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CA - Sex offenders are nabbed in Wilmington motel raid

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This is HORRIFICALLY beyond the pale. SWAT TEAMS? 8 different law enforcement agencies? OVER 100 COPS? They don't send HALF that amount for raids against DRUG LORDS WITH SEMI-AUTOMATIC WEAPONS AND GRENADES, or Osama Bin Laden!


By Sandy Mazza

Children's toys, magazines and underwear have been found in a Wilmington motel where dozens of paroled child molesters and other sex offenders live.

The items were discovered when a massive police task force descended on the Harbor Inn late Friday.

The sweep ended with eight parolees and one probationer heading back to jail for violating the terms of their release.

Registered sex offenders are not allowed to possess items that would attract children.
- Really?  So I guess that would include almost anything then.  Like the flashing lights on the GPS tracking devices.

Officers also found narcotics and sex paraphernalia during a search that lasted until midnight.

Authorities confiscated a computer and several digital media devices, on which they will search for evidence of child pornography or other illegal photographs or videos.

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation parole agent Shana Gorey organized the raid because she received information that crimes were taking place and children were visiting the motel, located in the 700 block of Flint Street.

"I gathered information from an investigation that weapons and child pornography" were at the motel, Gorey said.

The men living at the motel have convictions including child molestation, rape with force, forced oral copulation and lewd and lascivious acts with a child, she said.

Gestapo preparing for the raid
About 100 law enforcement officers participated in the operation.

They included personnel from the Inglewood, Long Beach, Montebello and Los Angeles police departments, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Marshals, Los Angeles County parole and probation departments and the Department of Children and Family Services.
- Hell, why didn't you call in the Army, Navy, Marines and all other military?  Might as well!

A county tactical team entered the two-story motel at about 8 p.m. Friday and cleared about 40 rooms. The inhabitants were handcuffed and held outside in an alley while drug and weapons-sniffing dogs searched their rooms.

After the dogs finished, officers went through each room searching for illegal items. They were primarily interested in making sure 25 registered sex offenders living there were complying with the terms of their parole. About 15 more men there also had committed sex offenses at one time but were no longer on parole, officials said.
- So why didn't you just send probation/parole officers over to each offenders place, and have them do their job?  How much did this insane raid cost?

Wilmington neighborhoods are densely populated with sex offenders because many of them are not near schools or parks, and California law requires that they live and work at least 2,000 feet away from such areas, officials said.
- Yeah, so your laws force people into clusters like this, and because of your own laws, you carry out massive raids like this?  Come on!  The GESTAPO are out in force, soon they will be knocking on your door as well!

"The main reason they end up there is it's a compliant area and the rent is cheap," Gorey said.

Tiffani Trenell was one of several people visiting the motel who were detained during the search. She was there with her boyfriend, a convicted sex offender who was arrested that night for possession of marijuana.

She said she was visiting a friend's room when SWAT officers knocked on the door.

"They told me to put my hands behind my back and I got scared," Trenell said. "I don't like to get caught up in this."

Another woman who was detained while visiting her boyfriend - a convicted child molester - is eight months pregnant with his child.

Officers said they plan to stay in contact with the mother to make sure she does not bring the child around her boyfriend.
- So does he have orders to not be around kids, especially his own?  If not, then doing this is illegal and harassment!

Children are not allowed at the motel because of the sex offenders living there. A hand-written sign in the lobby reads: "No kids."

The rooms at the motel are only single bedrooms. Each floor shares a bathroom and kitchen. Most rooms had a hot pot and some groceries, a single bed, a television and radio. Photos of Jesus and Catholic saints adorned many of the walls and refrigerators.

Officers found pictures of young women stuffed in the pages of a Bible, as well as stuffed animals and teen magazines in the rooms of middle-aged men.

Officers found one high-risk violent sex offender carrying a bag with pornography and sex paraphernalia. Children's panties were recovered in the room of one convicted child molester.

One of the men living there had served time in prison for raping a 3-year-old girl and leaving her for dead. She was found three days later at the bottom of a well, said Los Angeles Police Department Detective Patricia Batts.

This is the second time this year the motel has been raided by a police task force.

"I just wanted the community to see that we were out there keeping the community safe," Gorey said.
- Yeah, got to "look tough" on crime, and let the people know the GESTAPO are out in force!

The GESTAPO in action


David said...

One day we will stand together and say Enough is Enough....

Tclnick203 said...

What she said:
"I just wanted the community to see that we were out there keeping the community safe"
What she meant:
"I just wanted to boost my position at the expense of sex offenders since they don't have any rights anyway"
Frankly, I'm surprised they didn't toss tear gas through the windows before they went in! 
Clearly, these guys have learned nothing from history.  Take away ever last vestige of hope and dignity, take away any hope of leading a normal life, corral them in localized penal colonies and then expect that they will act and behave like everybody else?! 
Take responsibility for the failings of your own laws guys!  If they aren't working then change them!  Otherwise, we are heading toward concentration camps and forced sterilization!
As for reports of children entering the apartment complex, is it possible that these were children of the ex-offenders?  Could the toys have been there for their own kid's to play with?  And since when are toys forbidden?  If kid's can't see them then how are they a threat?!
Still, it's a pity many of these guys violated their supervised release conditions.  They should have known better...
On the other hand, when you have nothing else to live for, why not go for broke?!
Note:  I still haven't figured out how regular "legal" pornography can be a threat.  If a healthy release of sexual tension becomes the norm then you are less likely to look elsewhere.  If you have no healthy release then you live in a fantasy world that may well be exacerbated by the people you live closest to and your living conditions.  I don't get it...
Confine a person and you may temporarily keep the community safe.  Give him hope and support and you not only keep the community safe but gain an active member of that community! 
Somebody once said that respect is based on action, not position.  I have no respect for this... 
This isn't justice but "just us!"

Tclnick203 said...

I just saw the pictures of the raid on the Daily Breeze website!
Put bars on this place and it would be a prison!  In fact, it would be worse than a prison (at least, in what used to be America)!!
I'm surprised if any of these guys is able to hold a job!  They look to be living like animals!!
This was nothing more than a publicity campaign to paint these guys as monsters!  Yes, they should be getting treatment and some (especially the guy who raped the 3-year-old) should be under supervision (granted, there's no indication of the amount of time served, the date of his crime or his age so his threat potential may be low) but when you force a human being to live like an animal, do you really expect that he will still have respect for himself (or even learn it)?!  Do you think he will have respect for anybody else?!
And then there were the pictures of the cops in full battle gear and carrying shields and shotguns.  That's terrifying!
By the way, the guy who was supposed to have a bag full of pornography appeared to have only magazines such as MAXIM and the like.  If this was the same as in the photograph, then he was in compliance with his supervised release conditions.  If anything that causes arousal can be considered pornography then you might as well add the Sun, wind, seasons and food to the list!!
I hope Ms. Gorey is really proud of herself.  I mean, it must really be a difficult position being stuck in a cycle of arrest, incarceration, release, harrassment, arrest, incarceration...  It must be a terrible burden for her!

Lynn Acklin1 said...

We are going tohave to get together and fight them or we will not be able to survive

Tclnick203 said...

At the rate the sex offender rosters are growing, and given that the police and military are adding to the ranks, it seems that we may have a majority within the next few years...
Don't believe revolution is an option, though, since we've spent way too much time and money arming the government.  The Constitution gives us the right to bear arms but who reads the Constitution anymore?  And anybody who tried would be denounced by the sheeple as radicals...

Trickson800 said...

Yeah this is great send in the troops . Hell this morning I just got a call from the Sheriffs they asked me if I lived where I am , I said yes I do why ? They are trying to verify my address with a letter and it is getting sent back . I said well I live in an RV park they do not have me listed as a resident , My wife is the one on the list not me . Oh you have to go tell them you are there they said , I said so now you want me to be homeless ? No they said , Then I said if I do tell them I am here they will kick us out ! Well we are just trying to verify you live there , I said then come and see I am here ! Man the harassment the overwhelming over reaching laws and all this crap is getting to me . I feel like there is no way out for me now unless I kill myself and this is the only option I have left . I am thinking about this more and more and I know now that this is what they really want so I am going to give them what they want .  

sr3434 said...

David, if you have ideas of how to work together, against what is happening in the sex offender arena, please post a note to sr3434.  I have a 18 year old, grandson, in Virginia, who just got sentenced to 80 years, just for looking at child pornography, on a computer in his parents private home.  The police stormed into their house, took all the computers, in the house, even those that had no porn on them.  They took my grandson into a separate room, and got a confession out of him.  He is now in prison, for a minimum of 11 years.  He was tested by professionals to determine if he was a pedophile candidate, and the results were negative.  The judge didn't want to hear any of that, he just wanted him put in jail, and deemed a sex offender.

G4Change said...

 Trickson800I understand the feelings going through your mind right now, but please don't do anything to hurt yourself.  Please find someone to talk to..even if it's a hotline.  You are NOT alone in this!  We will fight this, and we will overcome this.  We need you with us.  Please be strong and fight with us.

Scott Dean said...

If you really want to change the laws you must use the laws to destroy the laws. Treating every legal issue as a challenge to Constitutional freedoms is not even going to scratch the surface. To make a dent you would have to use a hammer large enough to do the job. These laws require a massive hammer. I have been working on Missouri's residency law for some time now and my hammer is going to be big enough to totally flatten the law in one swing. (It's already this big but I am going for nuclear overkill) This will result in other states following suit effectively removing these laws. (At least this is the goal)
I honestly wouldn't care about these laws so much if they had not totally pissed me off. But now that my anger is so great I must do more than they believe is possible. They should have made the laws right in the first place so I would not have been so greatly affected. I would have left well enough alone.

Dallas Humber said...

We live in CA and this stuff is SCARY. With my fiancee being a sex offender on parole, I've got a full-time job combing over every inch of our apt everyday for ANYTHING that could *possibly* be twisted and misconstrued into being "non-compliant" by spiteful law enforcement. But after looking at that photo gallery, I feel the need to completely reevaluate my criteria. 

If Maxim and Parenting mags = porn, I guess I need to clip the recipes outta my old issues of Family Circle and chuck the rest. And take my coloring books and crayons to storage. And keep our candy on the top shelf of the pantry. And start wearing HIS clothes, apparently (I'm petite enough to HAVE to shop in the kids dept)...

*eyeroll* And here I was, thinking parole-proofing our place according to his list of special parole conditions would be enough to keep him outta jail. :/ 

Tclnick203 said...

Trickson800:  I share the sentiments of G4Change and believe I share the sentiments of the growing numbers of oppressed when I say that your life is far too valuable to throw away.
Don't let the bastards win!  We are stronger with you than without you!

Tclnick203 said...

Keep the faith Dallas Humber!
I live not very far from where this occured and have little regard for law enforcement at this point.  In fact, I'm given to wonder if the growing number of police officers being arrested for sex crimes helped prompt this event.
I would also like to say that your fiancee is a very lucky man to have you in his life!
Otherwise, don't panic about law enforcement.  I suggest you look at his release conditions and be sure of what you can have and can't have.  You might even post a copy on the refridgerator as a reminder (just take it down when you have company)...
Most of all, remember that your home is a reflection of you, as well as your fiancee, and you have rights.

Dulantha1975 said...

One day all of the people who have natural sexual feelings will be there in the sex offender list. Law = Shitt.