Sunday, December 18, 2011

TX - Prison guards having sex with inmates in Texas prisons?


anonymous said...

WELL, how about that!!! Not only a prison guard involved in a relationship with an inmatr, but TWO sex offender therapists, (supposedly female), in a relationship with the sex offenders they were supposed to be treating!!!! Then they show a lady who I assume is one of the head SHRINKS (no pun intended), saying that it was the inmates manipulative behavior that psychologically compelled the therapists to fall in love with them!! MEN; wether in prison, or not , are ALWAYS the culprit.
Now who is psychologically BSing who here? I know there are a few good psychologists out there. However I NEVER allowed them to play with MY head. (again, no pun intended).

anonymous said...

Never trust a psychologist,therapist,or any other so called MENTAL health professional. Although they may never admit it ,they will NEVER trust you either. The only Doctor who should actually be repairing your brain is a Brain Surgeon or Nureologist. Anything esle is plain old mind conditioning, better known as BRAIN WASHING.

Anonymous said...

Wow.  Inmates manipulating TRAINED therapists into relationships?  I don't believe it.  There is zero credibility in that statement.  If a TRAINED therapist in the prison system is that easily manipulated--they are in the wrong career and work environment.  True - there are a lot of manipulative people in prison/jail.   A TRAINED therapist is also a functioning adult and should be able to pull the plug on such a situation easily.  They aren't children/teenagers.

One of the critical aspects of training in ANY aspect of being ANY kind of therapist  is to NOT get involved in a relationship with a patient because there is an automatic power difference in the therapeutic relationship - with the therapist having the upper hand.  

God--forgive them for what they do/did.  It's hard for me to forgive them---but that is what you ask us to do - every day.

deathklok said...

 The law for all 50 states, states:
"Due to the nature of prisons as “total institutions,” it is impossible for prisoners to voluntarily consent to sexual advances by staff members who exert complete control over their lives – and in some cases over their release from prison. "
  More than 60% of reported sexual abuse in prisons is between staff and inmates. Most would have you believe it's mainly between inmates.
   I have to agree with anonymous that due to the gender roles, male staff would probably be treated harsher as being the aggressor and the timid female staff would likely play the role of the victim. At least that's how the roles get turned around in our society. 
  Many don't want to believe that two individuals who have a Physical or mental attraction to each other while in the prison environment might develop a relationship over a period of time. That's just sick to a lot of self righteous intellectuals. It must be a control issue.
  There are the sadistic prison guards, male and female, who feel that being incarcerated isn't enough punishment and that they need to make any weaker minded inmates life a living hell by bullying, tormenting, and even torturing them. Those are the real predators in my opinion.
This website has more data: