Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Children as sex offenders? What has this world come to?

The following is some links to items on this blog to children 18 years of age and under being charged with sex crimes and labeled sexual offenders. This item is under the "OffenderChild" label on the left side of the blog.

Take a very hard look at what these laws, that everyone says is for sexual predators, are doing to these children! And look at all the hysteria and insanity these laws are causing! They say they are to protect children, but why are children being swept up into the large nets of these insane laws?  Many are from kids being kids!

You can also find a lot more children who have been ruined by these laws, at our Diigo account.


Tclnick203 said...

Teachers who claim harassment against a child are only trying to protect their own asses from prosecution before some over-zealous parent gets their first!
If concerned, they should simply report the incident to the principle of the school.  Filing harassment charges against somebody who doesn't even know what that is should be considered criminal!
Legislators, police officers and other officials that pursue the "letter of the law" (as seen in the '3-year old' articles) at the expense of the "spirit of the law" should be held up to public ridicule and fired!!
When children are forced to be afraid of their ignorance and can't trust those that they have been encouraged to trust, then society is that much closer to oblivion!!

Therealtinamarie said...

I know someone who was neglected, abused and sexually abused, all before the age of 5, when he was taken away from his parents and put into foster care.  He, of course, acted out often as abused and neglected children usually do.  Eventually, he was adopted.  At the age of 10, he "sexually abused" a neighbor girl and his adoptive brother.  At 12 - 14, he was charged as a sex offender.  Since those incidents at age 10, he has not abused anyone.  However, now age 30, he is still labeled as a sex offender and cannot get that label removed.  This has affected where he can live and work.  I do not believe that he should pay for this for the rest of his life!  For goodness sake, he was 10!  Does anyone know what law makers in Washington State I can contact to complain about this?  I want them to know how this affects these children, later in life!  It is ridiculous!  Thank you!  Tina  ~ A good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another up ~ 

SOIssues said...

Contact all of them...