Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ex-corrections officer gets probation

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This is a major slap on the wrist. The average citizen would be in jail/prison now and have to register as a sex offender.


A Union County corrections officer who admitted he had sexual contact with an inmate was sentenced today to two years probation and 30 hours of community service.

Sean Higgins, 32, of Union, turned in his badge and was told he could never again hold public employment in New Jersey.

Higgins made no comment in court and left the Elizabeth courthouse with his wife and parents.

"They just want to start their lives over," said Higgins' attorney Robert Norton. "He wants to start fresh in another state."
- Yeah, tell that to all the other people who are in jail/prison or out and are trying to get on with their lives but cannot due to these draconian sex offender laws. This man should be forced to register as a sex offender for life just like everyone else.

Norton said Superior Court Judge John Triarsi may waive Higgins' probation altogether if his client quickly meets his community service requirement.
- What? Why? Oh yeah, he's a officer.

And in about five years, Higgins could wind up with a clean record if he seeks to get his criminal record expunged.
- No way! Other people convicted of the same or similar cannot get their records expunged and must be on the registry for life. This is BS!

Higgins had worked for four years at the Union County Jail when inmates told investigators that their guard routinely made sexual overtures toward them in 2004. Higgins was suspended from his $50,974 job in October 2004 and charged in a 39-count indictment.

By the time the case came to trial in January, half the charges had been dismissed. The jury considered 17 counts, and heard from 14 inmates who described Higgins as a sexual fanatic who groped them in their cells and asked for oral sex and threesomes.
- So this is 14 victims who are not getting justice!

The jury acquitted Higgins of eight sexual contact and misconduct charges but could not decide on nine others.
- Sh*t, why don't you just dismiss everything and let him get on with his life. WTF?

Facing a retrial, Higgins pleaded guilty in April to a single charge of sexual contact involving a now 20-year-old inmate.

Higgins admitted that he entered her cell as she was hanging laundry, grabbed her from behind, covered her mouth with his hand and rubbed his private parts against her.

"... Sean Higgins betrayed his profession and betrayed her," said Assistant Union County Prosecutor Ann Rubin.
- And you are betraying 14 other victims!!!

Now Higgins will have a record, Rubin said, and "be known as a man who forced himself sexually on a girl it was his job to protect."
- Not in five years when he petitions the court to get it expunged, which we know he'll get done, when the average citizen is denied!

Triarsi dismissed the remaining charges and told Higgins, who is unemployed, that he must find a job in 30 days.
- Who the h*ll are you to tell someone they MUST get a job? He does not have to and can sit in his house without working if he so chooses. There is no law that says you MUST have a job!

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They let this guy off with a slap and this guy who gets the book!