Saturday, October 13, 2007

Children Ruined By These Laws

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The following is quick links to articles I have on this blog about young children's lives being ruined by the laws that are suppose to protect children.

By Age Group:
More examples:


Anonymous said...

your email doesnt seem to be working

its unrelated but god this has somewhat of the same theme to your blog

replace unregistered gumball for unregistered sex offender and you have the typical sex offender hysteria :)

mark@ if you remember who i am.

ZMan! said...

Please post news stories at the top using the "Submit news articles" link.

I have people posting stuff all over the place, and it's a pain. If it keeps up, I may start denying comments, which I don't want to do.

Again, post the news stories at the top of the document. If you just want to say something, post that here:

The old email was deleted, due to a$$hole vigilantes sending me BS emails. I have a new email address, and sorry, I am not giving it out.