Saturday, March 3, 2007

Evil in the USA - Childrens lives ruined forever!

This is wrong, wrong, wrong!! Total idiots!! By putting young kids on the registry with the names, addresses, pictures, you are putting their lives more in danger. Also when you put them into prison with adults. As you stupid?

You can see at the registry below, that Kansas has young kids on the registry, which I'll let you check for yourself.

Articles about child sex offenders:,0,1420851.story?coll=wtic-news-3

Then they are placed in institutions where real sexual abuse (as opposed to consensual sex) is common. How ironic.

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Anonymous said...

Charlie Manson was a product of the system. Putting young people in detention centers, adult prisons and labeling them sex offender is a sure way of screwing a person up for ever and insures a lifetime of joblessness, alcoholism, drug addiction, homelessness and mental illness.I know of three non SO boys in my town that commited suicide with the help of our legal system.