Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Lion King, Harry Potter, proof of pedophilia?

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This is just totally insane folks!!

This man did nothing except take pictures. So, if you have photos of your children or someone else' children, you'd better shred them, or the "thought" police may be coming for you soon!

As James Perry's child-sex conviction has come under scrutiny, authorities have publicly cited children's videos and hundreds of children's photos found in Perry's home as proof he is a pedophile.

But former school colleagues dispute that portrait -- saying Perry showed the children's videos on rainy days and was faculty's go-to guy when an assembly or field trip needed photographing.

And a Free Press review of the photos showed multiple images of Perry's younger siblings and a vast collection of seemingly innocuous student photos.

Among the material seized in a February raid of Perry's Ferndale home were videos of the "The Lion King," "Harry Potter," and "Little House on the Prairie," which police and prosecutors claimed pedophiles find erotic, calling it "non-pornographic erotica." The photos included images of young hands and feet.

Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Andrea Dean told the Free Press the images -- which jurors never saw -- were "very disturbing."

Her boss, Prosecutor David Gorcyca, noted on WJR-AM (760) that the images included video Perry had taken of neighborhood children at play, an assertion not reflected in police reports.

"This guy was videotaping children in neighborhoods and playgrounds for a reason: He's a pedophile," Gorcyca said. In post-conviction interviews with the Free Press, Gorcyca called Perry a "freak" and a "disturbed individual."

But a Free Press review found roughly a third of the photos were of Perry's five half brothers, age 11 to 19, taken during holidays or on vacations. The rest are of Perry's students in class or on field trips, including one in which police appear to be making a presentation.

Some former colleagues, including Ron Payok, a retired principal at Lessenger Elementary, said Perry was often asked to photograph assemblies and outings because he is a skilled photographer.

Kenneth Lanning, a former FBI behavioral analyst who said he coined the phrase "non-pornographic erotica," was skeptical of the prosecution's use of the theory.

Lanning acknowledged that a large collection of seemingly innocent photos of children can be a red flag for investigators, particularly if a suspect has no daily contact with children. But the same collection could be entirely innocent in the hands of an elementary school teacher, he said.

Perry said photos of children's hands and feet were downloaded from a Web site run by a Georgia kindergarten teacher and that he used the "Crazy Socks" photos from the site for a self-identification project. He said he used the video of neighborhood houses for a presentation to the school board on transient students.

Mooning - Gets this 17 year old kid suspended from school!

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I think suspending this kid is extreme. Why has the public become so sensitive about these types of pranks?

What about all the spring breakers, or female celebrities who walk around practically nude? If you do this to this child, then start throwing everyone else in jail as well!

Give me a break! This is totally stupid and insane!

COLLIER COUNTY: The father of a Naples High School student is waiting to find out the fate of his son after the boy was kicked out of school for a mooning incident. Many people believe expelling the teenager during his senior year is much too severe. A video of the mooning has been made public - watch and decide for yourself.

Nick Sofos, 17, says he wanted to give the student body something to laugh about. He was hosting Naples High's annual fashion show November 9 when he dropped his drawers.

Sofos' father Tony was there.

"I knew it was going to happen. He actually asked me, 'Hey dad can I do this?' I said, 'Yeah, just wear something and keep it clean," said Tony.

Tony claims Naples High administrators gave him an ultimatum - enroll his son in the Phoenix Alternative School, or wait for an expulsion hearing which could be weeks or even months away.

But Tony quickly changed his mind after seeing the school which he says had a lot of violent kids and a lack of an advanced curriculum.

The district's rules claim once a child accepts admission into the alternative school; they waive their right to an expulsion hearing.

Tony took the issue to court and a judge supported him claiming that no child can waive his right to an expulsion hearing.

Collier School Board Attorney Richard Withers says Collier Superintendent Ray Baker may fight the ruling.

"If it applies to one student, it will apply to more students and that I think is what the superintendent has to take into consideration," said Withers.

For the Sofos family, it is crunch time and they say they need a decision. Colleges are already passing on Sofos because his transcripts are littered with incompletes. If the school board fights it, he may be kicked out again.

Tony Sofos says he has a message for all parents.

"Their kids have rights and they should protect their kids' rights from administrators who try and abuse them," said Tony Sofos.

Tony says administrators have called his son everything from a pervert to a sexual offender.

Baker has also viewed the video and should have a decision on Sofos' future, and the future of the expulsion process, by the end of the week.