Saturday, September 27, 2008 - Who are they?

About: was started in April 2004 in reaction to the dangerous and immoral behavior and often illegal actions of the members of

Most of the 700+ members of our organization were visitors to or members of (PJ). Some of our members were actual participants. After realizing that PJ truly is a vigilante organization in every sense of the word, one that was destroying lives with no concern for the rule of law or the concept of "innocent until proven guilty in a court of law", a number of "anti-PJers" managed to contact each other through various internet web logs and message forums. Realizing that it would be necessary to "band together" in order to attempt to stop this menace, was formed.

Our staff expend considerable effort in research, attempting to turn up details such as names and contact information for those involved in PJ activities, as well as legal information and corporate internet Terms of Service agreements in the hopes that we may assist the legal community in stopping PJ by passing on the information we have gathered. (The results of our research are NOT displayed publicly.). None of the personal information gathered by our organization is released publicly. It is stored securely and provided only to attorneys and law enforcement officials requesting the information.

Corrupted-Justice consists primarily of this website which displays helpful, common-sense information for the general public and those being targeted by PJ, as well as an online forum for use by Corrupted-Justice members and the public at large to discuss tactics, laws, and any legal avenues which might be used to put a stop to the miscarriage of justice being carried out by PJ.

The Corrupted-Justice forums are open forums with no restrictions to membership. All comment, pro or con is invited as long as it is done respectfully, and lively discussions ensue daily about the threat to civil rights that PJ creates.

No Corrupted-Justice staff have ever been "busted" by PJ. We are not "pedophile enablers" or "pro-pedophile". We at do not condone pedophilia or any inappropriate contact between adults and children. We believe persons involved in those activities should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We believe in using law enforcement to handle the prosecution of these things. Perverted-Justice is not law enforcement.

We are simply concerned parents, computer experts, students, activists, and primarily, very concerned citizens. We strongly believe in the concept of the rule of law, and do not believe ANY group, regardless of the evil they purport to combat, is justified in trampling the rule of law by the use of intimidation, public humiliation and harassment. We mean to see it stopped.


RedGingerGoo said...

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my sad "duty" to inform you that, due to the vicious hounding of all those at, ( FBI raids, private Investigators, rogue prosecutors, alleged Mob hits, death threats, a member's house being burned to the ground, vicious negative media exposure, constant police harassment, constant PJ harassment and wrongful public "exposure, "illegal internet "porn-bombs", etc..) they were forced to shut down their web IS NO MORE! The website itself is currently up for grabs ( sale!) Those people were HOUNDED TO DEATH! Most have relocated and were forced to have their names changed. No one knows for sure just where those at CorruptedJustice have gone. Most of them are, no doubt, living in careful "seclusion." What happened to them should serve as a "cautionary tale" of what all too often happens to those who get on the "WRONG SIDE" of this "sex-offender INQUISITION!!! YOU DO NOT "FUCK" WITH THAT, JACK!!!!!!! Again, is entirely GONE. Don't believe me? Go and see for yourself.

RedGingerGoo said...

Also, do not think that you're SAFE when blogging on the web about sex offender topics. If prosecutors or the FBI get it in their heads that you might be a "pederast", they can probably suppoenae ( does ANYbody know how to "spell" that?!!?) your ISP provider, and get a warrant to search your home and take your computer, smart phones, phone records, etc..!! Don't laugh, fool, it happens all the time!!