Sunday, June 17, 2012

TX - Critics Say Sex Offender Registry Too Big, Ineffective

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By Jennifer Stayton

The Texas Sex Offender Registry currently has about 70,000 names in it. Supporters of the registry say it helps keep the public safe by letting people know where registered sex offenders live and work. Critics say the registry has gotten too big and has not proven to prevent crime.

Emily Deprang is s staff writer for the Texas Observer and focused on the registry in a recent article. Deprang tells the story of [name withheld], who had to register as a sex offender at age 12. Find out how he wound up on the registry, and what laws govern the registry in Texas, by clicking the player and listening to the full interview.

NOTE: this interview contains some mature themes and language.


g4change said...

I'm just dumbfounded at how a 12-year-old can be legally old enough to be held responsible as a sex offender when he/she is too young to consent to sex. The government can't have it both ways!!!!

F.A. Leonetti said...

Tx - Critics.......
Yes children will explore. It is a part of growing up.
And yes exploring can go to far.

But this mom was doing the right things by seeking out counsel at a church. After all, she would most likely know what is best for her children.
However, churches being mandated to report such concerns, this goes from a family affair to the government chopping block.

Government seems to think it is okay to get into your ''privates'', but if kids explore they go to jail.

As long as we trade our personal responsibilities for government out reach programs we can expect more untraditional rules, more laws, more taxes, more spec-ed programs, more revenues to spend. And yes we can expect more sex offenders and more punishments and more programs.
This really become over the top dumbfounding.

The only program that fails more than the sex offender program is the botched attempt of war on drugs.
If both are meaning to produce more inmates, with negative long term results at unbelievable costs and expenses, huge budget over runs and generating lots of related payrolls..............they win.

However, a national coalition, IMO, that is based on sound facts with intelligent and viable alternatives for courts, corrections and legislature to review and act on makes everyone a winner.

""Reason obeys itself. Ignorance follows what it is told.""
Thomas Payne.

This can be done. It will take many to help few.

Best Regards
F.A. Leonetti

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