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Woman Wants Different Regulations For Sex Offender Website

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It was Easter Sunday last year that two Maine men listed on the states sex offender website were shot and killed. The mother of one of those men says the website needs to change.

William Elliott died after being shot in his trailer in Corinth. Police say just hours earlier Joseph Gray was shot and killed at his house in Milo. Both were registered sex offenders. Police say the gunman, Stephen Marshall, found the addresses of more than 30 men including Elliott and Gray from the state website.

William Elliott's mother wants the state to assign risk levels to sex offenders, to keep repeat predators separate from one-time offenders.

"He's taken away from me in such a vicious manner and I'm fearing for other young men on that same list with misdemeanors," said Shirley Turner, William's mother

There are more than 20 bills pertaining to sex offender legislation set for discussion. Public hearings are scheduled for later this month. Shirley Turner believes her son would be alive if his address had not been listed on the website.

Parental controls that keep tabs on young Web surfers

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It's impossible to protect a child from every offensive Web site or spam e-mail, but Internet filtering tools can put some defenses at a parent's fingertips.

The need for parental controls for Internet activity varies, of course, with the age of the Web surfer. Teaching a kindergartener the ABC's of the Internet poses different challenges than preventing a teenager from posting his home address on a MySpace page. Those who use filtering tools also soon learn that they can benefit not only parents monitoring underage children, but also small businesses and even adult desktop users who may simply want to avoid viewing pornographic e-mail spam.

However, there can be a thin line between chaperoning a child's Internet usage and spying on every keystroke. Many Internet activity-monitoring programs allow a parent or system administrator to snoop unfettered. Critics of these services call them impractical and intrusive. After all, how many parents have the time or the will to read every word a child types and scrutinize every button clicked? Search engines and software that filter out potential adult content can also be problematic. Some are simply ineffective, while others aren't appropriately selective. A 2002 Kaiser Family Foundation study, for example, found some parental control software eliminated Web sites containing legitimate medical information and even controversial politics.

The following tools and guidelines can help parents keep adult content away from their children and prevent inappropriate contact with strangers.


Static 99: Improving Actuarial Risk Assessments for Sex Offenders

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The predictive accuracy of Static-99, a brief, actuarial risk scale, was examined by this technical study. Static-99 is the synthesis of two previously existing scales, the Rapid Risk Assessment for Sex Offense Recidivism (RRASOR) and Thornton's Structured Anchored Clinical Judgment (SACJ). Static-99 is comprised of the following elements: prior sex offenses, unrelated victims, stranger victims, male victims, age, never married, non-contact sex offenses, four or more prior sentencing dates, current non-sexual violence, and prior non-sexual violence. This scale was tested in four diverse samples of sex offenders and showed moderate accuracy in predicting both sexual and violent recidivism.

DEFINITION - Penile plethysmograph

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The penile plethysmograph (PPG) is a controversial type of plethysmograph that measures changes in blood flow in the penis in response to audio and/or visual stimuli. It is typically used to determine the level of sexual arousal as the subject is exposed to sexually suggestive content, such as photos, movies or audio.

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Walmart Sells Gay Porn Filled Zune To Little Girl

What Did Your Children Do To Deserve A Parent Like you?

Being a parent may well be the toughest job in the world and we all want to be successful. It is so necessary that we provide a safe, secure environment for our kids but it is an impossible task when adults are filled with fear that is passed on to their children. All across the nation little one's are having nightmares about being abducted and murdered. Of course, the basis of their fear is registered sex offenders. What happens when parent and child are equally fearful?

Education is the key to giving your children the same start in life that you had. Do not sit them in front of the TV with a bag of potato chips, watch them become overweight and join the epidemic of diabetes. America is full of such kids. Does your child know the joy of playing hard, running, getting dirty and stomping in mud puddles?

When it comes to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs you teach your children to just say "no". Apply that same rule to sexual molestation and there would a huge decrease in victimization. It is rare for a child to be physically forced into these situations but many end up there due to intimidation. Empower your children by giving them the strength to avoid such situations. In more than 90% of cases the person making the inappropriate gestures is someone known and often loved by the child so they must be taught that their voices do have power.

It is wrong for anyone to put their hands in certain places on your children. They do not know how to handle such situations because you had them watching for strangers behind bushes. Society must realize where the problem lies and our kids must be taught accordingly. Parents are failing because you refuse to face the truth that could keep your children safe.

What are the odds that a registered sex offender will abduct, rape and murder your child? There is a higher chance that you will win the lottery. Only .05 of all registered sex offenders are capable of committing such heinous crimes

Imagine 1,000 registered sex offenders standing in front of you. In your mind make 947 of them disappear. The remaining 53 are the only ones who will commit a second crime. Now, make 20 more of them disappear. The remaining 33 had a child victim. Out of 1000 people you need concern yourself with only 33 offenders across the nation. This is a simple explanation that you can give your children when you give them back their lives.

This is not about proving who is right and who is wrong. It is about parenting skills, the uselessness of registration, harsh prison sentences, gps tracking and all of the other gimmicks that are supposed to protect you from a large group of people who pose such a low risk. But do not take my word for it. Look for unbiased reports and I suggest you start with a study done by the Department of Justice and break free of the fear that engulfs you.

Approximately 4,300 child molesters were released from prisons in 15 States in 1994. An estimated 3.3% of these 4,300 were rearrested for another sex crime against a child within 3 years of release from prison. (

Your children will not die if someone grabs a quick feel between their legs. There is no need for trauma on anyone's part and let's stop sending people to prison because we are mad at them. Equipping our children with the confidence and knowledge to take decisive action allows them to walk away from such incidents as winners because they will be prepared to deal with someone they know. We have many tips to avoid stranger abduction but most kids are left totally clueless as how to deal with a friend or family member.

Turning to a trusted adult is vague and your child has already been damaged at this point. Saying "NO" with meaning is effective prevention. This aspect of education gets completely overlooked because the adults in the world refuse to recognize the major source of danger. You hold the key to keeping your children safe but selective blindness keeps you from using it. Please reassess you position. Discard the misdirected fear. Give your kids the gift of having a childhood and provide them with the tools to navigate safely. Happy Sailing!


Bellevue board to discuss sex-offender residency

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Ban offers 'false sense of security,' resident says

BELLEVUE — The Village Board this week is scheduled to tackle the hot-button issue of where registered sex offenders should live.

The board meets at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Village Hall, 1811 Allouez Ave.

The board will discuss whether to follow the lead of the Green Bay City Council in voting to ban registered offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools, day-care facilities, trails, playgrounds, churches, parks or other places where children congregate.

In Green Bay, that means practically everywhere, save select pockets of neighborhoods.

Bellevue doesn't have nearly the number of parks or schools that Green Bay does, but it does have several day-care facilities, community-based residential facilities, churches, the Bellevue Retirement Community and the East River Trail, Village Administrator Randy Friday pointed out at a recent meeting.

He asked whether the ordinance could or would be stretched to include all publicly-held properties where kids might congregate.

"I think (following Green Bay's restriction on sex offenders) leads to a false sense of security," said Director of Public Works Ron Umentum, who said he was speaking as a private citizen and not as a village employee.

Umentum said the proposal restricts where registered sex offenders live but not where they congregate.

"These people need to go somewhere. We need to spread them out where the whole community can keep an eye on them. They need to be integrated into the community."

Another pitfall of isolating sex offenders to remote areas outside the heart of the community is that it could hurt their recovery, village President Craig Beyl said.

"They need public transportation, they need low rent, they need services and to be near public services," he said.

Trustee Kevin Brennan said he initially supported the tougher restrictions but had a change of heart.

"On reflecting on it a bit more, I thought what are we trying to accomplish?"

Brennan, a social worker who is an advocate for abused and neglected children, said he searched his 14 years of case files for instances in which a tougher residency requirement would have prevented a case of child abuse. He couldn't find one, he said.

"The majority of sexual abuse of kids happens No. 1 by family members and No. 2 by family friends and people kids trust," Brennan said.

He said he's in favor of changing the 2,000-foot requirement to 1,000 feet.

City police officer accused of 2 sex misconduct cases

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A Toledo police officer under investigation for accusations of sexual misconduct with two women while on duty had an administrative hearing yesterday on 13 departmental charges lodged against him in the matter.

The hearing for Officer John Harris III, who has been on the force since 2000, was continued until Monday. He has not been charged criminally and is listed as being on a leave of absence without pay.

He is charged administratively with two counts each of dishonesty, subversive conduct, and insubordination, and one count each of neglect of duty, conduct unbecoming, gross inefficiency, absence from duty station, dispatch, completed reports, and being AWOL.

Dan Wagner, president of the Toledo Police Patrolman's Association, which represents the officer, withheld comment until the hearing is complete.

Neither of the women could be reached for comment.

Officer Harris was relieved of duty and voluntarily removed himself from the payroll in October pending administrative and criminal investigations into a complaint from one of the women.

He was dispatched and assigned to an accident at North Reynolds Road and Nebraska Avenue about 3 a.m. Oct. 29. He typed a message to a dispatcher on his in-car computer indicating he would be taking a stranded motorist from the accident to a Caledonia Street address in East Toledo.

He failed to notify his supervisor, and officers are to verbally notify the dispatcher when they need to change locations, according to the charges.

Less than 90 minutes after the accident, he took the woman - whom he allegedly sexually assaulted that morning - to the east side address. At 5:20 a.m., the officer notified a dispatcher he'd completed the accident report.

During the misconduct investigation, it was learned that during the two hours and 14 minutes he spent on the call, his report was incomplete.

During a Dec. 6 interview with internal affairs, Officer Harris was "evasive, sarcastic, and uncooperative," the charges indicate.

At the start of the interview, he began to read a prepared statement answering the charges. When he was told a copy of the statement would have to be submitted to internal affairs, he disposed of it.

"When the questioning resumed," the charges state, "Officer Harris was then unable to recall the incident."

During the interview, Officer Harris said he never received oral sex or engaged in sexual intercourse with anyone while on duty and called the complainant "white trash."

Mr. Wagner said the woman alleged she was intimidated by the officer, who ticketed her for the accident. Mr. Wagner said he doesn't expect criminal charges to be filed because the woman's allegations don't match evidence collected and tested in the case.

During its investigation, internal affairs learned of another incident of sexual misconduct involving a South Toledo woman.

The Butterfield Drive resident performed oral sex on the officer July 14 in a bedroom and, on an unspecified date, he fondled her breasts as she stood outside his police vehicle, according to the charges.

Specifications within the charges indicate Officer Harris was not truthful with internal affairs when interviewed Dec. 15. For example, he said he did not know the woman and did not recall going to her home in search of a missing juvenile.

Officer Harris denied he was shown sexually suggestive photos of her by another officer, talking with the officer about her, fondling her, and receiving oral sex from her.

The charges accuse him of using in-car computers to send messages confirming he arranged inappropriate personal contacts and meetings with women while on duty and used unprofessional comments in the transmissions.

He denied to internal affairs that he met with women for personal reasons while on duty.

According to the last set of charges dated Feb. 15, Officer Harris had been on the sick list since Dec. 6. In a Dec. 11 memo from Chief Mike Navarre regarding the officer's "duty status," the officer was ordered to be available to police during normal business hours.

Four times, internal affairs investigators tried to serve him his charges, but he was not available at his home. They also left three voice mail messages advising him to call them, according to the charges.

Hayward cop does not appear for arraignment

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What? If the average citizen did not show up they'd have a bench warrant issued for their arrest, so why isn't one being issued for him?

HAYWARD — Police Officer Jeff Christofani did not appear at the Hayward Hall of Justice on Friday, where he was scheduled to be arraigned on four felonies.

Christofani, a Hayward police officer for 18 years, was arrested Thursday afternoon at the police station and booked into Santa Rita county jail in Dublin. He was released on $250,000 bail at 2:01 a.m. Friday.

The four felony charges include two counts of sex crimes against children, one count of child endangerment and one count of intimidating a witness.

Although Christofani, about 42 years old, did not appear in court on Friday, no charges were filed against him. He has been placed on administrative leave from the Hayward Police Department.

No bench warrant was issued for Christofani to appear, and he may have obtained private counsel, said Hayward police Lt. Reid Lindblom.

Investigation is ongoing, so the Police Department is not releasing information that might risk compromising its case. The Alameda County District Attorney's Office said that it had not received any charges related to Christofani.

No Jail For Deputy Accused Of Sex Crimes On Duty

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This is total BS! If the average Joe did this, they'd be in jail/prison so fast your head would spin. Corruption, Corruption, Corruption!!

Once he's placed on the registry, you can click here to see him in all his glory!

MURRIETA - A Riverside County sheriff's deputy accused of sexually assaulting two women while on duty will walk free thanks to a plea bargain.

John Wayne Leseberg, 43, had faced about 17 years in state prison if convicted on the original charges.

After initially pleading not guilty to the charges in December, Leseberg was allowed to plead guilty to two felony counts of burglary and three misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure, for which he was expected to be sentenced to two years behind bars.

Friday's sentencing hearing was delayed until July 31, and Deputy District Attorney Valerie Zucker told Judge Michael Hider that she expected Leseberg to be sentenced to time served at that time.

By delaying Friday's hearing, Leseberg will have been in jail long enough for that two-year sentence to be equivalent to time served, allowing him to walk out of jail a free man the same day he is sentenced, his attorney, Joseph Cavallo, said outside court.

As part of the plea agreement, Hider dismissed 10 other counts, including sexual battery and sexual assault under color of authority.

Leseberg was originally arrested last April 26 and released on bail on charges stemming from the alleged sexual assault of a woman while on duty in November 2004.

He was charged with willfully committing an act of sexual penetration, sexual battery and assault by a public officer stemming from alleged acts on the woman while she was in jail, and later at an abandoned apartment.

About a week after his initial arrest, Leseberg was arrested at the home of another woman -- the grandmother of another deputy -- on suspicion of intimidating a witness, burglary, sexual assault with intent to commit rape and elder abuse.

Because Leseberg is a peace officer, he was held in protective custody at the Southwest Detention Center in lieu of $2 million bail, and was placed on unpaid administrative leave last May.

Leseberg will have to register as a sex offender, prosecutors said.

Law & Disorder - Sex Offender Discussion

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04/07/07 - Sex Offender Discussion (Segment 2)

Ken is a recent resident of Tucson AZ. He moved here from Dallas, TX where he founded the DFW Gun Range and Training Center, a highly acclaimed firearms training center. He also owned 3 different nightclubs (including a topless club and a swingers bar). He is also a practicing trial lawyer who has represented clients in high profile murders, drug trafficking and public corruption cases. Ken spent many years defending himself on the streets first as a young runaway and drug abuser and then as a social worker with hard-core delinquents. Ken has been the subject of an ABC Television documentary and guest appeared on the Phil Donohue show. In addition he has been interviewed/featured on most major national news shows for a variety of issues.

In his own words: I am 54 years old. I got this old by being very street smart. From the age of 13 to 18, I spent most of my time in the streets of the south side of Chicago, as a runaway from a physically abusive dad. While my family was affluent, I chose to live in poverty and crime, sometimes living in the basements of apartment buildings and churches. When I got older I became a youth worker and specialized in working with the toughest kids I could find in the streets. I even created a not for profit agency so I could hire myself because no one else would hire a high school dropout to work with kids. Although I dropped out of high school I eventually received a GED, high school equivalency when I was 18. I didn't see the inside of a classroom again until 11 years later when I began college. I spent 2 years in college, then at the age of 33, I entered law school. During that period, in 1982, I had to stop in Detox for substance abuse.

During school I continued to work as a social worker with high risk populations in the inner city. My own experiences as a street urchin and a drug abuser made me feel drawn back to the streets to do my job. After law school I started my own law office. That way I could stay with what I had come to know the best. The streets! I have learned most of the tricks of survival by always bringing my work to the streets and the streets to my work. I have been in numerous life and death encounters, including being shot at a few times. I have been in several handgun encounters, but I have never had to shoot someone nor have I been shot. I believe it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. I have seen hate and most of its permutations. I am too old to rock and roll and too young to die.

I am licensed to practice law in 3 states, Texas, Arizona and Illinois. I studied law with some of the best trial lawyers in America including Gerry Spence, Racehorse Haynes, Roy Black and Morris Dees (the founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center and the KKK Watch). I have represented clients in all types of criminal cases including first degree murder charges.

I studied firearms with some of the best also. Thunder Ranch, Gunsite, Halo, and the Executive Protection Institute. I have been instructing formally for several years and I was licensed by the state of Texas to teach security officers, and the Concealed Handgun Licensing class.

I was a Big Brother of Chicago for over 10 years and became a foster parent to a young man I was appointed to represent on criminal charges in the juvenile court in Chicago.

But most important, my range was the home to the machine gun used in the film Scarface with Al Pacino. The gun is usually referred to as My Little Friend.

The idea for the show Law and Disorder came from my years of being interviewed by the media and seeing the butchered (edited) results that actually aired. I am also tired of the pitiful portrayal of gun owners in the press. It has been poor advocacy that has been offered by the gun gurus who use sound bites rather than reasoned thought as the means to influence America. Along the way I have also discovered that drug users, adult entertainers, tattooists and their customers have all been poorly treated and ill represented in public debates and legislative sessions. So now I undertake to represent myself and those like me. And as the old saying goes, "a lawyer who represents himself, has a fool for a client."

Texas Youth Commission Fires 11 More Amid Investigations Into Beatings And Sexual Abuse Of Children

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Eleven people who work for youth prison facilities in Central Texas, including a controversial former sheriff, are being fired because of their criminal histories.

The employees are among 40 statewide who are being terminated by the Texas Youth Commission because of past brushes with the law. All either have been convicted of a felony or have received deferred probation for a felony-level crime.

With the latter, there is no final finding of guilt if people successfully complete their probation. Thus, they don’t have convictions on their records.

But the TYC doesn’t see much of a distinction, spokesman Jim Hurley told the Tribune-Herald. Whether people plead guilty to a crime or plead no contest to get deferred probation, they are essentially admitting they violated the law, he said.

“We need a clean slate,” Hurley said. “This agency is under a microscope, and there are too many questions about what is going on about this agency.”

The state conducted new background checks into every TYC employee after media agencies revealed in late February that allegations of sexual and physical abuse had been covered up within the youth prison system, sometimes for years.

Upon learning about the scandal, lawmakers vowed that no one who had committed a felony would be allowed to continue working at the TYC.

Officials made good on that promise this week when the agency mailed out termination notices, Hurley said. More people may end up being fired, he said, because some TYC employees who committed a felony-level offense were allowed to plead to a misdemeanor. All cases in which individuals originally were arrested for felonies are being examined, he said.

So far, most of the termination notices have been for drug-related charges, according to information from the TYC. But the list of offenses employees were adjudicated for also includes violent crimes such as murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault and sexual assault.

At the two area facilities, all of the crimes attributed to employees are nonviolent. At the McLennan County State Juvenile Correctional Facility in Mart, five people are being fired. Four have been convicted of a crime — driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana and methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and burglary. The fifth received deferred probation for selling marijuana.

At the Marlin Orientation & Assessment Unit, six people are being fired. All of the charges ended in deferred probation. They include theft, credit card abuse, possessing a controlled substance, delivering a controlled substance and two counts of tampering with a government record.

One of those tampering charges belongs to former Falls County Sheriff Larry Pamplin, who has been employed at the Marlin facility about three years. He has been a caseworker, which entails leading group sessions for inmates as well as responding to parental concerns.

Some Falls County residents raised concerns about Pamplin’s employment at the TYC soon after the abuse scandal revealed its questionable hiring practices. Their argument was that people with a criminal history like his should not be working with troubled youths.

Prosecutors alleged that Pamplin stole more than $23,000 from the county during the early 1990s. He did so through a scheme in which he falsified records relating to the jail’s food fund, they said.

Pamplin originally was charged with three theft-related counts and seven for tampering with government records. But he ended up striking an agreement with prosecutors in 1998 in which he pleaded no contest to one felony count of tampering with a government record in exchange for the other charges being dropped.

As part of the agreement, Pamplin had to serve five years deferred probation. He also had to pay the county $15,000 in restitution and agree never again to run for public office or work for a law enforcement agency.

Pamplin did not return phone calls from the Tribune-Herald on Friday.

Another change in personnel at the Marlin facility is the retirement of Superintendent Jerome Parsee. He was suspended from his post late last month after being arrested on a charge of making a false report to a peace officer.

State law enforcement officials visited the Marlin facility in early March as part of the statewide investigation into abuse within the TYC. At that time, Parsee was asked what kind of abuse complaints had been filed at the Marlin unit.

Parsee reportedly told investigators that the most serious complaints dealt with use of force against inmates who had to be restrained after getting unruly with staff. But officers later learned several sexual abuse complaints had been filed at the facility.

The case is pending, but Parsee chose to retire from the TYC as of April 1, Hurley said.

Police Harassment in Australia

This is from an email sent to me from a user from a support group, and is their actual experience.

I was driving to the hills with my new girlfriend for a walk through the tracks and I was pulled over by the cops because I ran an amber light. They reckon I had time to stop. Well sure if I had locked it up...

Anyway as usual they did a name check for warrants or inquiries and for some reason when discovering that I had a record they asked what it was for.

The senior officer then asked me to get out of the car and took me to the back of his police car. He then got right in my face and started asking me, really fast, "What's her name... How old is she... How long have you know her?" I couldn't believe what was happening. I thought this kind of stuff only happened in America.

He then put me in the back of his car and told me to, "stay put."

I heard what he was saying on the radio because I was in the car, and they were asking for a secure vehicle to come to their location. I couldn't believe they were going to take me back to the station.

They took me back and said they didn't believe her age and wanted to check for themselves. She didn't have her license because we were going for a walk along the tracks.

They rang her mother and spoke to her rather rudely. For 20 minutes I overheard the constable say to the senior officer, "So do we apologize to him?" and then senior officer replied, "No not all all. He's know this is what he gets for being a sex offender."

They came and got me and said they were going to take me back to my car. When I asked about my girlfriend they said her mother was going to be picking her up. I didn't know what they had told her, if anything.

As we were walking to the car I said, "Thanks for stuffing up our day," and the senior officer just started. "How do you think the kids you molested are doing. Are they having a good day."

Anyway to cut the story short I got back to the car and rang my girlfriend. She said that her mother was coming to pick her up. I then asked if I should call again and she said, "No."

The following day being Monday I rang up my case manager at ANCOR. The Australian sex offender registry and told them what had happened. She was horrified and demanded that I tell her his regimental number and she was going to ring him and have a talk to him.

When I gave her the number she said that she's not going to ring but her boss, the Detective sargeant would be better off. I know him and he's pretty good at getting the message across very sternly.

A week has gone by now and I finally spoke to her again after I was told she had overdosed on some medication because things were getting to much for her. I saw her in the hospital and that's where she told me that the cops told her that I was a child molester. That they saved my life. They told her that I was going to take her to the hills and kill and possibly rape her.

As you can imagine, she was terrified. I had no idea that she was told this until just yesterday.

Cops are not allowed to divulge anyone else's criminal record and he went a step further and made up a story that I was going to kill her.

I am seriously considering legal action from this. She is willing to make a statement in regards to what the cops told her.

When we break the law, we get punished by whatever means and the same should apply to the cops, in fact they are under more scrutiny than we are.