Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hayward cop does not appear for arraignment

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What? If the average citizen did not show up they'd have a bench warrant issued for their arrest, so why isn't one being issued for him?

HAYWARD — Police Officer Jeff Christofani did not appear at the Hayward Hall of Justice on Friday, where he was scheduled to be arraigned on four felonies.

Christofani, a Hayward police officer for 18 years, was arrested Thursday afternoon at the police station and booked into Santa Rita county jail in Dublin. He was released on $250,000 bail at 2:01 a.m. Friday.

The four felony charges include two counts of sex crimes against children, one count of child endangerment and one count of intimidating a witness.

Although Christofani, about 42 years old, did not appear in court on Friday, no charges were filed against him. He has been placed on administrative leave from the Hayward Police Department.

No bench warrant was issued for Christofani to appear, and he may have obtained private counsel, said Hayward police Lt. Reid Lindblom.

Investigation is ongoing, so the Police Department is not releasing information that might risk compromising its case. The Alameda County District Attorney's Office said that it had not received any charges related to Christofani.

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I am wondering who the judge is? The newspapers are so afraid to offend anyone in power. Perhaps if anyone finds out, you can email me at