Sunday, July 29, 2007

IL - Gonzales to police: Get ‘graphic’ in sex crime talk

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This is one sick man! He lies all the time, and no he's expecting people to listen to graphic talk about sex crimes? IMPEACH THIS MAN!! I wish he'd wipe that smile off his face, he always looks like he's about to bust out laughing, probably is, he's probably thinking "I can't believe the American people are buying all this BS I say!" He disrespects the Constitution and Bill of Rights, lies under oath, etc...

07/28/2007 SPRINGFIELD — U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales recommends authorities become “extremely graphic” in describing sex crimes and exploitation they see perpetrated against children.

“Otherwise, people have a tendency to turn away, to tune out,” Gonzales told a group of downstate police and prosecutors gathered Friday at a federal building in Springfield.
- Maybe they "tune out" because your mouth is open and nothing but lies come flying at them!

Gonzales repeatedly stressed the need to be “graphic” to get the public’s attention.

“We have to be very, very graphic in describing what we’re discovering over the Internet, for example, the images that we see. Not just young teenage girls in bikinis, but these are images of crimes being committed against our children, of dads having sex with their young daughters, oral sex, defecation,” Gonzales said. “I mean, just, we’ve got to be extremely graphic about what we’re seeing because all these images mean that a child has been molested.”

The embattled Republican attorney general took no questions from reporters during the 25-minute public discussion and talked only about cracking down on sex crimes and child exploitation.

Later, during a tour of the state Capitol, which included a stop in Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s office, Gonzales declined to answer questions when approached by the Daily Herald. As he shook his head no, a staff member approached and said the attorney general was on a tight schedule.

His Illinois appearance came a day after the head of the FBI contradicted Gonzales’ sworn testimony about dissent within the Bush administration regarding the president’s secret wiretapping program.

Senate Democrats are pushing for a perjury investigation of Gonzales, but the White House backs him.


whatsthis said...

There is no way that a man under this type of pressure can think clearly on making a decision on OAG 121 if anyone has congress emails we should all send to them. He is not capable of making this type of law under his current focus and pressure.

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Thanks Zman for moving it sorry for the wrong area keep me straight:) I have been so busy the last 3 days doing nothing but nailing Mark Lunsford and have had some pretty good feedback. His my space site is a dangerous to kids as a BOMB....Up to include his home page holding a gun in his hand like a Murder would. Scary man this guy is.