Saturday, February 9, 2008


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This is from Corrupted-Justice link above, not me.

Recently I had an opportunity to participate in a discussion about perverted-justice on the Internet radio program "Something Relevant" hosted on BlogTalk Radio and

The program aired on Thurs. 7 Feb 2008. As it was fairly short notice, and we did not want to give PJ's media blitz team enough advance warning that they could highjack the phone lines as they have done on previous occasions, we didn't advertise the appearance.

The program lasts for two hours, approx. 1 1/2 of which is pretty much me talking endlessly about PJ. (My bit starts about 15 minutes into the program)

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WA - State officials must consider constitutionality of legislation

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The aims of the proposals are on target. But the goals are lost when lousy, unconstitutional laws are approved.

The spectre of an election tends to keep politicians focused on doing their jobs -- and doing them well. That's why our Founding Fathers insisted on holding elections regularly.

The downside, however, is those seeking re-election occasionally pander to voters.

That seems to be going on in Olympia now as lawmakers and top public officials, including Gov. Chris Gregoire (Contact), are taking tough stands against crime even if they trample on civil rights.

Here is a list provided by The Associated Press of proposals being seriously considered by the Legislature:

  • Revive the long-abandoned practice of suspicionless police searches for all cars on a particular stretch of road, in hopes of catching drunken drivers.
  • Force anyone convicted of several misdemeanors -- including animal cruelty and simple assault -- to submit a sample of their DNA to a government database.
  • Create the crime of viewing child pornography on the Internet -- even accidentally -- with people urged to report any accidentally viewed child porn to police if they want immunity.
  • In some cases lawmakers and officials are aware the proposals would likely be ruled unconstitutional. That doesn't matter.

"You get votes for passing a bill like (the DNA database),'' said Mark Prothero, a defense lawyer who testified against the proposal. "And two years later, when the Supreme Court throws it out, no one comes and takes your votes away.''

But that's no way to write laws.

The aims of the proposals -- from reducing drunken driving to stopping child pornography ¬--- are on target. The goals are lost when lousy, unconstitutional laws are approved. Taxpayers are forced to spend a lot of money defending the proposals in court before they are eventually tossed out.

It makes far more sense to consider our rights and approve laws that will actually solve problems.

In the battle against drunken driving, for example, Gregoire and other proponents of DUI roadblocks would better serve the public by working to beef up conventional police efforts to curb drunken driving. That's been proven to be legal and effective while roadblocks have already been ruled as a violation of privacy rights by Washington courts.

Lawmakers and other public officials have an obligation to do more than tell voters what they want to hear. They must focus on solving problem with solutions that are workable -- and constitutional.

Republicans can vote in primary, attend caucus

Thursday's Our Opinion was incorrect on the matter of whether Republicans can vote in the primary and also attend the GOP caucuses Saturday. They can do both.

The prohibition on attending caucuses in the pledge Republican voters must sign to vote in the primary pertains only to the caucuses or conventions of other parties.

TX - Alleged Rapist Shot After Attack In Oak Cliff

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Well, this is vigilante action, but, they do have a right to protect themselves. It's idiots like this that make the lives of other sex offenders who are trying to live a somewhat normal live, difficult. This heightens the hysteria! I'm sure some more knee-jerk laws will be coming. Yes, I am ok with someone protecting themselves, but the other vigilantes who take it upon themselves to go hunt down someone and torch a house, they should have charges pressed against them. In this case, it was self-defense, IMO.


DALLAS (CBS 11 News) ― An alleged rapist was chased and shot after an attack in an Oak Cliff neighborhood on Friday. According to police in Dallas, angry neighbors fought back against the suspect after he violated a woman in her upstairs apartment.

Police said that the man entered the unlocked apartment and displayed a knife. The woman was assaulted and forced into the bedroom where she was raped.

Police also said that five children were in the apartment at the time of the attack. The victim's husband was downstairs working on a car.

"For someone to come in and violate her like that is so wrong," said Amanda Fendell, one of the victim's neighbors. "I mean, that's disturbing."

When the victim came out of her apartment screaming, many nearby neighbors started chasing the suspect. He was shot in the apartment complex and taken to the hospital in critical condition.

"I guess he got what he deserved," Fendell said.

The suspect has been identified as Kedric Roy Lindley. He has a criminal record that includes aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon and other crimes of violence.

As for the victim, "She's in good condition," said Sr. Cpl. Janice Crowther with the Dallas Police Department. "Of course, she was assaulted. And, of course, everybody knows that in an assault like this, you're going to be devestated. So, in this case, she is definitely devestated. She's not feeling very well, but thank God she's alive."

The five children who were in the apartment at the time of the alleged attack were not injured.