Monday, April 8, 2013

CA - 'Nathan For You' Claw Of Shame Stunt Risks Sex Offender Status For Life

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By Ross Luippold

This week's "Nathan For You" is unlike anything we've ever seen. Taking a risk that could result not only in embarrassment but imprisonment, Nathan Fielder handcuffs himself to a metal frame and gives himself 90 seconds to escape before a robotic claw pulls down his pants in front of a crowd of children, with a police officer standing by to arrest him, thus making him a sex offender for life.

Why? Nathan explains that he needs to show audiences that he is willing to risk his own embarrassment in addition to embarrassing the business owners he features on his show, but we think it's a spot-on satire worthy of Sacha Baron Cohen, examining and mocking the lengths that American reality shows go to in order to exploit its stars. If people are willing to humiliate themselves on "Fear Factor" and "Killer Karaoke" to get on TV, who's to say that they won't risk being in the sex offender registry for some airtime, too?

So does Nathan escape the handcuffs, or does he get arrested? We've seen the show, but our lips are sealed -- we simply must insist that you watch on Thursday at 10:30 to find out what happens.


Loneranger said...

Ok my mind is reeling. What about the children? Won't they be damaged for life? Yes he stands the risk of all the things he says. But what about the children? Are they going to provide counseling for them? Will they be able to sue in civil court? What are they thinking? the life long damage this will cause seeing his penis can not be described in words. Ok I think you get my point.

SOIssues said...

You know this is apparently satire, right?

Loneranger said...

Yes I know it's satire. And my post was sarcasm.