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WI - Turner headed back to prison - The Halloween Killer (1973)

The article has been removed from the web site I originally had, and I had to repost this item.  But you can search Google for this mans name.

This is the only documented case, that I can find, thanks to Chance who posted a comment here, where a child was killed on Halloween, and involved sexual abuse.



Turner headed back to prison

Pornography on computer violates terms of parole, judge says

Wisconsin's "Halloween killer," whose release from prison after serving 20 years for the rape and murder of a 9-year-old prompted the state's sexual predator law, is going back to prison for at least 15 years.

Gerald Turner will be 69 when he's eligible for release from prison barring an appeal of an administrative law judge's decision to revoke his parole, Bill Clausius, Department of Corrections spokesman, said Tuesday.

Turner was taken into custody in October after authorities found hundreds of pornographic images on his computer hard drive at the Madison halfway house where he lived.

As part of his parole for the 1973 slaying of Lisa Ann French in Fond du Lac, Turner was not allowed to have sexually explicit materials without the permission of corrections authorities.

Turner, 54, has until April 14 to appeal the ruling, which was released Tuesday. In the meantime, he's being held at Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, said Clausius.

Clausius said Turner had been allowed to use computers but was prohibited from having access to the Internet. Officials discovered he had three modems, which are used to dial into the Internet and which he was forbidden to possess.

"He had been given permission - I guess he's a whiz with computers - to repair computers but not have access to the Internet," Clausius said Tuesday.

In 1975, Turner was sentenced to 38 1/2 years for sexually assaulting and killing French after she knocked on his door while trick-or-treating. He reached his mandatory release date in 1992 and spent 13 months in a Milwaukee halfway house.

Complaints from the community led to the creation of the state's sexual predator law, which allows judges to order sex offenders who have reached their release dates to be held for treatment as sexual predators.

Turner was returned to prison, but a jury decided in 1998 that he was not sexually violent. So he was paroled again and moved to a halfway house in Madison, which is where he was living when authorities found hundreds of hard-core pornographic images on his computer hard drive.

Administrative law Judge David R. Braithwaite revoked his parole, which means Turner must serve about 151/2 more years in prison.

According to Braithwaite's decision:

  • Turner's parole agents searched his room and discovered computer hard drives with images of bikini-clad women and pornography.
  • In written statements to parole agents, Turner said he viewed magazines such as Playboy in his room and had viewed pornographic movies he got from others at the halfway house.
  • He denied having any pornography on his computers and said he didn't know where the pictures of women in bikinis came from.
  • Turner testified at a parole revocation hearing March 18 that he viewed the sexually explicit videos briefly by accident and he never possessed sexually explicit materials in his room. He said others showed them to him in passing.

But Braithwaite was not swayed by Turner's testimony.

"He engaged in numerous violations of viewing sexually explicit videos, magazines and pictures throughout most of his stay at the halfway house," Braithwaite wrote.

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