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The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

By L:
I have a question, in 1999, I was charged with a corruption of a minor in the state of Ohio, and a federal charge for transporting a 16 year old over state lines.

I know alot of countries will denie you entry, but alot of sex offenders said they have traveled to Philippines no problem.

However recently Japan does a thumb scan now and in 5 secounds you can be denied.

I met a woman through my tennis partner from my hometown here in Pa.

She's 38 as myself and we realize we have to meet up somewhere in the world before I can file for her visa.

Since teh United States has no visa waiver for Philippines it's almost like she'd be denied for even a visit over here.

A lot of sex offenders say they travel abroad but are questioned by our own country as to their return.

What are the facts about changing planes to travel abroad, I can't even get a lawyer to do research, they say well call the Embassey when I do they tell me call imigration, they say well are you on a no fly list, red list I said no, and they said well we don't know.

Who has traveled over to the Philippines the woman I am speaking with know of my crime as well her family we want to meet up and I want to just have a normal life and get married.


thrdchance said...

I am also on the registry, and from all the research I have done, once I arrive in the philippines I will marry the girl of my dreams. We have hte marriage license papers and the clearences already. However, I must notify my state where I am going if I leave the state for more then 3 consecutive days. In addition once we marry then I can file an I129 or I130 document with the US and have her come to the US to live. However, if I plan on staying in the philippines, I must be retired or show a means of supporting myself while Im there. But I can not seek employment for that is forbidden by the philippine government. So, my fiancee and I opened a crafts shop in the philippines where Im 40% owner. (government wont allow foreigners to own more then 40% of any land or property). So as scheduled, I will be there in September 2012. If you are truely serious about the philippines, research the net on felones living abroad - there is alot of information out there that can help - wish you the best of luck.

mrg said...

I read with interest about you living in Europe registry free. I am currently on deferred adjudication probation in Texas which expires in 2014. The deferred status allows for a "no conviction" status after completion. However, I am still required to register for life even with the deferred and a "low risk" classification. I will be at retirement age when I am off probation, and, want to retire outside of the USA and escape this Draconian registry. My question is,. What steps did you have take to relocate to Europe, and, where would a good place for me to relocate to? Thanks. 

Steve said...

As an RSO I had to travel the world quite a bit with a previous employer, often times making unexpected trips due to business emergencies.

I've traveled to the Philippines and other countries known for underage sex trafficking without any problem at all on the inbound trip/going in to the country.

However on each and every return to the US I was pulled out for extra screening, questioning and searches of my belongings. At one point even met at the airplane by two armed agents who escorted me to holding cell, even tho they explained that I was not being detained.

I would strongly suggest you pack carefully, making sure to not carry any questionable items on either leg of your journey. I have no doubt that you also will be singled out upon your return so give them nothing to raise even unfounded suspicions.

If you take a camera or laptop be absolutely certain that it doesn't contain anything like questionable pictures, email, or links to either pornography or SO advocacy sites. These will only raise red flags upon your return.

Best of luck!

Euro said...

 @Michael  - interested in your experience.... given that you are now living in Europe - did you inform your state registry of your move and, with that, "de-registered" in your state and the US? Are you still getting grief when visiting - since you are no longer actively registered in any state? Or am I misunderstanding something?

Are there any visitor requirements in any states - by that I mean if one (as a resident of a foreign country) were to visit a state for more than x days, will one have to register? I am confused about that since one would no longer be actively registered in any state if one lived overseas.

This is so confusing... any clarification would be appreciated.

Redeemed1 said...

I've been researching international travel a lot lately, and thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.  I haven't really looked at the Phillipines, but the not being able to work as thrdchance mentioned would scare me.  If you can pull off the self employment thing, that would be great.

Since this is a topic that is mentioned on here every so often, I wanted to share what I have found.  If anyone sees anything that I am wrong about, please correct me.  I have mainly been looking at Belize and Europe.  Everything sounds like a good chance of getting into Belize, but I am having the hardest time finding anything out about jobs.  Most job sites have a country list, and usually Belize is not even on it. If it is, then nothing shows up.  So without a job, it would make it hard.

My other focus has been on Europe.  Some people have stated the easiest way is to marry a citizen of a certain country.  The thing I have been researching (as to actually being married myself) is what is called "family reunification."  The basic idea is if my wife can find a job in an European country, then I can go over with her under "family reunification" and then eventually find work myself.  The two countries i have been looking at a lot are Denmark and Switzerland, but I assume that most EU countries have similar "family reunification" deals.  Also on the surface, Denmark tends to still value higher education, so those master's and even bachelor's degrees may still have a chance over there.  Again, this is what my wife and I are tending to see..we are hoping something along these lines pans out.

Another option to look at for Europe is to look at you family history.  Sometimes, citizenship can be "passed down" from generation to generation.  For example, I was very close to being able to get Italian citizenship through a process called "jure sanguinis."  My great grandfather was an Italian citizen who immigrated to the U.S.  The problem was that my grandma was born AFTER he became a naturalized citizen of the U.S.  If it were the other way, the I read things, I think I would have have the automatic right to become an Italian citizen.   I'm not sure if other EU countries are like that, but it's definitely worth a look.

I apoogize that I have not been able to give direct advice about the original question regarding the Phillipines.  I realize though that international moves come up every so often on these boards, and thought I'd share the things I have found if it can help anyone to have a better life.  I sure hope it does in my own life.  Again, please feel free to correct and/or add any additional information if anyone has it.

Here are a couple links to the things I tried discussing above: 

Anonymous said...

I am married to a Thai woman. Travel to Thailand allows 30 days as a tourist, without the need for a visa in advance. You just need a passport to gain entry, and they will stamp your passport upon entry with a 30 day visa. Anything longer requires a tourist visa extension, or a visa. I applied fourteen months ago for an I-130 for my wife to come here to the U.S. If you do the same, STAND BY for the hassle of your life. It doesn't matter how long you've been out of jail or prison, whether or not you are a first time offender, etc. YOU WILL be in for a fight! My wife and I have been apart for 19 months now, and the government (USCIS) just notified us there will be another six month delay. 

If you travel there, and return, count on being pulled over by ICE. It is NOT a random selection of passengers. If you are RSO you WILL be questioned. You will have to explain where you were, for how long, who you were with, what you were doing, etc. Also if you have a cell phone, camera, laptop, or any other kind of storage media they will be asking you if they can inspect it, if you have any kind of illegal pictures, etc on it. You WILL be treated like a criminal suspect. 

Another bit of caution. Federal law requires that RSO notify their registering authority at least 21 days in advance of international travel. Also be SURE that you meet whatever time requirements on departure and return you will face in your state. 

There is a lot to this, and it's easy to get tripped up if you don't do your research. 

Good luck, guys

Brunello said...

Except for very short trips travel by a RSO within the US requires checking in and out with the police everywhere.  It's cumbersome, humiliating and has its risks.  So definitely do your traveling outside of the US if you can.  Registration of sex offenders happens, so far, only in English-speaking countries. As for residency, most countries require your police rap sheet as part of an application for a residency permit.  Your record may or may not kill the application.  For starters check, which gives info for a number of countries, European especially.  When last I checked Belgium and Italy were the least restrictive.  But things change, so if you're serious about moving go to the trouble and expense of first getting advice from an immigration attorney.  Possibly you could ignore the permit requirement by living quietly and anonymously in a large city.  This could get you deported, of course.

Anonymous said...

thrdchance: Thank you for the infoe, it was quite useful. I think my mother was freaking out in May with the Philippines telling me I cannot enter their country because of being a RSO. I have 2 years and I am off the registry. I have my passport and my flight leaves JFK end of September. What can I expect when I go through customs over in Manila? I was told about returning I would be questioned very heavily as to my whereabouts etc. Will my crime show up on my passport? I know a lot of sex offenders did travel to Philippines as only one old man in his 70's they refused him entry. They either had a red flag on him ahead of time, not sure. I'd like to know if you could e-mail me on further advice for first time traveler. thank you very much. L

Anonymous said...

Hello, I would like to know what other sex offenders traveled to the Philippines and back? I am just an oriented offender and get off the registry in 2.5 years. I leave in September and not sure what to expect when I go through customs. I only heard of one old man truned away and he was a SO. What really shows up when they scan my passport? My case is from 1999. Any advice would be greatful. Thank you.

Joalflyer said...

Hi brother, I too am a RSO and have wife in Philippines. It looks like our country may never approve her visa, so what chances are there of me living there with my past crime?

DUSTY said...


pogiman1 said...

DHS has begun an aggressive program to help the Philippine bureau of immigration deny entry to any convicted sex offender entering the Philippines. Registered sex offenders travelling abroad to any country can be identified by DHS. This not only includes Philippines, but other southeast Asian countries that are high risk for child sex-tourism.

fumblefacedolt said...

This explains why I was denied entry last week. I traveled to the Philippines in 2007 and 2008 as well as Thailand without incident. This time I was denied entry and returned to the US. Having done some more reading it's apparent our government is notifying other countries when we travel and providing a rap sheet. I'm also reading where some are saying a federal law now requires us to inform our local registry that we plan to travel 21 days in advance. I'm also reading where that bill died in the house. I'm confused.

fumblefacedolt said...

Its more then just the Philippines. Its a massive tracking system for not only RSO but also for RSO from 8 other countries as well as any US Citizen exiting the US. Read on...