Sunday, June 5, 2011

CA - Sex offenders would have to list online accounts

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Once again a person kills a child(s) and all offenders have to pay! Why not just lock him up for life, until he dies, then it would not be a problem. Stop stomping on others rights for the deeds of others!


SACRAMENTO - Registered sex offenders in California would have to report their online social networking accounts to law enforcement, under a bill approved by the state Senate.

Sen. Sharon Runner cites the example of John Albert Gardner, a convicted child molester who pleaded guilty last year to raping and killing two San Diego County teenagers while he was on parole. Runner, a Republican from Lancaster, says a red flag was his MySpace page, which contained graphic descriptions of sex acts.

Her bill, SB57 (PDF), would require offenders to report their online addresses at the same time they report their home addresses, but they could continue to use the websites.

The bill is patterned on similar laws in New York and Illinois. It passed on a 32-2 vote and moves to the Assembly.


Miketown64 said...

Uhhh... what is this supposed to accomplish? If all RSO's with computers in Ca.  register an average of 6 names for their different social networking sites and instant messaging programs we will need an army to monitor the "Red Flags" that Sharon Runner is hoping will prevent the next murder/rape incident. Note that the state is not offering any funding for this bill either. Good grief! Talk about a lot of wasted time and hot air on "Feel Good" laws. 

Priapus said...

Angry? Thinking crazy? Maybe a better solution would be to imagine almost 100,000 RSOs in California updating this information in some insignificant way every week. Think the system could handle it? Or would this little civil obedience crush the system? Exactly.