Monday, October 6, 2008

Do's and Don'ts for PJ Targets

Do’s and Don’ts

What to do (or not do) when “busted” by

1. Do not have any more contact with or anyone associated with them. They WILL only use whatever you say against you, and it will be used to gain information on you in hopes of upsetting your life (by contacting loved ones, employers, neighbors, etc). They do NOT want to help you, no matter how much they try to convince you they will.

2. Do not send a RoR (right-of-reply) to This not only counts as a triumph in’s minds, but it can also be used against you as a “confession”. To date, out of more than 1000 PJ "busts", the site owner admits that only one person has been removed from their site as a result of their RoR. Your RoR will be "voted on" by PJ members for its "believability", and is often used by PJers as either an admission of guilt or evidence of "denying responsibility" which only engenders further harassment.

3. TRACE EVERY HARASSING PHONE CALL you receive (More info here). Even private numbers can be traced through the phone company. It may cost per trace, but it is worth it. Most states have laws that after two or three traces from one phone number, criminal charges can be filed against the caller. You should immediately set your phone up to not accept calls from numbers that have private or unlisted numbers (private call block). And if you have caller ID, make sure to write down every number (as well as trace the numbers) and do not erase the caller ID so you can verify who called and how many people called. Pressing *57 after a harassing phone call will log the source number (even if blocked) in the phone company's computers for use by police.

4. Do not have anyone “post on your behalf”. That will only give them more information and more people to harass.

5. Save any and all chat logs, instant messenger logs, emails or other correspondence from and anyone else contacting you. (for Yahoo messenger or AIM messenger, they are usually found in the “C” drive of your computer in the program folder, and then whatever folder labeled with the program you were using. Chat room logs may or may not be there). This is important because it will allow for you to prove that you are being harassed, stalked, threatened, etc. It will also verify your side of the story.

6. Clear your Yahoo Profile, removing ALL personal information. You should clear your profile on Yahoo so your personal information is not seen, but do not delete your account, because any harassing emails can be used to get IP numbers from, in order to contact the harasser’s ISP to file a complaint (every Terms Of Service of every Internet Service Provider says that their service can not be used to harass, harm, defame, etc. another person. Get the IP numbers from each email and file a complaint against each person harassing you).

7. Seek emotional support. Do not suffer through this alone. Feel free to contact us at for support, or talk to a trusted friend or relative. This is a very upsetting and disruptive thing that has happened, and you should not face the situation alone. 

8. If and when they contact family, neighbors, friends, or employers, take legal action, and be honest- humans make mistakes and this was an unfortunate mistake. Do not allow this situation to ruin your life or destroy your self esteem. wants to cause you pain and humiliation (they thrive on knowing they are hurting others). 

9. Seek legal advice. We feel is violating MANY of your rights (right to due process, right to privacy, right to face your accuser; among others). Have your attorney contact us. We can provide a considerable amount of information, not the least of which are the actual identities of many of the people who are doing this to you.

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