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John Walsh Weighs in on Fight Against Child Molesters (Glen Beck Transcript)

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More BS from the God Walsh! The title is again, misleading. They are basically calling all sex offenders child molesters, thus fueling the fire. NOT ALL SEX OFFENDERS ARE CHILD MOLESTERS YOU A$$!


BECK: You would think our nuclear power plants are safe from terror. Think again. A computer hacker took full control of an entire nuclear facility right here on American soil. Details in just a minute.

But first, the Internet is an amazing thing. It is -- it is something that is free. It is open. It allows you to connect with all kinds of people. The trouble is, if you're a sexual predator, the Internet is free. It's open and provides access to all kinds of people, including our children. Fortunately, this is a problem that's getting more and more attention.
- And if you visit this study by experts, they say this is all blown out of proportion by people like you!

Today, New York police announced a major crackdown on the Internet pedophiles, and they hauled in 21 men accused of trying to solicit sex from teenagers.

Even television news shows are getting into the action. The NBC series "To Catch a Predator" has proved that exposing low lives and the catch gets high ratings. But now many people have serious questions about the methods of that show.

One man who has been on the front lines to keep our children safe is the host of acclaimed "America's Most Wanted", John Walsh.

Hello, John.

JOHN WALSH, "AMERICA'S MOST WANTED": Glenn, nice to see you.

BECK: You know, I was having a conversation with somebody yesterday, and we were talking about the guy in New York at Times Square that lured a 20- -- a 20-year-old in. He was wanted in two different states for touching 12-year-olds. He killed her, put her underneath the bed here in New York City over the weekend.

Now you've got these 21 guys that have just been busted. What is it going to take to keep these guys behind bars?

WALSH: Well, I think this awareness, you and I talking about it, and all this attention to pedophiles, particularly pedophiles and the Internet, has woken up legislators. It's woken up judges. It's woken up cops. And things are changing. You know, last year, President Bush signed the Adam Walsh Child Protection Law.
- And the president mentions that this law will PREVENT these crimes. That is a lie. No law will PREVENT these crimes. They may help some, but it is not going to prevent anything.

BECK: Is it being -- is it being implemented?

WALSH: Unfortunately, it's, first of all, the Justice Department said there are 690,000 convicted sex offenders in the United States. Those are the convicted ones; 100,000 of them are in noncompliance.
- What are you talking about John? Were is this study? Go here and try to find it yourself.

The marshals are out there arresting these guys. The FBI is out there helping to look for them, but Congress hasn't funded them yet.
- If they are not funded, why are they even working on it? That doesn't make sense.

I would assume when I stood in the Rose Garden next to members of both sides of the parties, Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate, that the Adam Walsh Child Protection Law would be funded, that we would be saddling up to go out and get these 100,000 guys.
- Including his perverted buddy Mark Foley, who hasn't had ANY charges files against him yet!

So it hasn't been funded, and -- but I think the laws are changing. Most of these laws need to be implemented on a state -- on a state level. People are becoming aware. I don't think they still have figured out how big the problem is.
- The problem is not BIG. Show me the stats which shows this is a BIG problem. Predators amount to 10% or less of these crimes, which is who you are using to cite bogus statistics. Show me the study? People are always saying "studies show" but never point people to that study! Why? I think it's because you are pulling numbers out of your a$$ personally!

Ten thousand pedophile priests. You and I talked about it one time. Ten thousand pedophile priests. I was raised in the Catholic Church. I went to Catholic boys' school, and now the final report comes out. The Los Angeles diocese almost went broke last month. "Los Angeles Times" (sic) settled $660 million worth of suits and payoff money and 25 pedophile priests in that -- in that diocese alone.
- I think they are doing that to just get it out of their a$$es and to move on. If they were to pursue this, I'm willing to bet the problem is a lot smaller than you might think. Yes, I don't have proof of that, but I'm willing to bet on it.

At least people are starting to say these creeps are out there; we need to keep them in jail longer.

BECK: There's -- I don't -- I don't know of a soul that says that this isn't a problem. Not a soul.
- So I guess all those faced with unconstitutional laws are soulless? Is that what you are saying? Because you keep feeding this fear hysteria instead of providing TRUE facts. So sure, when you fear-monger long enough, people will start to believe it, like they are now. Show me the damn facts? I don't believe any of the BS you say unless I see facts, which seem to be coming from thin air.

WALSH: Exactly.

BECK: And yet, you touch a 12-year-old, you'll go to jail for three years. What are we doing? What about one strike, you're out? Forget about everything else. One strike, you're out.

WALSH: I'm on the same side that you are. I can't be objective. I'm the father of a murdered child. A 6-year-old boy that was murdered.
- And yet it was never proven he was murdered by a sex offender. It's thought he was killed by Otis Toole, who is a sick serial killer. Your wife left the child in a department store all by himself, so she is to blame to the death of the child. If she would've had the child with her at all times, guess what, Adam would still be here today! Harsh I know, but it's the truth and you know it!

We're not talking about the guy that urinated at Mardi Gras. We're not talking about the 17-year-old boy that had consensual sex with the 14- year-old girl and they know each other.
- Yeah, go back on your words now. But the Adam Walsh law does NOT make these distinctions, it captures ALL people convicted of a sex crime in the nets, children as young as 4 years old, 4 YEARS OLD, are being placed on the sex offender registry.

We're talking about the serious, level 3 sex offender, like the guy we caught last week. Richard Goldberg was a molester for whole -- his whole life. The guy they will put on the FBI's ten most wanted tomorrow. Molested a child, got out of prison and molested again.
- And what about the vast majority that did NOT commit further crimes? Like the 97% based on the DOJ?

Those are the guys that need to be in jail for a long time. I think people have got to wake up and say I'm fed up with it, I'm sick of it, but I want to see the laws change.
- I agree, the people who are TRULY a danger should be made to obey these laws, yet, you are not doing that. These laws go after 100% of the sex offenders, not just the 10% or less who are the real danger, so you are wasting tons of money and time for 100% when you should be after 10%.

BECK: And I think we are -- are saying that. But it's getting -- it's only getting more complicated. This guy in California, Jack McClellan, what do you do with him?

WALSH: I think that we know who he is now. You know, I've talked to literally thousands of victims of Catholic priests, when we never used to talk about it, Glenn. When they used to transfer them from parish to parish and move them around from state to state.

At least with this open dialog, with the mandate that there be a sex offender registry in every state and that they exchange information with the FBI and getting the funding that needs to be there for the Adam Walsh Child Protection Law, at least we can track creeps like this. At least we're aware of them.
- Track him for what? He's never committed a crime! Yeah, it's sick what he does, and admits to, but the thought police need to leave him alone. When he commits a crime, then you can convict him. Right now, you are punishing someone already homeless for thoughts alone. INSANE!!! What about your sex addiction Mr. Walsh? You said you got treatment and it worked. So if it worked for you, it works for other people, unless you are still a sex addict and it didn't work, and if that is true, then you should be on the sex offender registry as well.

BECK: But I don't want to get into -- look, did you see the movie "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise?

WALSH: No, I didn't.

BECK: OK. Well, it's future crimes, and it's in the future and they can just sense that, you know, you're going to commit this crime.
- Exactly, you are punishing this man for something he MIGHT do. True thought police in action for you. We might as well arrest everyone who has every THOUGHT about killing someone, or committing a crime.

We pretty much know the intent of Jack McClellan, and I don't want to get into future crime stuff and thought police, but there's got to be a way to pull this guy off the street. There's got -- isn't there anything that you can do to even say -- do you even say you can't -- we can't scream fire in a crowded movie theater. Why can we say, "There are the hot kids over there"?
- Glen are you saying kids are hot? It's called freedom of speech my friend. If he has not committed a crime, then how can you charge him for thoughts? Sorry, until he's committed a crime, he should be able to do whatever he likes.

WALSH: Yes, well, you and I both live in a country where we have freedom of press, where we have freedom of religion. And I don't believe you take the law into your own hands, and I don't believe that you arrest somebody because of what they say.
- Yet that is exactly what you are doing. Hypocrite!!

But I do know one thing: that pedophiles are incurable. The psychiatric community says that. Not, they haven't figured out a way we should be studying them.
- HUH? Are these facts he is pulling out of his ass? Where exactly is his "psychiatric community?" Besides, most sex offenders have not been diagnosed as pedophiles! I think you've been talking to therapists who further your agenda. Most I've heard from say otherwise.

And I say this guy is probably a ticking time bomb. If he hasn't molested already, or he's been lucky enough to not be caught, like the vast majority of them.

When they do pedophile studies, the guys will say -- you know, they tracked 500 pedophiles in Georgia, at Emory University. Those guys admitted to about -- I forget exactly the figure, 35,000 molestations over their life. But they said they haven't been caught for 90 percent of them.
- SO HE SPOUTS FIGURES HE "FORGET EXACTLY WHAT THEY WHERE" Why doesn't he add this caveat to all his propaganda lies?

BECK: It is...

WALSH: This guy is a ticking time bomb. I think people -- I think it's a good thing we're talking about him, and people -- and he's dumb enough to love the publicity. Somebody is going to get him someday.
- Why are you talking down to him calling him dumb? Does that make you feel holier than thou? You are profiting from exploiting your own sons death and making millions. The best business you ever had...

BECK: John, as always, a pleasure, sir.

WALSH: Thank you, Glenn.

BECK: New season of "America's Most Wanted" starts this Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Walsh is likely talking about Dr. Gene Able of Emery University, "The Evaluation of Child Molesters," May 1, 1980, but Able more recently found:

"His treatment outcome study demonstrated that when treatment focused first on specific techniques to directly lower the offender's sexual arousal to children, it was most effective. Those techniques, along with an option of medical intervention for the most dangerous and both a strong relapse prevention component and a surveillance component, proved 96% effective in stopping subsequent sex crimes."