Thursday, July 12, 2007

Those who are suppose to "protect" us, are committing sexual crimes at an alarming rate, and usually get slapped on the wrist!

The following is a starting point for the various corruption issues with Judges, Lawyers, Government workers, police, and other people who apparently do not think the same laws apply to them. We originally had everything under Police and Corruption only, now we've split it out into separate categories.

If you ever come across any article about a sex crime pertaining to any of the below mentioned, and which is not already on this blog (search here), then please consider using the "Contact Us" link at the top of this blog, and send us the link to the article.

Recent studies show that 98% of people in the police force, media and politics are pedophiles!


Republicans & Democrats:

Older Corruption Links: (Some links may be broken)
  1. (10/08/2005) Ex-cop who ran anti-predator website gets probation for making kiddie porn
  2. (11/06/2006) Ex-Texas DA Dead After TV Child-Predator Sting
  3. (12/01/2006) Former Police Officer and Preacher Charged with Sex Crimes
  4. (12/04/2006) Sheriff Takes Office Despite Rape Charge
  5. (12/05/2006) Ex-cop's molestation conviction overturned
  6. (12/05/2006) Former Southborough official sentenced in online sex sting
  7. (12/05/2006) Officer Accused Of Sending Pornographic Photo To Woman
  8. (12/06/2006) Former cop out of jail
  9. (12/06/2006) Probation officer charged with sexual abuse
  10. (12/13/2006) Cop Arrested in Undercover Sex Sting
  11. (12/14/2006) Arrest of cop in online sex sting 'huge'
  12. (12/18/2006) Police officer to plead guilty in child porn case
  13. (12/19/2006) Former U.S. Capitol Officer Charged In Child Porn Case
  14. (12/19/2006) Deputy Charged With Molestation
  15. (12/20/2006) Officers who abuse their badges
  16. (12/22/2006) Florida Marlins pitcher Dontrelle Willis Released After DUI Arrest, urinating in public
  17. (01/04/2007) Former Tulare sheriff's deputy pleads guilty to child porn charge
  18. (01/10/2007) Guard who fondled himself in front of busload of schoolgirls gets probation, remains on active duty
  19. (01/19/2007) Chamber exec faces child porn charges
  20. (01/24/2007) Porn suspect, ex-cop shoots himself
  21. (01/24/2007) Ex-sheriff gets prison for porn
  22. (01/26/2007) Fla. city to pay girl forced to do topless stunt - Police officer made teenager jump with shirt off to avoid indecency arrest
  23. (01/27/2007) Ex-Visalia police officer admits to touching woman's breasts
  24. (01/29/2007) Former Largo police officer arrested for child porn
  25. (01/30/2007) FBI: Ex-officer had child porn
  26. (01/30/2007) Officer Accused Of Abusing Family Member
  27. (02/01/2007) Policeman tried to groom girl for sex
  28. (02/03/2007) Cop acquitted after being accused of sexual assault by stripper
  29. (02/08/2007) Sahuarita officer resigns; child porn investigation against him continues
  30. (02/08/2007) Ex-police officer faces 25 child porn charges
  31. (02/08/2007) Officer charged with sexual abuse
  32. (02/08/2007) Jail Guard Charged with Child Porn on Computer
  33. (02/09/2007) Former cop indicted on child-porn charges
  34. (02/09/2007) Deputy hit with child porn charges
  35. (02/13/2007) Ariz. Guard colonel facing child porn charges put on leave
  36. (02/16/2007) Former Air Force sergeant gets 6.5 years for possessing child porn
  37. (02/19/2007) Former Marine recruiter avoids sex-offender label with plea deal
  38. (02/20/2007) O.C. Judge Sent To Pen For Owning Kiddie Porn
  39. (02/20/2007) Officer Accused Of Child Molestation
  40. (02/21/2007) Ex-South Bend firefighter convicted in child porn case receives no prison time
  41. (02/22/2007) Former judge on trial for sex crimes in Milledgeville
  42. (02/23/2007) Former Kernersville Fire Captain On Trial
  43. (02/23/2007) Cop Pleads Guilty in Online Sting
  44. (02/23/2007) Molest trial begins in OC for ex-Congressional aide
  45. (02/26/2007) Navy Officer Accused In Child Pornography Case
  46. (02/27/2007) Deputy Accused Of Sex With 14-Year-Old
  47. (02/28/2007) Former state trooper sentenced in sexual assault of Barrington teen
  48. (02/28/2007) Supreme Court upholds ex-Stark deputy's sex conviction
  49. (02/28/2007) Ex-trooper gets 5 years for soliciting sex
  50. (03/01/2007) Online Sting Busted Former Prison Guard In Child Porn Case
  51. (03/01/2007) TYC now under new leadership
  52. (03/01/2007) Online Sting Busted Former Prison Guard In Child Porn Case
  53. (03/01/2007) S.A. girl also was victim at TYC site
  54. (03/02/2007) Sexual torture trial begins
  55. (03/03/2007) File Released on Jailer Accused of Sex with Inmates
  56. (03/06/2007) Guard accused of attacking teen inmate
  57. (03/06/2007) Former Judge Fights Pension Decision
  58. (03/06/2007) Judge concerned over lawyer conflict in deputy molest case
  59. (03/06/2007) Former dispatcher gets jail time for sex abuse
  60. (03/07/2007) Fla. Deputy's Wife Faces Child Porn Charges
  61. (03/08/2007) Sex offender fired from job as youth prison guard
  62. (03/08/2007) Prison guard arrested in molest case
  63. (03/09/2007) TYC guards did nothing to stop beating, inmate's mother says
  64. (03/10/2007) Attorney gets 60 days in jail for sex crimes
  65. (03/14/2007) Lawyer charged with child porn, fraud
  66. (03/14/2007) Former security officer convicted on sex charge
  67. (03/14/2007) Southampton Cop Arraigned in Sex Scandal
  68. (03/17/2007) Police Sergeant Arrested In Child Porn Investigation
  69. (03/21/2007) Former Deputy Sentenced For Sexually Attacking Inmate
  70. (03/22/2007) Ex-Monroe trooper arrested in Internet sex predator sting
  71. (03/22/2007) Former OC Cop Sentenced To Prison For Possession One Million Child Porn Images
  73. (03/27/2007) N.J. Cop Charged With Having Sex With Teen
  74. (03/27/2007) Judd Files for Divorce After Husband Arrested
  75. (03/27/2007) Upshur County Magistrate Agrees to Plea Deal
  76. (03/28/2007) Former deputy arrested again
  77. (03/29/2007) Ex-officer sentenced to 21 years
  78. (03/29/2007) Juvenile Officer Arrested For Sex Crime
  79. (03/29/2007) Two Gem County Deputies Resign Amid Allegations
  80. (03/30/2007) Former Kingston official found guilty of raping teenage boy
  81. (03/31/2007) Mendenhall police chief faces more legal problems
  82. (03/31/2007) Six corrections officers, cook charged in prison sex scandal
  83. (04/01/2007) Anonymous tip touched off prison sex investigation
  84. (04/04/2007) Molestation trial starts for ex-House candidate
  85. (04/04/2007) City police officer accused of 2 sex misconduct cases
  86. (04/05/2007) Former guard pleads guilty to having sex with teen inmate
  87. (04/05/2007) Former police, fire chaplain pleads guilty to sexual harassment
  88. (04/05/2007) Ex-NOPD Officer Faces Rape, Kidnapping Charges
  89. (04/05/2007) DHS cop back in court Friday - 50 counts of Child Molestation
  90. (04/06/2007) No Jail For Deputy Accused Of Sex Crimes On Duty
  91. (04/07/2007) Hayward cop does not appear for arraignment
  92. (04/09/2007) Officer charged with 3 counts of oral copulation with boys
  93. (04/11/2007) Officer raped me, says witness
  94. (04/11/2007) Former Fire Chief, Police Officer Charged With Rape
  95. (04/11/2007) Ex-jailer sentenced to probation for fondling inmate
  96. (04/13/2007) Mendenhall Police Chief Indicted on Child Molestation
  97. (04/13/2007) Former police officer found guilty of sexually assaulting teen
  98. (04/13/2007) Trooper convicted of on-duty rape in Cambridge
  99. (04/14/2007) Border Patrol agent convicted of sexual assault
  100. (04/14/2007) Ex-officer admits sex assault of teen
  101. (04/14/2007) Deputy jailed on child sexual assault charges
  102. (04/18/2007) Judge's son charged in child porn case
  103. (04/18/2007) Officer charged with sexual assault resigns
  104. (04/18/2007) Former LCSO deputy accused of sex acts with minors
  105. (04/19/2007) Former officer's child sex trial starts
  106. (04/19/2007) Deputy recruit fired, accused of lewd act
  107. (04/19/2007) Sheriff's Deputy Pleads Not Guilty To Sex Assault
  108. (04/19/2007) N.H. Court Officer Paid Couple To Have Sex
  109. (04/20/2007) Former officer pleads to charges of Child Molestation
  110. (04/20/2007) Trooper charged with sexual misconduct in 2005 DUI stop
  111. (04/20/2007) Former Jefferson County deputy indicted for sexual misconduct (Child Molestation)
  112. (04/20/2007) Lawyer for molested teen says former cop’s defense is ‘morally repugnant ... legally deficient’
  113. (04/20/2007) Ocala cop accused of child sex Internet crime under surveillance for months
  114. (04/21/2007) SUPPORT FOR RAPIST-SLAYER
  115. (04/23/2007) DA: Woman accuses police chief of rape
  116. (04/24/2007) Attorney nabbed in sting
  117. (04/24/2007) Pinal detective resigns over sexual encounter with a rape victim!
  118. (04/24/2007) Former Detention Center Counselor Sentenced For Sexual Assault
  119. (04/24/2007) Former officer sentenced in sex assault - Antoniak Gets Probation
  120. (04/24/2007) Berrien County jailer arrested - Nichols is charged with felony sexual assault
  121. (04/24/2007) Police officer accused of having sexual contact with minor
  122. (04/24/2007) No trial date set for S.J. officer Williams
  123. (04/24/2007) Correctional Officer Charged in Sex Case
  124. (04/25/2007) Former police chief in court over sexual assault
  125. (04/25/2007) Retired officer sentenced for sex with teen
  126. (04/26/2007) Ex-Haskell cop gets 45 years for rape conviction
  127. (04/26/2007) Corrections officer accused of sex with teen
  128. (04/27/2007) Saugus policeman arrested in Las Vegas for filming 12-year-old girl with hidden camera
  129. (04/27/2007) Former cop gets prison for sex with girl
  130. (04/27/2007) Ex-prison guard charged with molesting So-Cal teen
  131. (04/28/2007) Cop pleads no contest in sex case
  132. (04/29/2007) Facing sex charge, cop objects: But all I did was sit there!
  133. (04/29/2007) Plea deal offered in school officer's rape case
  134. (04/29/2007) County paid juvenile detainee $900,000
  135. (05/02/2007) Former Deputy Pleads Not Guilty
  136. (05/02/2007) Suit claims ex-Riverside County sheriff's corporal sexually assaulted woman
  137. (05/03/2007) Officer seeking new trial, citing claim by juror
  138. (05/03/2007) City Worker Charged With Sodomizing Young Relative
  139. (05/03/2007) Police Officer Charged With Rape
  140. (05/04/2007) Former Greene Co. Deputy Pleads Guilty In Jail Sex Case
  141. (05/04/2007) Former deputy in sex case ordered released
  142. (05/04/2007) Hamblen Deputies Accused of Sexual Misconduct
  143. (05/04/2007) Former Brevard County deputy accused of sexual battery
  144. (05/04/2007) Cop Convicted In Cover-Up Of Louima Beating Released Friday
  145. (05/05/2007) Five girls testify of lawyer's assaults
  146. (05/05/2007) Sheriff’s lieutenant pleads guilty to sexual battery
  147. (05/05/2007) L.A. Unified officer accused of sexual assault
  148. (05/05/2007) Former Jailer Faces Child Porn Charges
  149. (05/07/2007) Former Seneca police officer pleads guilty to underage sex
  150. (05/09/2007) Woman alleges cop rape in lawsuit
  151. (05/10/2007) Officer Fired After Accusation Of Groping Woman During Stop
  152. (05/10/2007) Former Police Captain Sentenced
  153. (05/10/2007) Jail officer accused of sex abuse of children
  154. (05/10/2007) Officer May Be Charged With More Rape Counts
  155. (05/10/2007) Ex-TYC guard facing sex charges
  156. (05/11/2007) Former Grantsville police chief indicted for sex crimes
  157. (05/11/2007) Ex-deputy indicted for helping sex offender avoid registering
  158. (05/11/2007) Ex-police officer denies sex-crime allegations
  159. (05/14/2007) Guilty plea from former Albany Cop
  160. (05/14/2007) Former Osceola officer's trial starts today
  161. (05/15/2007) Former Hall County Nebraska Corrections Officer Jason L. Keller Waives Preliminary Hearing After Being Charged With Sexual Assault Of Inmate
  162. (05/17/2007) Deputy chief placed on leave
  163. (05/18/2007) Ex-cop out of prison for Child Molestation
  164. (05/18/2007) Probe of Paramus ex-police chief is extended (Sexual Assault)
  165. (05/18/2007) LA requests dismissal of claim LAPD official traded sex for promotions
  166. (05/18/2007) Ex-corrections officer pleads innocent in child porn case
  167. (05/19/2007) Convicted guard can’t be near kids
  168. (05/19/2007) Highway Patrol suspends Gaffney officer accused of molesting 14-year-old in bar
  169. (05/19/2007) Ex-Cop, Convicted Sex Offender, Lives Too Close To Schools
  170. (05/20/2007) Former inmate claims sex abuse
  171. (05/20/2007) Syracuse Police officer suspended
  172. (05/21/2007) Ex-Officer Gets 40 Years For Sexual Assault
  173. (05/21/2007) Federal employee arrested in Internet sex sting
  174. (05/21/2007) Former Cop Goes On Trial
  175. (05/21/2007) Former Deputy Allegedly Had 2,000 Child Porn Images
  176. (05/21/2007) El Cajon Officer Sentenced For Sexual Bribery
  177. (05/21/2007) Trial set for Messer for sexual abuse of a child
  178. (05/22/2007) Border Patrol Agent Accused Of Child Porn Possession
  179. (05/22/2007) Probation worker admits sexual contact with probationer
  180. (05/22/2007) Forsyth Detention Officers Charged with Having Sex with Inmates
  181. (05/22/2007) Officer pleads innocent to sex assault of child
  182. (05/22/2007) Waterbury police officer, businessman accused of sexual assault
  183. (05/23/2007) Former Killeen councilman 'shocked' by letter's charges
  184. (__/__/____) Mark Foley
  185. (__/__/____) Michael Jackson Child Molestation Case
  186. (__/__/____) Former Coal County jailer sentenced on sex charge


Human Rights For All said...

Zman I was trying to calculate by state the police that have been charged by state. It seems there are some duplicate stories which I tried not to count. Maybe you have a better why to post it on the site. I know you have the corruption section. However after really looking at the site Wow I was amazed at the number of crimes committed by them from rape to molestation ect. It would be nice I think at least if somehow you could post the number by state that they have been charged. I will keep working on it but just a thought to show all people that might visit this site that it appears that many more of them are cops being caught than the non law enforcement person out there.

ZMan! said...

Sorry, I do not have that info, and it would take forever to get.