Sunday, April 29, 2007

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

For all sex offenders, families and children of sex offenders, this is the place for you to say whatever is on your mind. JUST KEEP IT CLEAN!!! Any hateful comments or bad language will be deleted or edited.

So reply to this blog item and say whatever is on your mind! Post your story or how it's affected you, your family or children here.

I'd like to get one blog entry on how everyone has been affected by these draconian laws, so speak up!!

NOTE: If you have a lot to say, and it will not fit into the comments section of this blog item, then use the Contact form, I can post it as a separate blog item.

P.S. Just because I post something here, or allow something to be posted, does not mean I am for or against it. This is simply a place for people to voice their opinions on these laws and how they have affected them, but, if I feel something crosses the line, it will be removed or not posted without notice.


Mike said...

*THIS IS MY COMMENT ON THE MASSACHUSETTS SORB: The SORB has 'distorted' the plain language of the SORL requiring EVERYONE to register who has been previously convicted of an enumerated crime. The preamble of the Act is plain, the
legislative concern is recidivism, especially sexually violent offenders who commit predatory acts characterized by ‘repetitive and compulsive’ behavior, and that the protection of the public from (these sex offenders) is of paramount interest to the
government. The system of registering sex offenders is a proper exercise of the Commonwealth’s police powers regulating “present and ongoing” conduct. St.1999, c.74 s.1

Pursuant to Chapter 123A a civil commitment (recidivism statute), which requires persons convicted of an enumerated crime to undergo an examination by two qualified examiners and then a judicial proceeding based upon those reports for the determination as to whether that persons conduct represents repetitive and compulsive behavior. The fact that the sex conviction trumps the 123A procedure it is the ‘current mental condition’ of the offender that comes into play as to whether or not she/he is ‘sexually dangerous’ beyond a reasonable doubt, and in need to be involuntarily committed from one day to life. Therefore, it is considered by the Courts as civil and remedial regulation. As the protection of society and treatment for those committed are the primary goals. If that law required only a finding of pass conduct, then it would not withstand constitutional scrutiny.

Under the SORL, the legislature has by implication declared all persons who have been convicted of an enumerated crime on or after August 1, 1981 to be ‘Sexually Violent and Dangerous’ to society retroactively. Thus, leaving it up to the SORB to determine which persons have been convicted of an enumerated offense, and whether their behavior is characterized as “repetitive and compulsive” by a preponderance of the evidence. A lower standard of proof ? How can this be, an administrative board having the power to overrule a judicial finding that one is not a sexually dangerous person ? Sounds like a usurpation of the judicial function to me. Plus, to make even less sense the SORB uses the same evidence that was introduce at the 123A proceeding. And, the SORB can in fact use any evidence that a reasonable mind may believe as to whether a prior conviction say a police report of a “nolle prossed” complaint of rape and form an opinion that the complainant was in fact sexually abused. How can that be ? If the Courts consider the SORL and its procedure as civil, then where is the remedial aspect to it ? There is none ? Everyone who has been convicted must register regardless if the SORB gives a level 1 or 2 or 3 !

Jan said...

More than 90% of sexual abuse against minors is committed by either family or someone close to the family. Released sex offenders have a re-offense rate of less than 10%. Disenfranchising former convicts only serves to bias our representative form of government by diminishing representation in urban areas (where a higer percentage of former felons live) and over-representing more rural areas. It also shifts proportions away from the less wealthy. As we slip down this slope, we head for an oligarchy. Let's stop this before it gets worse. Residency restrictions have never been shown to prevent re-offense. Community notification has been proven (by two states) not to change re-offense rates. But we spend billions every year so the same folks who brought you these draconian laws can have your votes. Getting "tough" on crime got us nowhere. Let's try getting "smart" on crime for a few years.

Anonymous said...

These laws are so unfair, I know that there are bad people and they like to hurt children but not everybody is that way! My son, is an RSO because we had no money for a lawyer or go to trial so he took a plea. He is on probation for 5 yrs. the judge and the lawyer said he had to register for 5 yrs while on probation then he would not have to. But he came home ( we live in small town) and they said 10 yrs. Don't understand how state can add to something the judge already said. Then on top of that he can not stay at home with me and his brothers because we are to close to a school. He has lived here all his life and never goes to the school anyhow.. Most of the teachers there know him.... He is a good boy (man) . He was on a lot of depression meds. and other medicine when this happened. He talked to this girl only one time, he was very depressed at time and went to see her, well it was an officer, no child did not even go inside they met him on porch and arrested him... He said he just wanted someone to talk to...if they had met him before he was put on all this medicine they would have see a very smart and gentle young man.. This happened last yr he was 23 just turned 23. One good thing about this mess is they got him on different meds. for bipolor and he has other medical issues... He is trying very hard to stay strong.He is going to their treatment and going to one on his own...
He has never been in trouble before and was going to college but had to drop out after two years due to health problems. I know what he did was wrong and he knows but he is no threat to no one, He is the gentleless person you could met. He wants to go back to school and get a good job... And most of all he wants to get better...
Thanks for listening,
Concerned Mom

Anonymous said...

I am 20 years old. I live in Ohio, and I am a registerd juvenile sex offender.

I sexually abused several of my own family members starting when I was 12, and ending when I was 15, and was caught at age 16. I went before the court and admited to one count of Rape and one of GSI (It should have been worse, honestly), and was sentenced to 18 months in the ohio juvenile correction system, or DYS.

Through what I believe to be an act of God, I was sent to a residential treatment program provided through Lighthouse Youth Services. There, I went through one of the harshest programs I've ever been through, with intense moral and empathy development, and a very helpful and therapeutic staff culture. I spent 30 months there, almost double the time I would've spent in DYS, and I am so thankful that it helped me change my life in the way that it did. I re-entered the community almost 6 months ago with the help of an aftercare program provided by Lighthouse (which I will be successfully completing in several weeks), and a caring Juvenile parole officer.

My life can be described simply as a complete turnaround. I had a history of being abused by a family member when I was young, and before I was caught, I would make attempts on my life regularly. That nightmare has ended, only to begin another.

I found this webite while googling for information on the upcoming passing of the Adam Walsh act in Ohio. I hope some people have heard of it. I wanted to write about how this law will affect myself, and many other juveniles I know in my classes who are trying to achieve normalcy. I am classified a juvenile sexually oriented offender, the lowest classification based on my risk, and I am required to register once a year, and I am not on the electronic registry and do not have to be reported to the people I know and places I go. under this new law, I would be tier-3, and would be required to register for the rest of my life every 90 days, and everyone I know would be told about my crime. this is a punishment worse than death for those kids like myself who made a mistake and are trying to turn their lives around. I just wanted to voice this so that anyone else reading it that feels the same way about the law's absurdity know that I and my counselors are working with many others to write to the state legislators protesting this law's passing.

Thank you for your time,

Anonymous said...

This is my complaint about the sex offender register in Ga. i have been on the register for 9.5 yrs and have 6 months left on probation and have served honorably. now im told i will have to register for the rest on my life, that is bull, i can see if i have violated my probation or if i was a predator (which im not) let me finish my time left, then let me go on with my life i have proven myself over and over again. i want to move to north carolina where my children live and now its going to be almost impossible because of the courts not distinquishing between threatning and nonthreatening people, they are treating all sex offenders the same regardless, i can see why people are going underground and why the public looks down on a registerer. its sad.
thank you
william ratliff

Anonymous said...

I think that the new sex offender laws are unfair to a certain extent. I totally understand that these laws are trying to protect the public. My husband is a sex offender. He was 17 at the time and now he is 27. He was convicted of statutory rape. He did his time in prison before we got together. Now we had our life together, both working, and I gave birth to his son not long before these laws were approved. When the police came to our door saying we had 3 weeks to move out or he is going to jail for 10 years, i was pretty pissed. Its enough that his name goes in the paper once a month or a kid runs away and the police are at our door asking questions because he is a sex offender. now we have people telling us where we can raise our family? That has crossed the line. This man we 17 just a kid still. He has paid for what he did, why are me and his son getting punished too? My husband works no less than 70 hours a week to take care of us. He is a good man and all everybody hears when they see is name in the paper or hanging on a wall somewhere is sex offender. They do not have time to hear his side of what happened of how old he was when it happened. He is not dangerous to childern or I would not allow our child to live in the same house as him. I just dont think its fair for families to have to pay for what one person has done and already paid the price for. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Voluntary International Relocation. Gps, being registered, residential req., new laws/policy: politicians trying to sound tough with "feel good",pretty much being kicked out of society, to quote Anchorman "That escalated (college student and i still cant spell :)) pretty quickly: Brick i think you killed a man with a trident!" a very true statement minus the trident. Instead of repeating everything else ive seen over and over i have an original thought, the taxpayer (me and you) spend crazy amounts of money shuffling me and the other so's around and hooking us up. I have another solution that will cost initially more money, but in the long run save tons of green. Voluntary International Relocation. I would gladly pack my bags and go somewhere else where the masses aernt caught up in a frenzy as they are here. I would pack my bags, drive/fly across the border and raise a finger up high in the sky without thinking twice. The only problem is i dont have the money to do it (intentionally pointing out the catch for all the cynics :) If i had a small severence package from the government as a Voluntary International Relocation Payment, i could do it a lot quicker than i am going to. One less SO to worry about, bet the majority of us would follow too. Not all, but the problem would be partially solved, and recidivism? who cares what happens somewhere else, little timmy is safe from the bad man. It would be like Garbage removal, you pay it directly or indirectly, but the bottom line is it goes away. :) By the way I'm completely serious about all this. petition politicians (illiteration, just sounds funny) to write it into the budget. If there is enough people backing it, then it will happen. If you want to start a small fund up and send one at a time i will be watching comments on this post. Love this site, good compilation of all the sillyness going on in the country. If my plan is "crazy", what is everything else then.

Drew said...

International Travel

The problem is the U.S is now sharing criminal conviction data with Canada and plans to share it with Europe. Many countries have laws similiar to the U.S. that prohibits people from entering with a history of a criminal conviction. Many countries have not had the means to enforce these laws outside of asking you upon entry if you have a criminal conviction. Now, thanks to the efforts of our government, they may.

Remember as of this year, everyone who exits the country needs to have a passport. A passport number would be easy to link with a criminal data base.

There is no right to international travel. Challenges to the travel ban on Cuba have lost in the courts. I'm afraid with the attention paid to the TB patient who left and then re-entered the country, a lot more attention will be paid to U.S. citizens leaving the country. There was an effort to place the TB patient on the no-fly list.

Finally, traveling in international commerce triggers the need to register under the Adam Walsh Act. However, the U.S. would have no means to enforce registration upon someone overseas. The new guidelines suggest you should register in your state before you go on any prolonged trip, leave a detailed itinery, and re-register when you get back.

If anyone knows a list of relatively economically stable, democratic countries that would allow immigration please post it.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to turn this into a thread, but drew you are right on the mark. im the guy who wrote a comment before you. Ive been reading a lot about the new USSA (thats for you zman) immigration policy, ironic: all our friends from the south want is to come up here, and all we want is to go down there... im still on paper, so i havent tried visiting outside the country, but even on a no fly list, i still think it would be easy as hell to drive a car over. From there anything is possible. Im not saying all this because i want to reoffend an the us is "screwing up my plan", im saying all this because i want to live somewhere where the leo/media/lawmakers dont stir everyone up around me into a frenzy. ive been out for awhile now, and even though i am a nonfelon so, it is pretty much the kiss of death if i want a decent job, or even just to live in peace. great site again.

Drew said...

Given that people who wind up on the list can't live anywhere and can't work anywhere, it is natural to start thinking of life in a "free" country where people get a second chance on life. At one time the U.S and Australia offered those chances. Sadly, it is no longer the case.

Anonymous said...

i agree, one word that you said stuck out to me most drew "natural". Thats the word that scares me, anyone who knows about sociology/history knows that the natural progression is it is going to get very bad, for a long time. when are we going to be moved from the politicians proverbial guinea pigs (hate spelling) trying laws out on us; to being all out declared a weapon of mass destruction? read the patriot act, it fits. Compassion is one thing the american public dont have for the overgeneralized idea of a SO. it is going to take a lot of horrific events (tons more than to date) for them to unobjectify us and for us to become humans to them (some bad; some good, you get the point.) zman you really need to start forums with subtopics; let me know if i can help.

Anonymous said...

DA refuses to prosecute ‘Catch a Predator’ cases
Texas official: 'Amateurs' tainted the charges; alleged criminals walk free

ZMan! said...

Dionne said...

My name is Dionne and my husband is a pediatrician in Lubbock, Texas. My 10-year-old son (now 11 and STILL not tried for any crime) was falsely accused of a crime and held for 10 days at the Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center.

While this is not a TYC facility, it is a state-administered facility nonetheless. While being detained there, my son faced some of the same kinds of abuses suffered by those held at TYC. He was locked in his room for 3 hours at a time for "not shutting a door correctly." On yet another occasion, they turned off his electricity and water, stripped his bed and took all the letters and pictures off of his wall.

My son, who is very small, was hazed repeatedly by the detention officers and was threatened and told not to tell anyone. One guard told my son to go to his room, lean against his wall and get ready for a cavity search; He didn't even know what that was. He was also placed in the middle of their pod by a guard who pulled out electric clippers and told my son they were shaving his head. He wasn't even allowed his weekly phone call home.

When he didn't eat all of his food they threatened to make him wear a dress. These are just a few of the things that we know about. After a little research I found out that in the past 2 years there have been 2 suicides and at least one allegation of rape.

When I complained to the Director, Les Brown, about how my son was treated he had me banned from the building as an attempt to muzzle me. I reported the Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center to the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission but it took them almost a year to investigate and file a report. The report agreed that my son's rights were violated, but not all of these violations rose to a "significant level." TJPC also agreed that some of these violations and abuse did rise to a level requiring action however only one individual was disciplined (one detention officer received a three-day suspension), with no other consequences to anyone else.

Ironically, my husband does many of the physicals for kids entering the S.T.A.R. program here so he has heard from other parents about how their kids were mistreated at the juvenile justice center and whose parents, like myself, were "banned" from the premises when they complained. Apparently, the leaders of the Juvenile Justice Centers - charged with helping and supervising our kids - would rather ignore problems at their sites or, sadder still, disregard the victimization our kids might be going through.

I hope the investigation into TYC will lead to other investigations of the institutions that our children are locked in. The Texas House and Senate members serving on the Juvenile Justice & Family Issues and Criminal Justice committees, respectively, can not claim ignorance on these issues because we have sent each of them a packet detailing the abuses that occurred in Lubbock. I sent all of these via certified mail and received all tags back. The only interest I ever received was from my Texas State House member, Carl Isett. Representative Isett does not even serve on these committees but offered his assistance nevertheless.

If you have a way to bring these abuses to a larger audience, my family and I would greatly appreciate it, as would the children of Lubbock.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I have been on the Sexual Offender list in Florida for many years. It all started when I was accused of doing something 8 years in the past. Faced with the possibility of Jail time I took a deal where I plead guilty in return of adjudication withheld. I was put on probation for the time it took me to get through the Sexual offender treatment program. If I had known what faced me with the SO registration I would never taken the deal. Registration was easy at first, just send back a form every year. Then it went to bi-yearly visits to the Sheriff’s office to re-register. Last year I was detained by INS coming back into the country. I had not violated any laws. I was only gone for a week, and I been faithfully re-registering every 6 months.

Now I am going to have to carry around a driver’s license that flags me as a sexual offender. Think of all the places you show your drivers license. In the past I have shown it at airport ticket counters, airport security checkpoints, car rental agencies, drug stores, night clubs and many times when I use a credit card. I plan to use my passport at airports, but you need one at a car rental agency. I picked up some Sudafed, and the drug store records that purchase against your drivers license now, so there is no getting around that. I do not go to many night clubs, but I can not imagine them taking any other id but a driver’s license. I like to use a credit card to make most purchases, so I do not have to carry cash, I get some protection if a problem arises and I get a rebate from the credit card company. I guess I will have to carry cash now or use a debit card.

The stated purpose of this new law in Florida is to allow schools to easily check for sexual offenders among the contractors working at the school. The school could easily collect all the licenses and check them against a database. They do not need required marking on the driver’s license to accomplish the task.

If I stay in Florida, it will be many more years before I can even petition to get off the list. I am guessing before then Sexual Offenders will be required to wear some type of marking that will allow children and parents to easily see that we are Sexual Offenders.

At what point do these requirements become punitive? I believe the Supreme Court has ruled that being on a Sexual Offender list is not punitive, therefore even though my crime occurred before the Sexual offender list was legislated, I have to be on the list. Ex post facto would hold that you can not punish someone under a new law, when the crime occurred before the law. If it is not a punishment then ex post facto does not apply. Registration was deemed to be administrative, not punitive. I do not think there is much of a case for stating additional re-registration is punitive if being on the list is not. Certainly having to wear some identifying mark would be punitive as it would expose the offender to taunting or worse anywhere they would go. Like in the Scarlet Letter or the Jews in Nazi Germany. What about a mark on the driver’s license? The marking on the license serves no real administrative purpose, as the stated purpose can be done without a mark on the Driver’s License. Since the mark serves no administrative purpose and it causes harm it must be punitive regardless of the stated reason. Therefore it is subject to ex post facto and can be only applied to persons committing crimes after the legislation was put in effect. The problem is if one were to file in court to stop the state from requiring the markings, then the person would face the same ridicule that they were trying to avoid.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been following the Madeleine story since her disappearance in May. On Sunday night, the 22nd of July, I watched a South African TV program called Carte Blanche, in which they featured a man named Danie Krugel, a retired South African police officer who developed a truly remarkable way of tracing missing people, oil deposits and bacteria. He makes use of a DNA sample of the missing person, quantum physics and GPS-Satelite technology. In the program, which was filmed over a period of one year, he helped the Carte Blanche team to locate the whereabouts of 5 South African girls who went missing during the 80’s. His computer showed a location not even 2 miles from where the pedophile-suspect lived at the time of the abductions. (The suspect killed his female accomplice and then committed suicide while chased by police years ago. He took the secret of these girls with him to the grave.) I do not want to go into details, but will give you a web address for Carte Blanche where you can read the story. Danie Krugel’s technology was obviously tested before he was used to help in the missing children’s case. He found the body of a crime suspect in a morgue in Palanomi hospital, and he also found the body of a toddler who recently went missing. In a test conducted by the Carte Blanche team, he found a drum of oil and a sample of bacteria hidden by them in Johannesburg. And he did this from a location miles away from where the samples were hidden. I wrote a letter regarding this on the Madeleine website and I also forwarded the information to Sky News and Canada Freepress, but I’m not sure that the right people will receive the information. I think its well worth a try since the chances of finding her are becoming less and less every day. I also feel that people are starting to miss the point of the whole issue – to find the girl. To me the situation is slowly but surely becoming a romantic tragedy of which the real horror is forgotten by everyone. (Although I do believe that her parents are in deadly pain and that the situation to them is quite real.) Please can someone just contact Danie Krugel and ask for his assistance – there’s nothing to lose, maybe something to gain.

Please go to the following website: to read the story, Fingerprint of Fate. I hope that this information reaches the right people.

Drew said...

I just read a new book by Dr. Philip Zimbardo, the psychologist who conducted the classic Stanford Prison Experiment, titled the Lucifer Effect.

For those who haven't heard of the experiment, college student volunteers were assigned to be either guards or prisoners, and were supposed to be observed for two weeks. Dr. Zimbardo had to call off the experiment before even a week passed, because of the cruelty enacted by the "guards" on the "prisoners".

His new book explores one of the most important ideas to this blog: Why do good people do evil things? He actually finds objective reasons why people can suspend their morality and do evil things. The book is important to anyone trying to understand why these sex offender laws are proliferating, and to anyone who personally wants to understand some of the factors that might have led them to commit a sexual offense.

El Mundo De Monte Mendoza said...

If you would like to read one mans' continuing journey through the legal system, check out the site called "Trial By Jury". The charge was public sexual indecency. The defendant was found guilty in a bench trial. He was talked out of having a jury trial by his own public defender. His attorney, the public defender, would not ask the arresting officer certain questions which could have shown reasonable doubt in his case. The site can be found at by searching the term trialbyjuryof6. Also trialbyjurysite. I recommend visiting this site IF you are about to go to trial for a misdemeanor. This trial was held in Phoenix, Arizona at Phoenix Municipal Court at 300 W Washington ST. The case was appealed once to the Superior Court of Maricopa County. A new appeal is being readied based on Post Conviction Relief or Rule 32. There is more information at the site. 8 5 2007

witch hunt victim said...

witch hunt victim

I to fall in the hunt to ban all sex offeneders.
I plead out got 5 years maxed out my sentance & was ready to move on with my life. I moved out of NJ to the state of Va for all of 5 months before my sentance was amened 3 months after I maxed out leaving me 2 months not notificed that some one can change my sentance after the fact nor letting me chanange it. parole officers go to my last none adress & try tracking me down to supervise me, my parents tell me of this & I call the men who tell me I have to return to the state to be supervised right a way. being I just want to clear this mess up & be law abiding I do return to NJ to learn Im now on (CSL) commuity super vision for life / as if on parole . whats this I ask as if not on but treated like I am.
it takes me five years & a marrage to my wife for the state of NJ to LET me move back to Va. she who has family / good job here & is rasing her son / my step son.
Im back in the place I want to be with my family, on supervision AS IF ON PAROLE in a state that dont have this CSL but doing good for my self (as the best I can) then BAM another new rule / law lets changes the rule of the game as its played once again. im now a DNA sample giver ( even tho it on file in nj ask them for it I say if you want it )I give it after being threatened .
next on the list have to have a permision to go 10 miles north of me or any where out side of distric 12. And when I do get permission I have to hunt down a law officer to get them to sing a paper saying I was there.
then came

department of corrections
community corrections
sexoffener special instructions of parole/probation/post release supervion
revised 6/16/06

you are released on supervion by the virginia parole board and / or the circuit court.Pursuant to CONDITION #6 of your conditions of supervision, you are instucted to comply with the following:

special instructions:

1. reside at _____________________,the home of will sleep at this residence every night and will not relocate unless a home plan is investigated by your superving officer or designee and approval is received.

2.If prohibted by law, or at the discretion of your supervising officer, you may not live with in 500 feet of any child care center , primary ,secondary or high school or work or volunteer on the property of any elementary or secondary schoolor child day care property. if you have established a lawful resiedence on or after 07/01/06 and a child day care center or primary or secondary or high school is established with in 500 feet of your residence subsequent to your conviction, the 500 foot requirment does not apply.

3. do not contact victim or victim's family unless approved by the supervising officer and treatment provider.

4. follow any curfew imposed by the supervising officer. this may include monitoring through the use of tecnology. your cewfew is ______

5. do not purchase,consume or possess alchol and/ or illegal substances. you may not take a controlled medication unless it has been prescribed for you by your physician.

6. attend and successfully complete a sex offener treatment progam approved by your supervising officer if deemed appropriate.

7. allow your sex offener treatment provider unrestricted communication with your probation/parole officer regarding your attendance , leave of participation, and ANY OTHER INFOMATION deemed necessary to protect the community from your sexually absive behavior.

(dont read that book with a love seen or watch HBO a nude seen may come up, or that song with explicit langauge)

9. Inform persons with whom you have a significant relationship of your sexual offening behavior as directed by your supervising officer and treatment provider. not veiw visual images or printed materials that act as a stimulus for your abusive cycle, or that act as a stimulus to arouse you in an abusive fastion. not engage or participate in prostitution or solicitation.

12.submit to any testing deemed necessary by the superving officer and treatment provider.
< LIE DETECTOR TEST $300.00 I HAVE TO PAY FOR & WHAT EVER ELSE. so is it pay house payment or pay lie detector test if not you go back to jail>

(lets me leave my stepson home alone dont want to know if I have a new born what am I to do ?)

14. Do not have contact with your victim ( contact includes face to face meetings, letters, phone calls, vidio tapes, tapes, films, compter or any form of contact through a third party) until approved by your therapist,your victim, victims's parents if victim is a child, victim's therapist, child protective service if your victim is a child and your supervising officer.

15. if supervised contact with a child or adolescent is allowed the supervisor of this contact must know of your offending behaviors, must be over the age of 21 years and the contact must be approved by your suporvising officer.


17. If convicted of an offense involing a minor, do not loiter on the grounds or with in 100 feet of any school day care playground or ANY OTHER LOCATION children adolescents frequent.
(IM hungry where am I to get food cant go to the store there are children there)

18. obtain prior approval from your supervising officer or designee to use electronic bulletin board system, services or equipment that provide access to the internet,phone with web browsers or cameras, or any public/private compter network. Billing/transactions records will be submitted to the supervising officer upon request.
(and since I cant live with my wife who has a child I have a room mate who lets me use there compter to look up the law so there for because I with with this person in the same house they must give up there billing / transactions ? when they have done nothing wrong?)

19. employment must be approved by your supervising officer.
(you find a job but they say you cant work there , but its the only place that will hire you, so no money to pay your rent now you are homeless & you cant get help from the gov cause you are a sex offender so you go hungry & die in the streets they dont want you on like a lost dog Oh wait some one will take in a dog but not a sex offener)

20. you are prohibited from using ,soliciting the use of , being part to or in the presence of any indivdual using any form of eletronic dive, machine or system for the purpose of encrytion, crytography,stenography,data compression and or any other method that may or can limit access to , or change the appearance of data and or images with out expressed written approval from your supering officer.

21. allow your self and your belongings to be searched by any law enforcement officer during your probation/parole supervision, with or with oiut probable cause in accordance with department of corrections search and seizure policy and united states supreme court decion. this search may include, but is not limited to , any personal property incluing your residence, automobile or any compter equipment that YOU HAVE ACCESS TO in your home or other locations.

(guess my roomate dont have any rights it looks like to me.)


I have read or have had read and explainded to me the above instructions. by my signature or mark below, I acknowledge receipt of these special instructions and agree to abide by them.

________________ date_________
signature of probationer/parolee/post release

_______________ date________
probation/parole officer

which brings me here some where I missed the memo its aganist the law not to sign this.
ive been threating im going back to jail on the / after the 8 /10 /07 for violating parole and will have a warent out for my arrest and will have to go befor the state of VA parole board.
now being im not on parole it is AS IF the only way I violate is a 4th degree crime in the state of NJ carrying 18 month prison sentance & the county prosacutor has to file criminal charges & the parole board has no say over me being im not on parole.I spoke with my case manager in NJ who states I will have to move back to the state of NJ if i dont sign because Va wont supervise me if I dont sign, bring me to the RAUL SANCHEZ v the new jersey state parole board appellate divsion case docket No A-3685-01T1 and A-2965-02T2.

and being these conditions are not the law & its not the law that one must sign a paper we will see what will happen to me.
POWER to the parole officer what is this speak of a judge who is he to say what I can do.
like the time I asked to go on a vaction I was told when it comes closer ill write you your travle pass , I remind him again aweek before my trip , when it gets closer he says. 3 days before again i ask let me know when you are closer to leaving he states . the day before my payed trip is about to come up I remind him again No mr thoas L Shank states because you wont sign these papers,I ask for a supervisor Mr Robert Boyle chief officer states I still cant go .I ask for the name & number of the state supervisor Mr Gene Johnson states I still cant go. what am I to do my wife & I payed for a trip & now I cant go I call my old officer in Nj who gives me my new NJ officer name & number who isnt there but another nice officer said send/fax me the travle permit & i will let him go.
getting to go with all this worry & hard work payed off some what but it seems I pissed a few poeple off so now some how Va wants to have the interstate compact issue a warrent for my arrest for not signing a paper that isnt the law but I was told was.
back to jail I may be going the out come not sure yet but if you dont beleive in something you will fall for anything. so must I tie my self to a stake soaked in gas to see if / who will light me a fire in there witch hunt ?
then as posted this new law in VA about having to re register all internet adresses & what not I was told by the state police that I must give up my room mates info when I dont talk on chats or have an email adress my self that they would not re register me if I didnt give them my room mates info causeing me to violate the fed law stateing I must re register how is it they can have people like the police be in charge of some thing they DONT KNOW / leaving them to make stuff up to intimadate you with threats of jail if you dont do what they make up ??

so for all of you out there that are in the same shoes I wear Im telling you this I will not give up on this fight that ezly.

Kim said...

My husband was 17 when he was convicted of a sex crime for dating a 14 year old girl. He is now 29 years old. He spent 7 long years in prison and now is a RSO and will be for the rest of his life. People look at him as if he is a child predator. No one has the time or curtosey to ask the truth. He does not have any restrictions and is not a threat to anyone. Let alone a child. Even though he does not have any restrictions our local schools will not let him past the front office. Our oldest child just went through Kindergarten. My husband missed every event. No meet the teacher, no field trips, no school plays and no kindergarten graduation. Not only does my husband suffer our son does too. He doesn't understand why his Daddy can't come in. He now has to miss out on our kids educations too. He cries and is in such misery b/c he just wants to be a good Dad and be there for his children. I guess thats just one more thing they have taken away. Jobs are hard to come by too. No one wants to hire a RSO. Even though he was very qualified and has a college degree. We almost lost everything we worked so long and hard for. We have earned everything that we have just the same as everyone else. Now we fear as news laws are being "made up" that we will end up still having to lose our dreams. We built our own home with our own blood,sweat and tears. We have plans to retire here and raise our children here. Our dreams can be ripped right out from under us anytime a new law permits These tough laws on RSO's are doing more bad than good. More and more RSO's are standing in the unemployment lines, going homeless, being run out of their homes, and some might as well have to call in when they need to go to the bathroom. Families are being town apart. Fathers can't be fathers. Some can't even live in the same house as their own children. It is so unfair. I wouldn't want to wish this on anyone but I wish that all these ignorant law makers could live this life. Or perhaps see their own children go through it. Even though Mr.Lunsfords son made it out easy.

Thank you for your time


ZMan! said...

Kim, what state are you from and was your husband convicted in?

The reason I ask, is almost every state has some restrictions, so you should check the laws for that state.

witch hunt victim said...

witch hunt victim

back from my long day of waiting if I must drown my self in gas b4 returning to jail for not signing the state of VA 21 rules / LAWS as they call them . well here is the deal all out there, they told me I NEED TO SIGN A PAPER SAYING i WONT SIGN THERE PAPER.
Mr thomas shank my po wants to type up a letter stating I know & understand the concquenceces of not signing the paper & he stated that this is way va refuses to supervise me but is not sure what NJ may do. (like tell va they must ) looks like I got the 2 states ready to fight. and No one knows what to do so, they LIE and try scareing me to sign with jail It didnt work on me.
sure none want to be respondible for me but all i want is to be let alone.

go figure if I didnt sign the first one what make ya think I will on the next ??where do they get these people from ??

will fill ya in on more late when & if I can fight them till the end. or get paid or go broke trying

Drew said...

witch hunt victim:

Don't sign anything unless your personal attorney says it is okay. You have the right not to incriminate yourself (the Fifth Amendment). If you sign something, you may be waiving your rights, or you may be creating evidence that can latter be used as evidence against you.

An experienced attorney needs to see what the Virginia law actually says, and how it is being applied, and whether there is a difference between the two.

You are probably giving some people fits by asserting yourself. I love it. Good luck.

Robmyfreedom said...

I am on the RSO in Mo. and I have to admit that the more I learn of new laws I just want to give up. I started a blog like ZMAN's and yes it helps me vent but it also keeps my mind going about how stupid people can be(politicians). ZMAN emailed me the other day with words of encouragement that helped. I guess thats a big thing people like us need. Maybe if we support each other we can get alot of these BS laws changed, and actually inform the public of the truths. I am a father of 3, and I have to go through humiliation everyday, but I do it cause I have to support them. I just never thought that when I was sentenced to probation in 1995, that I was receiving a life sentence. Thanks for the time ZMAN and everyone.

Anonymous said...

This letter was relayed so that it could be posted on site and utilized to bring attention to latest Glynn Co. harassments.


If anyone has perception of any newspapers who might print a fair representation of this situations, please FORWARD or provide a list as well as input to any agencys who might take any action.
Does anyone have e-mail addresses to Ga. Sheriffs
Assocation, Gov. Perdue, or Attorney General of Ga.? If so post message on this blog, e-mail Z-man or just copy & forward to their e-mail address.

OK, now some of us must "hunker down" to survive futher harassment, so pray for her, her parents,and other RSO in Glynn Co. and Georgia!!

(Name withheld to prevent harassment)

************ ********* *********
August 14, 2007


My daughter is a convicted sex offender. She was
recently unjustly arrested for violation of church
proximity under HB1059 sexual offender registration by
Glynn County Sheriff’s Office. Her residence had been
acceptable for the previous 3 _ years. Since
incarceration on August 6, 2007, upon release from the
hospital for congestive heart failure, she has been
denied her medication numerous times and suffered
multiple other legal infractions by the Sheriff’s

She was in the hospital for 6 days for congestive
heart failure, a blood clot in her heart, and her
heart is only pumping 15% capacity. In addition, she
has a history of Type II diabetes, polyovarian cyst
syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome that has
contributed to her heart failure. Immediately upon
her release, she made contacts with the Probation
Office and the Sheriff’s Department to alert them of
the temporary status to comply with the Doctor’s order
that she should not be alone.

Upon visiting the Sheriff’s Office, she was
incarcerated, denied her medication and medical
treatment, has been denied phone privileges, denied
access to her doctors and legal counsel, not advised
of legal rights or given the charge which she was
being incarcerated for until this past Monday, August
13th. Her cell is in a section of the jail where the
air conditioning has been inoperative for over two
months. Temperatures rise up to 95 degrees or more.
Their solution for her predicament has been wet towels
and circulating fan. This has been the kind of unjust
and inhumane treatment given to sex offenders in Glynn
County since Senator Jerry Keen’s incorporation of
HB1059 in Georgia. Political ally, Sheriff Bennett’s
has given his deputies a charge to rid Glynn County of
all sex offenders by any technical means possible.

This is the same Sheriff’s Department that
incarcerated a Canadian lady for a minor speeding
ticket while they checked her for possible terrorist
ties. Washington, D.C. and Governor Sonny Purdue
quickly interceded and demanded her release.
Unfortunately, this is the same law, HB1059, that
required the Edenfield’s to move which resulted in the
tragic and despicable death of Christopher Barrios.

Upon release from the hospital, she immediately
advised her probation officer of these health
problems. He was working with her to see if he could
get the presiding Judge in her case to approve a
temporary residence situation until her twelve
different medications could be stabilized. He advised
her to contact the Sheriff’s Office concerning the
temporary residence situation. She placed numerous
calls to the Sheriff’s office. She was finally
contacted by a Sheriff’s Office deputy to verify her
residence. Her mother took her to meet with the
deputy and they advised him of the medical and
residence situation. He wrote information down, told
them not to worry about it, and that he would advise
her regular surveillance deputy (David) of these
issues. Several days later, Deputy Sheriff Jason
Lynema came to the temporary residence to confirm the
information previously given. They advised him of the
Doctor’s instructions and her health problems. Deputy
Lynema indicated to her that he needed this in writing
and stated that he would work it out once this was

Advised that the doctor was out of town until Monday,
Deputy Lynema was advised her to bring the letter to
him. She and her mother took the letter to Deputy
Lynema but were kept waiting in the Sheriff’s Office
from 12:30 pm until approximately 4:00 pm. He made a
copy of the letter from the doctor and then advised
her she was under arrest for violation of the sexual
offender registration law. He did not advise her of
her rights to counsel, but immediately incarcerated

Her mother asked him about her medications and was
advised to talk with the jail personnel. We were told
to go home, (approximately 14 miles round trip) and
return with her medication. At that time, it was
nearly 4:30 pm. When asked about what time the jail
closed for taking in the medication, we were told that
as long as it was there by 5:00 pm that they would
accept it. We did explain about her health problems
and that she needed the medication on a daily basis to
keep her from a heart attack, stroke or other
catastrophic medical problem. We were assured that we
could bring the medications in as long as they were
there by 5:00 pm. We made the trip home, got the
medications and returned. It was 4:55pm when we
walked into the jail to check her medications in. The
jail personnel started to process the intake of the
medications but her supervisor told her to tell us to
come back the next day because it was too late. We
again advised this lady of the medical necessity. She
stated to us that “That’s your problem, not ours.”
whereupon she turned her back on us and walked out and
the window was closed. When the jail doctor, Dr.
Gunderson, examined her the next morning, he advised
personnel to get in touch with us immediately to get
her medications. Her blood sugar was extremely high
and her blood pressure was up and down dangerously.

We talked with her probation officer and he advised us
that his hands were tied, that the Sheriff does what
he wants whether it right or not. She has lived in
the same approved location for over 3_ years with no
problem from the Sheriff’s office. At the time of her
arrest, she was advised she could no longer live there
because it is not 1,000 feet from two churches, one of
which is currently abandoned. HB1059 states the
residence must be measured from property line to
property line, not building to building as was
proposed in a failed law change last year. Under
HB1059, a RSO must be given notification of the law
change and 72 hours in which to relocate to an
acceptable location. The laws should not be changed
without due notification to the parties they will
affect. This is completely wrong. Since she was
never initially notified, this is just an additional
error by the Sheriff’s Department in complying with

She was not read her rights until eight days after she
was arrested and detained in the Glynn County
Detention Center. She was denied her medication as
prescribed by her doctors for a period of 17 hours,
and after the medication was submitted to the
Sheriff’s Office, it was not given as prescribed by
the physician. She is being denied her doctor’s
appointments for follow-up on the blood clot that
could break loose at any time. She is not a violent
offender. Her mother and I do not condone what she
did, but she has paid her debt to society in the
serving of her sentence as prescribed by the courts.
She has paid her debt to society by continuing on her
probation, which she has done very successfully. She
is a contributing member of society in that she works
everyday. She does not get into trouble or cause
others trouble. She has been desperately trying to
comply with the difficult Sheriff’s Department’s own

We do not condone her original actions that led to her
conviction. She, as are many others, was charged with
inappropriate touching of a minor. She agreed to
plead guilty to the charges and received an
appropriate sentence. Never imagining that laws
enacted later would result in additional restrictions
and lifetime registration. She has paid dearly and
will continue to pay for the rest of her life for this
one mistake. Even a murderer serving a life sentence
only serves 7 years. She will live with this for the
rest of her life. However, she is a human being and
she has a family that love and support her as best we
can. We are proud of what she has accomplished since
she was release from jail and feel that she is being
persecuted unfairly and unjustly by Sheriff Wayne
Bennett, his good friend and political ally Jerry Keen
and Deputy Jason Lynema.

The Sheriff’s office and the probation office should
be allowed to work together regarding sex offender
issues. At present, there is no requirement by law or
by co-operative arrangements for these departments to
work together. At present, the Probation Office has
not authority whatsoever to deal with these issues
other than violating someone’s probation for cause.
Sheriff Bennett’s office acts as if they are God,
lawyers to interpret and judges to persecute.

She has finally been given public defenders to
represent her. Her attorneys are Dante’ Hudson,
Andrew Lee and Investigator Pedro J. Zalasqeuez at the
Public Defender’s office. The telephone number is
912-554-7072. If anyone can offer them help, we would
certainly welcome that. Her bond hearing is scheduled
to be heard before the Magistrate Court of Glynn
County on Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 9:30 a.m.

We have placed several calls to Ron Corbin, the jail
administrator, regarding a block that was illegally
placed upon our telephone to where our child could not
call us if there was a problem with her health. It
took us almost 6 days of calling out telephone
carrier, Correctional Billing and the Jail to finally
get this block taken off. Master Sergeant Jones at
that jail screamed at us that they did not put blocks
on telephones but their carrier, Correctional Billing
state that they do indeed put blocks on telephones.

According to any attorney I have talked with, a
prisoner is required to be read their rights within 72
hours of being arrested. However, it has now been
over a week and she still has not been read her

Now, I know that a lot of people feel that if you are
a prisoner, then you deserve everything you get. I
truly hope that these people never make a mistake in
their lives and wind up in our local jail. Inmates
are treated worse than most people treat their
animals. True, there are instances when it is
necessary but for the most part, these inmates are
human beings and deserve to be treated with respect
and under the law.

My daughter is not a candidate for playboy by any
means but she is a loving, caring person who made a
mistake. She has paid for that mistake and will
continue to pay for the rest of her life because of
the label of “sex offender”. She is not a sexual
predator, nor a sexual stalker. She is a hard worker
with a regular job, dependable and honest. As a
result of her medical condition, she was made fun of
in school and on her job because of her looks. She
was molested herself by a family member when she was
younger. We did not know about this for several years
and the person who molested her is no longer living.
He never denied it but she did confront him by letter
about it. Nothing can be done about that now. She is
not the only person to have these problems by far but
she is being unfairly harassed by the Glynn County
Sheriff’s Office and by the Glynn County Police.

In her job, she has many opportunities to observe
crimes being committed because she is working during
the night hours. She has prevented many crimes being
committed by calling in this suspicious activity she
observes. She has called in suspicious activity
numerous times only to have the dispatchers at the
police department put on the air that she is a sex
offender. This information has absolutely nothing to
do with what the call is about. This is only another
way to harass her. To the Glynn County Police credit,
when the dispatch supervisor was contacted regarding
the information being put on the open airway, both the
shift supervisor and the dispatcher had letters of
reprimand placed in their permanent files.

She was tried in Glynn County Courts, confessed and
was found guilty, sentenced to 1 year in Claxton PDC
with 10 years probation. She served her time and was
released into probation. She had never been in any
trouble previous to this except for a speeding ticket,
and has not been in any trouble since this whatsoever.
She got out of PDC over 5 years ago.

She has complied with her probation (paying her fines
and fees on time, going to counseling, paying $225.00
every six months for a polygraph (that is inadmissible
in any court) and registering with the Sheriff’s
Office on her residence status, vehicle status,
etcetera. She has diligently tried to comply with
all of the Sheriff’s Department’s rules and
restrictions that have been place upon her due to this
conviction. She is trying to get on with her life and
has become a responsible, contributing member of her
community. She was attaining these goals that she set
for herself. She has done all of this with very
little help from her mother or I other than moral
support. She has paid all of the fines, fees and
assessments on her own without our monetary support.
Her probation officer, Tom Moree, states that he
wishes all of his probationers were like her (giving
him no problems, checking in a required, paying the
fines and fees, keeping him and the Sheriff’s Office
advised of her status).

Last month (July, 2007), she was not feeling well. We
took her to the emergency room. Her blood pressure
would not stabilize. She was diagnosed with
congestive heart failure, a blood clot in the lower
lobe of her heart, Type II diabetes, polyovarian cyst
syndrome, and irritable bowel syndrome. She spent six
(6 days) in the hospital and was seen by multiple
doctors. On release from the hospital, she was
prescribed 12 medications she has to take daily and
the doctors advised her that she could not stay by
herself until her medications could be stabilized to
insure the correct dosages.

Everyone makes mistakes, some worse than others. But
if they pay for those mistakes and try to go on, then
they should not be harassed. I am a working man (now
disabled) with very little money to help our child.
We are just an average family with a child who made a

My Bible states that God forgives a sinner. I believe
the Good Lord is more forgiving than anyone else. If
he can forgive us, then why can’t we forgive others?

It is extremely frustrating to the families of inmates
who are locked up not to know what to expect. Glynn
County is one of the state’s worst areas I have ever
known of concerning enforcement of HB1059. This is
primarily because it is Senator Keen’s home county
where he anticipates eliminating all sex offenders
from Glynn County by whatever means necessary. They
currently brag on having forced 56 offenders to
relocate and 22 to move from Glynn County. There are
some good officers in this agency. Several have
resigned or been transferred because of their
convictions of treating people respectfully.

We are very proud of our daughter and what she has
accomplished since her initial conviction, and we love
and support her.

The Glynn County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Wayne
Bennett should be investigated by the appropriate
state, federal and international human rights agencies
to eliminate the harassment, intimidation and
selective interpretation of the law. My daughter
faces a mandatory 10 year prison sentence for a
resident infraction of HB1059. This is inhumane.
Please pray for our situation and circulate this
story, while there is still time.

A concerned mother and father in Glynn County

(Name withheld to prevent harassment)

Anonymous said...

It's not a question of if it will happen. It's a question of when it will happen. They ARE going to pass laws that require sex offenders to register their emails and screen names.

I think it will happen like this.

1. States will pass laws requiring convected sex offenders to give lists of their email address and screen names to the police. It will stay among the police... at first.

2. Someone will gather all that information and make a national list.

3. Web sites (like myspace) will start asking for, demanding the list so that they can check it against their member lists. Then every little website will be asking.

4. The list will be publically posted, emailed, shared over P2P.

The fallout will be huge

1. Spammers will use the list because they will know that the email addresses are real and active. They will flood the inboxes of those on the list.

2. Some people will use remailers and proxies to harress those on the list. They will be sent viruses, and death threats. Sites like perverted-justice will be dmanding access to the list, and they will post it.

3. Sex offenders will be kicked off from sites that they have belonged to for years. For no other reason than the list.

4. Identity thieves, extortionists, hackers, people who are just bored will now be able to link specific people to their email address. They now can have their credit messed with, their bank account messed with, their web sites hacked, their web sites taken down due to abuses of the DRM (Digital rights management)

1. How will the laws work?
2. What will they want?
3. How often will they want you to update the list of names and email addresses that you use?
4. How will they address the complicated issues?
5. How long before the media picks someone who has been online for years, has 30 different screen names, email address and they make it out like they are cruising for kids?
6. How long before they start demanding that you can only use your real name while online? Making you even more of a target.

1. Instant messenger(Yahoo, MSN, AOL)screen names?

2. IRC screen names? And how do you deal with the fact that the name you want might already be in use? Say want to use the name John and your back up name is Ted. What happens when you sign into Mirc and both names are already taken? Happens to me all the time. Are you just not supposed to sign in again until the name you want is free again?

3. Fourm screen names?

4. Newsgroup screen names? What if you use an invailid email address (like to keep the spammers from flooding your inbox?

5. Blog screen names? What about sites like where you can post under the pseudonym Anonymous Coward? Or other blogs where you are allowed to post under the pseudonym Anonymous?

6. What about banking names? SOme banks allow you to use whatever sign in name you want.

7. What about medical web sites?

8. What about throw away email address web sites like these whose sole purpose is to have disposable email adresses to help cut down on spam? Will you be allowed to use these services? Will you have to submit a change every time your inbox is flooded?

Anonymous said...

A letter to ZMan!

I love your site. I visit it nearly every day. You are providing a great service.
I am a registered sex offender myself. I'm not unique in any way. I did my crime, I did the time. I have to register just like you and thousands of others. Your frustration, anger and general feelings of not being treated fairly and as an equal to the rest of society are the same as mine. I really do understand how you feel about some things.

Let's be fair about what is reported. Let's be the ones that are honest about sex crimes and the people that commiit them. We don't need to put any spin on the facts, we don't need to sink to personal attacks. That is what they do. That is what the media politicians, and bored soccer moms do. We need to set a higher standard.

Let's look at some hard facts of life.

Some people get special treatment. The rich, police, politicians, the famous. It doesn't just happen with regards to Sex Offenders. Taxes, loans, credit, DUI's, travel etc. And if you or I were able to get the same special treatment we would.

The registry and accompying laws are unfair to a lot of people, both offenders and their families. So are 3 strikes and your out, mandatory sentencing, the blue wall of silence, corrupt politicians etc.

As much as people might not want to admit it police, politicians, famous people, the rich are people. They make mistakes just like you and I. If they get busted for doing some sex crime (or any other crime) and they can get off than more power to them. You can't tell me that you wouldn't have jumped on a plea deal that didn't require you to register as a sex offender. I know I would have jumped. If I had the means at the time I would have done almost anything not to be stuck with this label.

There is a double standard when it comes to sentencing women for sex crimes. Is it fair? No but that's the way it is.

People say that sex offender registry laws don't prevent crimes. I disagree, I think that they do prevent some people from committing crimes.
Will they stop all sex crimes? No.
Will they stop most sex crimes? No.
Is it a magic pill that will prevent all sex crimes? No
Will it hurt some people? Yes mostly offenders and their families.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

My husband was arrested in an online sting operation. We got a high priced attorney who got him a pretty good sentence deal for what he was facing.Or so we thought.My husband had never talked to a minor before or ever sought one out. They made the contact and continued the conversations with very suggestive content.He made it quite clear that he liked to talk dirty and that was it.No matter,the Michigan catchall law covered that. When facing 40 years in prison the chance to plead guilty with no more than 10 months in jail with work release seemed like a godsend. We jumped at it. However that was the beginning of the continuing nightmare.It seems work release is not an option if you are a s.o.Then came the registry. We thought we were only required to let the local police know where you lived and your info would br posted on the internet. Not so!!New law changes mean we cant live within 1000 feet of a school .wWe have lived in our home for 20 years and now we have to move,yet we have a neighbor who actually had contact with a minor but commited his crime pre jan.1 2006. He can live 3 houses away from the same school.Were the sex offenders before 2006 a different strain of humans because I dont get it.My husband was on the internet chatting with a supposed minor who lived 25 miles away.what does where he lives have to do with anything? The ironic part is they have no problem with us having 2 computers in the house.he just cant use them. If they really believed he was such a danger you would think that putting temptation in front of him would be a no no. I guess that is really not there motive.I find it appalling that we as a nation are so dumb to think that the government knows what is best. We have let them create a new class of criminals ,many of which were tax paying working people. mM husband will lose his job of 20 years,we will lose our home because it takes 2 incomes to survive and we will have to depend on the very government that created this mess to take care of us!!No one mentions the fact that what few studies have been done the real sex offenders are 80%of the time family or family friends. Even most of the high profile cases the victims were known by the offenderAnd on a final note what about drunk drivers? Dont they kill far more people than sex offenders?Where is there list so I know if they live on my street so I can take proper precautions against there terrible driving.Where is there reporting station? With all the damage they do they should be required to have some sort of monitoring system. I am sure the government has that on a back burner somwhere!!!

Human Rights said...

Well Anonymous as we all know that the United States of America is no longer a free nation, as our Government would have us to think. The United States have violated the UN Declaration on Human Rights period. They have violated juts about every law of the land. However the biggest problem is people like John Walsh who does even and has admitted that he does not know who killed poor Adam. However he and Fox has found a new way to make money and that is to exploit his son's death. Then we have Mark Lunsford and Jessica's law which is causes you to have to move. While he had on his my space page until we made him take it down, as of August 14 2007. It will make you sick to see that this man goes around saying tougher laws as in your case. Then has the nerve to put friends and himself promoting SEX,DRUGS, WEAPONS,AND BOOZE to so many children. He is a criminal and that is all there is to it. Then think about it as John Walsh admitted on Larry King CNN admits to having a SEX ADDICTION for women for a long time. The problem is he would not say who and what age they were. Should we allow this man around our children? Does he still have it? He says it's not curable? See the blog site and it will shock you about what you've said about the famous gets off with anything.

This is also posted on Zman's site on the right side John Walsh our new God. God Bless you and your husband as all others have to say is they made a mistake and say I am sorry and get off Scott free, e.g. John Walsh

ZMan! said...

Moved to here:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Other Issues About SO Laws":

I am a sex offender.
22 years ago, I committed a sex crime, not rape, or like that, but it was a bad crime... I was 25 and I had sex with a 14 year old girl... I was given 10 years in prison, to be followed by 10 years of probation.
I served my time, and also served the 10 years probation. I got off probation in 2000. Then all these laws started up.

I swear, I still think I do not have to register as I committed my crime over 20 years ago and have not re offended in any way.

My probation officer said I did not have to register as a sex offender as I committed my crime 20 years ago.

I was living in my community, every one knows me, for over 5 years... then one day, I heard a knock at my door... 2 sheriffs cars were outside, so I opened the door, said hello... and was arrested for not registering as a sex offender.... long story ended this way... I got out on bail, had to go hide in a friends remote cabin for 2 weeks as the local news, tv, radio, newspapers plastered my name, photo address everything all over town for 2 days.... The end result, I had to register as a sex offender, or get re-arrested, and the case was dropped, but I still have to register even though I believe the law says I do not as I was originally charged over 21 years ago.

I have not re offended, and like I said, was on probation in this same town for 10 years! Now, Louisiana, is the state I live in, I am on the sex offender registry, and get this, I now HAVE IN BIG ORANGE LETTERING ON MY DRIVER'S LICENSE... SEX OFFENDER! MY GOD, WHAT NEXT????

Anonymous said...
Christian Clown In Perv Bust

ZMan! said...

I have the above already, that is why I have not posted it. Stop sending it over and over. Send it once, I get all of the submitted articles.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows the story of Timothy Davidson, whose father will speak at the Ohio rally, knows the story of my boyfriend. Who knew that forgetting to ask for a driver's license can result in a lifetime on the registry? There was no sex involved, but people assumed the worst only because he drove several states to see his former online girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

These registry laws, especially for juveniles, are so unfair. My son is 15 years old and will be on the registry for life under Floridas new law. He has ADHD and has struggled with it for years. Anyone knows kids with ADHD have impulse problems and judgement problems. He had no idea what kind of crime he was committing. He will never have a normal life, I see so many problems that will come from this. I know what he did is a crime, but for life? He has a college fund and will probably never be able to use because of his name on this registry. I know him very well and the criticism from other children will make him act out more. This will never be a good thing for kids like him. The other kids have already given him problems because he is so immature and was in special ed classes. I can see him coming home and never leaving the house because of how people are cruel. I wonder how long before someone tries to hurt him or maybe even worse. I don't know yet if they will allow him back in school at all. This is a parents worst nightmare. We need to give children a shorter registry requirement and a chance to expunge records when they become adults. Most convicted are immature and uneducated about the laws like my son. I want to see these new laws regulated to help children and not hurt them more than they help. I have done alot of research and all the studies show children are different from adult offenders. So why are they treated the same? Shouldn't children be allowed to make mistakes? I thought that was part of growing up!!!

SOIssues said...

Posted by Sex Offender Issues with permission from the author.

From E:

I do not know much about your organization, as of today, but I do hope and pray that I will become more involved with you in the future. Obviously, there is a mountain of information and personal biography/testimony that I could and perhaps will share with you someday. However, for now I will abridge such info in order not to bore you or your readers.

I am a 55 yr. old white divorced male who lives in Illinois. I have been unemployed since March 2008 when I was convicted for possession of child pornography (3 images). As a result I was placed on a 5 yr. period of probation and required to register as a "predator" sex offender on the Illinois Sex Offender Registry.

I spent my pre-conviction life as a father, a clergy person and as a human services professional. Needless to say, I no longer have any careers, either professional nor have I had any contact with my children since I left my ex spouse in 2004!

Today is an especially hard day for me in that I was informed today, by my "ex spouse" that although I have finally come to the point, where having finished 2 years of sex offender treatment, without blemish, and have completed 2 1/2 yrs of sex offender intensive probation, having an untarnished probation record, and then finally being at the point where my probation offer feels that I am ready to resume contact with my 13 yr. old daughter, my ex informed me that my 13 yr. old "refuses" to have any contact with her father! My older daughter is 22 yrs. old and she has consistently refused to have any contact, or to answer any attempts on my part to contact her for all of these years. Thus, all hope of contact with either of my daughters vanished today, despite any efforts I have made to improve myself, going through years of therapy, attendance at 12 step, active participation in houses of worship, participation in small men's groups for spiritual sexual purity, whatever.

I am fully accountable for the "evils" that I perpetrated, I have been repaying society for my crime, no matter how draconian the consequences have been. But, I must admit that my soul weeps that my daughters, both of whom I raised along side my ex, until I separated from her, have refused contact, or as a result of our justice system decided that I was to be "punished" through no contact with minors, including my own younger daughter because I plead guilty to possession of 8 images. Amazing, in that even if I had murdered someone, I would still have been able to have contact with them.... amazing, but true.

My hope is that having found your site, that I will be able to somehow contribute to the end of this period of "witch hunting" into which our democracy has backslid deeply. Please contact me and I hope we will begin a long and substantial relationship. Have a wonderful and blessed thanksgiving to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

I have been a RSO for over 10yrs. My problem with the hole thing is, when I went to court I plead no-continda on the assumption the judge said that part of the plea was that I would not have to register. I was never told how long I would have to register because the judge said I would not have to. To make a long story short I was at trial and they told me that they would plea for 3yrs, but if I took it all the way they would give me 20yrs. My alleged crime was indecent exposure, which in 1998 that was considered leud and leciveust. I still stick to my innocents, and so does my family. I ask my wife while in court and she did not wont to take a chance on 20yrs I did, but for her I took the plea. My thoughts on all this is how can they go against what the judge said and just throw out the arrangements of the plea agreement. New laws should be for the people that are committing the act now, not 10 or moor yrs ago. You can't come out with a new law, say for a Dui that first offense automatic 5yrs, and go back and rearrest the people that had one in the past and put them in prison for 5yrs. It just don't happen. I have never seen a panel of judges to classify me. When I got out of prison here in Fl. they told me to sign these papers or they would not release me. That is not right. But in the long run people do not care and there is nobody to help us unless you have about $10,000 or more, and most S.O. don't have a job. They should have funding for us if they are going to treat us like a different race of people. Some people are innocent of what they were a ledge of doing, but once you are in the system that is it. Makes you wonder the real reason why justice is wearing a blind fold. I just pray that one day there will be some one that will help.

SOIssues said...

Posted with permission via email:

By Anonymous

I was accused of touching a girl. By the time the cops and prosecutor got done with my charges it went to rape on down. No evidence just the girl saying that it happened. I was court ordered to take a polygraph test because I ranked a zero on all the sex offender tests. My lawyer informed me that the best thing to do was to take the plea bargain because for one he didn't want to take it to jury and no jury would believe the guy over a girl. I'm sorry. I learned at the age of 16 how when someone says you are guilty of a crime you have to prove your innocent. There was no rape kit done or anything. Just this girl saying it happened. The cops back dated their reports, took false statements from her and her mother, got a girl from out of town that I have only met once to lie for her, and the cops threatened my sister and her boyfriend with prison if they didn't say I did it.

As of right now I am not labeled, but the court is waiting until I turn 18 to take me back and label me. My lawyer got paid 5000 to just throw me under the bus. He won't return my phone calls and according to the BCI, FBI, and CIA the polygraph test was read wrong. Everything stayed the same expect that after 3 1/2 hours my finger started sweating. 2 out of 3 test proved that I was innocent. That 1 test is the only thing that they are taking into consideration. I was only 1 point from passing it. Guess what it should of been inconclusive according to the Federal Government. I found out that I could not be forced to take a polygraph, but I was. My parents can't afford another attorney for me and I need help.

Dixie said...

My son met this girl and she asked him out; he asked her how old she was and she said 16 he in turn told her to call him in two years, she did she contacted him on myspace, she had ID that said she was of age, and she looked like she was of age so they went out; turns out she was 14. So my son who is in his early 20's is now doing 31/2 - 15 years he thought he was with an adult. They didn't even take him to court until two years later by then he was seeing someone else going to college and had a good future ahead of him and than he got arrested for being with someone who he thought was of age and now his whole life is messed up because his court appointed lawyer didn't know how to represent him and even admitted he didn't; and the judge told my son he didn't believe him that he didn't know how old she was, well how is he supposed to know when she has fake ID and how is the judge just going to assume something. It makes me mad I do not feel that a man should be punished when the girl is portraying herself as an adult.
Thank you for letting me express my feelings on this matter.

Rose Millis said...

Why are all sex offenders put in the same category?  They want them to get out of facilities and lead a good life,but they can't live anyplace except out in the middle of a field. Having sex one time with a 14 yr. old over a $20 drug deal does not make them all James Bentley's.  The laws need to be changed.

Chales Higgins said...

According to authors and couselors who write about child abuse and incest, a mojor contributor to these crimes is rejection. My wife refused to make love and my ver young daughter offered to take her [lace.  i could not talk her out of it.  Now I have tto live in the boondocks after serving 9 yrs and 3 months in prison. I'm lucky to have a brother who lives in the country who has taken me in..

Fred said...

Those of us who choose to fight these insane sex offender laws need to understand this: 1) There is a widespread lack of basic, everyday common sense running rampant in the world today, and 2) the perversion of the English language known as "politically correct-speak" is being used as a tool by those who would frighten the general public into believing that these laws make sense for each and every sex offender.

A classic example of what I'm talking about was crystal-clear in a recent broadcast of the Dr. Phil show, which aired sometime last week (I forget now exactly what night it was).

Dr. Phil had a mother and her 15-year-old daughter on his program. The mother was expressing concern that her daughter was dressing like a slut (mom's words), and going out most evenings to pick up men as old as 25 for sex. The daughter was sitting there claiming that she LOVES having sex, and that none of this was any business of her mother's (your typical 15-year-old defiant attitude).

The daughter goes on to explain how she scores: "I hang out at the mall, and when I see a sexy guy I go right up to him, tell him he's hot and ask for his phone number. Most of the time I can talk them into taking me for a ride in their car, and we'll just play in the back seat."

What totally floored me was Dr. Phil's response to this, and his choice of words in particular. After blowing his stack at the mother, who tried explaining to him that she is unable to stop her daughter from leaving the house (obviously, as a 15-year-old she's just going to do what she wants when she wants), the good doctor asks her why she doesn't follow her daughter, if for no other reason than to get the license plate numbers of these "extremely dangerous PREDATORS" so they can be brought to justice?

Now, where I get most confused here is in the use of the word "predator". Last time I checked, the "predator" is the person/animal taking the "initial action". The hungry lion stalks, kills and eats the lamb, and all that.

If the tables were turned, and it was the GUY going up to the 15-year-old and asking for HER phone number ... why then I can see how the word "predator" might make sense. BUT, how does this guy get classified as a "predator" when he is the one being stalked/solicited out of the blue?

Is the guy none too bright? Possibly. Self-esteem a bit low for agreeing to get it on with a 15-year-old? Probably. Asking for a heap of trouble (WAY more than he can ever possibly imagine)? DEFINITELY!

But how exactly does he reach the level of PREDATOR in such a situation? He reaches it because there is obviously very little common sense left in the world; i.e., the "pervasive view" is that a 15-year-old cannot POSSIBLY want or enjoy or wish to seek-out sex on their own (or maybe most of us adults have forgotten all those hormones raging through us when we were at the very tender age of 15?). He reaches it because "predator" is such a cool, convenient, politically-correct word these days, and it does the maximum damage in a situation where very little if any damage is being done in the first place.

Note that I am NOT justifying or encouraging sex between adults and children; just pointing out the depressing lack of common sense in this particular situation. And if you let Dr. Phil run the show, then that poor dumb guy who makes that one mistake with slut-girl is asking for the end of his life as he's known it ... the situation so many of us are in right now.

The punishment ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT fit the crime! BEWARE!!

None of your business said...

There is so much extremism in this issue.  On one hand we've got people in the US who are not being tried or convicted of actual cases of child sex abuse because of technicalities like the statute of limitations.  On the other we've got stories on this website about 14 year old boys with down syndrome doing something stupid (no insult intended to anyone) and being registered as sex offenders.

Is it any wonder people outside the US looking in think your country is bonkers?

The problem with things like sex offender registries is how it is applied and what isn't being doing instead, not that it exists.  For the people who molest children (real sex abusers) they should be on the registry. And yes that is even the case when most people are abused by relatives. I say that as a survivor of abuse by a relative who is still waiting for my rights under the victims charter to be upheld, after reporting to the police nearly a decade ago what happened. Not even a word or report number given to me by the police. And now this offender is in contact with some child relatives and I can't do anything about it.  My life has been ruined by that person's actions and by a system that does not care about victims even when the law says it should, and my one hope, that it doesn't happen again, has been torn to shreds.  And I feel like I have to die or kill just to stop it from happening, even though I have done everything I can possibly to do heal and act legally and responsibly in this situation.

So here a I see a country (yours, the US) where the typical legal response is ignorance.  One size fits all when convictions happen, even though convictions don't happen often enough in serious cases, and the people covered by the registry laws probably shouldn't be.  This is insulting to victims of pedophilic abuse and rape, and it is insulting to people who live in the grey area that aren't pedophiles/rapists per se but get treated as such.  Like when an 18 yr old and a 16 yr old lose their virginity together. As happened with me, and I can tell you right now that wasn't rape of a child.  I know the difference and it is worlds apart.

For example when a so called reformed person who puts the words "abuse" in bunny ears - like I just did- and are talking about how they had sex with a 10 year old.  And they say things like the 10 year old came onto them. NO. You raped the 10 year old. They do not have the biological interest or the neurology to consent, and you were in a position of power. That is abusive.  That is the difference.  At 16 all the hormones are there and very similar to an 18 year old, and when the two consent this is possible = not rape.  That is the difference.  Note, the bunny ears denote not taking responsibility, that means the person who uses them is not reformed, and should be in a treatment facility with all the other sickos instead of writing blogs about how hard done by they think they are BOO HOO.  Get over it, you rape a 10 year old you are not the victim.  That is the difference.

Going to far in any extreme is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I am so angry that real abusers are walking away while 14 year olds with down syndrome are penalised.   How insane is this????

Wdharris2 said...

Speaking from experience, most of the laws are either designed to keep the person locked up by making nearly impossible to get decent work and make them pay out rages fines and fees to stay legal every year. In Ga it is required to pay $250.00 to file a claim and to hire a lawyer at $2000.00 in addiction to get off of level 1 registry and pay $250.00 in Bibb Co. to register.
Or they make laws that allow employs to not hire you,such as Ks they have a right not to hire a first person offence saying that the offender may harm someone or something. This to me is profiling and it should be stopped. It is set up so the trucking industry has a right to not hire an offender until has 7 yrs out from under the registry so he can not do Over The Road driving and the states will not pay for the CDL because of it. These laws are technically constitutionally illegal. If it is illegal to the constitution is that a felon in it self since that is a federal law. Or are the law makers exempt from those laws, or does not any one care. 
Right now it is getting to the point that girl can holler rape if she was drunk and the man has to pay for her actions. If a child gets mad at Mom and/or Dad they go to jail for a false claim. Right now it is legal for a girl to wear a short skirt no underwear but if a man has a wardrow malfunction he is a sex offender.
I can go on and on until I fill an intire cloud up with pages so I'm going to stop for now.
All of these are legally wrong and yet they are the "LAW".

Wdharris2 said...

What ever happened to watching your kids instead of sending them outside to get them out of our hair.

Patty said...

 That is so so CRAZY!!!!!

F.A. Leonetti said...

    ACTION  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""

         700,000  RSO's  [+] (approx) on some sort of registry in this country alone,

          insane huge new numbers of  younger  JUVENILES on some sort of list

          ridiculous fines and fees being added AFTER prison

          ILLEGAL use  of ex post facto  and retro-active laws

          continued PUNISHMENT after time served & in the community

          VIRTUALLY no other crime element having  this level of selectivity

           complete DEPRAVITY of individual freedom and personal liberties

           CONSTANT expansion of registration & enforcement laws

           public scorn with DIRECT push from media and  politicians

           gross MISUSE of online registery and increased homicides

           ..........and several dozen more HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS 
all being done under Save the Children  and while none are actually
being saved.
The LAME excuses for these demonic, draconian dark-age laws
have lost their usefulness and effectiveness against all the money and
Fear thrown against them in sight of reason and logic.

What is NEEDED (IMO) is to launch lawsuits  from several states, on several levels going directly to Court of Appeals in each state and then to the Supreme Court of the United States. 

This LACKS nothing except for  organizational skill and will power. 

There are more than sufficient  RSO's,numbers with a pool of resources on many levels There are  more AVAILABLE facts  than ever possibly  needed and  this is a most EXCELLENT  political  period of time.  We stop bitching and start itching.  

There are, from my reading of those who have left comments on this site alone, many of which are very gifted on how to approach this critical line of thought, OR AT LEAST SOME THOUGHT ON TAKING ON THE TASK OF A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

Now, I am very  aware that this has been talk about but  little to  nothing has ever come to fruition.

I am also aware that there have be several splinter groups who have started but ended in an utter disgrace and disbanded  due to lack of trust with donations entrusted to them.  [[One NW group, (unnamed) in particular]

 ]This is not an option. Frankly, these buggers need to be prosecuted and put into jail for theft and  embezzlement

Now it  may take a dozen or so REALLY committed persons and the Good Lord
knows who you are.  However, t will require many THOUSANDS  of you to be equally committed.

Once momentum has begun it will take on a life of its own WORTHY of running a race to WIN.

There are several avenues and resources for seed money and this site, most
certainly,  has an abundance of intelligent, creative and caring individuals both from the S.O.I.'s web format and its readership to produce a very professional organization and  DO IT RIGHT.

""The drums &  trumpet sound, and a few listen and take action while many help to support the win that benefits all mankind."    FAJL  cc  1912

This battle has been fought before.  It will be fought again in a different way.
This is our turn to step up and do what can be done to undo the WRONG and
help make things RIGHT for yourself and those who you love and those who
love you.  As others have done what is right...SO MUST YOU.!!!

Decide to decide to do what is right.  It is your turn

Best Regards
F.A. Leonetti



marco benelli said...

Megans Law is absolutely insane. All healthy men and boys have to deal with testosterone and male sexuality. It is perfectly normal and natural for young healthy males to seek after optunity for sexual encounter and release. Not every man convicted of "crossing the line" is a potential serial killer! Yet this is exactly the way this Anglo-American-Puritan society treats them. Why only "sex offenders", why not force EVERY person convicted of an offence to register? What about burglars and armed robbers? Does nobody care they might re-offend? Oh it is all about SEX in this sick, hateful society. I commited a minor offence 35 yrs ago and am still being unjustly punished for it! Damn these idiots!

Jeana said...

I am a 35 yr old female. I am a mom of 3 who I no longer have visitation with. I need $1,500 for a lawyer so I can petition the court for supervised visitation. Apparently my going to treatment for my alcoholism and mental illness meant nothing. I had committed a sex crime by sending nude photos of myself to a 15 yr old who had the hots for me.
I plead guilty to 2 felonies (big mistake) because I felt they had evidence, no refuting it. And I am now 8 months into my 4 yr 6 mo probation. With another 10 years after that on the registry.
I have a bachelor's degree, luckily I still have my job as an Office Manager because my employers still believe in me. However, I recently had to turn down a promotion because my probation officer didn't want to give me permission to relocate.
Sometimes I feel that I died the day I clicked that mouse. Sometimes I feel like I will never have anything. I have never been without my children in their whole lives but now I have not seen or spoke to them in 8 months and counting. My children I'm sure feel that I have abandoned them.
I am subjected to therapy sessions with creep-a-zoids who stare eerily at you. And guess what, they can find out where I live easily enough!
Not to mention I don't feel like I have offended anyone. Not that boy for sure. In my opinion, group therapy was mandated to make you constantly feel like you are abnormal. That you are sexually bizarre and wrong in all you think and feel. And the biggest reason of course, they just want your money.
I never imagined that there was such a complete injustice being done to sex offenders. I don't like being called this. Put into the same category as a child molester or violent rapist. I am not the same kind of person at all.
I never had any problems with law enforcement other than two public intox due to being a raging alcoholic. But none of that mattered. My children and their well being didn't matter.
Ive been told I cant go to my parents to a daycare. Apparently there are daycares on every corner. Cant stay with my own brother because he has a 2 yr old. Somebody that has plenty of character witnesses and track record of being a good person would not harm children. Just because I had no rational sense of judgement when I committed this crime and mistakenly viewed a sexually active 15 yr old as just any other male and not a child doesn't mean I would hurt ever hurt a young child. I have learned from what I did but I can tell you the punishment did not fit the crime.
And I am not going to stop until something is done. I don't want other children to lose a parent, a truly good and loving parent like mine have.

larry said...

I think SORNA's duty of self reporting is involuntary servitude, forced labor, prohibited by the 13th Amendment and the federal criminal code. If you disagree, I suggest you call up and order a pizza. When the delivery boy gets there, debate the issue with him. Ask him how many times you could force him to deliver for free before he would call the police. Next consider what charges could be filed against you: kidnapping, robbery, forced labor. My point is that if you can't do it to him then government shouldnt be allowed to do the same thing to us.

Stop the Exploitation! Restitution Now!

Karen Younger said...

Adam...if you are still around, please post here. I am wondering if you ever got off the Ohio registry.

Jessica Cole said...

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guestV said...

Whats is sad, that its not just the offenders suffering their lives. I am a wife of a man, who once made a mistake, and by violating and taking away the rights of offenders the government ruins their families. We both are successful people, and I know we will stay strong no matter how many restrictions and obstacles they put to keep us from family happiness. Whoever passed the laws on residence restrictions, and community notification were ignorant greedy politicians. I hope people like my husband don't go underground, I hope they all get support of their families, and maybe someday their voices will be heard! Dear wives stay strong, you are not along, there are thousands of us!
lone loving wife of a wonderful man.

Victoria said...

Kim, you are a wonderful woman !!! God bless your family, and other families like yours !!! i am a wife of RSO too, I know how you feel !!

Tracy James said...

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yours forever.
(8) If you need financial assistance.
(9) How you been scammed and you want to recover you lost money
- you can contact hem via: email or cell phone

Denechek Jagunova said...

I have to register as a sex offender and am subject to legal discrimination in employment and housing (not to mention being the subject of our society's collective hysteria) for the rest of my life simply because of (1) internet picture in my computer. During my trial the District Attorney mentioned to the judge that the Probation Department was pushing for more formal probations (felonies) because that was their sole source of income. This leads me to believe that both the prosecution and the defense are more invested in funding the organizational system than administering justice.

thrdchance said...

The other day I was working in Miami, FL inside a store with 5 other people and a manager - doors were locked it was approximately 6:10am - police came to the door and demanded I open it - I told the police I don't work here and I'm not authorized to unlock the door; I'll get a manager. After the door was opened the police asked for an individual who wasn't present then took me outside and said I swore at him and threw me up against the wall and searched me. During the assault it was found that I am an offender. then the police told me that if I don't shut up then will change my sex offender status to predator even though I did not commit a crime in Florida and my offense happened over 15 yrs ago - my home is located in Pinellas county - I can move and go wherever I please as long as I don't leave the state for more then 3 days without notifying the sex offender officials - what a joke - and the state in which I am no longer resident of, requires me to register with them once a year or face an arrest warrant for non-compliance. - What a joke. Makes you wonder why the politicians insist on making it harder and harder for those on the registry to live their life.

Jason Sanders said...

Hello I am a sex offender on parole I am not allowed to get an apartment being forced to pay sex offender treatment with my SSI and be forced to tolerate being threatened by the so treatment provider whome was my mental health case worker since I was 8 years old is there any thing I can do?

Nunya said...

Just found this. Don't know how it applies to those under supervision, but definitely post supevision:

This is awesome news! This is a serious blow to John Walsh and his enterprises investing in GPS monitoring.


david said...

about time, its just a scratch but ill take it

david said...

The registry is a slave law that subjugates citizens . It violates freedom of movement,work, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is a sickofantic creation by the Judicial system to profiteer off the backs of others suffering. It violates The EEO regulations by picking on a certain group of people. It Violates the bill of rights and Human rights. Yet the water is calm and the lake is dark. We Need the wind to blow and get us nomads back to shore ,life and work.

Nunya said...

You said we need to launch lawsuits from every state. I agree. Here is how I have posited, to much resistance, we could accomplish this: There is strength in numbers.

1. Begin a group of RSO's in your county. Start a corporation that holds this group. It doesn't matter if it's non profit or not, but all should be the same in each county regardless: an internal network with the same name. There are 67 counties in Florida, so there should be 67 groups to discuss pressing issues, etc.

2. No RSO is turned away, unless unruly, but all may be required to pay a small fee to keep the wheels turning. $5 per week/month, etc. Non RSOs can volunteer or work as support, but only if vetted. Locations will need to be secure.

3. The most agregious concerns will be collected and brought to an attorney or law firm, either state or national, depending on the circumstances. Guest speakers will include RSO's who have beaten the registry or landed good jobs/started businesses, attorneys, and other professionals in the know.

4. The primary goal of the groups would be to hire law firm (s) specifically to chip away at these laws, assist with legal fees regarding clemency, and to press for expungement possibilities in the future. The secondary goal of the group will be to no longer need to exist due to laws becoming realistic from our legal actions.

This is very basic and would entail years of pressing and unforeseen circumstances along the way, as with any endeavor, but this is a plan designed to work for every state. There are also enough people listed as RSO's that we could effectively create a labor union that would make it impossible to fire us for simply being on the registry. This would be a self-governing group governed specifically by post supervision RSO's, elected by the local groups. This could be done and should be done as a matter of course to protect ourselves on as many fronts as possible. Talking about it won't solve anything. Only contributions and attorneys can do that. I am aware of no AWA fights going on now, only talk. I am aware of nothing in any state, district or supreme court that will have a major impact. All arguments against retroactive laws have pretty much been the same, so those arguments continue to slip through the cracks and be dismissed. We have 800,000 heads to put together, and I'm sure some have some awesome ideas that are fresh but don't have the money or resources to press the issue. This is exactly what lawmakers are counting on: RSO's losing hope and every battle due to a lack of knowledge, resources and networking necessary to put up an adequate legal fight. Let's put our heads together and pool 3000 counties together to make this happen.

david said...

It would be much easier to get one organization to send out letters and or emails to every offender asking for a membership fee for a said amount 35.00 month or less time 1 million would be a great start to any legal organization to begin a great fight it would seem to be quicker

Nunya said...

Absolutely. But I still think a weekly or monthly countywide meeting would also be beneficial. With a general average of 266 RSO's per county, give or take, and rising, that's a lot of lives that could benefit from job creation on a local level. I think it would help on many levels, such as cooperation with law enforcement, unionizing a labor force, legal assistance, maybe even working with social services and food banks. I would be open for ideas and in financial and legal assistance in getting a program like this started. This would be community based assistance only for RSO's, focused on employment and taking stabs at local ordinances, state laws and federal laws to make our lives easier and safer.

david said...

Are we at number three ?

Nunya said...

Here's more good news. Possibly.

To soon to tell how this will help RSO's, if at all.

collateral damage said...

Where's the reassessments at later in life to prove our love ones are not the same person they was in distant past ..some are put on probation for many years and registry same time .and after the 10to 20 year . .the registry time starts to tick to when you can possibly get off it .so .a lot people may be 80 yes old before they given a sec chance to give back and integrate in society ..yes its all those who are sorry for all that was done in past .and showed each year .they been abiding by the law and living normal no reaffence .probation problems there's none .been in counseling long time .paid each fee like supposed to .shouldn't that count for something .u know in probation they check your home every mth and u have office visit each month as well as them coming by to see you at counseling...its very strict and if you can live normal and do right .those whom do right should have a due process .even if your probation or not ..many people they will find has changed .not reaffended and was abiding lawfully .and those that day should be given some kind of way to get off registry .not ten not twenty five years not lifeit should be a shorter time period .
It should be from the time you get out of jail you registry time starts ticking not After probation is over .many pro will be over when pro is over in 10to 20 years ..then 25 years to stay on registry after that .no its not right at all. Think of all our children and their children being collateral damage for rest their live . Cause the past punished us al . No forgiveness is in the world .second chances .where are they ?liberty to go to and from .yah with restriction to us minority families ..we the minority .the lepers the govt wants to punish for having a love one who made bad mistakes in the past .

Mike said...

Megan's law is a sickening display of American law. After finding myself "tricked" by the state of Florida into becoming a sex offender; now I find myself being raped by the justice system because of a label. First off I took a plea agreement in 1992, no judge told me about SO registration, nor wAs it in my plea agreement. They needed faces on the website when it was launched in 1997, so they worded the law to be people still on probation were to register, even though it was not part of their plea agreement. Fast forwArd 22 years, and I move to illinois in 2011. The ISP sId I was not required to register in IL., and even faxed me a letter saying I had completed registration requirements. In 2014 I had contact with it a rogue cop who decide he wanted to turn my life upside down. I had an apartment, a job, and a girlfriend. When I failed to register timely, he arrested me and seized all my computer equipment while I was in jail. Even though the law states I do not have to register, the DA is sitting on this case for over a year now and doesn't appear to want to let it go. They want my blood on their hands, even though they are in the wrong....just because of the SO label. U have fewer rights than a murderer, and it shows this country at its most vicious and corrupt. I can only pray.

Concerned said...

Sex offenders are not allowed to live close to schools are daycare centers or any place kids hangout. The public can keep their kids safe, just knowing this and can locate sex offenders on the web.. Now that you have all this information their is no problem keeping your kids safe ( RIGHT ). or is it ? Now that they don't live close to kids, tell me what will stop them from going any place they want to go ? The sex offender act is bull. This does not keep anyone safe, all this does is ad fuel to the fire. These people has served their time, let them alone they don't owe you anything else. Don't you know the more you stir a dung pot the worse it will smell How about if this shoe was on your foot. would you like a chance to put on a new pair ? What goes around comes around. What if this happens to someone you love ?