Sunday, January 28, 2007


We have sex offender registries and laws which are "suppose" to protect kids from sex offenders, but doesn't, but the public seems to think they do. If we had a CRIMINAL HISTORY registry and laws similar to the sex offender laws, do you think it would prevent the crimes committed below from happening? Don't think so!!

It just happened again ... New Orleans, Louisiana, one student dead, several more wounded as gunmen opened fire in a school building with an AK-47.

Following the Harris/Klebold rampage at Columbine High School on April 20, 2000, (Hitler's Birthday), conferences were held in most if not every state concerning "youth safety," culminating in a nationwide Youth Safety Summit called by then President Bill Clinton.

The purpose? To come up with ways to make our government schools and students safer in the school environment. All of this was done under the mantra that our children have the right to be safe while they learn.

Never mind that school shootings were unheard of before 1990. Never mind that guns used to appear in gun racks in pickups in school parking lots on a regular basis and were never used to harm anyone.