't have to fight this battle alone. Contact me and if I can't give you the support you need, I can direct you to people who can.



Jake Morphonios is a civil rights advocate and North Carolina State Coordinator for Fathers 4 Justice - US. Jake's political opinions do not represent those of Fathers 4 Justice. Neither Jake nor F4J-US provide legal advice or assistance with individual cases.

Fathers seeking support or information, or other parties interested in becoming involved in the children's rights movement may contact Jake at:

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IN - Indiana booksellers predict lawsuit over explicit material law

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And so the "War on Sex" continues... They will be going after the porn industry soon, and you can bet there will be a war then.. You will be on a registry soon.


INDIANAPOLIS (AP)A new Indiana law that requires businesses selling sexually explicit materials to register with the secretary of state could face a legal challenge, a national group of booksellers says.

American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression President Chris Finan said the group plans to ask the Media Coalition, a New York-based group that defends First Amendment rights, to take legal action to overturn the law that was signed last week by Gov. Mitch Daniels (Contact).

The Media Coalition is expected to decide by mid-April whether to take legal action, Finan said.

"The way we read this bill, if you stock a single book with sexual content, even a novel or a book about sex education, you will have to register as a business that sells sexually explicit material," Finan told The Indianapolis Star for a story posted its Web page Tuesday.

"This is just outrageous from our standpoint and we believe it is a violation of the First Amendment."

The law, which takes effect July 1, requires bookstores to pay a $250 fee and register with the state if they sell sexually explicit books or movies. That information would then be shared with local officials, who could monitor businesses for violations of local regulations.

State Sen. Brent Steele (Contact), R-Bedford, who co-sponsored the legislation, said it was aimed at helping counties without zoning ordinances track adult businesses. The law does not apply to businesses that sold sexually explicit material on or before June 30; it applies only to new businesses, those that relocate or businesses that begin offering such material after that date.
- How ironic... It's not retroactive, but sex offender laws are...

"I just don't think that their concern is legitimate," Steele said.

But Finan said the law's definition of what is sexually explicit is too broad and could include popular fiction, photography books that include nudity and books about human sexuality.

The law does not prohibit stores from selling books with sexual content, but Finan said it could have a chilling effect on bookstores as they try to avoid being placed on the state list.

Henry Karlson, a professor at Indiana University Law School-Indianapolis, said it could be difficult for businesses to know whether to register.

"There’s this huge gray area," he said. "If you register, you get lumped in with businesses that sell pornography and other sexually explicit material on some state list, and if you don’t, you could face a fine or charges."

Finan said the association opposes the law on behalf of mainstream bookstores, not shops that specialize in sex-related products. A group of about 15 local and national booksellers sent a letter to Daniels urging him to veto the legislation, but he signed it into law March 19.

Jane Jankowski, the governor’s spokeswoman, said in a statement Tuesday that Daniels’ office has no record of receiving the letter from booksellers.

The association is not aware of similar laws in any other states, Finan said. If the law goes unchallenged in Indiana, other states might copy it, he said.

"This is not a close call," Finan said. "This is something that has to be challenged."


And this is the people we have in office representing us???

MI - Mayor Faces Jail Over Sex Text Rap

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The mayor of Detroit is facing 15 years in jail after being charged with perjury over an alleged affair with his chief aide.

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick denied having the fling in court, but a trove of raunchy text messages has been revealed that contradicts his sworn denials.

The married 37-year-old father-of-three could get up to 15 years in prison for perjury alone and would be automatically expelled from office if convicted.

Ignoring mounting demands that he step down, Kilpatrick said he was expecting to be completely exonerated "once all the facts have been brought forth".

Prosecutors began investigating the case in late January, the day after the Detroit Free Press published excerpts from 14,000 text messages that were sent or received by Beatty in 2002-03.

The messages called into question testimony Kilpatrick and his aide, Christine Beatty, gave last August in a lawsuit filed by two police officers who said they were fired for investigating claims that the mayor used his security unit to cover up extra-marital affairs.

In court, Kilpatrick and Beatty strongly denied having an intimate relationship. But the text messages reveal that they carried on a flirty, sometimes sexually explicit dialogue about where to meet and how to conceal their trysts.

Kilpatrick is married with three children. Beatty was married at the time and has two children.

The city eventually agreed to pay £4.2m to the two officers and a third former officer.

Controversy has surrounded Kilpatrick since his 2001 election. Then 31, he embodied the new black politician and wore a diamond stud earring that helped earn him the unofficial title as the "Hip-Hop Mayor".

During his first four years, he caused a furore over his use of his city-issued credit card for expensive travel, the city's lease of a luxury Lincoln Navigator for his wife and unsubstantiated allegations of a wild party involving his security team and strippers at the mayor's mansion.

PA - Another Delco prison worker faces charges

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Sounds like this facility needs to be shut down or given an enema!


A K-9 officer at the George W. Hill Correctional Facility was charged yesterday with multiple counts of institutional sexual assault for allegedly taking an inmate to a nearby grist mill for sex in his pickup truck, Delaware County authorities said.

Michael Waters, 37, an employee of the GEO Group, the Florida-based company that runs the county prison, admitted to having oral and vaginal sex with the female work-release inmate, according to the criminal complaint.

The 25-year-old woman told detectives on Friday that Waters, who became a K-9 officer last year, would pick her up from her job at McDonald's and take her to the historic Newlin Grist Mill near the prison or to the parking lot of the Springfield Mall for sex.

Such relationships between guards and inmates are prohibited by law - even if the sex is consensual.

"That is a felony of the third degree," said John Reilly, the prison's acting superintendent. "It could be wholly consensual, it could be a product of deep and abiding love, and it is still the crime of institutional sexual assault."

Waters, of Clifton Heights, was hit with four counts of that crime yesterday and is expected to be arraigned today in Concord District Court. His wife answered the door yesterday at their Church Street home but declined comment.

"It's a tragic lapse of judgment," Reilly said of Waters' actions.

Other GEO employees at the Delaware County prison have experienced similar lapses in recent years.

The jail's former work-release supervisor, for instance, is registered as a Megan's Law sex offender. Joseph Henderson, of the Wissinoming section of Philadelphia, is currently on probation after pleading guilty in 2006 to sexually assaulting a female inmate while transporting her back to prison.

Former guard Henry Myers pleaded guilty in July to conspiracy to commit bank robbery. Myers, also of Philadelphia, was indicted in 2005 for casing banks in three armed heists and was sentenced to three years in prison.

In 2004, a GEO lieutenant at the county prison was fired for beating an inmate "to a pulp," as the then-warden put it, and two other guards received probationary sentences after an inmate claimed in 2002 that they handcuffed him, pummeled him with a basketball and pulled his pants down.

Reilly acknowledged that some GEO employees have previously had trouble staying out of jail themselves, but said that he could not recall any new incidents over the past couple of years - aside from Waters'.

"GEO did the right thing" by calling county detectives concerning Waters, said Reilly, whose office supervises the company's performance on behalf of the Delaware County government.

Reilly said that Waters resigned his position Friday. GEO spokesman Pablo Paez declined to comment, but confirmed that Waters is no longer working at the George W. Hill Correctional Facility.

The county recently agreed to an $80 million contract extension under which GEO, formerly Wackenhut Corrections Corp., will continue operating the 1,833-bed prison through 2009. *

Law Can't Prevent Underage Sex

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In my last two columns, I discussed the cases of young people who were placed on sex-offender registries because their sexual partners were below the age of consent. For the rest of their lives, any neighbor or employer who looks them up on the Web will be led to believe they are pedophiles.

This raises many questions, among them: What is the right age of consent?

The legal age is different everywhere. In Yemen, it's 9, although you have to be married. In Mexico, you can legally have sex as early as 12. In the United States, the age varies by state, ranging from 16 to 18.

For "20/20" I spoke to an 18-year-old boy who had sexual relations with a girl four years younger. Isn't that taking advantage of a 14-year-old? I asked.

"I wouldn't think so. I thought I was really gonna have a relationship."

What if she were 13?

"I really can't answer that question ... because she wasn't."

What if she were 12?

"Oh, heck no. There's a point where you draw the line somewhere."

But where? The law is at odds with what goes on in real life. The Centers for Disease Control reports that a quarter of America's teens say they had sex before they were 16. Since no state's age of consent is lower, millions of Americans must be breaking the law.

Some groups, like the Family Research Council, say the laws should be stricter.

"We oppose efforts to lower [the age of consent]," Peter Sprigg, its vice president for policy, told me.

But 17-year-olds are still going to have sex.

"Well, they are. But I think it's a legitimate goal of public policy to discourage that."

Making it illegal discourages it?

"There will be some deterrent effect presumably. That's what all of our laws do."

Family counselor Dr. Marty Klein disagrees.

"The idea that we criminalize 14-year-olds' having oral sex or sexual intercourse with 16-year-olds, that's a horrible solution to a subtle and complex issue."

Klein calls this criminalization of sexual activity America's War on Sex.

"Telling a kid just say no, and expecting them to not have sex, that's like telling somebody who's depressed, have a nice day, and expecting that to lift their depression."

Some states created exemptions to their statutory rape laws for kids who are close in age. They're called "Romeo and Juliet" exemptions because Romeo and Juliet were close in age. But I bet the legislators would be surprised to learn that Shakespeare's Juliet was only 13.

Klein says, "We trust 15-year-olds to make decisions all the time. We give them access to credit cards. We let 16- and 17-year-olds drive cars. The idea that somebody who's behind the wheel of a car can't make good sexual decisions, I think, is more about our anxiety about sex than it is about any clear thinking about 17-year-olds."

But the Family Research Council's Sprigg will have none of this. "The focus should be on telling teens that sex should be saved for marriage. The benefits of waiting are enormous."

If they're too young, why did God make them biologically ready? I asked him.

"Well, in some ancient cultures, it would have been perfectly appropriate for young people to marry and start a family as soon as their bodies were biologically ready for reproduction. But we live in a very different culture, and young people today need more time before marriage, but they don't need sex before marriage."

Whatever the law says, there's no proof that age-of-consent laws deter sex before marriage. Many kids don't even know what the age of consent is.

Something is very wrong when young people, doing what hundreds of thousands of other kids do, are condemned for life on sex registries next to rapists and real pedophiles. There's no justice in that.

John Stossel is an award-winning news correspondent and author of Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity: Get Out the Shovel--Why Everything You Know is Wrong.

Special Report: Tracking Kids With Microchips

Will you accept the mark when they come for you? I'd rather die than except this...

CA - County targets sex offenders

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Hell, who doesn't target sex offenders?


Last July, Perris residents learned that a registered sex offender was working as an ice cream truck driver in their community.

Even though Perris is located in Riverside County, the incident raised enough concern that the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to draft an ordinance requiring sex-offender background checks before issuing a business license to drive or operate an ice cream truck.

According to First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt, there are 250 ice cream trucks operating in the county.

Similarly, Assemblyman Paul Cook (Contact), R-Yucaipa, has introduced a bill to the legislature that, if approved, would prohibit registered sex offenders statewide from obtaining business licenses to operate ice cream trucks.
- Hell, why don't you make a law so they cannot fart or breath without the states permission? Might as well!

The measure requires that any city or county licensing agency immediately reject applications from offenders.

Sex offenders are prohibited from working as masseuses in California.
- They are basically prohibited from working period! Every place they go to get a job, they get fired or denied. So when can we come down and collect our unemployment and disability checks? Or is that going to be denied as well?

New York and Illinois also have laws prohibiting sex offenders from operating ice cream trucks.

Members of the board expressed concerns Tuesday about sexual predators preying on young children.

"All one needs to do is turn on the television or pick up a paper and find out there are unfortunately far too many," said Third District Supervisor Dennis Hansberger.
- What a load of fear-mongering BS!

Meanwhile, Riverside County does not appear to have passed an ordinance prohibiting sex offenders from driving ice cream trucks.

"I can't confirm whether or not we have one," said Ray Smith, public information officer.

Riverside County may not have an applicable license because the business registration process applies mainly to permanently sited businesses, he said.

MO - Missouri: Senators back amendment targeting past sex offenders

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This is very scary folks!!! If they can just up and change the constitution anytime they feel like it, you can bet your rights will be eradicated soon as well, mark my words on that... It may take a couple years, but you will see!

So why don't they just back date it 100 years, and then go arrest their own mothers and fathers who had sex when they were young? It's only fair.. How many people from the 60's would be in prison with today's laws?


JEFFERSON CITY — Senators endorsed a proposed constitutional amendment Tuesday that could undo a Missouri Supreme Court ruling and restore the names and addresses of more than 4,300 past sex offenders to a state registry. They also voted to require sex offenders to stay in their homes on Halloween.

The Senate’s effort to increase the tracking and public notification of people convicted of decades-old sex offenses came just moments after a registered sex offender urged a House committee to use restraint in imposing new restrictions.

Aside from registering their names, addresses and other information, sex offenders also are prohibited under Missouri law from living or loitering near schools and child care centers.

An amendment added to a Senate bill Tuesday would require registered sex offenders to avoid all “Halloween-related contact with children” by remaining in their homes, with the external lights off, between 5 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 31. They also would have to post a sign stating they had no candy or treats.

Separate bills heard by a House committee Tuesday would make public swimming pools and parks with playgrounds off limits to child sex offenders and would bar them from serving as coaches or trainers for youth athletics.

As more restrictions are added, “the invisible walls of incarceration that keep going up around me keep re-sentencing me,” said Ted Mason, 50, of Blue Springs.

Mason was sentenced to a 120-day prison treatment program and five years probation for felony sexual misconduct involving indecent exposure in front of a child. The offense occurred in 2001, according to Department of Corrections records. After going through a community-based treatment program, Mason said he has changed.

Yet Mason said existing restrictions have forced him to sleep in a separate home from his wife and two children. That’s because the home they bought, after gaining clearance from the state probation office, turned out to be too close to a home-based child care center, he said.
- So IMO the state should be held accountable and return the money they have lost because of their mistake!

The news screams, ‘There’s a monster on the loose!’ Society says, ‘Kill it!’ And lawmakers say, ‘We will,”’ Mason said in an interview after testifying before the House Crime Prevention and Public Safety Committee.

He received some sympathy from Rep. Jamilah Nasheed (Email), D-St. Louis, who noted that parents such as Mason couldn’t even take their own children to the park if the House proposal passed.

“I am not for sex offenders,” Nasheed said. “However, I do believe we can go too far.”

In the Senate, there were no audible “no’s” on a voice vote giving the proposed constitutional amendment first-round approval. If passed by both the Senate and House, that measure could appear on November statewide ballot.

The amendment seeks to undo a June 2006 Missouri Supreme Court decision that sex offenders convicted of crimes before Missouri’s registry law took effect in January 1995 cannot be required to register. The high court ruled the law violated the state constitution’s prohibition on retrospective laws.
- So now, they are going to change the constitution to undo this... TOTALLY INSANE!!! Why not just shred the constitution? It apparently means nothing in these states and the country anymore, so why even have it?

As a result, the sex offender registry maintained by the Missouri State Highway Patrol no longer lists the addresses of 4,364 people whose most recent sex-offense conviction occurred before 1995, said patrol spokesman Capt. Tim Hull. The registry still listed detailed information for 6,995 other offenders as of Tuesday, Hull said.

“If the state of Missouri says that it is in the best interest of the citizens to have a sexual registration list, should it make any difference when that predator committed their offense?” sponsoring Sen. Jason Crowell, R-Cape Girardeau, asked rhetorically during a brief debate.

“It’s almost false advertising if the state of Missouri has a list, and then everyone who committed an offense prior to Jan. 1, 1995, is not on that list,” Crowell said in an interview

His proposed constitutional amendment would allow retrospective laws for the sex offender registry. It also would allow laws prohibiting sex offenders from living near schools or child-care centers to be applied retroactively.

Following much the same logic as with its earlier ruling, the state Supreme Court in February upheld a decision striking down a 2006 law that would have forced sex offenders to move away from schools and child care centers, even though they had lived there before a ban on doing so took effect.

The measure also would allow mandatory DNA samples to be taken from felons, even though they were convicted before a state DNA testing law took effect.

A Closer Look At Sex Crimes

View the article here

Looks like the vigilantes already bitched about the article and it has been taken down... Well, it's here as well....


By Rebecca Lee

A six-year-old preschooler reported that she had been sexually abused in the school restroom and that glue had been put in her private areas. Two doctors verified vaginal trauma and the presence of glue. The abusers, the child said. were two of her female classmates of the same age.

These children were questioned, claimed that they had not done it and that they had no glue. Authorities were investigating but had little to say. What they did say implied that something was amiss. There appeared to be no link with these accused children. And then silence. There have been no further news reports and the original story was removed from the online site.

We know that there were some surface injuries and glue in the vaginal area. What are the possibilities? Could a child do such a thing to herself? After watching a taped interview I have to wonder if this was staged by the mother for unknown reasons. And, if the six year olds are guilty, what action should be taken? If you were a parent of any one of these 3 children how would you want to see it resolved?

Elsewhere, two high school girls took compromising photos of themselves and sent them to everyone in their phone books. Some students deleted it and others sent it to everyone on their phone books.

After 2 months of circulation these photos crossed state borders, appeared on some elite college campuses and beyond. Some serious laws have been broken and, if the Feds were to step in, this would be the biggest bust in history for child porn. One high school would be wiped out and the long arm of the law would reach out in all directions.

We all know what the law is concerning child porn. Added to possession there is also the element of manufacturing and distribution. Every student who received these images is a sex offender and can be prosecuted as such. The law is very concise on this issue and no exceptions are allowed. We either abide by the laws we passed or we ignore them. Selective prosecution smacks of corruption.

This puts us in a position that we had not anticipated. We either overlook this or throw the book at everyone involved that can be raked and scraped up. One image is worth 5 years in federal prison. All of these young people had two images.

All of this started with 2 young ladies in Allentown, PA. but the same laws apply to all. At least that is the way it is supposed to work. There is no wiggle room for unexpected or unusual circumstances. I don´t know what the correct answer is to this problem but abiding by the law has always worked for me. The people of Allentown may have learned to vote only for things that would be fair if directed at them or their children. Maybe this is the place where intelligent voting takes root and spreads with the same swiftness as the child porn.

The Sex Offender Hoax: America´s Screwed Up Priorities

View the article here

Looks like the vigilantes already bitched about the article and it has been taken down... Well, it's here as well....


By Rebecca Lee

I have voted on a lot of sex offender legislation but the latest development makes me ashamed to be an American.

At a time when most of us are struggling to put gas in our cars and food on our tables Texas has completed a 1.2 million dollar upgrade to list employers of sex offenders on registries. This is not to protect anyone but to insure that people fail. We have actually found a way to reach a new low.

Even the Mafia would not use such under handed tactics as those being used here. The government feeds this information to the public knowing full well that it will be used in the exact fashion as intended. Employers will not want nor do they deserve to be listed on a sex offender registry so this is a huge step up for increasing lawlessness. It tends to make law abiding citizens want to gag.

These efforts are due to the requirements of the Federal Adam Walsh Act and being in compliance will bring millions of dollars to the individual states. The truth is that the Feds don´t have the millions of dollars to give the states. If they did it would still not be enough to keep this program afloat. It will end up costing us millions and that is a well known fact.

We are in a hard economic crunch. Many of us don´t care where sex offenders work. We are more concerned with gas for the car, food for the table and roofs over the heads of our families. Since we have all of these extra millions why are Medicaid and Medicare constantly being cut? It is evident that that our poor and elderly are not a concern. Hot button issues are needed for reelection but that is wearing thin. We have spent fortunes for empty promises and have succeeded in creating an even bigger mess.

In England sex offender issues are not used as political brick bats. There is no law against it but the British have a code of ethics that is completely lacking in the United States. Their leaders are united in keeping children safe and it puts our system to shame. They don´t have the problems that we do and politicians aren´t trying to out-tough one another by exploiting kids. When it comes to a choice between buying food and paying for a sex offender registry I will opt for the food every time.

Four thousand solders have given their lives and many more are maimed from trying to protect their dysfunctional homeland. How demoralizing it must be to put one´s life on the line for a nation of people who fear sex offenders more than foreign terrorists and home is a corrupt place that is being gutted from within by our American brothers and sisters.

Our foreign debt has far exceeded our worst expectations and chunks of the core of America continue to be sold to the Asians and the Arabs. As America crumbles into decay there seems to be only one certainty. We are a sinking nation that will go down with a death grip on sex offender laws but some of us won´t have current information. Cable TV and Internet services are being canceled in record numbers because of reduced budgets. Those extras are useless in a vagrant society where an alarming number of families are losing their homes.

Sex crimes are serious and are committed by less than 5% of the population. Something is very wrong if authorities can´t handle this without putting out hit lists in the form of public registration. Our entire way of life has changed because of a problem that tends to originate within the home. Less than one half of one percent of these crimes includes strangers, stalking, abduction and death.

Having recently lost a child I understand the feelings of rage and horror but the rest of the world is not responsible for my loss. I would never leave a child alone in the Sears toy department and don´t know any parent who would. But, as my child´s caretaker, a couple of things done differently could have changed the outcome. That is something I have to live with and I will not be pointing fingers at people who had no involvement. Our country is incredibly short on personal responsibility.

There are many among us who will jump at the opportunity to aid and abet in making more people jobless, homeless and hopeless but I am not one of them. My soul is not for sale.

There are vigilante groups online that thrive on blaming everyone else for their personal problems. These are nasty people so if you know the identity of Stitchess77, Daydreamer of Oz, Jacey, Violet Leaves or Boycott_Amazon I would appreciate your input. There are subpoenas waiting to be served.

On April 15th there is a Take Back America Rally being held on the west lawn of the Whitehouse. Ron Paul will be leading the charge so make your voices heard!

NY - Middletown sex-offender law proposed

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Would restrict where offenders could move in

MIDDLETOWN — Three aldermen have proposed a law to prevent sex offenders from moving into or loitering in neighborhoods where there are schools, playgrounds or child-care businesses.

"Yes, it's a good idea," said Shawn Adams, who was waiting Monday at Fancher-Davidge Park to pick up his son. "They shouldn't be able to be around the kids."

The proposal's sponsors — Ray Depew, Miguel Rodrigues and Joel Sierra — say people are worried about the offenders they know are in the city.

"I'm not saying that sex offenders shouldn't live anywhere," Depew said. "I'm saying we need to protect our children."
- It's a proven fact that 90% or more of all sex crimes are someone KNOWN to the victim! So how does banishing them to the out-skirts of society protect anybody? If a person really was intent on committing another crime, none of this would stop them, nothing would!

The proposal is modeled on legislation enacted a year ago by Rockland County. It would bar sex offenders from moving within 1,000 feet of schools, day-care centers, parks, playgrounds, youth centers or public pools. Offenders who already live in the "child safety zone" won't have to move.

Sex offenders may enter the zones for work, to vote, to attend school or for medical treatment, but they are still barred from making contact with a minor while in the zone.

Similar laws have been enacted in 22 states, and New York is considering a limited bill that would keep offenders who committed felony sex crimes against minors from living near schools. Orange County passed its own law in January.
- These laws affect ALL SEX OFFENDERS, not just those who've harmed a child. So these lies have to stop... Ask any sex offender who is in this state, who did not have anything to do with a child, if these laws affect them, and I guarantee you they will say yes!!! And just because one state passes an unconstitutional law doesn't make it right for this state to do so as well.

According to the Association for the Treatment of Sex Offenders and the Center for Sex Offender Management, limiting where sex offenders can live makes it more likely that they'll become homeless. That can drive offenders to skip out on parole or probation and make them harder to monitor, said Charles Onley of CSOM.

Onley said there's no evidence that residence-restriction laws prevent crimes. "But the public feels better if these types of laws are passed."

Middletown's proposal grew in part out of a feeling some officials have voiced for years, that the county "dumps" felons on the cities. Middletown has 18 Level 2 and 3 offenders listed on the public registry; the City of Newburgh has 33. County-wide there are 147 Level 2 and 3 offenders.

"We're trying to clean up our city," Sierra said. "If we can even stop one person (from offending), then I feel like this law is a good thing."
- I am really sick of hearing this! Who doesn't want children to be safe? Everybody does, but this will not do it.

Popular sentiment on sex offenders is clear: "They should keep them locked up forever," said Teresa Gigi as her daughters played at Fancher-Davidge. "They shouldn't even be out on the streets."
- Well to bad! Everybody has rights, even people like you!

NY - Police: Pantless woman gets out of car

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Talk about double standards... Why is she not being charged with a sex crime? If a man did this they'd be in jail awaiting a court appearance.


YONKERS - Suburban New York police say a drunken driver had a suspended license and had marijuana in her car. Oh, they also say she didn't have any pants on.

Yonkers police say 22-year-old Long Island resident Angelica Buchanan was found Saturday standing bottomless in a street near her car. They say she was so drunk she had to be hospitalized.

Police say she claimed she wasn't wearing pants because she needed to use the bathroom. They've charged her with driving while intoxicated, unlicensed operation of a vehicle and marijuana possession.
- So where is the indecency or public lewdness charges? How come women can expose their breasts and apparently their privates, and get a way with it?

A telephone message left at her family's Rockville Center home Tuesday night hasn't been returned.

Earlier this month a Westchester County man was accused of using a doughnut shop's drive-through lane while not wearing pants. He's charged with public lewdness.