Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How many human beings, who have been murdered, is it going to take before the online hit-list is taken down and used by police only?

The following are some quick links to various items on our blog regarding vigilantism of sex offenders. We have also created this spreadsheet of other vigilantes not listed below.

And the media and politicians say that vigilantism is not a problem, well, I think the links below will prove IT IS A MAJOR PROBLEM!

So the question is, "How many human beings, who have been murdered, is it going to take before the online hit-list is taken down and used by police only?" There are already thousands! So how many more? Thousands, millions?

This is what happens when the registry is made public!

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The following is the last 20 articles from our Diigo Vigilantism Group of links relating to vigilantism of ex-sex offenders, their families and children.


Steppinmadfresh said...

Actually, in Florida a battery, assault and aggravated assault charge has enhanced penalties for anyone who knowingly assaults sex offenders, children, the elderly, Law enforcement and emergency personnel too. 

Astragong said...

two can play this game. If members of the community link up and organize and map out a self-defense strategy then they could be safer from vigilantism. 

Extremely Disgruntled said...

Search "Valerie Parkhurst" from FL, and see what really is going on there. AND what is done about it. daskinny has it right.

Pwpw63 said...

I know of the older Florida man who was beaten to death with a baseball bat and it turned out that he wasn't even on the registry.  It was a case of mistaken identity.  There also was a young man in man who was shot and killed.  When he got on the registry he was 19 and he had a 15 yr. old girlfriend.  It was definitely consensual but her father was against the relationship.  This young man answered the door of his house and was killed.   I've also heard of suicides by people who cannot take the harassment, threats and limits set on their lives.

eAdvocate: A Voice said...

As to the person killed answering the door, which you cite above, is it any of the stories at this link in my blog (persons killed answering the door):

If not can you provide any details so I can find the case and get it added to the files?


Mark said...

This particular article exemplifies the utter disgust and contempt I hold for Congress, and the state legislators who, I know personally know all about these type of statistics. Why no action? Because of Congress' and the state legislator's utter disgust and contempt for ALL sex offenders, and getting these sinful, and immoral people to move and make drastic changes with one swipe of a pen is like pulling Mount Everest towards you with dental floss, and none of them wants to be the first to do anything for virtually POLITICALLY UNCONTESTED crimes as a sexual offense of any ilk.