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Young lives destroyed

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Note: Some of the following stories were submitted to this site by parents who felt a need to withhold their names and/or locations in order to prevent accusations that they were resisting their children's treatment. They feared that such accusations could result in permanent separation from their children, or other retaliation against them or their children.

Joe, age 14, Wisconsin
A police sergeant indicated that the sex was consensual. My son was very frightened, as the detective was shouting at him and had a gun. He did not write a confession. The detective wrote it for him. Approximately two weeks later, we received papers in the mail indicating that he was being charged with second degree sexual assault.

Justin Wilson, age 10, Texas
Justin's stepmother caught him and his 5 year old younger brother 'looking at each other naked.' They were comparing pee pees. Justin was given one year probation, he had to complete 'crisis counseling', and he was required to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

Pam's son, age 12, Pennsylvania
My son was charged in Michigan with a "felony 1 criminal sexual conduct child under 13." He in fact did indecently touch a boy of 6 years old. He was 12 when this happened. He performed oral sex on him. He has to register for life. At least that is my fear. Now we have the fear also that this new Jessica's Law will make it so he cannot go to school anymore.

Shannon, age 13, California
The reason for placement was a sexual offense done when I was 13 in California. Basically I engaged in consensual sexual acts with 3 neighborhood boys ages 13, 11, and 8. Treatment involved putting a rubberband appearing contraption hooked up through a computer around your penis while you sat in a dark room with your pants to your ankles listening to various audio recording stories.

Garrett Daley, age 13, Arizona
Our daughter Devon came to us and said Garrett had been touching her. The night our son was to be awarded his Eagle Scout award, he was arrested and put in jail. The next day, Saturday, the county attorney decided to change his charges to the adult court. On Sunday, our daughter Devon, came to us and told us she had lied. We again went to the authorities but no one would listen.

Anonymous, age 6-10, Washington
I was charged with rape of a child in the first degree and two counts of child molestation in the second degree. I was told it did not matter that most of the abuse had happened under the direction of my stepfather. It did not matter that I was between 6-10 at the time.

Misty's son, age 8, Washington
He was held in solitary confinement...He was fingerprinted, photographed, and subjected to intrusive questioning. He was berated several times for wetting the bed, and laid in a wet bed all night because he was too afraid to ask anyone for help.”

Anonymous, age 11, Michigan
He is looking at being put on the public registry when he turns 18, along with his picture...Because of the registry and the stigma which accompanies it, we have had suicides, attempted suicides and youths who are ready to give up.

Linda 's son, age 13, Texas
“He was watching another 13 year old boy and his 10 year old female cousin bumping each other fully dressed. My child was charged with sexual assault as well as the other boy, because he did not tell the girl's mother what was happening.”

Matt, age 14, Arizona
I came home from work and Matt was not home. I called and was told that he admitted to everything and was arrested. Matt didn't admit to anything, he was coerced into it. He is on lifetime probation and is never allowed to live at home again. He has been in homeless shelters and may be in one again.

Anonymous, age 14, West Virginia
“He paid with 10 months of his life locked up, then was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital, forbidden to have any contact with his family. Our son had gone through complete psychological testing at The National Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital, giving complete opposite results and recommendations than these experts.”

Randi's son, age 14, location withheld
“My son is a convicted sex offender. A felon at the age of 14...The detectives told me it didn't matter that this younger boy started this contact.”

Janet Boeldt's grandson, age 14, Indianapolis, Indiana (Resolute Treatment Facility)
“He was arrested and charged with child molestation. He was involved with a group of kids, mostly around the same age, who were voluntarily performing various sex acts. There was never any accusation of force or intimidation.”

Danny Phillips, age 15, Indianapolis, Indiana (Resolute Treatment Facility)
“Every time I met with any counselor/group leader, he or she would try to tell me when I was telling lies and when I was denying details of my offenses during disclosures. They tried to force me to say things that were untrue and disgusting. They tried to make me say that I'd done something to Esther, Joel, Charity and Mom!”

“J”, Indianapolis, Indiana (Resource Treatment Facility)
“My son 'J' was accused of molesting his younger brother. He was placed in a sex offender treatment institution. His brother admitted that he had lied because he was mad. 'J' consistently denied doing anything to his brother and passed several polygraphs. They still didn’t send him home.”

Anonymous, age 16, Colorado
“My son, too, underwent three torturous years of therapy, after accepting an Alford plea because of a false accusation.”

Tony Fillingame, age 17, Texas
“My son was a registered sex offender because of an encounter he had with a 13 year old girl who misrepresented her age...Tony was literally kicked out of a sex offender's treatment program, because he chose to confront the leaders about trying to force him to lie.”

Asa Morton, age 19, Texas
“She stated she had just turned 17...We had no idea that my son could be charged with sexual assault of a child. Asa was given 8 year deferred adjudication, with lifetime registration as a sex offender. He cannot find work. He cannot live with anyone in his family because of minors. He is now in the county jail.

BJ's son, age 17, Michigan
The only crime my son had committed was having consensual relations with a girl who was 2 1/2 weeks away from being the age of consent (16). He was in the SO treatment for 14 months and they WOULD NOT release him UNTIL he had admitted to something he didn't do.

Carolyn's son, age 18, Vermont
“My son was convicted of sexual assault on a minor for consensual teenage sex...He had to sign a contract when he entered treatment agreeing to aversion therapy, penile plethysmograph, and lie detector tests. It also stipulated that therapy may involve masturbation.”

Steven, age 16, location withheld
They told me I was sick. They told me I was disgusting. Morally unfit to live.”

Articles and reports

Three-part series in The Texas Examiner:

  1. Branded for Life
    "Many parents do not know that consensual sex, even when the female is the initiator, is currently being punished by the State of Texas based solely on the difference in ages."
  2. Attorneys Deal with What Is Law
    "As a prosecutor, my sense is that at least half of the cases of child sexual assault filed with the district attorney’s office involved consensual sex..."
    Readers respond to story of young lives ruined
  3. Perp & Victim Bonded for Life
    "Nikki Rodriguez, 24 is the 'victim.' The 'perpetrator' is her husband and only boyfriend, Frank Rodriguez, 27."
    Readers respond

Molested (in Salon magazine)
“A mother discovers that the legal system's nightmarish 'cure' for child sexual abuse can be worse than the disease.”

Reject (from Overexposed, by author Sylvere Lotringer)
“You feel so bad, you start thinking of suicide…I tried to kill myself in jail.”

Swannanoa: An inmate's story (in the Citizen-Times, Asheville, NC)
“Joel will be released from the Swannanoa Valley Youth Development those four years he's learned other lessons, too: He's learned what it feels like to be hogtied for hours...He's learned what sexual abuse feels like...'After they put me on suicide watch, they handcuffed and shackled me.' Joel says he stayed in handcuffs and shackles for about 48 hours. After that, there was no discussion in therapy sessions about what had happened to him, he says. Instead, they returned to talking about his own past, his own transgressions.”

A Question of Abuse (in Mother Jones magazine)
“Tony was 9 years old...Juvenile Court put Tony in a 'sexually reactive children's' group...The American Civil Liberties Union Prison Project has sued a number of similar programs for adults...Tony suffered harshness and betrayal from adults; he is depressed and mistrustful.”

Sex Therapy 'Nightmare' Or Cure? (from the Arizona Republic)
“The hospital had told the girl to record a sexual fantasy. Then every time she listened to it, she had to use that ammonia...her therapists persisted until one day she tried to kill herself...”

Also: Testimony to the Committee on Children's Psychological Treatment Programs
“children are subjected to nude slides of men, women, and children, including photographs depicting bondage.”

Teen Sues Clinic Using Penis Device (from Newsday)
He was “forced to wear earphones and listen to pornographic tapes including descriptions of sex between adults and children...Afterward the youth was encouraged to masturbate...”

The Unforgiven (from Spin magazine)
“Log on to South Carolina's Internet registry of sex offenders, and listed'll find Lucas Tanner II...he was 12 years old when it happened.”


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My husband was falsely accused of chld molestation 3 years ago. The police and DA felt he didn't do it, but Child Protective Services still say he did it and now he is labeled a pervert. The CPS have swept the issue under the rug, he is not on the National Sex Offender Registry, but the New York State list for maltreatment of children. The mother's boyfriend, a psych patient and a worker at a porn shop is the person who really did it.
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